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week; there is, however, no improvement in prices.-Molasses have been steady, 268. 6d. a 27s.

There have been considerable enquiries after Foreign Sugar by private contract, particularly for yellow Havannah, but no sales to any extent are yet reported. By public sale on Wednesday, 760 bags Bengal Sugars sold at full prices; ordinary white, 30s. 6d. a 31s. 6d.; middling, 32s. 6d. a 33s.

COFFEE. The market on Tuesday and Wednesday last was very heavy, and a slight depression in the prices was submitted to: the demand has again revived, and a considerable sale went off with spirit, nearly realising the prices of last week for Jamaica Coffee; the Demerara and Berbice sold freely, at prices 2s. a 3s. per cwt. higher.

This forenoon, 142 casks 7 bags Jamaica and Berbice Coffee went off with considerable briskness at very full prices; middling Berbice, in extensive parcels, 128s. and 130.

CORN.-There was very little demand for Wheat this forenoon; the prime samples fully supported Monday's prices; all other descriptions were unsaleable even at a further reduction, which the holders were willing to accept to facilitate sales, but there were few transactions reported.-Fine Barley was in some request, at an advance of 1s.-Oats were 1s. lower, and met a dull sale at the reduction.In Beans, Peas, and other articles, there was no alteration.

FRUIT. There is no variation this week.

HOPS The accounts from the hop districts are more favourable, the duty is now estimated at 140,000l. to 145,0001.

TALLOW.-The demand for Tallow has lately been steady, the prices without any alteration; yellow Candle Tallow is to-day 37s. a 37s. 6d. The letters from St. Petersburgh state a fall in the Exchange, 97.

RUM, BRANDY, and HOLLANDS. -There are more enquiries after Rum, but the revived demand has not yet been followed by any extensive purchases, the prices remain nominally the same as last.-Brandy is offered on rather lower terms without facilitating sales. A public sale advertised has tended greatly to damp the market.—' Geneva is held for a further advance.

OILS.-The market remains in the same nominal state which we have lately reported; there are no accounts respecting the fishery. Greenland Oil is held at the advanced quotations, but there are no sales.

IMPROVED STATE OF TRADE.-The accounts which we have received from various parts of England are highly gratifying, as they respect almost every branch of British Manufacturing Industry. In hardware, in cottons, in woollens, &c. the trade is as brisk as has been remembered for a great number of years, and wages have obtained a corresponding increase.-The hardware trade in Staffordshire and Warwickshire is very brisk, and numerous heavy foreign orders have been received.


To Marc Isambard Brunel, of Chelsea, Middlesex, engineer; for certain improvements on steam-engines. Dated June 26, 1822.

To Thomas Postans, of Charles-street, St. James's, gentleman, and William Jeakes, of Great Russell-street, Bloomsbury, ironmonger; for an improvement on

To Thomas Gauntlett, of Bath, Somer-cooking apparatus. Dated June 26, 1822. setshire, surgeon's instrument maker; for certain improvements on vapour-baths, by which the heat is better regulated, and the baths rendered more portable. Dated June 26, 1822.

To William Brunton, of Birmingham, Warwickshire, engineer; for certain improvements on fire-grates, and the means of introducing coal thereon. Dated June 26, 1822.

Louis Barnard Rabant, of Skinner-street, Snow-hill, London, gentleman, for an improved apparatus for the preparation of coffee or tea. Dated June 26, 1822.

To George Smart, of Pedlar's Acre, Lambeth, Surry, civil engineer; for an improvement in the manufacture of chains, which he denominates mathematical chains. Dated July 4, 1822.

To Joseph Smith, of Sheffield, Yorkshire, book-keeper; for an improvement of or in the steam-engine boiler. Dated July 4, 1822.

John Bold, of West-street, Wilson-street, Long-lane, Bermondsey, printer; for certain improvements in printing. Dated July 4, 1822.




Extracted from the London Gazette.

N.B. All the Meetings are at the Court of Commissioners, Basinghall-street, unless otherwise expressed. The Attornies' Names are between Parenthesis.


Adams, J. Spalding, Lincolnshire, miller, Aug.

3, 10, and 31. (Fisher and Co. Holborn-ct. Gray's-inn

Alfrey, W. Cloak-lane, Dowgate-hill, warehouseman, August 10, 17, and Sept. 14, (Jones, Brunswick-square

Als, J. Westfirle, Sussex, farmer, Aug. 10, 12, and Sept. 7, New-inn, Brighthelmstone. (Gwynne, Lewes, Sussex Armstrong, J.G. Princes-sq. Ratcliffe-highway, coal-merchant, July 23, Aug. 6, and 31. (Clutton and Co. High-st. Borough Atkins, R. N. Portsea, grocer, Aug. 26, Sept. 4, aud 24, Mitre-taveru, Portsea. (Collett

and Co. Chancery-lane; and Low, Portsea, Atwood, T. Stelling Minnis, Kent, dealer and

chapman, August 6, 13. and Sept. 14. (Scudamore, King's-bench-walk, Temple Aynsley, G. of Wakefield, victualler, Aug. 26,

27, and Sept. 21, Sessions-house, Wakefield, (Lake, Cateaton street Bailey, J. Canwick, Lincolnshire, maltster, July 24, 25, and Aug. 31, Saracen's-headinn, Lincoln. (Styan, Lincoln's-inn-fields; and Moore, Lincoln

Baker, J. Crutched-friars, wine-merchant, Aug. 9, 10, and Sept. 3. (Pearce and Co. St. Swithin's-lane Bartle, R, Helston, Cornwall, grocer, Aug. 22, Sept. 4, and 21, Angel-inn, Helston. (Follett, Temple; and Rogers, Helston Barnaschina, A. Gravesend, hardwareman,

Aug. 20, 24, and Sept. 28. (Wootton, To-

Bennett, J. jun. Crickmoor, Dorsetshire, coal-
merchant, Aug. 10, 20. & Sept. 7. (Wright,
Hart-street, Bloomsbury; and Mr. Green,
Bigland, B. Liverpool, merchant, Aug. 19, 20,

and Sept. 3, George-inn, Dale-st. Liverpool (Chester, Staple-inn, and Hinde, Liverpool Bourne, T. Wyke Regis, Dorsetshire, printer,

Aug. 1, 2, and 31, Guildhall. Weymouth. (Alexander, Carey-street; and Henning, Weymouth

Capon, J. B. Bishop's Hall, Somersetshire, woolstapler, July 29, 30, & Sept. 3, Castleinn, Taunton. (Heelis, Staple-inn, Holborn; and Ivie, Taunton

Clarke, H. and Grundy, F. Liverpool, mer

chants, Aug. 17, 19, and Sept. 10, George-
inn, Liverpool. (Lace and Co. Liverpool;
and Taylor and Co. King's Bench-walk,

Cowell, J. jun. Torquay, Devonshire, wine-mer-
chant, Aug. 19, 20, and Sept. 17, Hotel,
Torquay, Devonshire. (Hinde, Essex-ct.
Temple; and Cosserat, Torquay
Cornforth, J. Whitby, Yorkshire, plumber and

glazier, August 20, 21, and Sept. 17, Angel, Whitby, Yorkshire. (Wardell, jun. Whitby: and Grace, Birchin-lane, Lombard-st. Crabtree, J. Thorne's-lane, Wakefield, victualler, August 26, 27, and Sept. 21, Sessionshouse, Wakefield. (Lake, Cateaton-street; and Beaver, Wakefield

Davies, T. Whitechapel High-street, baker, Aug. 10, 17, and Sept. 7. (Baddeley, Leman-street, Goodman's-fields

Denholme, A. Cheltenham, dealer in slates, Sept. 3, 4, and 28, George Hotel, Cheltenham. (King and Co. Castle-street, Holborn; and Packwood, Cheltenham

Edmunds, T. Costell Bugged, Cardiganshire, tanner, July 29, 30, and Sept. 3, Six-bellsinn, Peter-street, Carmarthen. (Clarke, aud Co. Chancery-lane; Lampter & Bull, Aylesbury

Eveleigh, T. Devonshire-street, Bloomsbury, linen-draper, August 17, 24, and Sept. 21. Arden, Clifford's-inn

Fearnley, C. Crutched-friars, wine-merchant, August 6, 10, and Sept. 3. (Pearce and Co. St. Swithin's-lane

Feacock, J. Bishop Wearmouth, Durham, shipbroker, Aug. 16, Sept. 12, and 24, Bridgeinn, Bishop Wearmouth. (Blakiston, Symond's-inn; and Reen, Sunderland Foulkes, J. Chester, grocer, Sept. 6, 7, and 28, George-inn, Liverpool. (Lace and Co. Liverpool: and Taylor and Co. King'sbench-walk, Temple)

Fulford, W. Lad-lane, warehouseman, July 27, Aug. 6, and 31. (Stevens and Co. Little St. Thomas Apostle

Gilbert, J. and Taylor, H. Bristol, commissionmerchants, Aug. 26, 27, and Sept. 21, Bristol. (Evans, Hatton-garden, and Haberfield, Bristol

Greig, J. and Storr, H. Charlotte-street, Rathbone-place, linen-drapers, Aug. 17, 24, and Sept. 24. (Jones, Size-lane

Havard, F. Hereford, wine-merchant, Sept. 6, 7,

and 24, Black-swan, Hereford. (Woodhouse, Leominster; and Darke and Co. Red-lion.square

Hardwige, J. of Wellington, Somersetshire, draper, Aug. 14, 31, and Sept. 24, Busb-tavern, Bristol. (Daniel, Bristol; and Pearson, Pump-court, Temple Hallam, J. T. Netherton, Cropthorne, Worcestershire, farmer, Aug. 5, 6, and Sept. 10, Castle-inn, Coventry. (Woodward and Co. Tokenhouse-yard; & Mullis, Coventry Hellyer, J. Hayling, North, Hampshire, farmer, Aug. 7, 8, and Sept. 7, Mitre-tavern, Old Rope-walk, Portsea. (Johnson, Portsea; and Cousins, Old Broad-street Hewer, W. Llannelan, Monmouthshire, farmer, Aug. 15, 16, and Sept. 10, Augel-inn, Abergavenny, (Glabb, Abergavenny; and Gregory, Clement's-inn Hendy, W. Breage, Cornwall, farmer, Aug. 29, 30, and Sept. 24, Angel-inn, Helston. (Tollett, Inner Temple; and Rogers, Helston Hodgson, J. G. Piazza Coffee-house, Coventgarden, wine-merchant, Aug. 9, 10, and Sept. 14. (Amory and Co. Throgmorton-st. Hulse, J. Shirland, Derbyshire, cotton-spinner, Aug. 19, 31. and Sept. 21, Albion-hotel, Piccadilly, Manchester. (Hampson, Manchester, and Ellis, Chancery-lane James, J. Wood-street, Cheapside, tea-dealer, July 30, Aug. 24, and Sept. 7. (Spence and Co. Furnival's-inn, Holborn

Jones, R. P. Abergavenny, linen-draper, Aug. 6,7, and 31, White lion-inn, - Broad-street, Bristol. (Clarke, Bristol; and Jenkins and Co. New-inn

Joseph, M. Liverpool, woollen-draper, Aug. 17, 19, and Sept. 17, George-inn, Liverpool. (Phillips, Liverpool; and Adlington & Co. Bedford-row

Jones, W. Bristol, victualler, Aug. 14, 15, and Sept. 17, Commercial-rooms, Corn-street, Bristol. (Clarke and Co. Chancery-lane; and Smith, Bristol

King, W. Fareham, Southampton, coach-builder Sept. 9, 13, & 28, Red-lion-inn, Fareham, (Holme and Co. New-inn; and Paddan, Fareham Langdale, T. Cloughton, Yorkshire, dealer, Aug.6,7, and Sept. 7, Talbot-inn, Scarboborough. (Benson, Scarborough; and Kearsey and Co. King-street, Cheapside Lewis, W. Cardiff, Glamorganshire, linen-draper, Aug. 26, 27, and Sept. 21, Commercialrooms, Bristol. (Poole & Co. Bristol; & Saunders, Bristol

Mason, J. B. Cambridge, cook, Aug. 23, 24, and

Sept. 28, Red-lion-inn, Cambridge. (Harris, Cambridge; and Coe, Hatton-garden. Marshall, W. Hessle, Kingston-upon-Hull, miller, Aug. 19, 20, and Sept. 17, George-inn, Kingston-upon-Hull. (Rushworth, Hull; and Highmoor, Scott's-yard, Bush-lane, Cannon-street Mortimer, J. sen. Cleckeaton, Yorkshire, 'merchant, Aug. 5, 6, at Court-house, Leeds, & Sept. 10, George-inn, Huddersfield. (Morton and Co. Gray's-inn-square; and Norris,


Peyton, W. G. Upper Thames-street, merchant, Aug. 3, 8, and 31. (Druce and Co. Billitersquare

Price, J. Ryall, Ripple, Worcestershire, dealer, Aug. 7, 8, and Sept. 7, Red Lion-inn, Newport. (Hicks, Gray's-inn-square; and Glover, Tong, Shropshire Pulman, M. and Pulman, J. Guisborough, common-brewers, Sept. 4, 5, and 21, Cockinn, Guisborough. (Irvine, Guisborough; and Plumptre, Temple

Rivers, W. and Clowes, J. Shelton, Staffordshire, manufacturers of earthenware, Aug. 9, 10, and Sept. 7, Albion-iun, Hanley, Stoke-upon-Trent. (Andersen & Co. Hanley; and Pugh, Langbourn-chambers, Fenchurch-street

Richards, M. Hythe, Southampton, ship-builder Aug. 31, Sept. 10, and 28, Guildhall, South

ampton. (Barney, Southampton; and Roe, Temple-chambers, Fleet-street Roberts, W. Oxford-st. hosier, Aug. 17,24, and

Sept. 17. (Reynal and Co. Austin-friars Robinson, F. Aston, Birmingham, dealer, Aug.

13, 14, and Sept. 10, Swan-inn, Birmingham. (Dicken and Co. Birmingham; and Jening and Co. Elm-court, Temple Robinson, G. late of London-road, Surrey, coal

dealer, Aug. 3, 10, and Sept. 7. (Betholme and Co. Staple-inn, Holborn

Shannon, W. Whitehaven, draper, Aug. 7, 8, and Sept. 3, Black-lion-inn, Whitehaven. (Hodgson, Whitehaven; and Falcon, Elmcourt, Temple Stevenson, J. Boston, Lincolnshire, grocer, July 29, 30, and Sept. 3, Peacock-inn, Boston. (Hopkins, Boston; and Stocker and Co. New Boswell-court, Carey-street Strickland, J. Steeple Morden, Cambridgeshire, common brewer, Aug. 20, 21, Hardwicke Arms-inn, Arrington, and Sept. 24, Red Lion-inn, Cambridge. (Burfoot, King's Bench-walk, Temple; and Beedham, Kimbolton, Huntingdonshire Stodart, J. and Stodort, F. Carlisle, cottonmanufacturers, Aug. 13, 14, and Sept. 17, Bush-inn, Carlisle. Atkinson, Carlisle: and Young & Co. Charlotte-row, Mansionhouse Thorp, J. sen. Cheadle, Cheshire, calico-printer. Aug. 2, 3, and 31, Star-inn, Manchester, (Atkinson, Manchester; and Mackinson, Temple

Thorp, J.jun. Cheadle, Cheshire, calico-printer, Sept. 14, 16, and 28, Palace-inn, Manchester. (Adlington and Co. Bedford-row, and Binns, Manchester Tomlinson, W. jun. Nantwich, Cheshire, moneyscrivener, Aug. 6, 7, and Sept. 7, Lamb-inn, Nantwich. (Sandys and Co. Crane-court, Fleet-street; and Broadhurst, Nantwich Tucker, B. jun. Bristol, carpenter, Aug. 28, 29, and Sept. 24, Commercial-rooms, Corn-st. Bristol. (Vizard and Co. Lincoln's-innfields; and Heaven, Bristol Walker, W. Bolton, Lancashire, shopkeeper,

Aug. 19, 20, and Sept. 17, Bridgewaterarms, Manchester. (Hurd & Co. Temple, and Buckley, Manchester Wedgberrow, T. Himbleton, Worcestershire, grocer, Aug. 23, 24, and Sept. 7, Unicorninn, Worcester. (Williams & Co. Lincoln'sinn; and Curtler, Droitwich Whatley, G. L. Cheltenham, money-scrivener, July 30, Aug. 3, Sept. 7. (Clutton and Co. High-street, Southwark; and Whatley, Rendcome, Cirencester Whittingham, R. George-street, Bryanstone

square, victualler, Aug. 6, 17, and Sept. 14. (Freeman and Co. Coleman-street Willson, J. Ely, Cambridgeshire, miller, Aug. 28, 29, and Sept. 17, Lamb-inn, Ely. (Pickering and Co. Staple-inn; and Evans & Co. Ely

Wortley, V. Henry-street, Hampstead-road, grocer, Aug. 17, 24, and Sept. 17. (Cardale and Co. Gray's-inn

Young, J. G. Shiplake, Oxfordshire, merchant' July 27, Aug. 3, and 31. (Crossley, King's Arm's-yard, Coleman-street


FROM SATURDay, July 20, to Saturday, August 17, 1822.

Adams, J. Stamford, August 24

Burgess, D. and Lord M. Rochdale, Aug. 19
Binns, J. and Binns, J. jun. Looe, Aug. 20
Blyth, G. W. and F. Birmingham, Aug. 20 & 27
Baverstock, J. H. Alton, Hants, August 28
Brown, J. London, August 20 & 24
Bruce, A. Brown, J. & Scott, G. London, Aug.24
Berry, C. Caversham, Oxfordshire, Aug. 28
Brickwood, J. and Co. Lombard-st. Aug. 27
Banister, W. Litchfield, August 31
Birks, S. W. Thorne, Yorkshire, Aug. 16
Beane, B. Hickling, Norfolk, Aug. 14
Buchanan, D. Smith, S. M. and Ashley, F.

Liverpool, August 13

Barber, W. and B. R. Cheapside, Aug. 24 Bellairs, A. W. Stamford, September 16 Carpenter, J. and Carpenter, J. P. Somersetshire, August 30

[blocks in formation]

Dicken, J. Shrewsbury, August 26 & 27
Dickens, T. Liverpool, September 7
Dubois, J. F. and J Alderman's Walk, July 27
Endicot, J. E. Exeter, August 21

Eayer, J. Findon, Northampton, August 22
Edwards, J. Vine-st. Spitalfields, August 27
Elliott, T. and Haslock, S. Northamp. Aug. 27
Eybe, F. and Schmaeck, A. Bury-ct. Sept. 17
Evans, J. Sheerness, September 7

Fles, L. M. Bury-ct. St. Mary-Axe, Aug. 24
Fox, E. L. jun. Idol la. Tower-st. Nov. 12,
Farmer, E.Halifax, August 31

Gadsby, G. Leicestershire, Aug. 20
Goodall, W. & Turner, J. Garlick-hill, Aug. 27
Grove, P. Cardiff, September 6
Gray, C, Oxford-st. August 31

Gregson, B. Spindlestone, September 6

Hay, H. and Turner, F.A. Newcastle-st. Strand, August 17

Hill, J. Dover August 19

Hould, S. Laytonstone, Essex, August 27
Heslington, J. jun. York, September 6
Hartley, R. Ripon, September 10

Houseman, Bridge-st. Blackfriars, Aug. 10
Hassell, J. Richard-st. Islington, July 27
Hardisty, G. and Cowing, J. Bedford-ct. Covent-
garden, July 30 -

Jones, T. Ware, Herts, August 10

Johnson, T. junr. Wakefield, September 9
Kershaw, S. Oldham, August 19
Knight, J. Halifax, August 21

Knight, J. Mile-end-road, August 27
Kay, E. Sheffield, September 4
King, W. Birmingham, August 27

Kirkland, J, & Badenoch, J. Coventry, Aug. 31
Lowes, R. Hexham, Sept. 3

Lea, W. & Lea, J. F. Paternoster-row, Aug. 10 Lander, J. Birmingham, Aug. 27

Livesey, J. Bolton, Aug. 20

Lippard, J. Deptford, Aug. 24

Maddock, R. & Tweed, J.Rosemary-la. Aug. 17 Morris, W. Bolton, Aug. 20

McCall, Kingston, Jamaica, Aug. 26

Mather, E. Oxford, Aug.27

Marsh, J. Gracechurch-st. Aug. 27
Marsden, P. Sheffield, Sept. 3
Mawhood, R. jun. Wakefield, Aug. 14
Moore, J. Somersetshire, Aug. 19
Moore, T. Herts, Sept. 16

Nattriss, J. sen. Thornton, Yorksh. Aug. 28
Olivia, T. C. Liverpool, Sept. 10
Palmer, W. Norfolk, Aug. 20
Parsons, J. Whitechapel, Aug. 6

Penley, J. jun. Gloucestershire, Aug. 21
Pourtales, A. P. and A. G. Bread-st. Aug. 20
Prentice, A. & Shelley, T. Manchester, Aug. 22
Parsons, R. sen. Parsons, R. jun. and Parsons,
T. Widcombe, September 20

Player, J. B. and Keen, J. Bristol, Aug. 16
Riley, J. Leicester, Aug. 30
Rodd, C. W. Worcester, Sept. 17

Rudd, C. Lawflat, Lancashire, October 5
Stanford, P. Chester, Aug. 26

Spence, I. Providence-row, Hackney-rd. Aug. 20
Snelgrove, R. Sussex, Aug. 20
Simons, S. Hilperton, Wilts, Aug. 24

Sharp, G. sen. Sharp, G. jun. and Sharp, W.
Threadneedle-st, Aug. 10

$methurst, J. sen. and Hindle, R. Torkington,

Cheshire, Aug. 17

Troughton, B. Coventry, July 30

[Aug. 24

Troughton, B. sen. and Troughton. J. Wood-st.
Turner, T. Stock-exchange, Aug. 27
Trafford, T. Oxfordshire, Sept. 10


Wylie, W. Southampton-rw, Bloomsbury, Aug. Wharton, R. and H. Little Crosby, Lane. Au

gust 20

Windeatt, T. Bridgetown, Berry Pomperoy, Devonshire, August 26

Walker, F. Ripon, Yorkshire, August 31

Ward, J. Beech, Staffordshire, Sept. 7

Walters, J. Studham, Herts. Aug. 31

Wingate, J. Rathwick, Somerset, Oct. 23
Webb, G. Cornhill, Aug. 10

Whitehead, G. jun. and Clarke, G. Basinghallstreet, November 23


Notice of opposition to the discharge of any prisoner must be entered in the book at the office, 33, Lincoln's-Inn-Fields, three clear days, exclusive of Sunday, before the day of hearing. The schedules are filed and may be inspected every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, between the hours of ten and four, up to the last day for entering opposition.


Petitions to be heard at Westminster, 5th September, at nine.

Allshorn, James Edward, of Broad-sanctuary Westminster, schoolmaster.

Bloore, John, of the Waterman's Arms, Dog and Bear-yard, Tooley-street, of Little Bell-alley, and of Swan-alley, Coleman-street, of Great Bell-alley, of Goswell-street-road, of Westmoreland-buildings, Aldersgate-st, of Shoelane, of Addle-st. last of Hanover-co. Grubbst, sheriff's-officer's-assistant. Bridger, James, of Tilford, Surrey, labourer. Crossland, John Michael, of 10 Thayies-inn, of Great St. Helens, last of 27, Lower John-st. Commercial-road, clerk in the excise-office. Dulson, Thomas, of 2, New-st. Dockhead, carman, and coal and potatoe dealer. Dupuis, Louis Francais, of Webb's-lane,Hammersmith, last of Dean-st.Soho, wax-chandler and bleacher.

Evershed, Charles, of Great Mary-le bone-st. butcher, last of East-st. Mary-le-bone, liverystable-keeper

Gotch, John, of Kingsland-green, Hackney, last of James-st. Islington, builder Griffin, Thomas, of Marlborough, Wilishire,

victualler and common-carrier, of Barnes, Surry, grocer, last of Old Brentford, dealer -in butter, eggs, poultry, &c. Hopkins, Daniel, of 64, Old Nichol-st. Bethnalgreen, horse-hair-manufacturer Jackson Thomas Bass, of Southampton-buildings, of Upper North-place, Gray's-Inn-lane, last of Middle New-st. Fetter-lane, attorney'sclerk

Lark, Mary, of the Mutton Cove-inn, Plymouthdock, victualler

Lewis, Isaac, of Upton, Bilton, Gloucestershiro, farmer and butcher

Malings, Samuel, of Horseleydown-lane, last of Lisson-grove, schoolmaster

Matthewson, James, of Oxford, bookseller, last of the Southwark Arms, Borough-road, vic:tualler

Molloy, Charles Leeke, of Brooke's-market, of Exmouth-street, Spa-fieids, last of Cross-st. Hatton-garden, painter and glazier

Monday, William, Sheerness, grocer

Neave, Thomas, of London-st. Dockhead, last of Gravel-lane, Lambeth, carman


Price, Joseph, of 10, Gloucester-st. last of 3, Green's-buildings, Lambeth, carman chandler-shop-keeper

Ray, Thomas, of Shipston-upon-Stour, Worcestershire, saddler and book-keeper


Squires, Johe Newby, of Walton-on-the-Hill, neer Liverpool, surgeon and apothecary, last house-surgeon in the dispensary at Windsor

6th September, at nine.

Berg, Wernest, of Tunk-ct. Tunk-st. Mile-end New-town, of Little Carter-st. Doctors'-commons, last of Henage-st. Whitechapel, sugarrefiner

Brown, Robert, of Guildford, Surry, tallowchandler, &c.

Bysh, John, of Paternoster-row, bookseller, &c. Cooper, Joseph, of Manby, Lincolnshire, of the

Bell and Crown, and 36, Brooke-st. Holborn, late of Smithfield, dealer in cattle Edmonds, Joseph, of Northover, Somersetshire, miller and shopkeeper, last of 233, Hoxton Old-town, Middlesex, baker

Fawson, Thomas, of 10, Great Piazza, Coventgarden, hotel-keeper, last of Hart-st. Coventgarden

Francis, Peter Clement, of Old Broad-st. of Upper Baker st. of Cottage-grove, Camberwell, of Orchard-st. Hackney, of Blackheath, of Bayswater, of 3, Rowland-row, Stepney-gn. of 15, Arnold-pl. Walworth, last of Watneyst. Commercial road, commission-broker Goslin, John, of Devonshire-st. Queen-sq. of Union-st.Southwark, last of Prospect-pl. Surry, gentleman

Jones, Robert, of Newport, Monmouthshire, -wine-merchant and common-brewer Keating, Thomas, of Bristol, wholesale provision-merchant. &c.

Lamb, William Davis, of Worcester, surgeon, last of Serle's coffee-house, Cary-st Partridge. Thomas, of Bloxwich, Staffordshire, awl-blade-maker

Ravis, Daniel Harris, of Crooked-lane, accountant, of Walworth, and of Union-st. Hackney-road, victualler, of Somerset-pl, Whitechapel, last of Charles-st. Kent-road, paper-hanger Richardson, Alexander, of Camberwell, of Richardson-st. Bermondsey, last of 12, King-st. Soho, cordwainer

Smith, Henry Burdon Todd, of Low Hewarth, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, gentleman, of West Bolden, near Sunderland, surgeon and apothecary, last of Princes-sq. Rateliffe-highway, gentleman

Taylor, George, of Goudhurst, Kent, farmer Vawser, David Cowherd, of Upwell, near Wisbeach, Cambridge, farmer

West, Thomas, of Barkins-side, Essex, farmer Williams, William, of Amen-corner, Paternos

ter-row, bookseller, last of Hatteld-st. Blackfriars-road, gentleman

Willis Sarah, of Baldwin-st. City-rd. last of Waterloo-st, St. Luke's, fancy-trimming-maker.


Dragon-inn, Montgomery, 5th Sept. at ten.

Mansfield, Richard, of Gartmill, Berrew, Mont-
gomeryshire, farmer
Guildhall, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 4th
Sept. at eleven.

Ameers, Richard, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, last of Gateshead, victualler and shoemaker Downie, Alexander, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, joiner

Geddes, John, of Jarrow, Durham, cordwainer Harrison, William, of the Ouseburn, Byker, Northumberland, miller, victualler, &c.

Old, Humphry, of Bowes, Yorkshire, of Sunderland, last of Hetton-le-Hole, Durham, grocer Red Lion, Northop, Flintshire, 3d Sept. at ten.

Adams, Edward, of Gwernafield, Mold, Flintshire, miner.

Townhall, Scarborough, 6th Sept. at ten.

Belt, John, of Scalby, Yorkshire, innkeeper. Wakefield, Yorkshire, 6th September, at ten.

Aldam, Thomas, of Sheffield, butcher
Brown, Joseph, of Sheffield, watchmaker
Drew, William, of Pontefract, Yorkshire, tigner
and brazier

Furniss, Joseph, of Sheffield, butcher Hammerton, Thomas, of Barnsley, Yorkshire, wire-worker

Leach, Henry, of Colne, Lancashire, cottonmanufacturer, last of Gisburn. Yorkshire, carrier

Mount, William, of Sheffield, cordwainer
Place, Alexander, of Halifax, book-keeper
Pryor, George, of Sheffield, grinder

Smithson, Miles, of Chapel Allerton, near Leeds. maltster and farmer

Willans, George, of Almondbury, near Huddersfield, clothier.

[blocks in formation]

Warwick, 9th September, at ten. Clark, William, of Birmingham, rule-maker Creshull, James Astley, of Birmingham, cabi-net-maker

Darby, Edward, of Hales Owen, Salop, nailfactor

Freeth, William, of Birmingham, coal-dealer
Lane, John, of Birmingham, coal-dealer
Lines, John, of Birmingham, pastry-cook
Page, Joseph, of Birmingham, caster

Smith, William, of Birmingham, steel-toy-maker Walters, Thomas, of Birmingham, plater and. shop-keeper

Ward, John, of Deritend, Birmingham, nail and hinge-maker.

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