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Hodgson, Henry, esq. Bengal Civil Service, to Croft, Miss E. P. daughter of Sir Richard

Pemberton, Miss E. M, County Donegal, at C. at Lille, France

Mesurier, Edward Lee, Esq. of Genoa, to Chanteau, Louis Adolphus de, Military Super. Wright, Miss, A. A. Spring-gardens, London, intendant, to

at Genoa.


Long, Mr. E. L. Purser, Royal-navy
Custance, Mrs. (Captain) at Jamaica
Mitchell, J. F. esq. Gloucester-place, Portman-

square, at Lyons
Bowon, Charles, esq. of Carendish-square, at

Perna mbuco

Rosser, Mr. H. B. of Skinner-street, London,

at Paris Jefferys, Miss Anne, at Guernsey Sumniers, Lieut. James, 33rd Regt. at Jamaica


METROPOLITAN OCCURRENCES. King's Departure for Scotland.- The Isle of Dogs, usually so deserted His Majesty's arrival at Greenwich and so sombre, displayed a moving Hospital was announced by the firing mass of animation. The acclamations of a gun, and the Royal Standard was were loud and reiterated when the immediately hoisted at the top of the King appeared. A great number of Governor's house. When his Majesty Noblemen's and Gentlemen's cutters came out of the Hospital and appeared had made a rendevous at Greenwich, at the landing place, he gracefully equipped for sea. Of these fast-sailing bowed to his subjects, immediately boats it was supposed that a fleet of at descended to the Royal barge, and was least a hundred sail attended the Royal rowed alongside the Royal George; squadron. the bands of music on board the State The preparations for the contraction barges playing God save the King and other judicious alterations before On his Majesty's arrival on board the the curtain of Drury-lane Theatre are Royal Yacht, he was received with commenced; to complete which, the three cheers and the Royal Standard erection of the scaffolding is estimated hoisted. The Comet steam vessel took

at an expense of at least 500. the Royal Yacht in tow, and proceeded At the late sale of the property of down the river, accompanied by the his Royal Highness the Duke of York, Lord Mayor in the city state barge, very little was actually sold, and the and the Merchant Tailors' and Gold- amount of the two days' sale of what smiths' Companies in their barges, was sold and bought in is about 140,0951 which were followed by an immense On Thursday last, being the anninumber of vessels and boats. Pleasure versary of the opening of the Regent's boats without number, and every steam Canal, a numerous party of the Direcvessel on the River, seemed to be in a tors, Proprietors, and their friends, instate of active requisition. The Hero spected the Canal from Limehouse to steam boat had a company on board the City-road Basin, where they afterthat, in point of number, exceeded any wards dined at the Macclesfield Arms. thing ever witnessed. The Swiftsure, The party were much gratified with Venus, Eagle, and Comet, steam boats, the progress making in the formation were occupiedwith very large compa- of new works establishing on various nies. The venerable Earl St. Vincent, as parts along the banks of the Canal, senior Admiral of the Red, wasip attend- and with the increasing activity of ance at Greenwich at a very early business throughout its whole line. hour. The spectacle of the embarkation Absentees. It will scarcely be crewas altogether a brilliant one. The dited by those, who have no means of fineness of the weather, the river knowing the circumstance, that there covered with vessels of all kinds, gaily are from 100,000 to 150,000 English decorated and filled with well-dressed and Irish people of property living in people, the concourse of spectators that different parts of the Continent. Whole filled every place where a view of the towns are absolutely peopled by them. scene could be obtained, the costuines In Paris, the Duke of Hamilton, with of the Greenwich pensioners, the sol- the Earls of Stair and Fife, at an exdiers and marines assembled on duty, pense to themselves, or rather to their presented a lively picture to the eye. country, of 100,0001. per annum, lead Eur. Mag. Vot. 82.


the fashion to about 20,000 English when they can get their rents paid. At persons, of a mixed character, at Ver-' Tours there is a select corps of about sailles. Mr. Robert Williams, the 4,000, who pride themselves upon their Member for Carnarvonshire, with his family connexions in the United Kingnumerous and amiable family, and se- dom. At Boulogne there are 6,000 veral titled persons, have, for some Evglish, 4,000 of whom are entitled ta years, taken up their residence in the some compassion, being half-pay offineighbourhood of Geneva. There are cers, who cannot live without wine, 1,500' English families with the Duke Prince Leopold very naturally expends of Leeds at the head, the Marchioness his 50,0001. a-year in Germany. At of Bute, and many distinguished pobles Brussels the English and Irish congreof both sexes, at Rome. Lord Montford gate, and there is scarcely a town or has lived some time pear Bordeaux, village in France, the Netherlands, surrounded by about 2,000, one half of Switzerland, and Italy, in which they whom are small fundholders, and one are not to be found. half Irisli of 3001, to 4001. per annum,


SONS. Mrs. Baring, Berkeley-square

Mrs. Breedon, Pangbourn, Berks.
Mrs. Stilling fleet, How Castle, Herts.

Mrs. A. Atherley, Heavitree, Devon.
Mrs. Sutton, Kelham, nr. Newark-upon-Trent Mrs. Parker, Sloane-terrace
Mrs. Rowlatt, Cressing, Essex

Mrs. Portal, Treefolk-house, Hants.
Mrs. Hay, Connaught-terrace, Edgware-road Mrs. Cator, Beckenham-place, Kent
Mrs. Gutton, Lodge, South Lambeth

Mrs. Dr. Lushington Mrs. Hist, Temple-place

Mrs. Edward Lawes, Serjeant's-inn Mrs. Crosse, Tottenham

Mrs. G. Evelyn, Gloucester-place Mrs. Parkinson, Hoxton-square

Mrs. R. W. Williams, Guildford-st. Russell-94 Mrs. Venables, Queenhithe

Mrs. Robinson, Argyle-street. Mrs.John Miles, Hampstead

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The Countess of Jersey, Berkeley-square Mrs. Proctor, Lewes.
The Countess of Portsmouth, Edinburgh

Mrs. W.M. Bromley, Russell-square
Lady H. Erskine, Swithland Rectory, Leicesth, Mrs. Trevor, Vicarage House, Carparvon
Lady Isabella Smith, Berkeley-pl. Cheltenham Mrs. Cocks, Parnham, Surrey
Lady of Capt. S. Jackson, R.N.

Mrs. Barber, Bedford-row
Mrs. Meredith, South Lambeth

Mrs. Lester, Crutchedfriars Mrs. Crookshank, Harpur-street

Mrs. J. G. Crickitt, Lower Tooting Mre. Alexander Nicholson, Sidmouth, Devon Mrs. Winter, Clapham-cominon Lady of Lt.-Gen, Sir J. Wood, Brighton

Mrs. Briggs, Lincoln's-inn-fields
Mrs. Robt. Winter, Clapham-common

Mrs. G. Gordon, Denmark-bill,Surrey
Lady of Sir Ulysses Burgh, M.P, York-street, Mrs. R. W. Grey
St. James's-square

Lady Copley, Georges-street, Hanover-94.
Mrs. Briggs, Lincoln's-inn-fields

Mrs. Boyton, St. James's-square Mrs. Doctor Boyton, York-st. St. James's-94. Mrs. Majoribanks, Wimpole-street. Mrs. Mooney, Hanover-st. Hanover-sq.


Arnold, Rev, J. W. esq. Northampton, to
* Howard, Lady Mary
Baker, Mr. S. Andover, to

Cox, Miss A. Russel-st. Russel-sq.
Barnard, Capt. 71st Light Infantry, to

Porter, Miss C. Rockbeare-house, Devon Barker, R, esq. Tavistock-st. Bedford-sq. to

White, Mrs. Burton-crescent Beeman, Mr. Isaac, Borough, to

Bensley, Miss Ann, Clapham-rise, Surrey Beauchamp, R. F. esq. Tetton-house, Soms. to

Westbrook, Miss Eliza, Chapel-st. Grov.-sq. Bramall, T. esq. Tamworth Castle, to

Cooper. Miss, ot Brentford
Browne. Peter Esq.M.P. to

Puget, Miss C. H. Herts
Bright, Dr. Richard, Bloomsbury-eq. to

Babbington, Miss Martha, Aldermanbury
Cartwright; W, esq. Captain 10th Hussars, to

Jones, Miss Mary Ann Carter, H. W. esq. M.D., to

Plumptre, Miss L. Claypole, Kent
Capes, John, esq. Walworth, to

Jones, Miss, of Lambeth
Chamberlayne, S. Rycs, Essex, to

Wollet, Mrs. E. Rye, Sussex

Clark, G. esq. Sion-place, Isleworth, to

Spicer, Miss E. Sarah
Coversdale, J. esq. Gray's-inn, to

Clarke, Miss S. Bedford-row
Cook, R. esq. R. A. to

Waddilove, Miss S. Elizabeth
Cook, C. esq. Lower Kennington-green, to

Hunter, Miss A.S. Margate
Crow, 'T.C. esq. Seven Oaks, Kent, to

Hodsell, Miss Laura, Holborn
Cumberbatch, E. C. esq. of Barbadoes, to

Ashe, Miss M, G.H. Bath
Deron, C. Esq. Lower Seymour-st. to

Long, Miss M. B. Hampston-lodge, Surry
Douglas, Sir John Roxburgshire, to

Scott, Miss H. C. Bedford, same county Eaton, Ketton-Hall, Rutlandsh. to

Waldie, Miss C. A. Hendersyde Park, Roxba. Elkins, E. esq. Guildford, Surry,

to Davis, Miss F. Judd-pl. East, New-rd. Streatham, to

'Swainson, Miss E.M.Kennington
Golding, B. esg. M. D. to

Blew, Miss 8. P. Warwick-st. Pall Mall
Grimani, C. R. esq. Lee, Kent, to

Finch, Miss S. White, of that place

Haythorne, Rev. J. to

Poore, Miss A. G, Rushall, Wilts,
Hornby, T. esq. St. Swithin's-lane. Lo

Grimani, Miss, Lee, Kent
Hustler, T. esq. Acklam Hall, Yorkshire to

Wells, Miss E. R. E. of Demarara, West Ind.
Isaac, G. Ashwick-house, Glouces. to

Fromow, Miss Elizabeth. Isle of Wigbt Jaffray, W. esq. Montague-st, to

Kelly, reliet of the late Col. Kelly Lloyd, Rev. Charles D. D. to

Stapleton, Miss M. H. Thorpe Lee, Surry Long, Henry Esq, Hampton Lodge, Surry, to

Walpole, LadyCatherine Mackenzie, W. es 1. 3d Dragoons, to

Anderson, Miss Justina Milner, J. esq. Canterbury, to

Buckhurst, Miss Sarah Pasquir, E. J. esq. London, to

Betham. Mrs. late of Negapatam, East-Ind.
Payne, C. G. esq. Middle Temple, to

Salisbury, Miss M.
Penn, Mr. R. Cressingham, Norfolk, to

Hughes, Miss C. Morden Ash, Essex
Pennant, David, esq. to

Churchill, Lady Caroline Spencer
Robinson, Mr. J.A. to

Hardy, Miss M, A. Bignell, Enfield
Rogers, F. N. esq. Ramscombe-house, Wilts, to

Yea, Miss J. E. Taunton

Rowson, Mr. John, Acre-lane, Clapham, to

Neck, Miss Harriet. Reading
Sandys, H. C. esq. Captain Bengal estab. to

Spotteswoode, Mrs. at Caen
Savage, T. esq. Midsomer, Norton, to

Palmer, Miss E. A.Finsbury-house, Soms.
Shawe, D.D. S. P. esq. to

Egan, Miss M. Usage-house, Herts
Simpson, Rev. T. W. Thurnscoe, Yorksh. to

Welsh, Miss Mary,Harley-st
Smart, Rev. N. Trewitt -house, Northum. to

Groombridge, Miss M. S. Blackheath
Somerset, Lord Granville, to

Smith, the Hon. Emily
Travers, J. esq. Highbury Grove, to

Taylor, Miss Mary, Finsbury-8q.
Twopeny, Edward, esq. Rochester, to

Smith, Miss E. Camer, Kent
Upton, Mr. Thos. Cheapside, to

Dawson, Miss E. Kennington Common
Welsh, Henry, Esq. Bromley Common. to

Thornton, Miss A. Springħield Grove, Sussex Wharton, Rev, T. St. John's Wood, to

Rose, Miss C. M. Crookam, Newbury Welland, F. esq. Hon. B. I. Com. Service, to

Corfield, Miss S. Wilton House, Taunton Witherby, Mr. R. St. John's Coll Camb. to

Hale, Miss E. Petworth, Sussex.


Alcock, J. esq. Roehampton-Allison,

Mrs. J. son, Mr. C.Cavendish-sg.-Hitchings, H. E. eng. Arundel-st. Strand-Atwood, A. esq. Worces- Oxford, 41-Hoare, H. V. esq. Mitcham-grove. tershire.

Jeyes, Mr. Richard, Upper Thames-streetBazet, Mrs. Sarah, C. Portland-pl.--Brown, Jones, R. esq. Helston, Cornwall. Miss Anne Lubbock, St. James's-pl.-Beard- Kent, Mrs. Frances, Highbury-Kidman, Mrs. more, Mrs. John, Bolton-st. Piccadilly-Butler, B. Margate-Kelty, Dr. Cambridge. Mr. William, Hackney, 74-Blair, the Lady of Londonderry, Marquis of, North Cray-LockLieutenant-Gen. Sir Robert-Burges, Mrs. c. ley, G. F. esq. Half-moon-st.-Lee, John, esq. Bristol-Bourdillon, Mr. Great Russell-st. Co- M. D. Bath-Littlebales, Rev. R. Lopham, vent Garden-Buoney, William, esq. Coventry, Norfolk-Leighton, E. esg. Cheltenham. 85- Bodkin. Mrs. S. Northampton-sq.--Broo- Moore, Mrs. Stephen, Sloane-street-Mayo, sbooft, Mr. H. Deputy Marshall King's Bench Rev. James, Wiltsbire. 66-Mules, Rey. J.H. Prison-Bayley, Rey. E. S. Brampton Grove Ilminster--Metcalfe, Sir T. J. bart. Pern-hill, Bruckwood, J. esq. Croydon, 79_Brown, Miss Berkshire, 39-Morrell, Charles, esq.Salop. A. L. St. James's-place.

Nisbet, Wm. H. esq. Balhaven-Nash, Miss Chamberlaine, Mr. Surgeon, Aylesbury-st. Elizabeth, Farringdon, Berkshire. Curtis, Mrs. S. Hackney-Coombe, Rev. T. Oldfield, Thomas H. B. esq. 67-Osborn, Mn. D.D. Hertford-st-Corbyn, Mrs. Hannah, Hol- Tavistock-place, 66. born-Chaplin, Mrs. Bishop, Stortford-Cun- Pegge, Christopher, esq. M. D. Oxford, 85 liffe, R. esg. Blackburn, Laneashire-Chilow, Pemberton, Dr. Fredville, Kent-Provost, Mrs. Wm. esq. Camden-bt, 66-Crosbie, relict of the Tisbury, Wilts-Page, Wm. esq. Gosport. Jate Wm. esq. Liverpool-Clark, John, esq. Richards, John, esą. Brick-lane,

Spitalfielde, ‘Barnsley, Yorkshire.

42-Reynolds, Mr. A. H. Clapton-square. Drinkald, Mr. S. Beer-lane, Tower-st. 33 St. John, Andrews, Lieutenant William, R.N. Dixon, Mr. James, Strand-Deane, Mr. Wm. -Southby, Mrs. Charles, Walworth-SlaugbCanonbury, 70-Dominicus, Mrs. Lucy, Court ter, Mrs. Edward, Edmonton-Scrivepor, Mrs, Lodge, East Farleigh-Dent, C. E. esq. Herts. H. Clapham, 61-Swanton, reliet of the late • Eades, George, esq. Grove Crescent, Camber Admiral-Smith, Mrs. Wm. Fulwood Lodge, well-Earle, Thomas esq. Liverpool - Edge), Lancashire--Stuart, Wm. esq. Cheltenham Mrs. Hippie, Beckington, Somerset-Ellison, J. Stevens, Miss A, B.youngest daughter of Rear M. London, 41.

Admiral. Falkland, Viscountess, Vauxhall-Freeman, Townsend,Rev. E. Bray, Berkshire-TatterJoseph, esq. Birmingham-Fisher, Mrs. Yar. shall, Rev. Thomas, Ledsham, Yorkshire, 26_ mouth, Norfolk-Fox, Mrs.Lane, Braham.park, Thomas, Mr. H. Tewkesbury, 24—Thompson, Yorkshire.

P. esg. Northam, Herts, 75–Townsend, Anne, Gantskell, Mrs. Henry, New Kent-rd-God- youngest daughter of Lord John., frey, Rev. Phillip, Hertfordshire-Gaisford, T. Van der Nunburg, George, Stamford, Baron exq. Westbury, Wilts, 81-Grubb, Mr. Phillip, Northamptonshire, 72. Cornhill, 65_Gunthorpe, Miss Hampton-court William, John, esq. Hatton-garden, 77–Wad. -Gray, W. esq. Doncaster-Grimshaw, J.'esq. more, Mr. James, Cadogan-place, 93—WilliamManchester, 84.

son, Mr.J. G. Wandsworth, 45-Worth, widow Hugford, Miss Sarah, Montague-street, Port- of the late Mr. James, Trump-street, 63—Wesman-square-Henshaw, W. esq. Bexley, Kent. therby, Mr. G. Oxenden-street-Wyatt, R. esq. 100—Harris, Mrs. C. Hackney-Herley, C. esq. Courtweek-house, Sussex. 66--Whately, Wil. * Lavender bill, Surry, 51-Hale, Mr. Samuel, liam, esq. Birmingham, 60—Warriner, G. esq. Sidmouth-Harris, Miss M. A. Kentish-town, 22 Oxfordshire-Wilson, Francis, esq. Worcester-Hoy, Mrs. Hannah, Midenbury-house, Hants sbire-Winter, T. B. esq. Herts-Wright, Lady -Harby, Rich. esg. Alford Line, 64-Hutchin- A. M. daughter of the Earl of Coventry.



Jambs were sold at an advance of A labourer's wife, who was reaping full 38. a head. in a field with her husband, near Read

HEREFORDSHIRE. ing, was suddenly taken ill, went home, At Ledbury fair, fat cattle were in aud was shortly afterwards delivered considerable demand, and sold at adof four boys, all still born.

vanced prices. Sheep experienced an CAMBRIDGESHIRE.

advance, and were in great request. John H. Hall, Esq. L.L.B. has been Horses of the best description brought admitted into the Fellowship at Trinity high prices; inferior animals were in Hall, vacated by the marriage of G. litile demand.

-At Knightop fair, the Bankes, Esq. M.P.

shew of cattle and sheep was not so DERBYSHIRE.

large as usual; both met with a ready • A meeting of the Ladies in the town sale, at advanced prices. and neighbourhood of Derby was lately

HERTFORTSHIRE. held at the Town-hall, for the purpose During the three years, in which of forwarding the benevolent plan of Mr. M'Adam's plan has been adopted providing cluathing for the suffering by the trustees of the Wade's Mill Irish.

Turnpike, they have not only been DEVONSHIRE,

enabled to pay off £1000. of the debt, Upwards of seventy Barristers at- but have reduced the tolls to the annual tended the late Devon Assizes. There amount of more than £400. was produced in Court, and handed

HUNTING DONSHIRE. about as a great curiosity, the brief, Viscount Mandeville, son of the Duke the only brief, that Devonshire ever of Mancbester, is appointed Deputyafforded to the great William Pitt, who Governor of this county. once, at least, travelled that circuit.

KENT. His notes on its margin, and the signa- Wantage Wool Fair presented a large ture to his fee, attracted much notice. supply of that article, chiefly down; The green cloth which then covered before the close of the evening the fair "the Court table, and on which he in. was completely cleared, there having scribed bis name, is also preserved been sold upwards of 500 tods of wool. there, as an interesting relic.

The following prices were obtained : DORSETSHIRE.

Leicester, 26s, to 28s. per tod; Down, At Dorchester Assizes, there were 30s. to 32s., while a few samples of but five briefs produced altogether- Down, crossed with Merino, fetched • not one for each dozen of the Barris- 368. per tod.-Plaistow-Lodge, near ters in attendance.

Bromley, the residence and property DURHAM

of the Hon. Hugh Lindsay, comprising The Editor of the Durham Chronicle one hundred and twenty-six acres of has been found guilty of a libel against freehold land, and a splendid mansion, the Clergy, residing in and near the built by the late Mr. Thelluson, for his City of Durham, and the Suburbs own residence, at an expense of £40,000. thereof, but has been acquitted of the has been lately sold for £17,800. In charge of having published a libel on the six months from January to June, the whole establishment of the Church. 1822, 37,374 bundles of paper, manu.

factured in Maidstone and its imme. At the Annual Hop Meeting, held at diate neighbourhood, have been sent Castle Heddington, little business has from Maidstone down the Medway. been done. One parcel only of the Besides this, a considerable quantity new crop, of half a ton, was disposed has been sent by land in every direcof at 748. 6d. Several other lots tion. offered were bought in at 90s.

LANCASHIRE. The Rev. P. Strachan, Rector of Mile On the 31st ult. Liverpool experiEnd, near Colchester, has reduced his enced a very serious storm of bail, and, tithes in some instances from eight to what is much more extraordinary at three shillings per acre.

this season of the year, a considerable HAMPSHIRE.

quantity of snow fell immediately afterSir George T. Staunton, Bart, of wards. In a short time, the surroundLeigh Park, has returned, at his lasting country presented the appearance audit day, 25 per cent. to his tenants. of the depth of winter. - We learn,

-At Alresford fair there were nearly that a small establishment for the ma50,000 sheep and Jambs penned. nufacture of silk goods has been formed Buyers were pumerous, and all the at Blackburn,




girtb in the thickest part, thirty-seven The Rev. S. L. Noble has been pro- feet six inches. The upper jaw promoted to the rectory of Frowlesworth. jects five feet beyond the under one;

in the latter there are two rows of The Rev. George Mason, of Cuckney, ivory teeth, twenty-three in each row. returned his tenants, at Bransby, 20 It is expected to be very productive. per cent, at bis late rent day.- Earl

NOTTINGHAMSHIRE. Fortescue, in order to enable his Lin. At Newark last fair, there was a colnshire tenantry to meet the present small shew of cattle, which met with times, has returned to his Tattershall a ready sale, at an advanced price. tenants 40, and to his Billingboro' te- A very fatal bowel complaint at this nants 35 per cent. There is now time prevails at Nottingham. living at East Kirby, in this county, a

SHROPSHIRE. man aged seventy eight years, who The celebrated George Bidder (the has had but one wife; be is father, calculating boy, well known in Shrews grandfather, and great grandfather to bury) is about to visit Exeter. He seventy-eight children. It is under leaves Edinburgh, having completed stood that there never was so much his education to the satisfaction of his business ‘doiug in the wool as at this patrons. On his return to Edinburgh time. Lincoloshire is full of Yorkshire he will take his place in the Exchequer agents seeking to make purchases. Chambers as a clerk of the first ac. The price has in consequence advanced. countant. - The Rer. J. H. Monk has been

SOMERSETSHIRE. promoted to the cathedral church of At Shepton Mallet fair there has been Peterborough and living of Fiskerton. a larger supply of cattle than has been MONMOUTHSHIRE,

known for many years past, which sold At Usk monthly market a very fine at advanced prices. milking cow was sold for 458. which, a

STAFFORDSHIRE. few years ago, would have fetched 11l. A treading mill is erecting in StafFine fat cows, worth, ten years ago, ford county gaol, and will employ 241, and 251. were sold for 71. and 8). about thirty men. If this discipline Fat pigs, 12 to 14 lb. per quarter, fit becomes general as is expected, it will for Bristol porkers, were sold for 8s. prove highly beneficial pot only to the each. Sheep were offered equally low, morals, but to the reformation of such 'but found no buyers.

abandoned persons as might have exNORFOLK.

pected to spend their days in a prison A piece of land near the Norfolk in ease and idleness. and Norwich Hospital, has been lately

SUFFOLK. sold by auction at the enormous rate There is now growing in the garden of 17241. 16s. 8d. per acre. - The of the Marquis of Hertford, at Sudbouru Rev. John Cubitt, M.A. has been insti. Hall, a cucumber, of the snake kind, tuted to the rectory of Overstrand, and which measures six feet nine inches in the Rev. John Neville White has been length. licensed to the perpetual curacy of

SUSSEX. ! Great Plumstead.

The treading mill recently erected NORTHAMPTONSHIRE.

at Lewes house of correction, is daily Sir John H. Thorold, Bart, has lately effecting a diminution of crime, partimade the liberal reducting of 20 per cularly of vagrancy, in this county. cent. on the rents due at ady Day, The Rev. J. Young has been preferred with an actual reduction of per cent. to the vicarage of Heathfield. upon their future payments.The

WARWICKSHIRE. Rev. John Miller, M.A. fellow of Wor- The Rev. S. W. Perkins, A. M. of cester college, Oxford, has been pre Wadbam college, Oxford, has been insented to the rectory of Benefield. ducted to the rectory of Stockton. The NORTHUMBERLAND.

Rev. Wm. R. Bedford, A. M. of the At the monthly meeting of the Lite- university of Oxford, has been lately rary and Philosophical Society of New- inducted to the rectory of Sutton Coldcastle, it was agreed to purchase the field. The Right Hon. the Earl of celebrated Wycliff Museum, late in Aylesbury has been appointed deputy the possession of George Allen, Esq. lieutenant of this county by the Earl -Awbale of the spermaceti kind of Warwick, the new Jord lieutenant. has been lately driven on shore at Lord Bagot has ordered all arrears Cresswell, and killed by the inhabit- of rent to be struck off his steward's ants of that place. The following are books. the dimensions of it;-Length trom

WILTSHIRE. vose to tail was sixty-one feet; the The number of sheep and lambs

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