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the scheme. Marque admitted hav- pected to take place on the 12th of ing bribed the gaoler. Col. Fabvier October. was acquitted, the other three found Chili.-At the meeting and inguilty by the Judges, and sentenced, stallation of the National Congress Dentzel to four month's imprison- at Santiago on the 23d, the Supreme ment, and 300 francs fine; Marque Director, Don Bernardo O'Higgins, and Latouche to three months' im. attended, and formally resigned the prisonment, and 100 francs fine Directorship, in a patriotic speech, each.

The President, in behalf of the ConBRAZIL.-Advices from Rio Ja.

gress, replied, and tendered the office neiro announce the fact, that the to his Excellency, who graciously Prince Regent has formally shaken accepted it again at the hands of the off all dependence on Portugal. His Representatives of the people. DurRoyal Highness went to visit the ing the illuminations at night, a province of St. Paul's, and there the transparency exhibited the arms of disposition of the people so strongly Chili, and on each side of them, declared itself, that the Prince took portraits of the Director and Lord an oath to the Junta to maintain the Cochrane. Under the latter were independence of Brazil; and set the the words, “ Long live the Adexample of tearing off the Portuguese miral, who left his own country to cockade. The Coronation of the protect the liberty and independPrince as King of Brazil was ex- ence of Chili!”


· The last agricultural operations have equally promising in produce. Hay been principally directed to getting in continues low in price from its great the seed wheat, for which the season abundance. The grass counties abound has proved favourable. The showery in feed from the late serviceable rains. weather has given a regular plant on The wool market continues dull, except the lands early sown. The dibbling for fine Merino and Down fleeces, for system now generally practised, mani. which rather better prices can be obfests, this season, a decided superiority tained. Smithfield has abounded with over that of broad cast, or even that of every thing under the denomination of the drill. The corn markets are some- beef, which necessity has sent up in a what better for prime samples of wheat half fat state. The supplies of mutton, and barley. The crop of potatoes turos lamb, and pig-pork have been equally out (better than was looked for, from large. Lean stock in beasts have fallen the long drought of the summer. The more than 25 per cent. within the last turnips, particularly through Norfolk month or two. Store sheep are brisk and other eastern districts, have im- in sale, and something higher from the proved so much in growth through the general improvemeut in the green month as to appear a full average crop. crops. Coleseed and other green feed are also


(London, Nov. 26.)

COTTON.-The Cotton market is in exception of Berbice and Demerara, a very languid state, yet there are no which were 2s. a 3s. per cwt, lower: sellers at any reduction, the purchases sold freely and at rather higher prices, in bond, 210 Surat ordinary 51., fair 5 d., the two latter have for a length of time good fair 6d., and very good 6 d.; 50 rated much higher than the other quali. Madras 57d. good fair; 300 Bengals ties; good ordinary St. Domingo in 5fd. fair, to 5 d. good fair; good 5 d., casks and in bags soli at 94s. 6d. and very good 6.d.; and duty paid, 44 De- 958. 6d. in considerable parcels. Toinerara and Berbice good fair 9 d. and wards the close of the market last week, 9 d.; and 10 West India fair sd. the accounts from Antwerp were so very

COFFEE.—The public sales of Coffee favourable that St. Domingo Coffee belast week were considerable : the Brit.

came in great request by private conish Plantation descriptions, with the tract.

The public sale of Coffee this fore. RUM, BRANDY, and HOLLANDEnoon, 203 bags St. Domingo, went off Brandies are very firm, but there is to freely, fully. 2s. per cwt. higher than improvement in the prices.-Rums are Jast week, ordinary to good ordinary heavy, but no reduction in the currealising 958. a 97s.

rency can be stated.-In Geneva there SUGAR -The low brown Sugars last is no alteration. week were rather pressed upon the HEMP, Flax, and TALLOW.-The market, and the holders were so anxious price of yellow candle Tallow declined to effect sales, that prices a shade lower last week to 37s., but there has been were submitted 10; the quantity of since a small improvement in the degood and five samples offering were mand and in the currency, the market inconsiderable, and the previous cur- must, however, still be stated heavy; rency was fully supported.

yellow candle Tallow to-day 39s. The This forenoon the market remained request for Hemp has been rather liheavy, and the prices of low browns mited, and purchases could be made on must be stated at a small reduction. rather lower terms.-In Flax there is There are very few good Sugars on no alteration. show ; several of the holders have FRUIT. - The new Spanish and withdrawn their Sugars for the present, French Fruit went off heavily, and only on account of the languid state of trade. asmail portion was sold ; the old Pa-The deliveries from the West-lodia trass Currants were disposed of by Docks have materially fallen off, com- private contract; the butts and a few pared with the delivery of the pre- of the carroteels old Currants were sold ceding year.

at the prices stated. There are several Corn.-The supplies of Wheat to arrivals of new Figs and Smyrna Fruit, yesterday's market were confined to and two parcels of new Denia and Vaihe samples by land carriage from lentia. Essex and Kent, as the late stormy Oils.-Ths quantity of Greenland weather prevented the arrivals by wa- Oil taken by the extensive speculators, ter; the market was, however, heavy, it is reported, has been disposed of to at a general decline of Is. per quarter. an eminent House at about 251.- This -There were scarcely any parcels of circumstance bas a favourable effect, Barley fresh in; fine qualities would the trade declined buying in the anhave sold freely at the former currency, ticipation that the whole would be but the buyers were not eager to pur- thrown upon the market; there are chase, as they anticipate large arrivals dow buyers 261. a 27).-Seed Oils are when the wind charges. The purchases also beld with more firmness. of Oats last week were so very exten- NAVAL STORES.- About 400 barrels sive, that although the supplies at mar. of Rough Turpentine are reported to ket yesterday were very limited, yet be sold at 16s. - Spirits are also lower, the trade was beavy, and rather lower. -In Tar, Pitch, or Rosin, there is no Beans were dull at the previous cur. alteration. rency.-Grey Peas were 1s. higher; TOBACCO,—The brisk demand for in White there was no alteration - Tobacco which we have lately noticed Rapeseed was dull at the decline off has subsided; the purchases for the Il. a 21. per last.-There was more de. last week are inconsiderable. maand for Linseed, and the fine descriptions were ls, a 2s. bigber.

LIST OF PATENTS. To John COLLIER, of Compton-street,

To BENJAMIN BOOTABY, of the Iron Brunswick-square, Middlesex, engineer; Works, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, iron for certain improvements upon machines master; for an improved method of for shearing cloth. Dated Sept. 27, 1822. manufacturing cannon shot, by which a

To William GOODMAN, of Coventry, superior shot is produced in the solidity Warwickshire, hatter; for certain im. and smoothness of its external surface. provements in looms. Dated Sept. 27, Dated Sept. 27, 1822. 1922.

To John Dowell Moxon, of Liver. To John BOURDIEU, of Lime-street, pool, Lancashire, merchant and sbip London, esq. for a method or means of owner, and JAMES FRASER, of Kingimproving ihe preparation of colours street, Commercial-road, Middlesex, for printing wove cloths. Communi- engineer; for certain improvements in cated to him by a certain foreigner re- shipe cabooses or hearths; and also siding abroad. Dated Sept. 27, 1922. for apparatus to be occasionally con

nected therewith, for the purposes of securing property (generally) when evaporating and condensing water. placed in exposed situations. Dated Dated Sept. 27, 1922.

Sept. 27, 1822. To FREDERICK LOUIS PALTON, of To Thomas Binns and Jonas Binns, New Bond-street, Middlesex, watch- both of Tottenham Court-road, engimaker; for certain improvements on, neers; for certain improvements in or additions to watches or chronometers propelliog vessels, and in the construcin general, wbereby they may be ren- tion of steam-engines and boilers, apdered capable of marking or indicating plicable to propelling vessels, and other the precise moment of any desired ob- purposes. Dated October 18, 1822. servations, or rapid succession fof ob- To WILLIAM JONES, of Bodwellty, servations, and without the necessity Monmouthshire, engineer; for certain of stopping the regular movement of improvements in the manufacturing of the watch, as in ordinary stop watches. iron, Dated October 18, 1822. Dated Sept. 27, 1922.

To STEPHEN Wilson, of Streatham, To THOMAS TIMOTHY BENNING- Surrey, esq. for a new manufacture of FIELD, of High-street, Whitechapel, worsted. Dated Oct. 18, 1822. Middlesex, tobacco manufacturer, and To SAMUEL FRANCIS SORNEs, of JOSHUA TAYLOR BEALE, of Christian- Broad-street, Ratcliffe, Middlesex, ship street, St. George's-in-the-East, cabinet owner; for an improvement in the conmaker; for certain improvements on struction of anchors. Dated Oct, 18 steam-engines. Dated Sept. 27, 1822. 1822.

To John WITCHER, of Helmet-row, To URIAH LANE, the younger, of Old-street, St. Lukes, Middlesex, me- Lamb's Conduit - street, Middlesex, cbanic, MATTHEW PICKFORD, of straw bat manufacturer; for an imWood-street, London, common carrier, provement in the platting of straw, and and James WHITBOURN, of Goswell. in manufacturing bonnets and other street, Middlesex, coach-smith; for an articles therefrom.. Dated Oct. 18 improvement in the construction of the 1822. wheels of all wheeled carriages, and To JohnWILLIAMS, of Cornhill, Lonof all other vertical wheels of a certain don, stationer; for a method to prevent size. Dated Sept. 27, 1822.

the frequent removal of the parement To JAMES Frost, of Finchley, Mid- and carriage paths, for laying down dlesex; for a new method of casting and taking up pipes, and for other puror constructing foundations, piers, poses, in streets, roads, and public ways. walls, cieliugs, arches, columns, pilas- Dated October 18, 1822. ters, inouldings, and other enrichments To JosEPA BRINDLEY, of Frinsbury, to buildings. Dated Sept. 27, 1922. near Rochester, Kent, ship-builder; for

To SAMUEL PRATT, of Bond-street, certain improvements in the construcMiddlesex, trunk and camp equipagé tion of building ships, boats, barges, manufacturer; for certain improved and other vessels for navigation. Dated straps or bands, to be used for securing October 18, 1922. luggage upon chaises or coaches, or for


The Secretary to the SOCIETY of WORTON, HARDIE, WALKER and GUARDIANS for the PROTECTION SMYTH, of the Mersey Bank, Liverpool, of TRADE by Circulars has informed and that the said SAMUEL RANKEN the Members thereof, that

draws Bills on SAMUEL RANKEN, of 66, Hatfield- JOSEPH HORROCKS, of No. 4, Copstreet; of St. Thomas Apostle-court; of thall-buildings, and on Nurwood; of 7, Clifford's-ion; and of BOURNE, of Tonbridge, Kent; 4, Copthall-buildings, and

made payable in Little Russell-street, THOMAS MOWER KEATS, were con- Bloomsbury;--and also that pected with

Mr. and Mrs. HAWKINS (mentioned WILLERTON, BEAUMONT, GRAHAM some time since), now reside at “ Bruns& Co. Bankers, in Waterloo-place, Pall. wick Cottage, Larkhall-lane, Clapham." mall, and with



Extracted from the London Gazette.

N.B. All the Meetings are at the Court of Commissioners, Basinghall-street,

unless otherwise expressed. The Attornies' Names are between Parentbesis.


Armstrong, W. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, mer- Chambers, C. Steel-yard, Upper Thames-street,

chant, Oct. 29, Nov. 19, and Dec. 7, George ironmonger, Oct. 30, Nov. 2, 30. (Cole and Inn, Newcastle - upon - Tyne. (Bell and Wragg, Ave Maria-lane Brodrick, Bow Church-yard

Cayme, J. J. and F. B. Watts, Yeovil, Somer. Ashwell, J. Nottingham, iron-founder, Dec. 3, 4, setshire, spirit merehants, Nov. 12, 13, 3),

and 17, Puneh Bowl Inn, Nottingham. George-inn, Ilininster. (Chitton, Chancery(Holme, Frampton, and Loftus, New-Inn

lane A pey, J. sen. Gray's HMI, Essex, cattle-sales- Childe, R. Little Stretton, Shropshire, black. - man, Nov. 23, 30, and Dec. 21. (Lindsay, smith, Oct. 31, Nov. 1, and Dec. 3, CrarenSt. Thomas-street, Southwark

arms, Stokesay. (Thomas, Barnard s-iao, Buckley, J. Saddleworth, Yorkshire, woollen- Holborn

cloth manufacturer, Nov. 12, 13, 30, Swan Cuming, A. Whistones, Worcestershire, drapet, Inn, Saddleworth. (Brundrett, Spinks, and Oct. 26, Nov. 9, Dec. 3. (Holt, ThreadReddish, Temple

needle-street Black band, G: Gnosall, Staffordshire, grocer, Crange, T. Watling-street, Shropshire, grecer,

Oct. 28, 29, and Dec, 3, Red Lion Inn, New. Nov. 21, 22, Dec. 17, Commercial-rooms,

port, Shropshire. (Hicks, Gray's-inn-square Bristol. (Evans, Hatton-garden Birkett, R. Liverpool,dealer, Nov. 20,21, Dec. 3, Crockett, H. Senr. Haddenham, Bucks, grocer,

George Inn, Liverpool. (Blackstock and Nov. 25, 26, Dec. 21, Crown-inn, Learning. Bunce, King's Bench Walk, Temple

ton Priors. (Smith, Basinghall-street Bremner, A. Camberwell, merchant, Nov. 2, 16, Cook, W. Wouldham, Kent, corn dealer, Xar.

and Dec. 7. (J. and T. Davies. Lothbury 16, 23, Dec. 21. (Curteon and Robinson, Bellamy, R. Spaxton, Somersetahire, Crown Walbrook

Inn, Bridgewater. (Hartley, New Bridge- Cooper, G. Tutbury, Staffordshire, miller, Yor. street

27, 28, and Dec. 28, White Hart-inn, Bur. Barratt, w. Eyre -street-hill, Leather - lane, ton-upon-Trent. (Cookney, Castle-street,

bricklayer, Nov. 5, 12, Dec. 10. (Newton, Holborn

Great Carter lane, Doctor's-commons Collins, W. Crawford-street, Marr-le. bone, Baley, T. W. Basing-lane, wine-merchant, Nov. linen draper, Nov. 23, 30, Dee 28. (Sweet,

6, 19, and Dec. 14. (Amory and Coles, Stokes, and Carr, Basinghall-street Throgmorton-street

Cooper, I. T. Worcester, draper, Nor. $. Bowman, H. St. John-street, Clerkenwell, ha. and Dec. 28, White Horse-inn, Worcester.

berdasher, Nov. 9, 16, and Dec. 14. (Holt, (Becke, Devonshire-street, Queen-square Threadneedle-street

Cookworthy, Bristol, bookseller, Dec. 2, 3, and Beattie, J. Portsea, victualler, Nov, 12, 19, and 31, Commercial-rooms, Bristol. (Poole and

Dec. 17, Mitre Tavern, Portsea. (Michen, Greenfield, Gray's-inn-square
Verulam-buildings, Gray's-inn

Day, I. Fenchurch-buildings, merehant, Oct. . Bagnall, W. & J. Walsall, Staffordshire, platers, Nov. 2, 30. (Lane and Bennett, Lawrence

Nov. 18, 19, and Dec. 21, Mr. Heeley's, Wal. Pountney-place sall. (Turner and Hutchinson, Bloomsbury. Durham, 1. Lower Shadwen-street, bateket, square

Nov. 2, 9, and 30. (Keeling and Neck, Bainbridge, J. Whitehaven, plumber, Nov. 26, Tokenhouse-yard

27, and Dec. 21, Black Lion Inn, White- Douglas, I. and Russel, D. drapers, Fleet-st haven. (Clennell, Staple-inn

Nov. 2, 12, and Dec. 10. (James, Buckter. Brooke, R. Waleot, Somersetshire, common- bury

brewer, Dec. 2, 3, and 21, White Hart-inn, Dixon, T. Manchester, joiner, Nov. 25, 27. and Bath. (Potts and Son, Serjeants-inn

Dec. 17, Palace-inn, Manchester. (MakiaBrown, I. Fleet-market, grocer, Nov. 12, 23, son, Middle Temple

Dec. 21. (Fox and Prideaux, Austin-friars Dawson, 1. Bury, Lancashire Brooke, I. Liverpool, druggist, Nov, 29, 30, Dec. Drurey, I. Snaith, Yorkshire, coal merchant.

24, Castle-inn, Liverpool. (Blackstock and Nov. 21, 22, and Dec, 21, Court-house, Bance, Temple

Leeds. (Battye, Chancery-lane Baker, C. Romsey, Southampton, fell-monger, Davies, W. Sudbury, Suffolk, haberdasher,

Nov. 20, 21, and Dec. 24, Town-hall, Rom- Nov. 28, 29, and Dec. 21, Rose and Crown sey. (Slade & Jones, John-street, Bedford. inn, Sudbury. (Messrs. Dixon, Gray's lonrow

lane Buckmaster, I. and W. Old Bond-street, army Dodd, W. Orton, Westmoreland, drorer, Dee &

clothiers, Nov, 23, 30, and Dec. 28. (Pullen, 6, and 28, King's Arms-ion, Kendal (Wiland Son, Fore-street

son, Farvival's-inn Bellis, B. Liverpool, grocer, Dec. 9, 11, and 28 Evill, L. Walcot, Somersetshire, money serire

at Mr. Woods, Liverpool. (Blackstock and ner, Nov. 1, 2, and Dee, 3, Castle and BallBunce, London

inn, Batl. (Potts, and Son, Serjeant sapa Clark, G. D. Strand, merchant, Oct. 26, Nov. 5, Eastwood, I. Meltham, Yorkshire, clothirr, 30. (Dodd, Billiter-street

Nov. 11, 12, and Dec, 10, George-inn, Hud


Johnson, J. Pontefract, maltster, Nov. 29, Dee.

2. and 24, Dolphin-ion, Pontefract. (Black

stock, Serjeant's-inn James, R. Stamford Bacon, Northamptonshire,

veterinary surgeon, Nov. 19, 30, and Dec.

28. (Rose, Gray's-inn-square Kewer, 1. Little Windmill-street, Golden-sq.

Oct. 26, Nov. 2, and Dec, 3. (Howard,

Took's-court, Carey-street Kennington, C. Glamford Briggs, Lincolnshire,

draper, Nov. 14, 15, and Dec. 17, Angel inn, Glamford Briggs. )Eyre and Cover

dale, Gray's-inn Kitchen, R. and I. Amery, Liverpool, tailors,

Dec. 11, 12, and 28, George-inn, Liverpool.

(Lowe, Southampton buildings Leyland, R. Liverpool, soap boiler, Nov. 15,

16, and Dec. 3, at Mr. Brabner, Liverpool. (Blackstock and Bonce, King's Bench

walk, Temple Lee, I. Charles-street, Horselydown, lighter

man, Nov. 9, 12, and Dec. 10. (Kirkman

and Sons, Cannon-street Lea, T. Liverpool, grocer, Dec. 12, 13, and 28,

George Inn, Liverpool. (Taylor & Roscoe,

King's Bench-walk, Temple Lindsey, W. I. W. Bath, silk mercer, Nov. 26,

27, and Dec. 28, White Lion-inn, Bath,

(Makinson, Middle Temple Middleton, W. Liverpool, tea dealer, Nov. II,

12, 30, Georgc-inn, Liverpool.(Chester,

Staples-inn Mills, O. Warwick, wine merchant, Oct. 26,

Nov. 2, and 30. (Carsley and Barker,

Mark-lane Moore, G.jun. Deptford, timber merchant, Nov.

12, 23, and Dec. 21. (Freeman & Sleath

coate, Coleman-street Manning, 1. Clement's-inn, money-broker, Nov.

19, 26, and Dec. 28. (Anderton, Quality

court, Chancery-lane Newman, 1. Upper East Smithfield, slop-seller,

Nov. 12, 23, and Dec. 21. (Sweet, Stokes,

and Carr, Basinghall-street Noakes, W. Old City Chambers, wine merchant,

Nov. 23, 26, and Dec. 28. (Wood, Rich

mond-buildings, Soho Parker, T. jun. Wood-street, hosier, Nov. 26,

Dec. 3, and 28. (Swain, Stevens. Maples,
Pearse, and Hunt, Frederick-place, Old-

jewry Robinson, P. Kendal, mercer, Nov. 18, 19, and

Dec. 7, King's-arms, Kendal. (Addison,

Verulam-buildings, Gray's inn Rivers, G. Judd-street, Brunswick-square, ca

binet-maker, Nov. 5, 12, and Dec. 14.(Hall,

Great James.street, Bedford-row Radford, E. High-holborn, draper, Nov. 5, 16,

and Dec. 14. (Hurd and Johnson, King's

Bench-walk, Temple Rowed, I. Queen-street, Finsbury, timber-mer

chant, Nov.9, 16, and Dec. 17. (Winter

and Williams, Bedford-row Robertson, W. Great St. Helen's, insurance

broker, Nov, 12, 23, and Dec, 21. (Reardon and Davis, Corbet-court, Gracechurch.

street Salmon, S. Regent-street, stationer, Oct. 26,

Nov. 2, and 30. (Fielden and Bartley,

Duke-street, Grosvenor-square Stolworthy, Whitechapel, cheesemonger, Nov.

9,12, Dec. 17. (Hutchinson, Crown-court,

Threadneedle-street Sell, I. High-street, Whitechapel, cheesemon.

ger, Nov. 12, 23, and Dec. 21, (Heard,

Hooper's-square, Goodman's-fields Smith, T. Hampton Wick, timber merchant,

Nov. 23, 30, and Dec. 21. (King and Son,

Castle.street, Holborn Stevens, R. Soulbury, Bucks, dairy-man, Nov.

dersfield. (Clarke, Richards, and Medcall,

Edwards, D. Gloucester, tea dealer, Nov. 23,

30, Dec. 28. (Stevens and Wood, Little St.

Thomas Apostle
Fox, I. Bath, grocer, Nov. 1, 2, and Dec. 3,

Castle and Ball-inn, Bath. (Potts and Son,

Serjeant's inn
Fitze, G. Totness, Devonshire, grocer, Nov. 9,

23, and Dec. 14. (Amory and Coles, Throg

morton-street Foster, I. Liverpool, brewer, Nov. 29, 30, Dec.

24, Castle-inn, Liverpool. (Blackstock and

Bunee, Temple
Fairhead, 1. Cressing, Essex, jobber, Nov. 21,

22, and Dec. 24, White Hart-inn, Bocking.

(Messrs. Bromley, Gray's-jan Gregson, W. Kingston-upon-Hull, linen draper,

Nov. 4, 5, and Dec. 3, Coach and Horses

inn, Manchester. (Chester, Staple-inn Gill, W.C. Melksham, Wilts, linen draper, Nov

1, 2, and Dec. 7, Castle and Ball-inn, Bath,

(Potts and Son, Serjeant's inn Greathead, H. Stepney-causeway, master-ma

riner, Nov. 9, 19, and Dec. 17. (Lang,

Goter, H. Billingsgate, fish salesman, Nov. 16,

23, and Dec. 21. (Allen, Mincing-lane Greated, I. Snowhill, auctioneer, Nov. 16, 23,

and Dec. 21. (Dyer, Took's-court, Chan

cery-lane Green, 1. Rednall, Worcestershire, maltster,

Dec. 3, 4, and 24, Royal-hotel, Birming.
ham. (Long and Austin, Holborn-court,

Graham, R. Shorter's-court, Throgmorton-st.

stock-broker, Nov, 23, 30, Dec. 28. (Greg

son and Founereaux, Angel-court Graham, I. Dorset-street, Salisbury-square,

cotton manufacturer, Nov. 23, 30, and Dec.

23. (Lawledge, Temple-chambers. Hewlett, 1. Gloucester, cabinet maker, Nov, 2,

4, and Dec. 3, Spa-hotel, South Hamlet,

Gloucestershire. (King, Serjeant's-inn Henesey, R. Whitecross-street, Timber-mer.

chants, Nov. 2, 7, and Dec. 7. (Dennis,

Hudson, W. Camberwell, bricklayer, Nov. 2,

12, and Dec. 10. (Hewitt, Tokenhouse

yard Harris, F.Lisle-street, Leicester-square, dealer,

Nov. 9, 23, and Dec. 17. ('f'imbrell and

Roberts, Macclesfield-street, Soho
Howse, P. Park-street, Hanover-square, horse

dealer, Nov. 12, 19, and Dec. 17. (Bright,

Took's-court, Chancery-lane
Hopps, T. jun. York, corn factor, Nov. 18, 19,

and Dec. 21, at Mr. Rooke's, York. (Wig

elsworth and Risdale, Grays'inn Hales, E. Newark-upon-Trent, corn factor,

Nov. 29, 30, and Dec. 21. Hotel, Newark upon-Trent. (Long and Austin, Holborn

court, Grav's-inn Hall, R. jun. Bury, Lancashire, cotton manu

facturer, Dec. 2, 3, and 21, Eagle and Child. inn, Bury. (Appleby and Sergeant, Gray's

inn-square Hesse, G. A. Church-row, Fenchurch-street,

broker, Nov. 12, 23, and Dec. 21. (Younger,

Jobp-street, America-square
Healey, (M. Manchester, draper, Nov. 29, Dec.

2, 28, Albion-hotel, Manchester (Adlington

Gregory, and Faulkner, Bedford-row Huxley, C. R. Newgate-street, wholesale glov.

er, Nov. 23, 30, and Dec. 28. (Watson and

Son, Bouverie-street, Fleet-street
Hays, C. and W. H. Blunden, Oxford-street,

linen-drapers, Nov. 19, 26, and Dec. 28.

(Jones, Size-lane Hiron, I. Banbury,Oxon, tallow chandler, Nov.

23, 30, and Dec. 28. (Hindmarsh, Crescent,

Jewin-street, Aldersgate street
Johnson, B. I. Houndsditch, cabinet maker,

Nov. 12, 23, and Dec. 17. (Boxer, Furni

val's-inn Jones, I.C. Bridgnorth, Shropshire, linen-dra

per, Dec. 7,8, and 21, Crown-inn, Bridge north. (Mayhew, Chancery-lane

16, 23, and Dec. 24. (Aubrey, Took’s-court,

Stubbs, T. Crawford-street, Montague-square,

grocer, Nov. 19, and Dec. 3, 24. (Collins

and Weller, Spital-aquare Smith, I. Liverpool, feather cutter, Dec. 11, 12,

and 28, George-inn, Liverpool. (Norris, John-street, Bedford-row

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