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one penny, paid at any post-office in in 1821, 17,000 gallons; and the prethe kjugdom.

sent year less than 7,000 gallons. The Greenland Fishery has not It is an extraordinary fact, that the been so unproductive as this season ship, Sir Godfrey Webster, is on the for many years. In 1820 the quantity point of sailing for Bengal, with a of oil produced was 20,000 gallons ; cargo of Newcastle coal!



'The Duchess of Newcastle, at Clumber
Lady Boughey, at Aqualate Hall
Lady A. Wardlaw, in George-sq. Edinburgh
The Lady of Alex. Monro, Esq. at Dr. Monro's,

Bushy, Herts
The Lady of J. W. Spicer. Esq. Hanover-sq.
The Lady of C. Richmond, Esq. Doughty-st.
The Lady of W. Lynch, Esq. Gloucester-place,

The Lady of the Rev. H. Bennett, Cadbury,

The Lady of Lieut. Col. H. F. Cavendish, at

The Lady of Mr. Hebert, Arundle-st. Strand
The Countess of Longford, Rutland-sq. Dublin
The Lady of R. T. Hawley, Esq. at Upton

Gray, Hants
The Lady of Keith Douglas, Esq. Cavendish.

The Lady of J. H. Batterworth, Esq. Clapham-

The Lady of J. Stephen, jun. Esq. Chapel-st.

The Lady of the Rev. Dr. Philpotts, Newcastle

The Lady of Sir A. Chichester, Youlston, De-

von of a son and heir
The Lady of Major Genl. Sir J. Lyon, K.C. B.
The Lady of Lieut. Col. Tufneli, Larkham-

house, Wilts

The Lady of the Rev. R. Salkeld, Fontwell-rec

tory, Dorset
The Lady of E. Colston, Esq. Shepton-mallet
The Lady of J. Netbercoat, Esq. Haslebeech,

The Lady of Major Denshire, Upper Cadogan-

The Lady of Major Burrowes, Benarth, Car.

narronshire The Lady of the Rev. E. P. Bossier, Chelten

hamn The Lady of Lieut. Col. Youngson, Bowscar,

Cumberland "The Lady of the Rev. Dr. Booker, Dudley Lady Glammis, Paulswalden, Herts, son and

heir The Countess of Minto, Minto-house, Rox.

Lady W. Somerset, Ridge, near Sudbury
The Lady of J. H. Whitinore, Esq. Rome-cot.

tage, Monmouth
The Lady of T. Wenham, Esq. Brompton poeg
The Lady of I. Petty Muspratt, Esq. Dulwieb
The Lady of 'T. Abbott, Esq. Morningtop-cres.

cent, Camden-town
The Lady of the Rev. E. Barber, Worlingworth

The Lady of Alex. Gordon, Esq. Clapham

DAUGHTERS. The Lady of Col. Ross, Albany-barraeks, Isle The Lady of J. Cotton Worthington, Ex4. of Wight

Newston, Tunbridge Wells The Lady of W. Stuart, Esq. M. P. Hill-street The Lady of R. Ballard Johustone, Esq. Pro The Lady of J. C. Worthington, Esq. Newstone, vender, near Favershamn Tanbridge Wells

The Lady of J, Woodford, Esq. Deronshire-st. The Lady of A. Lavile, Esq. Oaklands, Devon Portland-place The Lady of W. Friend, Esq. Stoke-newington The Lady of E. Smith, Esq. Gordon-house The Lady of H. Russell, Esq. Sutton-park, Kentish-town Bedfordshire

The Lady of E. Forster, near Windsor The Lady of Lieut. Col. Hogg, East India Com. The Lady of Col. Woodford, Coldstreain-guards pany's Service

The Lady of (apt. James A. Murray, R. N. The Lady of T. Welsh, Esq., Upper Cadogan. The Lady of Henry Davis, Esq. Mecklenburgh place

square The Lady of E. Boghurst. Esq. Soarbro' Lady Elizabeth Toilemache, Englefield-green The Lady of Sir D. Erskine, Conway, North Lady Augusta Fitzclarence, Kent-bouse, Wales

Knightsbridge Lady Paget, Fair Oak Lodge, near Petersfeld The Lady of J. S. Jessopp, Esq. Albury-place, The Lady of Sir J. Fellowes, Adbury-house, Cheshant Hampshire

The Lady of the Rev. W. Roy, Chaplain at The Lady of J. Bishop, Esq. Woburn-place, Madras Russell-square

The Lady of Mr. T. Bugden, Walworth The Lady of W. Holmes, Esq. Brookfield, near



Ainsworth, Jesse, jun. esq. Wicken-ball, to

Lees, Miss Hannah, Oldham
Allen, Capt. J. R.N. Christchurch, Surrey, to

Shirley, Miss Mary
Alington, Rev. J. Little Barford, Beds. to

Plumer, Miss Eliza, Canons, Herts
Adams, Capt. C. R.N. Minto-house, N.B. to

Brydone, Miss Elizabeth
Allari, Mr. Charles Stuart, Hay, to

Gardner, Mrs. widow of Major Gardner

Austin, John, esq. Clapton, to

Hobson, Miss Ellen, Markfield
Barrington, G. esq. East Dulwich, Sarrey, to

Packer, Miss Elizabeth Treby
Bruen, Col. M.P. Oak-park, to

Kavannah, Miss Ann, Borris
Barlec, Rev. William, Barhain, Norfolk, to

Lee, Miss Margaret, Dickleburgh, Norfolk
Bartlett, Rev. John, Buckingham, to

Reynolds, Miss, Bankhouse, Salop

Bingham, Mr. John Courcher, Hull, to

Jeterson, Miss Alathea, Hull Bieknelt, Henry, esq. to

Tabor, Miss Eliza, Walcot-place, Lambeth Brotherton, Mr. W. Salter Lane, Leyland, to

Taylor, Miss Ellen, Chorley Browne, Lieut. -Col. 23d Foot, to

Gray, Miss Louisa Anne, Durham Brenton, Sir Jahleel, Fetcham, to

Brenton, Mias Harriet, Halifax, Nova Scotia Bradley, Rev. W. Prebendary of Wells, to

Barker, Miss Frances Maria, Barbadoes
Bourne, C. esq. Cranbrook, to

Cook. Miss Mary
Bruckshaw, Joshua, esq. Bredbury, to

Prescott, Miss Susannah, Stockport
Boevy, Rev. W. Crawley, Flaxley Abbey, to

Crawley, Miss C. Stowe, Northamptonshire Barnard, Mr. E, jun. Paternoster row, to

Chater, Miss Caroline, Cornhill Banks, T. Christopher, esq. Bank Newton, to

Weston, Miss Harriett, Wilsley, Kent Cave, T. es. Yeovil, to

Templeman, Miss Mary, Buckland-street Campbell, F. Gardner, esq. Troup, Banffshire, to

Duff, Miss Maria, Carnousie, Banilshire Clay, Win. jan. esq. Russell-square, to

Dickason, Miss H. Montagu-st. Russell-sq. Crawford, Matthew, esq. Middle Temple, to

Montagu, Miss Louisa M. Lackham-house Coombs, Mr. Henry, Frome, to

Payne, Miss Eliza, Frome
Coombs, Mr. James, Frome, to

Payne, Miss Sarah, Frome
Cook, Samuel Green, esg. Colchester, to

Linton, Miss Eleanor Maria, Fotheringhay Cook, Saml. Alie-st. Goodman's-fields, to

Packer, Miss Elizabeth, Caliper's-hall, Herts. Donald, Capt. J. Whitehall, near Glasgow, to

Grahame, Miss Ann, Whitehall Durant, Rev. Thomas, Poole, to

Chandler, Miss Mary, London Digby, Benjamin, Esq. Mountjoy-sq. Dubliu, to

Inglis, Miss Sophia, Auchindinny Davidson, Capt. Henry, in Cardiganshire, to

Morris, Miss Jane, Carmarthen Dickinson, A. esq. to

Allen, Miss Eliza, Lewisham, Kent
Dunford, George A. esq. 19th Foot, to

Darby, Miss Emily Jane
Dando, Mr. John Jones, Bucklesbury, to

Cunningham, Miss Lydia, Bedford New-road Eastham, Rev. F. Chester, to

Ward, Miss Jane, Chester Elgood, Mr. John Gerrard, Wimpole-street, to

Luff, Miss Alice Simpkin, Long-acre Forbes, Capt, Henry, R.N. to

Home, Miss, daughter of Sir E. Home
Fallowfield, Rev.J. Oldham, to

Gordon, Miss, ditto
Fell, Wın. Watling-street, to

Young, Miss, Great Surrey-street
Gramshaw, Capt. of the Bengal Artillery, to

Bumn, Miss Sophia
Green, Rev.Thos. Fordham, Graveley Herts, to

Lee, Miss Mary, Dickleburgh
Grellier, Mr. P, J. Wormwood-street, to

Goodall, Miss Margaret, Burton Latimer
Gordon, Dr. Theodore, St. George's, to

Barclay, Miss Elizabeth Bruce Gregory, Mr. John, Lambeth, to

Herries, Miss E. Acton-place, Kingsland-rd. Girardot, Capt. C. A. Coldstream Guards. to

Colnette, Miss Margaret C. Waltham Abbey Homfray, W. King's Hill, Monmouthshire, to

Thompson, Miss Eliza Lee, Chichester Harrington, Mr. Henry, to

Wright, Miss E. Grenville-st. Russell-square Holland, Henry, M.D. Lower Brook-street, to

Caldwell, Miss M. E. Lipley Wood Staíords. Hillier, Henry Bentiek Curry, esq. Rochester, to

Lacey, Miss Ann
Henderson, Thos. esq. Long Burgh, to

Wilson, Mrs. Doughty-street
Haydon, Mr. Edward, Islington, to
Davies, Miss Maria Jane. Hackney

Enr. Mag. Vol. 83.

Hutton, Mr. Thos. Cheapside, to

Morris, Miss Elizabeth, East Grinstead
Hicks, Francis, esq. Bartlett's-buildings, to

Owen, Mrs.
Jones, Rev. Charles, Pakenham, to

Quayle, Miss Mary, Bartonmere
Kain, Joseph, esq. to

Friend, Mrs. Clapham
Kenrick, Rev. G. Larkbear, near Exeter, to

Bowring, Miss Margaret
Kenrick, Mr. Samuel, West Bromwich, to

Kenrick, Miss Marianne
Lester, T. Y. esq. at Dumbarton Castle, to

Ferrier, Miss Mary
Lynes, Rev. J. Elmley Lovett, Worcestersh. to

Wynne, Miss C. S. Garthineillo, Derbyshire Liverpool, the Earl of, Hampton-ct. palace, to

Chester, Miss Mary
Lindsay, Mr. T. Dalby-terrace, City-road, to

Short, Miss, Frederick-place, Hampstead-rd. Lester, Thos. Young, esq. Royal Fusileers, to

Ferrier, Miss Mary, Dumbarton Castle
Littlewood, John, jun. Mr. Walworth, to

Perkins, Miss Louisa
Langton, Mr. Henry, Maidenhead, Bucks, to

Stephenson, Miss M. William-st, Blackfriars Monk, Rev.J. H. D.D. Dean of Peterboro' to

Hughes, Miss Jane, Nuneaton, Warwickshire Mahon, Dennis, e-q. Norwich, to

Henrietta, daughter of the Bp. of Norwich Mennons, Greenock Douglas, I. of Man, to

Mills, Miss Catherine Am Mandeville, Viscount, St. James's, to

Sparrow, Miss, daughter of Lady O. Sparrow Marson, T. F. esq, Newington, to

Buckle. Miss Mary Ann, Mark-lane Marman, Capt. John Sidmouth, Devon, to

Wilkins, Miss Elizabeth, Spitalfields
McMillan, Donald, esq. Lepaenstrath, to

Campbell, Miss Anne, Kintyre
Mickle, Capt. Wm. 88th Foot, Dublin, to

O'Dwyer, Miss Catherine Louisa, Dublin
Medley, George, esq. Kennington, to

Rich, Miss Elizabeth, Milton-next Gravesend Murray, A. esq. Gt. Russell-st. Bloomsbury, to

Smith, Miss Ann, Aberdeen
Moyston, R. J. esq. Calcot-hall, Flintshire, to

Thomas, Miss A. Church Leigh, Staffordshire Morphew, Mr. John, East India Service, to

Cullen, Miss Susanna Nokes, Mr. J. Woolwich, to

Haden, Mrs. Rosa, Dumfries Powell

, J. G. esq, Cambridge, to Kellam, Miss Frances Parker, Rev, John, South Petherton, to

'Trenchard, Miss, Taunton
Parry, Rev. Frederick, Eastham, to

Ward, Miss Jane, Chester
Pusey, Philip, esq. Pusey, Burks, to

Herbert, Lady Emily
Potter, Mr. Cipriani, Mary-le-bone, to

Thompson, Miss
Prince, John, esq. Pentonville, to

Smith, Miss C. Whitecross-st. Cripplegate
Robinson, T. H. esq. Bury St. Edmunds, to

Hutchinson, Miss $. Lower Clapton Rolle, Right Hon. Lord, Huislı, Devonshire, to

the Hon. L. Trefusis, sister to Lord Clinton Ripley, Wm, esq. Liverpool, to

Parr, Miss Isabella, Fir Grove, Lancashire Rigby, Wm. esq. Hawarden, Flintshire, to

Thomas, Miss Frances, Chester
Russell, Mr.J. Lant-street and Nelson-sq. to

Hoby, Miss, St. James's-street
Row, Capt. T. Mevagissey, Cornwall, to

M'Adam, Miss H. Št. George's in the East
Rawsthorne, W. H. esq. Doncaster, to

Johnstone, Miss Eliza, Burr-st. Tower-hill Spedding, Mr. J. Penrith, at Gretya-green, to

Burton, Miss Eleanor
Spurway, Rev. John, Barnstaple, to

Hole, Miss Elizabeth. Georgeham
Skeggs, John, esq. Farnborough, Kent, to

Morgan, Miss Mary, Crofton Hall Teinple, Mr. George, Guildhall, to Weatherley, Miša Maria, Poultry

2 z

Vaux, Mr Calvert Bowyer, Pudding-lane, to

Brickwood, Miss, Sution Wing, 'Thos, esq. Gray's Inn, to

Paternoster, Miss Mary Ann, Norfolk-street

Whiskard, Mr. J. Mason, Aldgate, to

Stero, Miss Jane, Roxton, Bedfordshire Young, Wm. esq. Hartleburn, Mid Lothiao, to

Saumarez, Miss Amelia



Aldis, Lady, in Nelson-square, 42—Abbinger, Ives, Mrs. at Bungay-Ingilby, Mrs. I. J. Wm. (the Ipswich Fortune-teller)-Adey, Mrs. Dunsdale, near Guisborough, 63. D. Gloucestershire-Alexander, Miss E. Picca Jackson, W. at Hazlehead, Alpha, Cumber. dilly--Ackroyd, T. esq. Bradford, Yorkshire land, 94—Jaques, Mary, late of the bank in Axford, J. Ludgate-hill, 88-Atkins, Hugh, esq. Leeds; at the Leeds Workhouse-Jones, Thos. Moniac, Inverness, 57.

Wilson-st. Finsbury-square, 54-Jones, J. Y. Browne, Lady A. in Gardiner's row, Dublin, near Ross, Herefordshire-Jones, J.O. Leam87-Brownlow, of Brook-st. Bath, at his ington, formerly an eminent cook at Newseat Largan, Ireland -Besson, Lieut. Charles, market, &c. &c. of the Royal Hospital, Greenwich, 85-Bee, Kaye, C. J. the infant son of Mr. C. Kaye, Mrs. of Bankside, 69-Beauvoir, Louis Henri Pentonville--King, Capt. G.(of the ship, James de Connt du Roure and Marquis de Grisac, in Laing) on his passage from Jamaica, 58. Arundel-st. Strand--Brookbank, S. A. young Leifchild, Mrs. S. Kensington, 85—Langton, est son of the Rev. J. Brookbank, of Wink R. esq. Newington-place - Lawrence, Mr. R. worth-buildings, City-road-Badcock, Mrs. S. Bishop-Stortford. at Sydenham, 60—Brewer, J.J. esq. at Gra Mavor, Mrs. A. at Woodstock -Milles, Mrs, ville, near Havre de Grace, late Adjutant of H. Chesterfield-st. 65--Montmorency, Viscount Tilbury-Fort-Brewer, Mr. W. Runcton, 38. Frankfort de, at his Villa, near Clontarf.

Cornell, Mrs. E. of Lawrence-st. Chelsea, 56 a Privy Councillor, Trustee of the Linen Board, -Chester, R. eldest son of Sir Robt. Chester, Vice President of the Dublin Society, and Co. of Bush-hall, Herts-Carne, C. at Truro, at the missioner for Improving the Port and Harbour advanced age of 96-Conway, New-place of Dublin-Manning, High-Wreombe, House, Southampton, 56-Collins, Rev. $. c. 67—Mathias, Miss A. at Druincondra, aged 16, St. Johns, Exeter, 71-Cotes, Mrs. M. Peck daughter of the Rev. B. W. Mathias--Mackel ham, 88–Cooper, Mrs. T. Henley-upon-Thames ler, D. esq Ely-place-Mackintosh, Colonel J. - Christian, Mrs. K. Wigmore-st.

on the retired list of the Royal Maripe Forces. Dundonald, The Countess of, at Hammer Noverre, F. fourth son of C. Noverre, e q. ef smith --Dann, A. of Bond-st. 57-Dowding, W. Gt. Marlborough-st.-Newman, J. esa, Colonel esq. of Upper Thornhaugh-st. 70 – Douglas, in the Russian Service, and formerly Russian Miss M. A at Ealing-Du Sable. Capt. C. 47 Consul, at Hull, 83_-Newcastle, The Duchess Day, T. Sarratt, Herts, 13--Dalziel, W'. Great of, at Clumber-Nibbs, J. esq. at Upon-bouse, James-st. Bedford-row - Dickenson, W. esq. Southampton, formerly of Antigua-Nepean, Cumberland-place, New-road.

Sir E. bart. Loder, Devon, High Sheriff for the Earlom, Mr. R. Exmouth-st. Spa-fields, 80 County, 71 - Nimmo, Mrs. Keusington, 72Elliott, Rev. Wm. Welford, Warwickshire Newcastle, the infant son of his Grace the Evans, Mrs. wife of Capt. H. Evans, Kuiglits Duke, at Clumber-Nibbs, Mrs. J. Upton-house, bridge-- Elliot, E. Peckham-Edwards, Mrs. R. Southampton, only survived her husband ibree Castle-st. Holborn.

Ffytche, L. D. esq. in Jermyn-st. 84-Farrar, Ord, Mrs. A. in Conduit-st. widow of the Mrs. of Mecklenburgh-square-Fraser, W. E. Rev. J. N. Ord, late Rector of Wbeathanpu only child of the Rev. H. Fraser, M.A. Rector stead, Herts-Oughterson, Rev. Arthur, at tte of Woolwich-Forester, Rev. C. at Selby, 55 Manse of West Kilbride, 87–Oliver, Mr. a. of Ponnerau, J. Z. esq. at Donay, formerly of the Canal-place, Kent-road, 67. 20th Foot, aged 35-Foxcroft, Mrs. E.' South Prati, Mrs. at Cormy Castle, County Cavan. gate, 69-Foster, J, esq. High-green, 71-Fitz --Pace, Lieut. G. of the Admiralty Telegraphe herbert, Miss J, Chichester, 65—Fowler, T.C. Establishment, (suddenly)--Parkin, R. al St Surgeon, Sheerness.

Wenn, Cornwall, aged 99--Petrin, Mrs. Elit Gurdon, Mrs. relict of the Rev. P. Gurdon, of Bromley, Kent-Pigot, J. Admiral of tbe Red Assington-hall, Suffolk, 66-Griffiths, J. esq. at at Beddington, Surrey-Parker, T. Bush-lane, Charmouth, Dorset, formerly Surgeon to the Cannon-st. 84 - Parker, 'r. jun. Bush-lane, household of her late Majesty Queen Charlotte, Cannon-st. 55. and one of the Surgeons of St. George's Hos Russell, R. esq. at Exmouth, 64_Roredino, pital-Griffiths, J. esq. of Stamford-bill, Mid Signor Carlo, formerly of the King's Theatredlesex, & Doctor's Commons, London-Greaves, Row, T. esq. Mile-end-Ridge, T. eq. Yar. Miss R. at Tottenbam-high-cross-Godbold, J. mouth, 62-Read, G. Wandsworth-Robertser, esq. Bury-St.- Edmonds, 93-Garrick. Mrs. re. G. esq. Royal Dragoons - Rivington, f. S. lict of the inimitable David Garrick, Adelphi. Paul's Church-yard, 78. terrace, aged 99 years-Gipps, J. fourth son of Scafe, J. E. est. Gray's-inn-- Steers, Mrs. G. Gipps, esq. M.P. Howlett's, Herefordshire Hastings, 70-Seott, The lady of Sir J. Sett, Grace, J. esy. Aylesbury-Gill, B. C. esq. Wy. Great Barr-ball, Statfordshire Street, Mrs. J. rardsbury, Bucks-Goodwin, T. B. Angel-court, Kilburn, 28-Schroder, Mrs. Clapham-rise, 72 Skinner-street-Gilpin, Wm. esq. East-Sheen (relict of H. Schroder, esy. Shipley, Mr. Z. Suurey, 64.

Whitley, near Tynemouth - Sykes, Mrs. c. Hara, C. 0. esq. at Nymphsfield-Hodgkins, Wandsworth, 83–Sealy, Miss, Hastings, Miss Mary, of Stoke Newington, 24, youngest Traslı, Rev. A. J. of Queens' College, Oxford daughter of the late Rev. G. Hodgkins-Hood, -Tucker, I, at Westbury, Leigh, 61, (he was Mrs. wife of the Rev. R. W. Hood, of Roydon, well known as a Musical Composer Thorn Essex-Horton, Mrs. at Bango, widow of the ton, Miss M. A. Fenchurch-st. 13–Trim, A. +34. late A. V. Horton, esq. of Dublin- Hume, Mrs. Camberwell, 81-Thodey, S. Poultry--Tippetts, E. Grove, Bath, sister of the late Dean of Der. Mrs. Spital-square--Travis, J. late of Hull. ry, and niece of the late Bishop of Salisbury Usborne, Miss M. A. Trinity-square, 21. Haslam, Mrs. W. Greenwich-- Howlett, Miss Woodthorpe, V. Petter-lane - Weall, J. of M. Kensington, 13-Hillem, H. esq. Newry, 77 Hateh-end, near Piuner, 66-Wylde, Mr Bur--Hamond, A. esq. Westacre-high-house, Nor. rington, Somerset, 62-Welch, Mrs. only sister folk, 81-Heslop, Mrs. Haxby-hall, Damaris of Sir R. Welch, Eltham, Kent.74Wolfe, MN* Hustler, J. D. esq. Stepney, 69—Heywood. Miss E. Satron-Waldon-Williamson, W. GeorgeM. I. Bedford-place-Hankey, the infant daugh court, Piccadilly. ter of Mr. and Mrs. Hankey-Holloway, Mr. E. Yates. B. esq. of Marlborough-place, Wal. City-road, 20.

worth, 64-Young, Mrs. E, Old-st. 57.



open from Portsmouth to the city of The town of Linton lately presented Chichester, and but five hundred and a scene of the utmost confusion, in con fifty yards, consisting of excavation sequence of a notice having been given and embankments, remain to be comthat the wages of the labourers were pleted in the main line of canal in to be reduced one shilling per week, a Sussex, in order to effect the long deJarge body of whom, consisting of some sired object, that of barges passing hundreds, assembled by five o'clock in by inland navigation from London to the morning, in a riotous and tumul. Portsmouth. tuous manner, and expressed their

KENT. determination to strike, unless their

An order has arrived at Chatham wages were continued at the old standard. They paraded the whole parish, of any more men from the naval yard ;

Dock-yard, to stop the further discharge preventing any business being done, it is the intention of the Government, unless at the old wages; but, on a threat of being sent to prison, they for five days in the week, and the same

that the men shall continue working dispersed. Most of these misguided men have returned to their work, and

hours as usual, which will obviate the the parish is restored to tranquillity.

intention of a further discharge.

There lately accidentally met together, DERBYSHIRE. For many weeks such have been the

at the Castle Inn, Canterbury, eight quantity of apples brought into Mans

persons, who, from their relative con

nexion with each other, form the folfield market, that they have been hitherto sold at the rate of 3d. and 4d. lowing curious fact in consanguinity;

There were four sisters, five daughters, per peck.

one grandmother, one grandfather, DEVONSHIRE. The removal of the Post-Office pack- brother-in-law, three sisters-in-law, one

three aunts, one grand-daughter, one ets from Falmouth to Plymouth has been finally determined on, and will son-in-law, two mothers, one father,

one neice to three aunts, one uncle, shortly take place. It is said, the principal part of the vessels will be

two wives, and two husbands. purchased of the owners by Govern

LANCASHIRE. ment, by whom the Commanders, &c. Notice has been given by the Man-' will be appointed. - The Commis chester and Preston bankers, that from sioners to inquire into Public Charities, and after the 29th of September pext, commenced their labours at Barnstaple the rate of interest charged on dis on Monday the 19th September. counts, and charged and allowed on DORSETSHIRE.

current accounts, will be 4 per cent, Copper ores sold at Pool on Thurs

per annum, instead of 5 per cent. as day, 1787 tons - standard, 1061. ls. heretofore. With the view of carryCopper ores for sale this week, 'at ing into effect the railway between Redruth, 2,402 tons. Copper ore sold Manchester and Liverpool, notice has at Swansea, Oct. 2, 162 tons.

been given of an application to ParliaDURHAM.

ment next Session, for an Act with the Mr. Lambton has bought the colliery requisite powers. It is also intended at Newbottle, late the property of to have a rail road from Newton to Messrs. Nesham and Co., for 70,0001. Bolton, thereby connecting the comGLOUCESTERSHIRE.

munication with that town and LiverThe tenantry of the Rev. Sir Abra- pool and Manchester, as the direct ham Elton, Bart. met his agent at Bris rail-road between these two places will tol, where his agent made the abate

pass through Newton. A notice for ment of his rents 401. per cent., when an Act for this purpose has also been the tenantry cheerfully paid the amount given.-The Common Council of Liof his demands.

verpool has voted the freedom of the HAMPSHIRE.

Borough, to the sons of the Right Hon. That branch of the Portsmouth and Geo. Capping, and General Gascoyne. Arundel Navigation, which crosses the -The assessment on houses, &c in Island of Portsea, and terminates in a Liverpool, returned the Select basin at the halfway houses, is opened Vestry, is stated for 1822, houses and for the reception of trading vessels and warehouses at 23,600; in 1820, 21,400; barges. The communication is now increase in two years, 1,600.



years, by his manners and conversaDepreciation of Landed Property.

tion, becomingly sustained the charac

ter he bad chosen. Forty acres of land in the parish of

SUFFOLK. Harmondsworth, which a few years

On the 7th of October the Suffolk since were let at 21, an acre, were recently re-let at 5s. an acre.

Bible Society held its eleventh AnniNORFOLK

versary Meeting in the Guildhall, Bury. Notwithstanding the united efforts

Lord Bristol in the chair. The Report of the magistracy and the peace offi

of the proceedings for the year stated cers, and the severe examples made by the satisfactory progress of the Society, the Courts of Justice on offenders, the

and the great good it had effected, dreadful practice of machine-breaking

The Guildhall was not crowded, nor has been again resumed by the deluded

was the meeting attended, as far as we populace in this county. A reward

could see, by any of the resident of 5001. is offered, for the discovery of clergy of ihe Established Church, and the person or persons, who įn the night only by a very few from the neighof the 25th ult., set fire to a field barn,

bourhood. in the Wents, in the occupation of Mr.

SURRY, T. Pooly.

The repairs and alterations at ClareNORTHUMBERLAND.

mont, since the departure of his Royal A smart shock of an earthquake was

Highness the Prince Leopold, have distinctly felt at Dunston, near New.

been carried to a great extent. Most castle, accompanied by a loud noise

of the floors, with the exception of the like distant ihunder. The oil (9

state rooms, have been takey up and tuns and 158 gallons), the produce of

new ones laid down, owing to the dry. the whale which was taken a few

rot baving affected them to so great weeks ago upon this coast, and the

an extent. The principal part of the right to which had become an object house, with the out-buildings, bave of dispute between two great land.

been fresh painted, and the stateowners, upon whose property it had

rooms have received great addition of been cast, was taken possession of in splendour. The servants have been behalf of the Crown, by a special order

on board wages the whole of the time, from the Admiralty -Newcastle and

not one being dismissed owing to bis the neighbourhood, in consequence of Royal Highness's absence. Marithe stoppage of the keelmen on the borough House has likewise been river, are filled with soldiers like towns greatly improved. His Royal Highbeseiged. -Earl Grey has recently ress is soon expected in this country. communicated to his numerous tenant

SUSSEX. ry in Northumberland and North Dur

On the Brighton road, not far from ham, bis intention to remit 20 per cent.

Reigate, is a notice on a large board of all his rents, from Martinmas, 1821.

of a farm to let“ rent-free, "At the SOMERSETSHIRE.

election of a Mayor for the town of Upwards of 200 navigators, lately Arundel, the Leet Jury returned Mr. employed on the Bude Canal, have

Watkins and Mr. Parker to the Court. commenced their operations on the

Each of these gentlemen were put in projected Tavuton and Bristol canal. nomination, when a great shew of They are immediately to open the

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Michaelmas, have been incrediably noa mile from Bridgwater.

merons. - Some villages are said to STAFFORDSHIRE.

have been almost deserted. This is a A Tread Mill in the county prison lamentable proof of the agricultoral is now finished, and has been brought misery and distress. Many unforteinto full operation. The severity of nates, who, but a few years ago, were the labour is certainly adapted to pre- basking in the sunshine of attuence, vent the repetition of crime.Died, have brought bither their last 501. peron Wednesday, the 25th of Septem- haps 201., with the view of making an ber, aged 60, Charles Evans, better effort in some little way of business, known by the pame of Carolus the to save themselves and families from Hermit of Tong, where in a lonely and pauperisin, to which many, alas, tvo romantic cell on the domain of George many! of their more wealthy neigh Durant, Esq. he for the space of seven bours have been already compelled to


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