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of a love elopement, and it would ap- lected orphan whom he found in care pear from the history of our Opium- of a large untenanted house, in which eater, that a "haughny, obstinate, and himself was allowed by charity to reintolerant" guardian of a young gentle pose, is touching to a degree of exqui. man is io natura rerum a justification site pain; it awakens the mind to re of the said young gevtleman's running flection upon the countless evils to away from school avd plunging into which so many are exposed in large vagrancy and the lowest vice. The cities--the orphan stunted by want and Opium-eater, being thwarted by his misery-almost unknown to human as guardian in his desire of going to col sociation-her face deformed by ceaselege, runs away from school with ten less woe-suffering from hunger, and pounds in his pocket, and lives in a a prey to cold-and left for months Welch cottage. As he describes his alone in this large and gloomy bouse, guardian as “ a worthy man in his is a picture which must wring the way," we cannot but reprobate the heart-the heart at least of a parentelopement as a very unworthy way of it is a picture exquisitely drawn in the treating a worthy man-or indeed of work before us--the author has been treating any man placed in such sacred so intent upon natural feeling, that he authority over bim. We can, however, bas never even thought of effect-and view this as a mere boyish indiscretion, hence the effect is doubly powerful. whilst he was living in a Welch cot. These observations may be applied with tage, amidst innocence, cleanliness, and equal truth to his tale of Avn, the unhealth, and beguiled by the enthusiasm chaste companion of his pigbt rambles. of letters, and by a keen sensibility to the reader for a time forgets her vices the beauties of nature ; but soon his in her woe-but reflection upon the untoward disposition induces him to realities of so vicious a life at length quarrel with his mountain hostess, and dissipates the sympathy, wbich the au. Hying to London, his resources are ex- thor so powerfully raises in her favour. hausted, and rather than return to his The second part of the volume is a deguardian, he listlessly becomes a mere scription of the author's motives for vagrant-the strolling companion of eating opium, the exbilirating effects the most filthy and abandoned of the it had upon the mental and corporeal worst class of outcasts. We can relax system—the excess to wbich he carried our moral rigidity, and euter into the this babit, the manner in which it at feelings of a proud, but misgoverned last vitiated the constitution-the difi. youth, who rather than be conquered culty of abandoning the vice, and the by adversity, and submit to return to diseased vigour of fancy which it prothat discipline from which he had con duced. All this is related in a manner temptuously fled, would prefer mar wbich rivets the attention and interests shalling himself in the ranks, or re the feelings exceediogly. The narrasorting to the wretched support of his tive or description is also accompanied pen--but we can make no allowances by associations of thought, which eviuce for the disposition, which would prefer power of intellect-and the Confessious to even the mortification of a return to of an English Opium-eater may safely duty, a life of idleness and vagrancy be pronounced a very entertaining amidst filth, vice, disease, and wretcli duodecimo. edness. Genius and talents may sometimes shield, if not gild obliquity of Stories after Nature. 12mo. pp. conduct, but no genius can bestow upon such a course even the equivocal

251. 6s. palliation of eccentricity. Dr. Johuson

We have perused these stories with rored bouseless about the streets of much pleasure, but we think the epiLondon with Savage, but they avoided thet of odd," is that which can be ap. vice, and solaced themselves by in- plied to them with the least chance of tellectual converse: when our Opium- contradiction. Whether the term of eater, however, tells us that he roved for odd be one of praise or of dispraise, or nights through Oxford-street the friend, what degree of either it may convey, the companion, and lover of one of the will very materially depend upon the very lowest class of the most abandon- dispositions and tastes of readers. For ed, and wben he tells us that her lips our parts, we are much inclined to like had no pollution in his eyes, we can them for this qualification-for they apply to such a tale but terms of strong lift the mind from scenes and thoughts reproof. Having thus completed our of worldliness into fresher regions of moral criticism, we are bound, as in- chaste and simple fancy. We captot tellectual critics, to bestow very bigh agree with the author, that they are praise on the work. The author's de. by aùy means stories after satore; oni veription of the lonely child, the neg. the contrary, they are stories after

what nature ought to be, or after the evincing at least the feature of originature which a utopian mind can cre- 'nality. ate, but resembling no state of mapners, 'of feelings, or of action which

Isn't it, Odd. By Marmaduke have cver yet existed. The stories are destitute of any ingenious complexity Merrywhistle. 3 vols. 12mo. pp. 847. of plot or arrangement, and void of 21s. ' London. any discrimination of character, or of interest in the circunistances and events, If Democritus be right, that laughter but they are conceived and told in a is the sovereigo good of life, or even style so simple and so upsophisticated ifold Montagne be sound in his opinion, by worldly imodifications of conduct or that laughing is excellent policy, we of motives, that the reader is in a must be bound to give Mr. Marmaduke world of a new creation, where he is Merrywhistle's bust a niche in that at once delighted and invigorated by part of the temple of fame allotted to the novelty and freshness of every the benefitters of mankind. Mr. Merthing he witnesses. Each slory has a rywhistle in these three volumes gives good moral, and cause and effect are us his ancestry and parentage, and made to have an ethical relation to runs through his life, " e'en from his each other. Ou reading much at a boyish days” up to that awful period time, however, the style has the un. wbich usually terminates a novel the pleasant effect of mannerism, and the marriage of the hero. author, in his effort to keep up the Mr. Merrywhistle possesses wbat tone of original simplicity, frequently may be called jocose wit, rather than degenerates into inelegance, and some wit itself, or that broader member of times into vulgarity. In an age so ad- the same family, termed humour-and, vanced in civilization, the character of in narrating his adventures, he diffuses all composition necessarily becomes bis fertile vein of odd joke much to polished, but at the same time lame the amusement of the reader, and to and uniform, yet we have no doubt the the benefit of bis own pretensions as a pablic will appreciate these tales as writer of this species of novel.



Literary Notices and Lists of New Publications are requested to be sent before

the 20th of the Month.


We are happy to find, that the Second French and "Dutch 'press, 'but, unwit, Part of the Naval History of Great tingly, of tbe English press too, as must Britain, by Mr. James, will soon be greatly detract from the credibility pablished. It will be comprised in usually attached to documents of state. two thick 8vo. volumes, with a 4to. Mr. William Davis is preparing fresh volume of Annual Abstracts of the materials for a Second 'Journey round British Navy.-Mr. James has obtained the Library of a Bibliomaniac, on the the most interesting materials from same plan as his former Journey.-“ The private correspondence of Na. Mr. D. would feel obliged by the conpoleon with his Minister of Marine,” tributions of really useful and curious which has thrown a new light upon information. the early transactions of the war of A Treatise on Navigation and Nau. 1803, .bas betrayed the falsehood of tical Astronomy, adapted to practice, many a gravely asserted fact, and has and to the purposes of elementary in Taid open to view such a system of struction. By Edward Riddle, Royal fraud, practised upon the public by Naval Asylum, Greenwich. means of the press, not merely of the A Second Number of the Liberal

will probably appear on the 1st of rochial Churches in England, will apJanuary, 1823; and it will possess pear early in 1823. By Mr.d. P. Neale. considerable variety both of matter and John Bayley, Esq. F.S.A., one of his style.

Majesty's Sub-Commissioners of the A letter has just been received by Public Records, and Author of the His Mr. William Bapkes from Mr. Salt, tory of the Tower, is engaged in makdated at Cairo, in August last, with ing Collections for a complete History the following curious information : of London, Westminster, and SouthA roll of Papyrus, measuring about wark, which is to be enriched with eleven inches in length, and five in a great variety of Engravings of Gecircumference, has been discovered in neral Views, Public Buildings, Anti'the island of Elephantina, and pur- quities, and Portraits. The work is to chased for Mr. Banks. It is found to form three folio volumes, published is contain a portion of the latter part of Quarterly Parts, and the First will apthe Iliad, very fairly written in large pear in the ensuing Season. capitals, such as were in use during Messrs. W. Deeble and J. A. Rolph the time of the Ptolemys, and under propose publishing, by Subscription, the earlier Roman Emperors. The lines a highly-finished Engraving they have are numbered, and there are Scholia in nearly completed, of St. Ethelbert's the margin. A copy is to be made from Tower, Canterbury. Its dimensions this valuable MS. at Cairo, that it may

will be 14 inches by 94. serve as a duplicate, in case of any

The First Number of Mr. Fosbrook's accident in its voyage to England. Encyclopædia of Antiquities, and EleThe person who procured this treasure ments of Archæology, dedicated, by for Mr. B. is a young man, who has permission, to bis Majesty, and the been in his employ for some years to

first work of the kind ever edited in explore such parts of the antiquities England, will very speedily be puband geography of the East as were left lished. upascertained by Mr. B. himself. The pew Edition of the Progresses Mr. L. Cohen, of Exeter, proposes to

of Queen Elizabeth is in considerable publish, by subscription, Extraordinary forwardness. Two volumes are already Astronomical Discoveries; by which he printed, and the Third is so far ad will endeavour to shew the true causes

vanced, that the whole may be expected of the Tides, on mechanical principles, early in 1823. The volumes are entirely founded on the laws of Hydrostatics. new arranged, and will be accompanied The work will be completed in 1 vol. by proper Indexes. 8vo, 10s. 60. bds.

A separate Volume of the Progresses Shortly will be published, a Volume of King James is also preparing for the of Sermons. By the Rev. Samuel Clift, press, by Mr. Nichols. of Tewkesbury

On the First of January, 1823, will A Poem, entitled, Zaphna, or the be published, No. I. of the Biososticon; Amulet, will shortly appear, by Miss or, Journal of Public Health.-To be Isabel Hill, Author of the Poet's Child, delivered on the First of every Month. a Tragedy, and Constance, a Tale, Each Number will contain 32 pages of

Mr. Watson, of Hull, is preparing for Letter-press, printed with a new Type, publication a work upon the Trees and on demy 8vo. paper. ls. Shrubs, that will live in the Open Air of Great Britain throughout the year ; to consist of Coloured Figures and De

IN THE PRESS. scriptions, under the title of Dendrologia Britannica, of which the First Part Mr. J. Major's highly-illustrated Ediwill appear in January.

tion of Walton and Cotton's Complete The Portrait of Mrs. Hannah More, Angler; with the various River Fish, Jately painted by H. W. Pickersgill, given in the highest style of Wood A. R. A., and which was last season Engravings, from Original Paintings exhibited at the Royal Academy, is now by A. Cooper, Esq. R. A., and Mr. W. in the hands of an eminent Engraver, Smith, besides a great variety of other and will be shortly published.

entirely novel embellishments, will be The Rev. John Fawcett, A.M., Rector published in the course of the present of Scaleby, and Perpetual Curate of St. month. Cuthbert's, Carlisle, will shortly pub A Collection of Poems on various Jish a Third Edition of his Sermons, Subjects. From the pen of Helen Maria chiefly designed for the Use of Fami- Williams. The volume will also coulies. 2 vols. 12mo.

tain some Remarks on the present State Part First, of Original Views of the of Literature in France. most jpteresting Collegiate and Pa A Letter to Mr. Camping ou the Com.

mercial and Political Resources of Peru; Hood. With an Appendix, containing setting forth the Claims of that Country Subjects of Natural History. By John to be recoguized as an Independen Richardson, M.D., Surgeon to the ExSite.

pedition. A Mother's Portrait; sketched soon Montezuma, a Tragedy; in Five Acts. after her Decease, for the Study of her And other Poems. By St. John Dorset, Children, by their surviving Parent. Author of the Vampire. With a beautiful Engraving. 12mo. Architectural Illustrations of Lon

Scripture Fragments, in Prose and don, embracing Plans, Elevations, SecVerse. With numerous Cuts.--For Sun- tions, and Views of the principal and day Schools.

most interesting Buildings in the BritThe Progress of Infidelity. By the ish Metropolis. Rev, G. C. Smith, of Penzance.

The History of Roman Literature, Christian Prudence; consisting of from the earliest Periods to the AuMaxims and Proverbs, Divine and Mo. gustan Age. By J. Dunlop. 2 vols. 8vo. ral; collected from the Sacred Scrip Don Carlos, a Tragedy. By Lord tures, the Writings of the Primitive John Russell. 8vo. Fathers and eminent Divines; together Memoirs of Mary Queen of Scots, with many others, never before printed. with Anecdotes of the Court of Henry Embellished with many Wood-cuts. the Second, during his Residence in

An Alpine Tale; suggested by some France. With a genuine Portrait, necircumstances which occurred at the ver before engraved. 2 vols. 8vo. By close of the past Century. 2 vols. By Miss Benger. the Author of Tales from Switzerland. The History of England; embracing

Automatical Camera Obscura; exhi the Middle Ages, vol. 3. 4to. By biting Scenes from Nature. Illustrated Sharon Turner, F.S.A. with Sixteen neatly executed Engrav Fifteen Years in India; or, Sketches ings. 11 vols. By the Rev. T. Towne. of a Soldier's Life; being an Attempt

The Second Volume of Sermons, pub to describe Persons and Things, in varilishing by Subscription. By the Rev. ous parts of Hindostan. 8vo. Dr. Styles, of Brighton.

Travels through the Holy Land and The Scripture Characters of God; or, Egypt. By William Rae Wilson, of Discourses on the Divine Attributes. Kelvinbank, North Britain. 8vo. IllusBy the Rev. Henry Forster Barker, M.A. trated with Engravings.

Tales from Switzerland. 1 vol. 12mo. Views of Ireland, Moral, Political, Neatly printed.

and Religious. By John O'Driscol, Esq. The Hopes of Matrimony; a Poem. 2 vols. Svo. 1 vol. crown 8vo. Embellished with The British Constitution; or an Epia finely executed Engraving, from Cor- tome of Blackstone's Commentaries on bould's design. By John Holland. the Laws of England, for the Use of

Early in December will appear Illus- Schools. By Vincent Wanostrocht, LL.D. trations of Mr. Moore's “ Loves of the 12mo. Angels.” From designs by R. Westall, A General History of the County of Esq.; engraved by Mr. Charles Heath. York. By Thomas Dunham Whitaker,

A Narrative of a Journey from the LL.D. &c. Complete in 2 vols. folio. Shores of Hudson's Bay, to the Mouth With Plates engraved from beautiful of the Copper-mine River; and from Drawings, by J. M. W. Turner, Esq. thence in Canoes, along the Coast of R. A. and the architectural subjects by the Polar Sea, upwards of 500 miles, Mr. Buckler; and Wood-cut Vignettes and of the Return of the Expedition by Mr. Branston. over land to Hudson's Bay. By Capt. The Annual Biography and Obituary John Franklin, R.N., Commander of the for the Year 1823, vol. 7. Containing Expedition. 4to. Illustrated by Charts, Memoirs of celebrated Men who have and numerous Plates, from Drawings died in 1821-22. by Lieut. Back, and the late Licut.



Spenser, Quarles, Parnell, Fenton, A Memoir of the Life and Character Booth, Herbert, Godolphin, Shadwell, of W. Venning, Esq. By R. Knill. 8vo. Cibber, Dr. Joseph Warton, and Bishop. 78. 6d.

On royal 8vo. paper, 14s. proofs on In

dia paper, super royal 4to, 28s. FINE ARTS,

Picturesque Views of the Environs Portraits of the British Poets, Parts of London, Nos. I. and II. 98. each. XVI. and XVII. containing Sidney, No. II. of the Original Houses of the


Poets and Philosophers of Great Bri- cal Investigation of the Nature of tain. 8vo. 38.

Good and Evil. By S. Renon Fifty Lithographic Prints, illustrative The Temple of Truth, an Allegorical of a Tour in France, Switzerland, and Poem. By the Author of Village ConItaly, during the Years 1819-20, and versations, or the Vicar's Fire-side. 21, from Original Drawings, taken in The Confederates ; a Story, in 8 vols Italy, the Alps, and the Pyrenees. By The Private Brewer's Guide to the Marianne Colston. 8vo.

Art of Brewing Ale and Porter. By Delineations of the Costumes of the John Tuck. 8vo, 9s. Spaniards. 4to. 21. 12s. 6d.

A Description of Fonthill Abbey,

with eight engraved Views, folio, large GEOGRAPHY.

paper. 21s. Maritime Geography and Statistics; Thoughts on the Greek Revolution. or a Description of the Ocean and its By C. B. Sheridan. 8vo. 3s. Coasts, Maritime Commerce, Naviga Journal of a Tour through the Netion, &c. By J. R. Tnckey. 8vo. price therlands to Paris, in 1821. By the 21. 10s. 60.

Author of Sketches and Fragmente. The World in Miniature, the 5th 8vo. 8s. Division, comprehending Persia, 3 vols.

NOVELS. 12no. 16s. 6d.

Macrimmon, a Highland Tale. 4 vols.

12mo, 24s. Historical and Descriptive Sketch of

Osmond, a Tale. 3 yols. 12mo. ?Is. Wardour Castle and Demesne, Wilts.

Vols I. and 2. of the exemplary povels the seat of Lord Arundell, By John

of Cervantes. 12mó. 14s. Rutter.

Whittingham's Pocket Novelists, Memoirs of the Mexican Revolution. vol. 8; containing, the Map of FeelBy W. D. Robinson. 2 vols. 8vo, 24s. ing, and Julia de Roubigné. By Mads

kenzie. 5s, bds. MEDICINE. A Treatise on Dislocations and on

POETRY. Fractures of the Joints By Sir A.

The Maid's Revenge; a Summer's Cooper, Bart. 4to. 11. Ils. 6d.

Evening Tale; and other Poems. By A Practical Treatise on Nervous, Bi.

Cheviot Ticheburn. lious, and indammatory Afflictions, By viz., Burger, Goëthe, Jacobi, and Klop

Specimens of the German Lyric Poets John Lynch. 8vo. 5s, 6d, Analytic Physiology. By $. Hood,

stock. M.D. 8vo. 10s. 60,

Verses on the Death of Percy Bysshe Shelly. By Bernard Barton.

A Lyric Poem on the Death of Napo.

Jeon. From the French of P. Lebrun. Sketch of a Simple, Original, and

8yo, 16s. Practical Plan for Suppressing Mendicity, Abolishing the present System of

POLITICAL ECONOMY. Parochial Taxation, and Ameliorating the Condition of the lower Orders of future Prospects of Agriculture. By

A Letter on the present state and Society.

W. Whitmore, Esq. M.P. 25. 6d.
The Cento, a Selection of approved
Pieces from Living Authors. Post 8vo.

TOPOGRAPHY. 75. 6d. Le Musée des Variétés Littéraires, Westmoreland, and Lancashire. Bro.

A Guide to the Lakes in Cumberland, vol. I. consisting of Biographical Sket. 158. By John Robinson, D.D. ches, Miscellaneous Essays, Poetry,

The History of Modern Wiltshire. Amusing Bagatelles, and Literary and Hundred of Mere. Folio. Illustrated Scientific Notices, in the French Lan

with numerous highly-foisbed Engraxguage. 8vo. 10s. 6d. sewed, or in

ings. A few copies' are printed on monthly parts, Is. 6d. each. The Napoleon Anecdotes, illustrating

large paper, which correspond in size

and quality with the small paper copies the Mental Energies of the late Empe

of “ Aptient Wilts." The price of the ror of France, and the Characters and Actions of his Contemporary Statesmen

Jarge paper is 61. 66. — Small paper, and Warriors. Part II. price 28. 6d. Bart.

31. 13s. 6d. By Sir Rd. Colt Hoare, Embellisbed with a beautiful Portrait of the Empress Josephine.

VOYAGES AND TRAVELS. The Third Edition of Village Conver A Journal of a Tour through the sations; or, the Vicar's Fire-side; be- Netherlands to Paris, in 1821. Svo. & ing a Free, Impartial, and Philosophi. By the Author of the Magic Lantera


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