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Jones, R. late of Newport, Monmouthshire,

wine-merchant, Sept. 25, 26, and Oct. 19, Commercial-rooms, Bristol. (Bourdillon and Co. Bread-street, Cheapside; and Be.

van and Co.Bristol Jackson, G. Manchester, dry-salter, Sept. 25,

26, and Oct. 29, Bridgewater-arms-inn,

Manchester. (Whitlow, Manchester King, W. Cavendish, Suffolk, grocer, Sept. 21,

Oct. 5, and 26. (Fowcett, Jewin-street Lucas, W. Burpham, Sussex, farmer, Sept. 27,

28, and Oct, 19, Crown-inn, Arundle, Sussex. (Freeman, Arundle, Sussex; & Free

man and Co. Coleman-street Low,H.A. Sunderland, near the Sea, merchant,

Sept. 10, 11, & Oct. 15, Bridge-inn, Bishopwearmouth, Durham. (Blakiston, Sym. ond's-inn; and Thompson, Bishopwear.

mouth Leah, S. H. Old-street, watch-maker, Aug. 28,

31, and Oct. 5. (Browning, Hatton-court,

Threadneedle-street Leah, S. H. jun. Old-street, spirit-merchant,

Aug. 28, 31, and Oct. 5. (Hin, Rood-lane Mitchell, T. Bow, linen-draper, Oct. 4,5, & 29,

(Jones, Sise-lane Moore, T. Paddington, salt-mercbant, Aug. 24,

Sept. 17, and Oct. l. (Donne, Princes-st.

Norris, T. Bishopstone, Wiltshire, shoe-maker,

Sept. 7, 21, and Oct. 12. (Hillier and Co.
Middle Temple-lane; and Dew, Salisbury,

Peyton, J. Christchurch, Twyneham, South-

ampton, merchant, Sept. 17, 18, and Oct. 19, King's-head-ind, Wimborne-Minster, Dor.

setshire. (Castleman, Wimborne, Dorset Percival, R. jun. Eye, Herefordshire, wheel.

wright, Oct. 1, 2, and 29, King's-head-inn, Leominster, Herefordshire. (Bach, Southampton-buildings, Holborn; and Leomin.

ster Papps, G. North-street, Lambeth, horse-dealer,

Sept. 16, 17, and Oct. 15. (Richardson,

Golden-square Poole, T. Heston, Middlesex, dealer, Aug. 31,

Sept. 7, Oct. 8. (Cathcart, Chancery-lane Parsons, G. Liverpool, sail-maker, Sept. 2, 4,

and Oct. 1, York-hotel, Liverpool. (Sher. ratt, Prescot; and Adlington and Co. Bed

ford-row Rix, G. Ris, C. and Rix, G. Manifold-place,

Newington-butts, corn-merchants, Aug. 28, 27, and Oct. 1. (James, Walbrook

Richards, T. W. Great George-street, Euston

square, New road, merchant, Sept. 16, 17, and Oct. 12. Knight and Co. Basinghall

street Rose, T. of the Cafe-Royale, Regent-street,

Pall-mall, wine and brandy merchant, Sept. 6,7, and Oct. 12. (J. Robinson, Half Moon

street, Piccadilly Smith, J. F. Regent street, linen-draper, Sept.

14, 28, and Oct. 15. (Jones, Sise-lane Smith, W. H. Faversham, Kent, linen-draper,

Sept. 10, 17, and Oct. 19, (D. Jones, Sise

lane Sharp, T. Cheapside, pastry-cook, Sept. 7,17,

and Oct. 12. (Harding, Mortimer-street,

Cavendish-square Townsend, W. B. Little Chelsea, brewer, Sept

17, Oct. 1, and 26. (James, Bucklersbury Turney, J. Sedgebrook, Lincolnshire, and W.

Bates, of Halifax, Yorkshire, merchants, Oct. 2, 3, and 12, White Lion-inn, Halifax. (Stocker and Co. New Boswell-court; and

Wilcock, Halifax Thurtell, J. Bradwell, Suffolk, merchant, Sept.

30, Oct. 1, and 29, Bear-inn, South-town, Suffolk. (Steward, Great, Yarıouth ; and

Swain and Co. Frederick's-place, Old-jewry Tomlinson, W. Chester, wine-merchant, Sept.

13, 14, and Oct. 19. (Mayhew, Chancery

lane Tompkins, H. Bromyard, Herefordshire, inn

holder, Sept. 26, 27, and Oct. 26, King'sarms-inn, Bromyard. (Beverley, Garden

court, Temple; and Phelps, Ludbury, Wilkinson, R. London, merchant, Sept. 24, Oct.

1, and 29. (James, Bucklersbury Wall, J. Birmingham, dealer, Sept. 26, 27, and

Oct. 26, Royal-hotel, Temple-row, Birmingham. (W. C. Smith, Basinghall-street ;

and T. Sadler, Birmingham Wycherley, W. Trefnant, Shropshire, farmer,

Sept. 16, 17, and Oct. 1, Talbot-inn, Dratonin-Hates. (Baxter, Gray's-inn-place; and

Stanley, Drayton-in-Hales, Shropshire Westerdale, J. Kingston-upon-Hull, grocer

Oct. 3, 4, and 20, Dog and Duek-tavern
Scale-lane, Kingston-upon-Hull. (Taylor,

Yates, W. Bristol, baker, Sept. 13,14, and Oet.

15, Commercial-rooms, Bristol. (Edmunds, Exchequer-office, Lincoln's-ion; & Jaques, Bristol.


Aunger, J. Exeter, Sept. 36
Atkinson, M. Great Russel-st. Blooms. Sept. 28
Ashford, J. & Ireland, E. L. Birming. Oct. 1,
Ayton, W. Macclesfield, Sept. 19
Brown, A. J. Portsmouth, Sept. 26
Bradley, W. Louth, Lincolnshire, Sept. 26
Booker, T. Emsworth, Sept. 26
Byass, H. Raleigh, Essex, Oct. 6
Carlile, J. Bolling, T. and Pell, C. Bolton-in-

the-Moors, Oct. 1
Cox, T, Crediton, Devonshire, Sept. 10
Corfield, N. Norwich, Oct. 8
Dean,J. Bingley, Yorkshire, Oct. 7
Dickens, T. Liverpool, Sept. 30
Davidson, T. & Mildigan, J. Liverpool, Sept. 11
Durtnall, J. Dover, Oct. 7
Earle, W. Rotherhithe, Sept. 17
Early, W. Winchester, Oct. 23
Flower, G, York, Oct. 19
Fifoot, W. Bristol, Oct. 10
Fromond, W. Great Yarmouth, Sept. 28
Fenner. R. Paternoster-row, Sept. 17
Forster, P. Great Yarınouth, Sept. 10
Frost, G. Sheffield, Sept. 20
Ford, J. Gloucester, Sept. 19
Hudson, J. Vlverton, Lancashire, Sept. 30
Harrison, J. Portsmouth, Sept. 26

Harris, G. Birmingham, Oct. 4
Hudson, H. Cannon Coffee-house, Oct. 5
Horrocks, T. Ripondale, Yorks. Sept. 18
Howell, H. Knaresborough, Sept. 20
Herrington, J. Farenham, Sept. 18
Ilanister, W. Litchfield, Oct. 12
Jackson w. G. and Hardley, W. Great Surrey-

st. Sept. 28
Johnson, W. Birmingham, Oct. 4
Keene, J. W. Birmingham, Oct. 3
Knight, J. Coppice-row,


, Sept. 21 Kent, W. High Holborn, Oct, 26 Lavers, J. Knightsbridge, Devonshire, Oct. 2 Lawrence, W. H. Bath, Sept. 28 Lowe, H. Macklesfield, Sept. 16 Lloyd, C. Thesford, Sept. 20 Mattinson, J. Huddersfield, Oct. 31 Moore, T. Bartonshaw, Herts, Sept. 16 Maitland, D. New Bridge-st. Nov. 12 Moore, J. Kingsbrompton, Sept, 12 Marshall, P Scarborough, Sept. 28 Mitchell, S. Dorking, Surrey, Aug. 31 Monnington, W. Chepstow, Oct. 4 Morgan, J. Liverpool, Oct. 9 Nicholl, E. Hemel Hempstead, Herts, Sept. 28 Neilson, W. Liverpool, Sept. 26 Pattison, C. St. Neot's Huntingdonshire, Oct. 2

Peake, S. jun. and Bothwell, J. Holliwell, Lan

cashire, Oct. 9
Prentice, A. & Shelly, T. Manchester, Sept. 12
Penrith, W. Bath, Sept. 18
Peters, J. and Weston, F. Bristol, Oct. 7
Penfold, E. sen. Maidstone, Nov. 9
Reay, J. Mark-lane, Sept. 24
Riley, J. Leicester, Sept. 23
Ridout, J. P. Bridport, Aug.31
Savage, G. Huddersfield, Oct, 31
Sykes, J. and Hollis, J. Manchester, Oct. 4
Scholes, R. Huddersfield, Oct. 8

Saunderson, J. Sutton, and Masters, T. Potten

Sept. 30
Sharpley, J. York, Oct. 19
Smith, J. and Shepherd, J. Brierley, Sept. 10
Tucker, W.F.J. and Eachon, G.Shef. Sept. 23
Tennant. W. Liverpool, Sept. 19
Towsend, J. Ludgate-hill, Oct. 8
Windeatt, T. & W. W. Tavistock, Sept. 30
Wood, J. Birmingham, Oct. 4
Wallace, W. Workington, Sept. 14
Whitney, W. Ludlow, Oct. 5
Webb, 'T. New Sarum, Oct. 11.


Notice of opposition to the discharge of any prisoner must be entered in the book at the office, 33, Lincoln's-Inn-Fields, three clear days, erclusive of Sun. day, before the day of hearing. The schedules are filed and may be inspected every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, between the hours of ten and four, up to the last day for entering opposition.


County Courts, Durham, 5th Oct.

at eleven.
Calvert, Jeoffrey, of Darlington, Durham, la-

Guildhall, Haverfordwest, 5th Oct.

at ten.
Williams, Thomas, of Fater, Saint Mary, shop-

keeper, last of Orielton-mill, Monckton, both in Pembrokeshire, miller.

Lancaster Castle, 8th Oct, at ten.
Bamford, Edmund, of Hades, near Rochdale,

Lancashire, coal-master
Pairbrother, Joseph, of Bury, Lancashire, shop-

Jones, Thomas, of Manchester, dyer
Mercer, Henry, of Liverpool, landing-waiter?
Smith, Robert, of Manchester, sizer and dyer.
Grand Jury-chamber, Winchester,

5th Oct. at eleven.
Grist, Chs. of East Woodhay, Hants, labourer.
Townhall, Ilchester, 8th Oct. at twelve.
Puze, John, of Bridgewater, Somersetshire, inn-

Gibbs, Charles, of Wembdon, Somerset, farmer
Green, William, of Pilton, Somerset, thatcher
Hodder, William, of Holford, Somerset, butcher
Sainsbury, Eliz. of Weston, Somerset, widow
Wood, James, of Weston, Somerset, gardener.

Lancaster Castle, Sth Oct. at ten.
Atkinson, Edward Swimburn, of Kendal, West-

Booth, Thomas, of Mossley, Ashton-under-line,

butcher and innkeeper
Brown, John, of Manchester, joiner and house-

Dixon, James, of Liverpool, porter
Entwistle, E. of Bolton-le-Moors, shop-keeper
Flanagan, Barnard, of Bolton-le-Moors, last of

Manchester, baker
Griffith, William, of West Derby, near Liver-

pool, carter
Hírst, Joseph, of Huddersfield, clothier, last of

Liverpool, innkeeper

James, of Liverpool, victualler
Kay, John, of Bury, machine-maker, draper,

and provision dealer
Kerr, Hugh, of Salford, Lancashire, grocer
Knowles, James, of Manchester, manufacturer

and shopkeeper
Lightfoot, Thomas, of St. Helens, yeoman
Lomax, Abraham, of Manchester, weaver
Rishton, John, of Crompton, near Rochdale

last of Blackburn, leather-dresser
Scholes, John, of Over Darwen, Lancashire

wheelwright and victualler late farmer Sissons, William, of Manchester, hosier and

Sowerby, Martha, of Lancaster, publican
Tipping, John. of Tarbuck, Lancashire, farmer
Ward, James, of Oldham, Lancas. shop-keeper
Welch, Thomas, of Pemberton, last of Bolton-

le-Moors, shoemaker
Whitby, William, of Manchester, shopkeeper
Young, Richard, of Halliwell, near Bolton-le-
Moors, of Lawton and Goldborn, Winwick,
last of Bolton-le-Moors, farmer.

Shirehall, Shrewsbury, 10th Oct.

at eleven. Astley, Reuben, of 3, Lawrence-la. Cheapside

London, woollen-factor

Audit-house, Southampton, 8th Oct.

moreland, manufacturer of woollen goods and

grocer Bentley, Thomas, of Manchester, book-keeper Blackhurst, Thomas, of Preston, corn-dealer

at eleven. Moreau, John, of Southampton, artist Wort, George, of Harton, Dorsetshire, dairyman.


BIRTHS ABROAD. Mrs. James Finnie, at Lisbon, of a son Mrs. Joseph Phelps, at Madeira, of a daughter


MARRIAGES ABROAD. Hilton, Captain, 45th regt. foot, at Colombo, to Summerfield, Miss H. daughter of Major S. 83rd regt.

DEATHS ABROAD. James, Robert, esq. at Demarara

Smith, Jno. King's Advocate, at demarara Campbell, Major-Gen. Charles, Algoa Bay Thornhill, Montague-pl. 42-at Tours Vansandan, F. esq. of Mordeu, Surry, at Vera Bonham, Ensign $.9th regt. font, Grenada Cruz

Mathison, Lieut. C. Ist bat, 3rd N.I., Boinbay.


His Majesty arrived at Greenwich the royal squadron until it arrived at from Scotland in excellent health and Greenwich. A few minutes afterwards spirits. By order of the home secre- the spectators were gratified with a full tary of state, Sir R. Birnie, chief ma- view of the Royal Sovereigo moving gistrate at Bow-street, attended with a majestically round the point of land large body of dismounted and other below Greenwich, preceded by the patrole, Detachments of foot guards stately city barge, with her profusion and royal marines occupied stations of gaudy flags and streamers flying, and within the Hospital grounds. The ve- surrounded and followed by hundreds teran inhabitants of ihe Hospital were of vessels of every description. The drawn up in their best apparel, within royal yacht was fast moored immedithe railings. The Lord Mayor, on board ately off the Hospital stairs, and the the city barge, proceeded down the King appeared upon the quarter deck, river below Black wall, and attended in in the uniform of an admiral. A load the capacity of conservator of the and almost unanimous burst of applause Thames, to conduct his Majesty back from the spectators was acknowledged to Greenwich. The river opposite the by the King in his usual affable manner, Hospital presented a pleasing spectacle. Soon after his Majesty descended the Boats in considerable numbers moored accommodation ladder to the Admiralty as closely as they were allowed to do barge, accompanied by Lord Melville, on each side the stairs, at which his Mr. Croker, &c. &c. and was immediMajesty was to land. They were chiefly ately rowed ashore. The royal carfilled with ladies. Immediately off the riage immediately drove off amid loud stairs, the Admiralty barge, the yacht cheering. of Sir Richard Goodwyn Keats, K. B. Parliament is prorogued from Tuesgovernor of the Hospital, the Navy day the 8th day of October next, to Office barge, and the Thames Police Tuesday the 26th day of November yacht, were moored in readiness for ihe arrival of the royal squadron, in- His Majesty has been pleased to apformation having been conveyed by the point, the Right Honourable George Comet steam packet to Sir Richard Canning one of his Majesty's principal Keats that his Majesty was expected to secretaries of state. arrive every minute. A short time The King bas been pleased to apafter this communication had been point Major-General the Right Hon. made, the Royal Sovereign, with her Sir Benjamin Bloomfield, to be his Mayards nicely squared, the national stan- jesty's Envoy Extraordinary and Minisdard flying at the main, and the com- ter Plenipotentiary at the Court of modore's broad pendant at the fore top, Stockholm. hove in sight, towed by the James Watt The Earl of Clanwilliam hias resigned steam packet. Almost at the same mo. the Private Secretaryship at the Foment discharges of artillery were heard reign Office. saluting his Majesty as he passed Wool- The Duke of Wellington, accomwich. Just before the Royal Sovereign panied by Earl Clanwilliam, has left reached Blackwall, the Lord Mayor, in town for Vienna, the city barge, towed by the Eagle, Sir W. Knighton has succeeded Sir drew gently off into the centre of the B. Bloomfield as Private Secretary and river, and taking the lead, preceded Keeper of the Privy Purse.


Cumberland Gate, the great northern side of Cockspur-street, nearly opposite entrance to Hyde Park, is about to Spring-gardens. It will have a grand undergo a very great improvement-it front with pillars. is said at the sole expense of Mr. Hope, The College of Physicians is to be whose classical taste and princely mu- on the south side of Pall-mall East, at nificence are so well known in the the back of the Union Club. Each of the fashionable world.

above buildings will have a front that The Trustees of the British Museum will face the east, so as to form one are going to build two wings in the side of a street to run from Cockspurgarden behind, 315 feet long by 33 street to Pall-mall East. feet wide. The estimated expense is The Voion Vuiversity Club, at the £200,000, which the Government will corner of Suffolk-street, is proceeding advance by instalments of £20,000. very rapidly. a-year, during 10 years. Tbe present Alterations are making at Coventhouse is not to be pulled down, but garden Theatre, as well as at Druryrepaired and beautified, so as to cor- lane, but not upon so large a scale as respond as nearly as possible with the the latter. Among the alterations at new work.

the former Theatre is the removal of The foundation is laid out for the what is styled the “ basket," the boxes new Union Club-House, on the north behind the dress boxes in front.

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: SONS. Mrs. Henry Metcalfe, Hill-st. Berkley-square Mrs. W. H. Tatham Mrs. W. Ferrers, Wimbledon

Mrs. J. Kendrick, Upper Mary-le-bone-street Mrs. H. Larpent, Putney

Mrs. E. A. Wilde, College-bill Mrs. C. Wilson, Timstale Vicarage

Mrs. M. Ware, New Bridge-street Mrs. J. Drake, North Church

The lady of William Heygate, Esq. M.P. Mrs. E. Repton, Drayton-green, Ealing.

Mrs. W. T. Brande, Clarges.street Mrs. C. Lawrence, Cirencester

The lady of Capt. Barrett, 14th Light Dragoons Mrs. John Oswald, Deptford

Mrs. E. Wilson, Villa-house Mrs. B. Travers, New Broad-strect

The lady of Sir L. V. Palk, Haldon-house Mrs. J. S. Manley, Thickbroom-cottage, Staf- Mrs. James Inglis, Norwood, Surrey fordshire

The lady of the Hon. Capt. Rodney, R.N. Ryde, Mrs. T. S. Price, Duchess-street

Isle of Wtght Mrs. Moody, South Weald, Essex

Mrs. Drinkwater, Liverpool Mrs. (Captain) Dallas, Hampstead

Mrs. Elliott Graham, Tubney-lodge, Berks Mrs. G.W. Baker, Shooter's-hill, Kent

Mrs. A. Fraser, Thavies-inn Mrs. William Metcalfe, Carshalton

The lady of the Hon. J. Brodrick, Morley-lodge, Mrs. John Ireland, Leonard-square

Mrs. Greenway, Judd-street, Brunswick-square Mrs. N. Harden, Highgate
Mrs. B. Goode, Howland-street

Mrs. Alexander Monroe, Bushey, Herts.
Mrs. A. Gillespie, Lanark

Lady Caroline Ann M‘Donald, Boyle Farm Mrs, W. Kew, New Palace-yard
The Couutess Manvers, Portman-square

The lady of Maj, Ord, K.H. R.A, Granstead-hall Mrs. Edgar Cocknell, Hackney-road

The lady of Sir C. H. Colville, Duffield, DerbyMrs. C. Leigh, Adlestrop-house, Gloucestershire shire Mrs. W. H. Majendie, Windlesham, Bagshot Mrs. William Heygate, jun. Mrs. H. Carew, Huish-cottage, Devonshire Mrs. J. Christie, Queen-street, May-fair Mrs. J. Sergeaunt, Coleshill, Herts

Mrs. Watson, Springfield-lodge. Camberwell Mrs. S. Donaldson, Hart-street, Bloomsbury The lady of the Rev. Dr. Butler. Harrow Mrs. William Jones, Kivg's Bench

Mrs. H. Wild, Southampton-place, New-road Mrs. J. Cameron, Hampstead

Mrs. Jaques, Tottenham Mrs. Jardine, Stamford-hill

Mrs. C. L. Curtoys, Tottenham-mills. Mrs. B. Barnwell, jun. Weymouth-street


Adolphus, J. L. exq. Barrister-at-Law, to

Richardson, Miss Clara, Streatham Acraman, D. W. esq. Bristol, to

Stewart, Miss R. RoyalYork-crescent, Clifton
Bosanquet, Wm. esq. jun. Upper Harley-st. to

Cumming, Miss Eliza, Enfield
Brown, Mr. Betts-street, Rateliffe-bighway, to

D'Arcy, Miss Wilkes, Tolleshunt, Essex
Bedford, J. Y. esq. Birmingham, to

Jenner, Miss C. Berkley, Gloucestershire
Bradley, Francis, esg. Gore-court, Kent, to

Harris, M.J. daughter of Rt. Hon. Lord Harris
Brown, Mr, C. J. Islington, to
Williamson, Miss Mary Ann

Eur. Mag. Vol. 83.

Barron, George, esq, to

Barron, Miss Eliza, Strand
Bingham, J. esq. Derby, to

Rogers, Miss Lucy, Wassell-grove
Beale, J. E. esq. Plaistow, Essex, 10

Loxley, Miss Eliza, Stratford-green
Buck, Charles, esq. Preston, to

Birley, Miss, Low-mill, Whitehaven
Bough, William, esq. London, to

Pritchard, Miss A. Darlington-street
Burton, Henry, esq. Inner-Temple, to

Clarksen, Miss, Arundel-street, Strand
Brough, Mr. John, to
Oddy, Miss Jane, St. Botolph, Aldgate

Coleman, James, esq. Laytonstone, to

Lord, Miss Mary, Manchester Carenove, P. esg. Horsney, to

Knapp, Miss E. Winchester Chetwynd, Lord Viscount, to

Moss, Miss M. Hanover-square Cook, Mr. G. Loughborough, to

Mason, Miss A. Fleet-street, Peckham Drake, Rev. Wm. B. A. Northampton, to

Bat, Miss Elizabeth, Great Houghton Dawkins, James, esq. M.P. Oxfordshire, to

Forbes, Miss Maria, daughter of Gen. Forbes
Dorey, Mr. Thos. Broad-street-buildings, to

Triguet, Miss Eliza, of the Grove
Deacon, Mr. Samuel, Skinner-st. Snow-hill, to

Scripps, Miss Grace, Southmolton-street
Davidson, Mr. Thomas P. Islington, to

Harvey, Miss Mary, Holloway
Eaton, S. esq. Ketton-hall, Rutlandshire, to

Waldie, Miss C.A. Hendersyde
Echalar, J. J. esq. Clapton, to

Lowndes, Miss K. of that place Elam, Mr. T. W. Freshford, Wilts, to

Vallance, Miss Ann, Brighton
Edkins, Mr. S. S. Salisbury-square, to

Relfe, Miss Sarah, Camberwell
Flood, F.S. esq. York-place, Portman-sq. to

Williamson, Miss M. Valley-house, Cambridgs.
Fearnley, Mr. T. E. Ratcliffe.cross, Solicitor, to

Rich, Miss E. of the same place
Gibson, Mr. D. Grosvenor-pl. Camberwell, to

Lesher, Miss M. S. Whitechapel
Greenlaw, Rev. R. B. Isleworth, to

Baker, Miss H. Berner's-street Gregory, Gower-st, Bedford-sq. to

Toller, Miss C. Heath, Hampstead

Haldane, Alexander, esq. Inner Temple, to

Hardcastle, Miss E. Hatcham-house, Surrey
Hampson, Sir G.F. bart, to

Brown, M. F. daughter of Admiral B.
Keysell, Mr. H. Southampton-pl. to

Meabry, Miss Sarah, Bloomsbury
Mathias, Wm. esq. Bernard-st. Russell-sq. to

Nicholas, Miss E. A, C. Blackheath
Milcaster, Colonel, Barham, Kent, to

Harris, Miss E. Suddenham-ct. Kent
Newton, W. esq. Argyle-street, to

Faulder. Miss Ann, Gower-street
Preston, Rev. G. Norfolk, to

Heythuyson, Miss E. John-st. Bedford-row
Plestow, C. B. esq. Norfolk, to

Musgrave, Miss G. Devonsh.-st. Portland- pl.
Patmore, G. P. esq. London, to

Robertson, Miss Eliza, Perth
Reynolds, J. of Great Marlborough st. to

Drew, Miss E. P. of Exeter
Ranche, J. P. esq. London, to

Spencer, Miss C. Ledbury
Saltwell, W. esq. Charleton Chambers, to

Caley, Miss F. B. Queen-square
Smith, Abel,esq. M P. Woodhall Park, Herts, to

Melville, Lady Marianne Leslie
Thellusson, T. R. esq. Northamptonshire, to

Macnaghten, Miss Maria
Talfourd, T. N.esg, Inner Temple, to

Rutt, Miss R. Clapton, Middlesex
West, Sir Edward, Recorder of Bombay, to

Folkes, Miss L. G. Hillington Hall, Norfolk
Witherby. Mr.

R. St. John's College, Cam. to
Hale, Miss E. Petworth, Sussex
West, T. T. esq. Pavement, Finsbury, to

Bryane, Miss S. P. Brixton Common, Surrey


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Austice, Mrs. the wife of Lieut. D. H.F. 53d Illingworth, Miss E. Prospect-place, Edg. regt. Portsmouth, 28-Stewart Abernethy, eaq.

ware-road. late assistant commissary general, West-indies Leathley, Mrs. Clapton, 67-R. Legh, esq. -Rev. T.W. Astley, Queningten, Gloucester- Adlington-hall, Chester, 69--Mrs. T. G. Lloyd, shire.

Clapham-road. Broad, Mrs. at Arundel, 96—Mrs. J. Bally, Mallory, Mrs. Ann, Woodcote, Warwick, 61Kensington, Surrey-T. Brown, esq.! Lower Mr. J. Mackinder, surgeon, Nerr. Cheam, Surrey, 53-Richard Birt, esq. Jobo-st. road-Mrs. Jane Mann, Clapton-Sir T.J. Mei. Adelphi-Mrs. John Brandon, Soho-sq.-Mrs. calfe, bart. Fernbill, Berksh. 39 Mr. C. Miles, N. Bennet, jun. Camden-row, Peckham-Ed. Egham--Mrs. Mary Miles, North Elmham, ward Bochm, esg. St. James's-sq. 81-William Norfolk, 93— Mrs. Wm. Mooney, Walthamstow Broadbent, esq. Ewell, Surrey-Widow of Cap- Oakes, Lieut, General Sir Hildebrand, tain J. A. Blanchard, Brighton--Mrs. E. Brom- Mrs. C. Offley, Parken-hill, Stroud, Gloucesterley, Deptford-Mr. J. Burgess, Upper Thames. shire. st.-Mrs. Bowring, Tower-street.

Pollen, Mrs, R. Millbrook, Hants, 70--Mrs. B. Coveney, Mrs. John, Kean's Head, Russell Powell, Exeter-Mrs. Price, Bagniton, Warch. Drury-la.-Mrs. W Cantherley, Ludgate. wickshire --- Mrs. Ann Phelph, Osborn-płace, hill-R. Cunliffe, esq. Blackburn, Lancashire- Whitechapel-Miss M, M. Phillips, Pall MallR. Crawford, esq. Nelson's-pl. Kent-rd. 8 Lady Perth, Park-la. Grosvernor-sq. Mrs. Sarah Gollet, Peckham--Mrs. Carruthers, Phillips, esq. Moss-side, Manchester, 78-Wm. Shacklewell, 73-Mrs. Carrington, wife of the Perdeu, esq. Berner-st. - Charlotte Jemima, Rev. Mr. C.-Mrs. J. B. Cramer, Brightou daughter of Admiral Sir Charles Polo, AldeaMrs. E. Crisp, Lower-st. Islington, 88.

ham Abbey, Herts, 17. Dulany, Mrs. R.T. Bath, 98-J. Dennis, esq. Robson. Mrs late of York, 83—Mr. G. Rose. Alverton, Penzance-Mr. J. Dickson, Covent. surgeon, St. Mary Axe--Miss Charlotte Rattles, garden, F.L.S, 84- The Right Hon. Elizabeth Bencoolen-Mrs. Rolls, King's-road, Chelsea. Lady Dormer, wife of John Evelyn Pierpoint, Simons, Lieutenant D H.--Mr. G. Stienbach, tenth Baron Dormer, of Wing grove Park, War- Upper Castle-street, Leicester-sq. 72—John R. wick, 57–C.J. L. De Thiballier, R. N. 28. Snow,esq. Hatton-hill, Surrey, 77--Robert Sal.

Edwards, James, Pall Mall, 14-John Elmslie, mon, esq. late of New Bond-st. 73— Mrs. B. C. esq. Berner'

Smith, Sioe Newington, 37-Mrs. G. Silk, Field, Miss M. A. Stanstead, Herts-Mrs. R. Northampton-pl. Clerkenwell, 65-Isaac Steele, Furnivall, Trafalgar-st. Walworth, 30-B. I. Brisi toa, 51--Groome Spence, esq. Paddington, Friedman, esq. Woodford.

65-Mrs. G. Skelton ,Hatton-garden--T. SingleGardiner, J. G. C. esq. Thurgurton Priory, ton, esq. East-end, Finchley. 68-Mrs. L. Smith, Nottinghamshire-Mrs. Grinnell-G. de Linge Paternoster-row, 34 - Mrs. Schatz, Tuwer-st. Gregory, esq. Hungurton-house, Lincoln, 83- Taylor, Mrs. Ann, Kensington, 78 - Lieut, Isaac Gulliver, esq. Wimborne Minster, Dorset- Peter Truppo, R.N, 38-Miss H. D. Taunton, shire, 77-Rev. 8. Grover, A.M. Hemel Hamp- Totnes, Devon, 14-Miss C. Trower, Claptonstead, 27-Mrs. Gortz, Upper John-st. Golden- Mr. T. H. Tatham, Dorset-square.

Vause, Mrs. Ann, Liverpool, 43 Hayton, Amos, esq. Mark-lane, 78—Miss M. Walford, Mr. J.Castle-st. Holborn-Thelady E. Hoblyn, Sloane-st. 18—Mr. Wm. Hodgetts, of Capt. Sir W. S. Wiseman, bart. of his Majes. Powick, Worcestershire--Lieut. General John ty's frigate Tamar-Hugh Wishard, exq. Lin Haynes, Hon. East-India Company's service, at coln's-inn, 56-John Welsfond, esq. late of CreCheltenham-The lady of Major Holland, Nortli. diton, Devon, 81--Miss Webb, Plymouth st. Lambeth, 50-Mr. T Hills, Upper Rathbone. Whittingstall, esq. Watford, Herts, 67. Pl. 61-Lieut. J. F. Holdon, Knightsbridge,

sq. 37.

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