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Illustrated by upwards of Two Hundred connected with them: to which are Wood Engravings, 6d. sewed, or 10d. annexed References to Books of Hisbound.

tory, Voyages, Travels, &c. By ThoThe English Mother's Catechism for mas Bouro, Teacher of Writing and her Children, containing those things Geography, Third Edition, enlarged most necessary to be known at an Early and corrected to the present time, 8vo. Age. Illustrated by One Hundred En. 18s. boards. gravings. By the Rev. T. Clark. Co- A View of the present state of the loured, 2s. 68. bound.

Scilly Islands. Exhibiting their vast Souter's Semi Annual Catalogue, importance to Great Britain ;-the imNo. 4, containing a List of the New provements of which they are susceptiSchool Books published since Christmas ble; and a detail of the measures relast.

cently adopted for relieving the Dis. FINE ARTS.

tress of the Islanders, by the Establish

ment and Extension of their Fisheries. Portraits of the British Poets, Part 15, Embellished with an accurate chart. containing six Portraits, four of which

By the Rev. Gcorge Woodley, 1 vol. have never before been engraved. On 8vo. 12s, boards. Royal 8vo. paper, 14s.; Proofs, on India

The New Ready Reckoner, on a Nopaper, Super-Royal, 410. 28s.

vel system of reduction. By William


Elements of Chess; or a New MeRemarks touching Geography, espe- thod of Instruction in that celebrated cially that of the British Isles, with Game, founded on Scientific Principles two illustrated Charts, by Mela Bri- containing numerous Rules, Remarks, annicus, 1 vol. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

and Examples. By W. Lewis, Teacher

of Chess, 12mo, 7s. GEOLOGY.

I. F. Setchel, of King-street, CoventAn Introduction to the Study of Fossil garden, has just published a Catalogue Organic Remains, especially of those of 5,500 Pamphlets lately purchased found in the British Strata. Illustrated from the Country. with Plates. By James Parkinson, Fel

NOVEL low of the Royal College of Surgeons, &c. 12s.

Vagras; a Tale of Spain, 3 vols. 12mo


POETRY. An Encyclopædia of Gardening; comprising the Theory and Practice of Poems, by Harry Stoe Van Dyk. Fools

Theatrical Portraits, with other Horticulture, Floriculture, and Landscape Gardening, including all the latest

cap, 8vo. 6s.

Recreative Hours. By G.E. Linley, Improvements; a General History of Gardening in all Countries; and a

Esq. Foolscap, 8vo, 5s. Statistical View of its present State, ing of the statue, a Masque. By Tho

The Apotheosis of Pitt, or the crownwith Suggestions for its future Progress in the British Isles, with Six Hundred

mas Harrol, 12mo. Wood Engravings. By J. C. Loudon,

F.L.S.H.S. &c. 1 vol. 8vo. 21. 10s.
Hortus Anglicus; or, the Modern

Enquiry concerning the Site of An

cient Palibotbra, Part IV. containing a English Garden : containing a familiar

Tour from Bhaugulpoor to Maudar, Description of all the Plants which are cultivated in the Climate of Great Bri

from thence to Curruck poor and a Cir

cuit of the Hills, with an Account of tain, either for use or ornament, and of

the Site of the Ancient City of Jey a Selection from the established Fa

Nuggur, and some remarks on the vourites of the Stove and Green-house; arranged according to the System of months of December and January,

Jeyne Worship; made during the Linnæus. By the Author of " The

1819-19-with a Map of the Route, British Botanist," 2 vols, 12mo. 16s.

Views, &c. By W. Francklin, Lieute

nant Colonel in the service of the Hon. MISCELLANEOUS.

East India Company, 4to. boards, 15s. A new edition of Patterson's Roads entirely reconstructed from new sur

ZOOLOGY. veys and original communications. Zoological Researches in the Island

A Gazetteer of the most remarkable of Java, &c. &c.; with Figures of Native places in the World, with brief No- Quadrupeds and Birds, No. IV. By tices of the principal Historical Events, Thomas Horsfield, M.D.F.LS. Royal and of the most celebrated persons,

4to. 21s.


The autumnal wheats, with the well, and is full of condition. Notusual local exceptions, will be a great withstanding the want of rain, the crop, perhaps considerably beyond an crops of grass, natural and artificial, average, and the harvest is as early as with some failures, were never earlier in the most favourable years, Some or heavier, nor the hay better preserycomplaints still continue of the rough- ed, or of a more nutritious quality, ness and intractable state of the clays being full of seed. Hops, with all the and heavy land fallows, which had no usual defects of an uncertain season, winter frost to mellow and render are likely to prove a heavier crop than them friable. The consequence' will may be agreeable to some considerable be, not only a bad tilth, but supera- holders. Many farmers, who continue bundant crop of couch grass for future the old practice of broad casting beans, seasons. On good and moist-soils the will find the present season a corrective potatoes look blooming and luxuriant; one. Soiling cattle and horses has been on those of an arid description, the very successful. The advance on lean crop will be greatly defective : they stock has continued, whilst the depresare, however, cheaper now in some sion of price in meat and corn has been parts of England than ever before regularly progressive, foreboding a still known. Sheep shearing has been uni- farther and, perhaps, considerable de. versally early, and most successful. cline, Milch cows are cheaper ;-pigs The wool, having had no impediment and 'pork below every thing else in to its growth from the rigours of win- price.-The harvest is become general ter, and the sheep having been well throughout the kingdom. kept, their fleece was early ripe, weighs


(London, July 23.) COTTON.- The Cotton Market this of buyers, and contrary to the general forenoon is particularly heavy, not. expectation (from the heaviness of the withstanding the favourable accounts market last week), there have been received from Liverpool and Glasgow. rather extensive purchases, and at The improvement in the demand and in prices a shade higher; the Refiners the prices at Liverpool has little effect have appeared at market, and have toon this market; aud during the last day purchased rather freely. The estiweek, India descriptions were offered mated sales to-day, 1200 hhds. at a small reduction without facilitating The supply of Refined Goods is very sales. The purchases since our last limited, and, from the trade lately doing are entirely confined to pareels for ex- little business, it is believed the quanport.

tity for some weeks to come will be COFFEE.-The demand for Coffee quite inconsiderable; the demand is, during the last week was brisk and however, on a very confined scale, and very extensive; 1537 casks, and 836 some low lumps sold last week at the bags were brought forward, and not reduced price of 74s. 6d. and 74s. In withstanding the sales being continued patent goods there is little variation.till an unusual late hour, yet the bid- Molasses were last week 268.; to-day, dings were animated, and higher prices ?7s.6d. were generally obtained at the close of CORN.-The Corn market will be 'the sales than at the commencement; governed entirely by the state of the the market was rather higher.

weather for some weeks to come. Since SUGAR.-The demand for Musco- our last it has been alternately rain and vades continued general and rather ex- sunshine, and very favourable for the tensive till Thursday, when a public harvest. There were more enquiries sale of 126 hhds. 13 tierces Barbadoes made after fine fresh thrashed Barley Sugar sold heavily at a reduction of 2s. at rather higher prices. Stained samper ewt. and checked the market; the ples dull and lower. Oats exceedingly business done afterwards was inconsi- heavy, at a small reduction.-Beans in derable, and the market last week extensive supply, and Tg. Jower.-In closed heavily.

Boiling Peas, no alteration; grey at a There was a plentiful supply of new decline of ls. per quarter. Rapeseed Sugars on show this morning, and a was heavy, and 21. per last lower. great proportion of good quality, the HEMP, FLAX, and TALLOW.-The consequence has been a full attendance prices of yellow candle Tallow declined considerably during last week; since RUM, BRANDY, & HOLLANDS.then, the market has advanced ls The holders of Rum continue sanguine, a ls.6d.; the nearest price to-day is 35s in the expectation of higher prices, The trade are entirely out of stock.- and an advance of about 1d. per gallon In Hemp or Flax there is little altera- must be stated since Tuesday last.lion.

Brandies are still heavy; the prices are, INDIGO.-Since the sale at the India- however, still varied. -Geneva conHouse the market looks firm, and in tinues neglected. solne instances a small premium on the IRISH PROVISIONS, &c.—There is sale price has been obtained.

little variat on in Beef or Pork.-Bacon SPICES.- Pimento bas rather given is heavy and lower, prime 34s.—The way ; considerable parcels of middling late rains have an unfavourable effect sold at 83d. and 8 d.; good, 8 d. a 9d. on Butters; the prices are 28. a 48

TOBACCO.-There has been so little lower. business done lately in Tobacco, that SILK.—The quotations of Silk are the quotations must be considered en- pominal, on account of the sale at the tirely nominal.

India House.


The Secretary to the SOCIETY of The Secretary has also informed the GUARDIANS for the PROTECTION members, that of TRADE by Circulars bas informed BOOKER and FRANCIS, ship agents, the Members thereof, that

76, Cornhill, one of whom calls himself John Court is one of the firm of CAPTAIN FRANCIS, and lives at 6,

FRYER and.Co. No.1, Warwick-lane, Roseberry-place, Dalston, are reported Newgate- street, lately mentioned ;- to this Society as improper to be proand that bills dated “ DUBLIN," have posed to be balloted for as members been lately in negotiation, appearing thereof; and that to be drawn by

WALWYN and Co. printers and pubE. and J. CANTWELL, some on

lishers, 68, Wood-street, Cheapside, Thomas GRAY, merchant, 3, Bridge- give orders for goods, and refer for water-square, others on

character to WILLIAM ROBINSON and Co. 4, Stain- RICHARD Coster, 3, Bridgewatering-lane, at both which places

square, so often mentioned. RICHARD Coster has been frequently mentioned as resident.


To H. S. H. Wollaston, of Clapton, sex, builder ; for a new cement or artiMiddlesex, merchant; for a bolt or ficial stone. Dated June 11, 1822. fastening, particularly applicable as a To William Feetham, of Ludgatenight-bolt. Dated June 4, 1822. hill, London, stove-maker and furnish

To William Huxham, of Exeter, De. ing ironmonger; for certain improvevon, iron-founder; for improvements ments on shower baths. Dated June in the construction of roofs. Dated 13, 1822. June 4, 1822.

To Dormy Gardner, of Edmund-place, To Henry Colebark, of Broughton, in Aldersgate-street, London, manufactuFurness, Lancashire, tallow-chandler; rer; for a stay particularly applicable for an engine for cutting, twisting, and to supporting the body under spinal spreadivg of wick, used in the making weakness, and correcting deformity of of candles, by which a great saving in shape. Dated June 13, 1822. manual labour is accomplished. Dated To Joseph Wass, of Lea Wharf, AshJune 4, 1822.

over, Derbyshire, millwright and leadTo John Barton, deputy comptroller smelter; for an improvement that preof the Mint; for a certain process for vents the ill effects to vegetation and the application of prismatic colours to animal life, that has hitherto been oc. the surface of steel and other metals; casioned by noxious fumes and partiand using the same in the manufacture cles that arise from smelting or calcinof various ornaments. Dated June 4, ing lead ore and other pernicious mi1822.

perals. Dated June 15, 1822. To Janies Frost, pf Finchley, Middle.




Extracted from the London Gazette. N.B. All the Meetings are at the Court of Commissioners, Basinghall-Street,

unless otherwise expressed. The Attornies' Names are between Parenthesis.


Allen, J. S. Towcester, Northamptonshire, li.

nen-draper, July 20, Aug. 6, 17. (Leigh,

Charlotte-row, Mansion-house Abbott, S. Cumming-place, Pentonville, mer.

chant, June 22, 29, and July 30. (Bovill and Co. Bride-court, New Bridge-street,

Blackfriars Abbott, H. R. Throgmorton-street, stock-broker,

July 9, 16, and Aug. 13. (Montrion and Co.

King's Arms-yard, Coleman-street Barnard, w. late of Prampton-upon-Severn,

Gloucestershire, grocer, July 22, 23, and Aug. 24, George Inn, Stroud.' (Winterbotham, Tewkesbury; and Bousfield and Co.

Bouverie-street, Fleet street Brothers, F. and J. Leith, King street, Covent

garden, army agents, July 20, Aug. 6, 17.

(Whittaker, Broad-court, Long-acre Beaumont, T. S. and J. Beaumont, Leicester,

bakers, June 25, 26, and July 30, Three Crowns, Leicester. (Lowdham and Co.

Leicester; and Jeyes, Chancery-lane Bolton, W. Banbury, Oxfordshire, and Bolton,

T. Grimsbury, Northamptonshire,coal-merchants, June 28, 29, and July 30, Red Lion Inn, Banbury. (Meyrick and Co. Red Lion

square ; and Golby, Banbury Bosisto, W. Reading, woollen-draper, July 25,

26, and Aug.7, at the Upper Ship Inn, Read ing. (Edmunds, Exchequer Office of Pleas,

Lincoln's-inn; and Cooper, Reading Bedson, T. and R. Bishop, Aston, Warwickshire,

brass-founders, July 1, 2, and Aug. 3, Stork Tavern, Birmingham. (Edmunds, Exchequer Office of Pleas, Lincoln's-inn; and

Mole, Birmingham Carter, J. W. Mercer-street, Long-acre, coach

plater, July 9, 16, and Aug. 17. (Richard.

son, Golden-square Cooper, J. Grosvenor-mews, Bond-street, horse

dealer, July 13, 20, and Aug. 17. (Field and

Abrahams, Clifford's-inn Chasey, T. East Pennard, Somersetshire, but

cher, June 29, and July 4, 30, George Inn, Shepton Mallet, Somersetshire. (Burfoot,

Inner Temple; & Higgins, Shepton Mallet Cragg, J. Whitehaven, ironmonger, July 15, 16,

and Aug. 10, Black Lion Inn, Whitehaven. (Clennell, Staple's-inn; and Messrs. Adam

son and Co Whitehaven Cattell, W. Cotton-end, Warwick, mealman, Ju

ly 6, 20, and Aug. 10. (Richardson, Lin

coln's-inn-fields Cuzner, S. and A. Joyce, Beckington, Somerset.

shire, grocers, July 20, White Hart Inn, Bath, July 25, and Aug. 27, Woolpack Inn, Beckington. (Perkins and Co. Holborn: court, Gray's-inn; and Miller, Frome Sel

wood, Somersetshire Clay, G. Totness, Devonshire, builder, July 26,

27, and Aug. 24, Somerset Arms, Bridgetown. (Blake, Great Surrey-street, Black

friars; and Taunton, Totness Cross, J, Halewood, Lancashire, brewer, July

15, 17, and Aug. 3, York Hotel, Liverpool.

(Adlington, Gregory,and Faulkner, BedfordDavison, G. Upper Berkeley-street, Portman

square, upholsterer, July 20, 27, and Aug. 17. (Andros and Alderson, Chancery-lanc

Deighton, T. Davies-street, Berkeley-square,

saddler, July 2, 9, and Aug. 10. (Hunt, Sur

rey-street, Strand Davies, J. late of Carmarthen, spirit-merchant,

July 4,5, and Aug. 6, Bristol. (Clarke and

Co. Chancery-lane; and Smith, Bristol
Dicker, J. Crockernwell, Devonshire,inn-keeper

July 16, 23, and Aug. 13, King John Tavern,
Exeter. (Andros and Co. Chancery-lane'

and Pring, Crediton, Devonshire
Elwell, w. Westbroomwich, Staffordshire, che-

mist, July 12, 13, and Aug. 17, Littleton Arms Inn, Penkridge. (Wheeler, Castle

street, Holborn; and Smith, Walsal Ellis, B. late of Leicester, woolstapler, July 15,

16, and Aug.10, Ram Inn, Lutterworth, Lei.
cestershire. (Holme and Co. New-inn; and

Bond, Leicester
Friend, D. late of Ramsgate, shipwright, July

12, 18, and Aug. 20, Spread Eagle Inn,
Ramsgate. (Bigg, Southampton-buildings,

Chancery-lane; and Wightwick, Ramsgate Farquharson, T. Lime-street, merchant, July 2,

13, and Aug. 10. (Score, Tokenhouse-yard Gray, W.and E. Birmingham, nail-ironmongers,

Aug. 1, 2, and 27, George Inn, Digbeth. (Norton and Chaplin, Gray's-inn-square;

and Benson, Birmingham Gayleard, J. New Bond-street, habit-maker,

July 2, 6, and Aug. 3. (Bull, Holles-street,

Gregg, T. R. Watling-street, 'confectioner, July

20, 27, and Aug. 24. (Pearce and Son, Si.

Swithin's-lane, Lombard-street
Granger, J. Took's-court, Cursitor-street, press-

maker, July 20, and Aug. 6, 24. (Timbrell

and Co. Macclesfield-street, Soho-square Garrod, S. Paddington-street, St. Mary-le-bone,

bookseller, June 29, July 9, and Aug. 6.

(Hill, Welbeck street, Cavendish-square Griffin, D. Walworth, linen-draper, July 6, 13,

& Aug. 10. (Jones, Sise-lane, Queen-street Harris, J. Bristol, lithographer, July 29, 30, and

Ang. 10, Commercial Rooms, Corn-street,
Bristol. (Bridges and Co. Red Lion-square;

and Chislett, Bristol
Harris, E. Copthall-buildings, broker, June 25,

July 2, & Aug. 3. (Hartley, New Bridge-st. Harrison, T. late of Princes-street, Rotherhithe,

merchant, July 20, 27, and Aug. 20. (Robin

son and Co. Austin-friars Heydon, W. late of South Audley-street, plum

ber, July 9, 13, and Aug. 10. (Greenwood,

Manchester-street, Manchester-square Harland, J. Bedford-house, Tottenham-court

road, haberdasher, July 2, 16, and Aug. 3.

(Smith, Basinghall-street Henderson, R. Lowthian Gill, Cumberland, corn

dealer, June 28, 29, and July 20, New Crown Inn, Penrith. (Addison, Verulaın-buildings;

and Harrison, Penrith Leigh, T. Manchester, plumber, July 26, 27,

and Aug. 17, Star Inn, Manchester. (Lever,

Gray's-inn-square; and Ackers, Manchester Leigh, j. Jeffery's.square, St. Mary-axe, mer.

chant, July 9, 23, apd Aug. 17. (Knight and

Fyson, Basinghall-street
Lyall, G. North Shields, merchant, July), George

Inn, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, July 18, and 30,
Commercial Hotel, North Shields. (Prancis


Sun-court, Cornhill; and Lowrey, Tyne

street, North Shields Luck, G. Shoreditch, hosier, July 13, 20, and

Aug. 17. (Carter, Lord Mayor's Court

office, Royal Exchange Lowry, J. Bunker's Hill, Cumberland, lead ore

miner, June 26, 27, and July 30, Lion and Lamb, Carlisle. (Clennell, Staple's-inn;

and S. and G. Saul, Carlisle Lloyd, G. Cumberland-street, and Stingo-lane,

Mary-le-bone, brewer, July 20, 27, and Aug. 24. (Hill,

Welbeck-street, Cavendish-square Lucas, R. and H. Southampton, linen-drapers,

July 11, 27, and Aug. 6, Guildhall, South ampton. (Clarke, Warnford-court; and

Kirkpatrick, Southampton Lovegrove, J. Cranham, Gloucestershire, timber

dealer, July 19, 20, King's Head Inn, Ciren. cester, and Aug. 20, King's Head Inn, Birdlip. (Whatley, Cirencester; and Williams

and Co. Lincoln's-inn Mingins, G, and J. Boothman, Carlisle, hat-ma.

nufacturers, July 19, and August 13, Bush Inn, Carlisle. (Atkinson, Carlisle; and Young and Co. Charlotte-row, Mansion

house Mendham, S. late of Bryanstone-street, Port

man-square, merchant, July 2, 16, and Aug.

10. (Eicke, Cornhill Matthews, D. Carlisle, mercer, Aug. 5, 7, and 24,

Coach and Horses Inn. Manchester. (Hurd

and Co. Temple; and Wood, Manchester Nathan, L. Villiers-street, Strand, pen-manu

facturer, June 29, July 6, and August 3.

(Isaacs, Mansell-street, Goodman's-tields Oakley, J. Southampton, brieklayer, July 30,

August 5, and 24, Guildhall, Southampton. (Pepper, Southampton; and Brundreti and

Co. Temple Pycock, J. Doncaster, hosier, July 25, 26, and

August 17, Rutland Arms Inn, Leicester, (Taylor, John-street, Bedford - row; and

Lawton, Leicester Pritchard, T. Chepstow, Monmouthshire, linen.

draper, August 6, 7, 17, Rummer Tavern, Bristol. (Hilliard and Hastings, Gray's

inn-square; and Smith, Chepstow Phene, w. jun. and T. R. Gregg, Watling-street,

confectioners, July 20, and August 24. (Foss

aud Son, Essex-street Parker, J. and J. Ellison, Belmount, Lancashire,

calico printers, July 31, and August 1, Star Inn, Manehester, and August 20, Old Bull Inn, Blackburn; (Dodgson, Blackburn; and

Milne and Co. Temple Peell, W. Bromyard, Herefordshire, builder,

July 1, 2, 30, at Rein Deer Inn, Worcester. (Williams and Co. Lincoln's-inn; and Holds

worth, Worcester Powell, T. Oldforge, Goodrich, Herefordshire,

corn-dealer, Aug. 2, 5, 27, Swan Inn, Ross, (Pugh, Bernard-street, Russell-square and

Rudge, Ross Rangley, J. and E. H. Diggles, Stone, Stafford.

shire, iron-founders, July 18, 19, and August 17, York Hotel, Liverpool. (Adlington, Gregory, and Faulkner, Bedford-row; and

Whetley and Co. Liverpool Robertson, G. Wapping, ship-chandler, July 23,

27, and August 2. (Bourdillon and Co. Bread-street, Cheapside


FROM TUESDAY, June 18, To Tuesday, July 23, 1822.

Adcock, D. Melton Mowbray, July 22
Allison, G, Bishopwearmouth, July 31
'Arnold, J. W. Great Tower-street, July 27
Allen, A. Pall-mall, July 27
Alderson, J. Liverpool, August 5
Ansell, W. Wantage, Berks, August 8
Anderson, A. Salter's-hall-court, July 6
Bantock, W.J. London-wall, July 30

Ralls, J. Freshwater, Isle of Wight, corn-dealer,

July 2, 3, 30, Guildhall, Newport. (Sewell

and Co. Newport Ridgway, J.C. late of the Old Kent-road, linen

draper, July 6, 20, and August 10. (Shep

herd and Co. Bartlett's-buildings, Holborn Reeve, G. W. Craven-buildings, Drury - lane,

dealer in music, June 29, July 2, and Aug. 6. (Hubert, New Clement's-inn Chambers,Cle

ment's-inn Rothwell, J. Mortfield Bleachworks,

Lancashire, whitster, July 9, 16, and Aug. 17. (Niblett,

New-court, Crutchedfriars Rider,J. late of Winchester-house, Broad-street,

merchant, July 20,30, and Aug. 24. (Lavie

and Co. Frederick's-place, Old Jewry Robinson, R. North Walsam, Norfolk, linen

draper, Aug. 6,7, 24, White Lion Ion, Nor** wich. (Unthank and Co. Norwich; and

Lythgoe, Essex-street, Strand Saunders, w. Beckington, Somerset, school

master, July 19, 20, and Aug. 17, Castle and Ball Inn, Bath. (Bridges and Quilter, Red

Lion-square; and Tiley, Frome Snape, W. late of Cheadle, Staffordshire, grocer,

July 31, and Aug. 1, 24, Unicorn Inn, Cheadle. (Brandle, Cheadle; and Barbor, Fet.

ter-lane Smith, J. Rugby, corn-merchant, July 22, 23,

and Aug. 20, Spread Eagle Inn, Rugby. (Fuller and Co. Carlton-chambers, Regent

street Twamley, Aston-road, near Birmingham, mil

ler, August 3, 5, 22, George Inn, Walsall. (Wheeler, Castle-street, Holboru; & Smith,

Walsall, Staffordshire Todd, W. and P. W. Courthope, Langbourn:

chambers, Fenchurch - street, timber-merchants, July

2, 9, and August 3. (Hodgson and Ogden. St. Mildred's-court Thomson, J. Leman.street, Goodman's-fields,

oilman, July 16, 27, and Aug. 24. (Glynes,

Burr-street, East Smithfield Waterhouse, J. and J. Green, late of Rope.

makers'-street, builders, July 27, and Aug.

10,27.(Shuter, Milbank-street, Westminster Watts, sen. Bradford, Wilts, dealer, July 24, 25,

and August 20, Commercial Rooms, Corustreet, Bristol. (Poole and Co. Gray’s-inn;

and Saunders, Bristol Wilkins, W. Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leicestershire,

spirit-merchant, July 31, and Aug. 1, 20. Queen's Head Inn, "Ashby-de-la-Zouch. (Long and Co. Gray's-inn; and Dewes,

Ashby-de-la-Zouch Woodcroft, J. Cleveland-street, Fitzroy-square,

linen-draper, July 20, and August 3, 24.

(Niblett, New-court, Crutched-friars Williams, s, late of Fenchurch-street, broker,

July 20, 27, and Aug. 24. (Draper, Walcot

place Westron, M. Wellington, Somersetshire, draper,

July 2, 13, and August 3. (Adams and

Tilleard, Old Jewry Warner, w. jun. North Walsham, Norfolk,

scrivener, August 6,7, 24, Castle and Lion
Inn, Norwich. (Sewell and Co. Norwich;
and Tilbury and Co. Falcon-street, Alders-

Baker, T. York, July 25
Burbery, J, Coventry, July 30
Buckland, J. Chard, Somersetshire, July 23
Benham, H. High-street, Southwark, July 23
Burton, M. Wolverhampton, July 15
Bennet,S. A. Worship-st. Shoreditch, July 20
Bunker, J. Grafton-street, Soho, July 27
Boyce, G F Analby Kingston-upon-Hull, July 13

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