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KENT. One thousand acres of land were The dangerous situation of the once Jately sold, in the parish of Eastham. much-admired ruins of Ethelbert's stead, for 51, per acre, by the Commis- Tower, at Canterbury, awfully prosioners appointed by an Act of Parlia. jectiog, rendering it expedient lo level ment passed in 1821, for inclosing the that beautiful remain of antiquity, the waste lands within the said manor and battering ram was brought to bear on parish, which lands, according to the one side of its massy angles, but its preamble of the Act, are to be greatly compact masonry for some time resisted improved by inclosure. It must have tbe united efforts of the workmen. The been a popular measure, for great and surrounding spectators uttered shouts small are said to have signed the Peti. of exclamation, as though they had tion for the Bill, from the humble in achieved a victory; while the attentive mate of the poor-house to the Lord of antiquarian could scarce refrain a tear the Manor.

at the premature fate of an object of CORNWALL.

his earliest veneration and constant reThe Justices, at the Quarter Sessions gard. Not any thing now remains of at Bodmin, have ordered that a tread this once beautiful specimen of gothic wheel be immediately erected in the architecture but a shapeless 'mass of Bridewell-yard, for the employment of ruin. Several relics have been selected the prisoners liable to be kept at hard from that mass, wbich will no doubt be labour.

preserved with pious care. DEVON Orders have been received in the

LANCASHIRE. Plymouth Dock-yard for the men to

A curious piece of antiquity was work the long hours in winter, viz.

lately found, in digging for turf upon from six till a quarter after five, from

Leylavd Moss, Lancashire. It consists the 25th of October to the 9th of No.

of a kind of medal of the exact size of vember, and afterwards from half-past

half-a-crown, with a bandle about two seven to a quarter before five. It is

inches in length, of the same metal as also directed that 20 per cent. be de

the medal, which is brass. On one side ducted from the present prices of job

is an effigy of the Pope, and the same and task work. Sixty men, of whoin

head reversed shows the profile of a fifty-four were labourers, were dis

figure, which appears to be intended

for a bust of the devil; the inscription charged from the Dock-yard on Friday last.

on this side runs as follows: ECCLESIA.

PERVERSA. TENET. FACILEM. DIABOLI. R. Ward, Esq. M.P. from the Ordnance Office, bas inspected the Artillery

On the other is a plain profile with the Barracks on the Topsham Road, near


The piece Exeter, and we understand, the whole will be shortly disposed of.

was found several yards below the sur

face, and about two hundred paces from The swell in the rivers, occasioned by the late rains, has brough down a

where a number of Roman coins were

discovered some time ago. vast number of eels, some thousand pounds weight of which have been sold

LEICESTERSHIRE. in Exeter at from 2d. to 4d. per Ib. Sal. It affords us unfeigned pleasure to mon, from the same cause, has been contrast the present state of the hosiery plentiful, at 6d. to Is.

trade in this town, with what it was GLOUCESTERSHIRE.

eighteen months or two years ago. At the Rookery, at Wanswell-farm, About the middle of 1820, frameworknear Berkeley, there are, at this time, knitters by hundreds might daily be several nests of young rooks, and some noticed traversing the streets in vain other nests on which the old birds are in search of employment. Now, what now sitting

with an increased demand for goods, HANTS.

and a disinclination on the part of the A requisition has been signed by the workmen to labour to the extent which Yeomanry of Hampshire, for the High they did when compelled to do so by Sheriff to call a County Meeting, to low prices, and the high price of provipetition both Houses of Parliament to sions, manufacturers can with great take into consideration the alarming difficulty execute their orders in due state of their property.


per lb.




landholders throughout England, for A respectable farmer, of North Pe.

the purpose of atrapging all tbe other therton, sold, at the late Fair, twenty counties to assemble for the same purprime Somerset ewes for fifteen pounds. pose. The same farmer sold a fat pig, two William Browli, esq. of Liverpool, years ago, for ten shillings more than having visited his estate at Ormesby, the twenty ewes now fetched!

in Cleveland, ordered bis steward to A quarrel took place lately at Frome call a meeting of his tenants, when their between two men ; when about to set farms were again re-let to them at a reto, one of them observed that his op duction of thirty per cent. The wor. ponent had but one eye, and, scorning thy and generous landlord then ordered to take the least advantage, immediate a dinner to be provided for them at the ly and gallantly tied his handkerchief Red Lion, on the Friday following, at over one of his own eyes.

his own expense - When will a Noble A tradesman left Bath lately to co] Lord in this neighbourhood imitate lect some accounts, amounting to up this? wards of a hundred and thirty pounds. He called at twenty-three places with

WALES. in a circle of twenty miles, and receiv. A report has got into circulation, that ed the enormous sum of three shillings! government contemplates discontinuing -his journey cost him 10s. 4d. From the Milford and Waterford Packet Es. people who had been heretofore most tablishment altogether. The disadranpunctual, not a shilling was to be had. tages, in a political and commercial

point of view, that may result to South The Ex-empress of Hayti, with her Wales, the adjoining counties of Engfamily, are now resident at Hastings, and, and the wtole of the south-West and much respected by the distinguish- of Ireland, if that measure be adopted, ed visitants to that place.

are incalculable. According to tbe

present line of conveyance from SwabWithin the last five years, we under-' sea to Waterford, the time occupied is stand, that not less than 500 houses, about twenty-one hours, and the dis. forming streets, &c. have been built in tance about 155 miles, the postage bethe town of Trowbridge, and are pow ing 10d.; while the proposed rout, it is inhabited; and that a great number estimated, will occupy ninety-six bours, more are in a state of forwardness. making the distance about 478 miles, This town now contains more inbabit. and the postage about 2s. apts than any other in the county; its trade still continues extremely brisk,

SCOTLAND. and many of the manufacturers are The foreign trade appears to be raobliged to keep workmen employed ther in an improving state than other. night and day, in order to execute their wise, as we learn that the sum remited orders in time.

to London from customs alone, was, last YORKSHIRE.

quarter, 43,0681. 6s. 8d. more than ia On Wednesday the 30th October, An. the corresponding quarter of last year, drew Allan Hardy, esq. of Sheffield, was and the excess during the whole year elected coroner for the west riding of beyond the preceding one,23,1811.58.7d. the county of York, in the room of John The Royal Bank of Scotland bare Foster, esq. deceased.

come to the resolution of charging is. A numerous and respectable meeting terest on cash account credits, at the of the York Wbig Club took place on rate of four per cent, only, at their ofMonday 25th inst. York. Both the Mem. fice here, and at their branch in Glasbers attended, and the speeches evinced gow. both zeal and sincerity in behalf of The election of a Lord Rector for the reform. A requisition issigning through. University of Glasgow has produced an out Yorkshire for a county meeting, to vnusual contest this year. Sir Walter petition for reform: and the committee Scott and Sir James Mackintosh were appointed for the purpose of taking the competitors. Sir James was elected measures on the subjeci, will, it is said, by a great majority, having 750 votes open a correspondence with the leading out of 1000.

By T, BLUNT, Mathematical Instrument Maker to his Majesty, No. 22, CORNHILL.

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1822 Bar. Ther. Wind. Obser, 1822 Bar. Ther. Wind. Obser., 1822 Bar. Ther. Wind. Obser. Oct. 27 29:50

N. E. Fair Noy.7 29.81 44 S.W. Fair 18 29.71 45 S. Rain 28 29.64 39 S.


829-88 47 N. Rain 1929-62 48 S.W. Ditto
29 29.89
N. W. Rain 9 29.89

38 N.E.
Foggy 20 29:57 41

Ditto 30 29-92

10 29.99 41 NE.

21 29.67

W. Ditto 31 29-91 58 S. Ditto 11 30°17

N.E. Ditto 22 29 77

43 S.W. Ditto Nov. 1 29-83 55 S.


12 29-88 41 S. Ditto 23 29-56 45 S.W. Fair 2 30-01 54 S. W. Ditto 13 29.71 40 S. W. Ditto 24 29 55 43 S. Ditto 3 30-07 52 S. Ditto 14 29.60 44 S. Ditto 25 29:47 44

S.W. Shwy. 430.20 55 S. W. Ditto 15 29-19 42 s. Ditto 5 30 11 50 S. W. Ditto 16 29-17 40 N. Rain 629-89 49 S. W. Ditto 17 29:53 42 NE Ditto


NOVEMBER 19, 1822.

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93 a 27

GOVERNMENT FUNDS. Nov. 20. IRISA FUNDS. Nov. BANK STOCK, div. 10 per cent. |2491

Bank Stock.. 3 per

Cent. Reduced Annuities 80% a 3 Govt. Debents. 3) per ct.933 3) per Cent. Consols Annuities

Do. Stock ....3) 92 4 per Cent. Coosols Annuities 98% a Govt. Debepts. 4

101 Long Annuities, expire 5th Jan. 1860 20 11-16ths Do. Stock ....4

100 South Sea Old Ann. div. 3 per cent. 803

Paving Debeds. 4 3 per Cent. Consols Annuities 814 a Govt, Debents. 5

1071 4 per Cent. Ditto, New

102; ad

Do. Stock .... 5 5 per Cent. Navy Annuities

Gd.Canal Loan 6 per ct. 694 India Stock, div. 104 per cent. 256

Ditto ditto 4 South Sea Stock, div. 3}


PipeWat. Debs. 5 South S. New Anns. div. 3 per cent. 817

Do. do. do... 6 3 per Cent. Annuities, 1751

City Debents.. 5 Imperial 3 per cent. Annuities 1793 a 7

Grand Canal Stock 4 per Cent. India Bouds

43 a 42 pm.. Royal Canal Stock | 204 Exchequer Bills, £1000. 2d. per dag 7 a 5 pm.. Exchange on London

.17 Ditto £500.

7 a Ditto small


BULLION. PER OZ. Bank for Account, 27th Nov. 1822.. 250, .....

Nov. 19. India for Opening, 27th Nov.

Portugal Gold, in Coin Consols for Opening, 27th Nov. 81; a Foreign Gold, in Bars

3 17 6 3} per Ceut. Consols ..

New Doubloops

3 14 6 3 per per Cent. Reduced

New Dollars

0 Imperial


Silver, in Bars, Standard 0 411

5 pin.. 6 pm..


92 94


FRENCH FUNDS. London, Nov. 19. N. York, Oct. 22. London, Nov. 19. Bank Shares 21 5 a

1053 div.dune, Dec. 5 p.Ct. An. with div. 7 per Cent. 94 1051

due March 21, and 6 pr. Cts. of 1812.

102) 31

September 21.... 89f. 54. 1913


Bank Shares, div. 31 1814.

1066 div. from Dec. and 30 June 16006. 1915.

1071 3 Mar1820 Reconnois. of Liqui

dation divid. due 3 per Cent. 77 8

77 8

Mar. 21, & Sep. 21 5 per cent. 1820 104

104 5 per Cent, 1821.105

Exchange on Lon105

don, 3 months 251. 400, Exchange on London, 60 days., 13 pm.

Ditto 1 ditio 1256,50c.

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London, Nov. 19, 1822.

London, Nov. 19, 1822.
5 per Cent. Bonds, div. due 31 Mar. New Loan, 5 per Cent. Stock, div.due 28 Feb.
30 Sep. 87] a

and 31 Aug.-Exchange 3s. Id.......87% Ditto new Loan, 5 per cent. Bonds,

30 June, 30 Sep. 881 a

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All Exchequer Bills dated prior to Oct. 1821, have been Advertised.


DECEMBER, 1822 :


Member of the Royal Academy at Florence, &c. &c.

Painted from the Life, expressly for this Work.



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