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JANUARY, 1822.

With a Portrait of Francis CHANTREY, Esq. R.A.; and an Engraving of the





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Page The Editor's Conversazioné...


Memoir of Francis Chantrey, Esq..... 3 Drury Lane.
Description of the Frontispiece--The Giovanni in Ireland
Western Front of St. Pancras New The Pirate

74 Church..... S Miss Edmiston

75 My Godmother's Legacy; or, the Art Corent Garden. of Consoling ...

Harlequin and Mother Bunch; or,

12 On Pope's Art of Criticism

The Yellow Dwarf.....


76 A December Tale ...

17 Miss Stephens The Black Rainbow; or, the Death of Miss Fanny Brunton Charles the Bad

20 Surrey Theatre. Craniology 24 The Pirate

78 The Prisoners of Mount St. Michael.. 26 DOMESTIC TALES.

Civic Register Love...... 28 London Gazettes

.. 80 Sorrow's Joys.... 34 Monthly Memoranda...

82 Beinoranda' of a Tour round the

Births Southern Coast of England (Conti- Marriages med)

Deaths ...

85 Midnight in Elysium.


Bankrupts, Dividends, and Certificates 86 MISCELLANEA.

Scottish Sequestrations

89 Recollections of a Gourmand...... 39

Dissolutions of Partnership

89 Chronology for 1821......

New Patents

92 London Markets....

92 Average Prices of Sugar

93 LONDON REVIEW. East India Shipping

94 State of the Weather

95 The Pirate ... 45 Prices of Canal, &c. Shares

95 Lord Byron's Sardanapalus; The Two Rates of Government Lite Annuities 95 Foscari; and Cain, a Mystery 58 Courses of Exchange.

96 New Pablications ..

70 Prices of Bullion rocci Literary Intelligence

71 Prices of Stocks..... ......

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(Where Communications for the Editor are requested to be addressed, Post paid.)


Eur. Mag. Vol. 81. Jan. 1822.


OUR concluding observations of last month having unfortunately been so protracted as to compel the omission of sundry memoranda for sundry Correspondents, we proceed to supply the deficiency without further preface, “ E'en to it, like French Falconers; tly at any thing we see.”

And first, for our kind friends' inestimable contributions for the Christmas holidays, we beg our warmest acknowledgments.-Hams, Essays, Poultry, Tales, Game, Cri. ticisms, Fish, Claret, and Poetry, all arrived in excellent condition, and a contie nuance of the series is earnestly solicited, as early, and as orien as convenient.

The most valuable portion of Alonzo's letter was the bank half sheet; he will, therefore, readily appreciate our estimation of the remainder, which, with some other equally erudite communications, we have just now consigned to the care of our cook, who has strict orders to make a due report of their merits before setting them in a blaze.

Christina's Epistle and it's enclosures, and Arietta's very polite Missive with it's accompaniments, have safely reached the EDITOR, who has the honour to promise his best and earliest attention; and insertion if possible.

In offering our very sincere acknowledgments to X. for his past kindness, and promises for the future, we would at the same time entreat him not to forget the present, – " while the grass grows,--the proverb is somewhat musty,"-liumlet, aliem!

The kind salutation of our respected contemporary, ChristoPHER Nortu, Esq. was most grateful to us; and we return our good wishes to Edinburgh, with equal sincerity.

Baron Balbony's Epics require only a slight knowledge of poetry, spelling, and grammar, to make them worthy of insertion.

Our very numerous Poetical Contributors shall receive early and impartial attention ; as, during the last month, we have been most plentifully supplied with every species of rhyme, except Rime Frost.

We had just despatched the copy of an advertisement and hand-bill, headed with the attractive capitals of “Five HUNDRED Pounds REWARD,” for our lost friend A, when we were favoured with his last epistle, enclosing a communication, to which it deeply grieved us to refuse insertion; but, alas! we had no choice, as the article substituted was already gone to press ; and Delta's eloquence is thus, a second time, condemned to “ waste it's sweetness on the desert air." Earlier attention on his part will, we hope, for the sake of all concerned, prevent this ever occurring again ; though in the present instance we have, we fatter ourselves, done all due justice to the important subject honoured with his regard.

The tenderness of our amiable disposition is so universally predominant, that we cannot become a party to the exposure of Mister Drowsy's imbecility, by printing his Poems.

We regret, both on onr reader's account and our own, that M. M. D. was, by several days, too late for this month.

Doctor Hucklebone's Treatise on Cooking and Carring has been duly received, and is referred to our culinary friends at the City of London Tarern for decision on it's merits.

D. F. has onr best thanks for promptitude and punctuality; and our Manchester Friends will receive private replies to the kind Letters, which we are proud to acknowledge publicly.

Our anxiety for the welfare of S. W. X. Z. was much relieved by his Letter, an answer to which we have, as requested, despatched to Wiltshire.

We shall be very happy to adopt the suggestions of F. C. N.; though our restricted limits must, of course, be remembered in the authorship of the intended communi. cations.

The important subject of onr Reviews will, we trust, entirely supersede the necessity of offering any apology for their length, although we are thus precluded from giving insertion to one or two papers specially intended for the present Number. Our other friends not separately replied to, will also kindly accept our apology for want of opportunity to answer them.

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