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Farly Love, 215.

May You Like it, Review of, 163.
East India Shipping, List of, 94, 190, 486, M‘Dermot's Critical Dissertation on Taste,

Review of, 259.
English Opera House. ---Stories, The Memoir of F. Chantery, Esq. R.A. 3.
Youthful Days of Mr. Mathews-Croos-

Mr. W. Farren, 99.
keen Lawn, 274,-A Musical Good-bye

Rev. V. Knox, D.D. 195.
at York, 459.

H. Bone, Esq. R.A. 293.
Engravings from Sculpture, 553.

-- Madame Catalani, 392.
- Painting, 553.

J. T. B. Beaumont, Esq. F.A.S.
Landscape, 553.

Architecture, 554. Memoirs of George II. by the Earl of Or-
Epistolary Trifles, 199.

ford, Review of, 353,
Exchange, Course of, 95, 191, 287, 388, Metamorphoses of Life, Poetry, 333, 434,
487, 585.

Exhibition at Somerset-House, 466, 563. Metropolitan Occurrences, 375,472, 571.
Fairies' Nursery, an April Dream, Poetry, Midnight in Elysium, Poetry, 38.

Milman's Martyr of Antioch, Review of,
Farren, Mr. William, Memoir of, 99.

Fine Arts, 370, 466.

Miscellanea, 39, 152, 253, 339, 437, 533.
on the Continent, 439.

Memoranda, Monthly, 82, 179, 279, 369,
Folkstone, Description of, 35.

464, 562.
Fortunes of Nigel, Review of, 533.

Museum at Prague, 340.
Freemasonry, 438.

New Romney, Description of, 223.
Foreign Births, Marriages, and Deaths, Newhaven, Description of, 227.
375, 472, 570.

Night, Poetry, 307.
Frontispiece, Description of, 8:

Notice to Correspondents, 390,

Gazettes, London, 80, 177, 278, 371, 467, Ode from Horace, 520.-

Ode to Imagination,

Poetry, 404.
Godmother's Legacy, 9, 120, 218, 310, 411, Oratorios“ The Deluge," "The Mes-

siah," "

," " The Creation," with Selections,
Greeks, the, 438.

&c. &c. 271.
Theatre, at Odessa, 536.

Paris Monthly Review, 341.
Haymarket Theatre-School for Scandal, Parliamentary Register, 174, 275, 366, 459,
-Beggars' Opera, 557.

Hastings, Description of, 224.

Partnerships Dissolved, 89, 186, 284, 271,
Home, Poetry, 420.

Hopeless Love, Poetry, 528.

Patents, New, 92, 183, 285, 384, 465, 564.
Hyalograph, 341.

Periodical Works at Stutgard, 536,
Hythe, Description of, 46.

Piano-Forte, 341:
Ianthe, Poetry, 131.

Pirate, by the Author of Waverley, Review
Imperishable One, the, 510.

of, 45.
Ireland, 83, 385, 482, 581.

Poetry, 20, 26, 34, 38, 112, 113, 131, 152,
Italian Literature, 339.

153, 214, 227, 241, 303, 304, 307, 309,
Italy, a Poem, Review of, 159.

319, 325, 332, 333, 404, 410, 416, 425,
James's Naval History of Great Britain, 429, 434, 515, 509, 520, 528.
Review of, 343

Population and Poor-rate Returns, 342.
Kent, Commemoration Committee, 279. Population of Great Britain and the Colo-
King's Vision, Poetry, 113.

nies, 438.
Knox, Rev. Vicesimus, D. D. Memoir of, Prisoners of Mount St. Michael, Poetry, 26.

Public Institutions in Switzerland, 536.
Life Annuities, Prices of, 95, 191, 287, Press for the Blind, 340.
388, 487, 585.

Provincial Occurrences, 377, 475. 574.
Lines by Mrs. Opie, Poetry, 304, 504. Quarles' Enchiridion, Review of, 445.
Literary Intelligence, 70, 169, 268, 358, Raymond the Romantic, 135, 242, 326, 417.

Recent Publications, 359, 452, 551.
Lithography, 534.

Recollections of a Gourmand, 39.
Love, by Lord Byron, Poetry, 303. Retrospection, Poetry, 100.
Lydd, Description of, 223.

Revenue, Quarterly, State of, 83.
Lymne, Description of, 37.

Review, London, 45, 58, 156, 159, 163, 256,
Lyndsay's Dramas of the Ancient World, 259, 264, 343, 345, 353, 440, 445, 449,
Review of, 256.

537, 543.
Madeline, by Mrs. Opie, Review of, 345. Report of the Society for Protection of
Malham Tarn, Poetry, 214.

Trade, 82, 179, 369, 464, 562.
Marriages, 84, 181, 280,

Roscoe's Illustrations of the Life of Lo-
Markets, London, 92, 188, 285, 484,582. renzo de Medici, Review of, 440, 537.
Martin's Pictures, 370,

Russian Discoveries, 437.

451, 550,

Rye, Description of, 223.

Swedish Literature, 340. Sandgate, Description of, 36.

Journals, 535. Seaford, Description of, 227.

Theatrical Journal, 72, 169, 269, 363, 455, Scottish Sequestrations, 89, 186, 284, 470. 556. Scotland, 385, 483, 582.

Tribe of the Scotacks, 341. Sierre Leone, 438.

Trigonometrical Survey of Cassel, in Ger. Sketches from Nature, 408.

many, 536. Sonnets, 152, 153.

Universities of Moscow and Berlin, 438. Songs by Mrs. Opie, 410, 425,509. Utility of Soldiers in Peace, 439. Sorrow's Joys, Poetry, 34.

Vale of Verna, Extracts from, Poetry, 319.
Specimens of the German Lyric Poets, Vampires of London, Poetry, 227.
Review of, 156.

Vision of a Philosopher, 414, 517.
Spence's, Miss, Old Stories, Review of, 449. Wellington Trophies, 253.
Steam Boats, 341.

Winchelsea, Description of, 223.
Stocks, Prices of, 96, 192, 288,389, 488,586. Winter, Poetry, 416.
Sugar, Prices of, 93, 198, 286,386,485,583. Works in the Press, 359, 451, 550.
Surry Theatre.-Pirate-Sir Arthur, or, Youth and the London Philosopher, Poetry,
the Irish Chief, 78.



BYRON's (Lord) Sardanapalus, the two Milman's Martyr of Antioch, 264.
Foscari, and Cain, 58.

Memoirs of George II. by the Earl of Or Fortunes of Nigel, 543.

ford, 353. Italy, a poem, 159.

Pirate, by the Author of Waverley, 45. James's Naval History of Great Britain, 343. Quarle's Enchiridion, 445. Lyndsay's Dramasof the AntientWorld, 256. Roscoe's Illustrations of the Life of LoMadaline, by Mrs. Opie, 345.

renzo de Medici, 440, 557. May you Like it, 163.

Spence's (Miss) Old Stories, 449. M'Dermot's Critical Dissertation on Taste, Specimens of the German Lyric Poets, 156.



ANCHOR of Hope-Farewell, 494. Malharm Tarn, 214. Black Rainbow, or the Death of Charles Metamorphoses of Life, 333, 434, 515. the Bald, 20.

Night, 407. Birth of tbe Dimple, 332.

Ode to Imagination, 404. Boat of the Stars, 112.

Ode from Horace, 520. Death Whispers, 241.

Prisoners of Mount St. Michael, 26. Fairies' Nursery, an April Dream, 325. Songs, by Mrs. Opie, 410, 425, 509. Hopeless Love, 528.

Sonnets, 152, 153. Home, 420.

Sorrow's Joys, 34, lanthe, a Dramatic Fragment, 131. Vale of Verna, (Extract from,) 319. King's Vision, 113.

Vampires of London, 227. Lines by Mrs. Opie, 304, 404.

Winter, 416. Love, by Lord Byron, 303.

Yoath and the London Philosopher, 309.


DIRECTIONS TO THE BINDER. Frontispiece-St. Pancras New Church

to face the Title-page Portrait of F. Chantery, Esq. R.A.

3 Portrait of Mr. William Farren

99 Portrait of Rev. V. Knox, D.D.

195 Portrait of H. Bone, Esq. R.A.

293 Portrait of Madame Catalani

392 Portrait of J. T. B. Beaumont, Esq.


WARR, Printer, Red Lion Passage, Holborn.

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JULY, 1822:

Embellished with an Engraving of the Psyche, a Statue executed by R. WESTMACOTT, Esq. R.A., for His Grace the Duke of Bedford,

and exhibited at the Royal Academy, Somerset House :


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A Portrait of WILLIAM Roscoe, Esq., Author of the History of Lorenzo

de Medici, &c. &c.




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· PAGE Original Essays.

London Review. Memoir of w. Roscoe, Esq.

3 Bracebridge Hall. By: Geoffrey Crayon 55 A Song. By Mrs. Opie 8 The Vale of Chamouni

57. Ramblings of a Poet 9 Tracts by Sir Thomas Browne

58 Digressions by Geoffrey Hardcastle, Gent.. 11 Memoirs of the Life of Artemi.

59 A Ballad 14 The Lollards, a Tale

60 Aphorisms, Opinions, and Thoughts on Mo- Lacon; or, Many Thjnga in Few Words 61 rals

17 Remains of Henry Kirk White. Vol. III, 62 Sketches of Society and Manners in Lon- The Three Perils of Man. By Jas. Hogs ib. don and Paris ;

19 The Mother, a Dramptic Fragment 22

THE FINE ARTS.--The Psyche

63 Lines to Sappho ,

27 Short Stages

28 The Surrender of Fort sa Philip,

Theatrical Journal, 31

King's Theatre
Domestic Tales-Gratitude

Drury Lane Theatre

ib. Lines on the Birth Day of Mrs. i

Covent-Garden Theatre

69 by Mrs. Opie

43 The Poetical Genius of Cowley, Donne, Haymarket Theatre

ib. 44 and Clieveland

79 English Opera House

Foreign Review

Foreign Political Digest
A View of our Pronunciation of the Ancient
Greek called Erasmian. By M.Neidlinger 43

Notes on 'some of the German Historians

FOREIGN: Germany, Italy, Portugal, of the Middle Ages

France, Switzerland, Greece

78 Metrical Translation of the works of Pin- ENGLISH -Works preparing for Publicadar. By T. Thiersh


tion-Works in the Press-List of recent The Revolutions of Italy. By C. Denina ib.

Publications ...

80 Essay on the Life and Writings of F.

83 Guicciardini. By Professor G. Rosini

Agricultural and Commercial Reports ib.


Society for Protection of Trade Italy, before the Domination of the Ro

New Patents

ib. mans. By Joseph Micali ib.

85 A Collection of Fragments in the Castilian

List of Bankrupts and Dividends.

88 Language

Insolvency Register

52 An Account of the Revolutions of the



Births, Marriages and Deaths Abroad 89 Critical and Military History of the Wars Metropolitan Occurrences — Births, Marof the French Revolution. By General

riages and Deaths in the Metropolis ib. Jomini

Provincial Occurrences

92 The Revolution of Piedmont

ib. Travels through Sicily in 1821. By Augus- Meterological Table

95 tus de Sayve ib. Price of Canal Shares, &c.

ib. An Abridgement of the History of Savoy 55 Price of English and Foreign Stocks, &c. 96

• 76

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Published for the Proprietors,


The period is now arrived, at which the Proprietors of the EUROPEAN MAGAZINE promised to commence their improvements, and they invite their Readers to compare the present Number with any which has preceded it, more especially with those published previously to the commencement of the last Volunie. While they endeavour to direct the attention of their Readers to what they consider the more prominent improvements, they are anxious to assure them, that they aim at much higber excellence. The superior manner in which their Engravings are executed, of which the Psyche in the present Number is a faithful specimen, justifies the Proprietors in asserting that, considering the low price at which this Magazine is sold, it is superior to any other Periodical Publication.

The Review department has undergone a considerable alteration. Instead of only three or four, the present Number contains notices of twenty publications, Foreign and Domestic. This alteration, it is hoped, will be particularly acceptable; as it supplies a void constantly experienced by those who are skilled in foreign languages, and who wish to enlarge the circle of their acquaintance with the living authors of the European Continent. Many Readers, perfectly familiar with the works of Klopstock, Ariosto, Voltaire, Camöeps, Cervantes, and other early modern authors, are wholly ignorant of the writings of contemporaries, who are shedding the lustre of genius over the countries that produced those illustrious men. A knowledge of the excellent works daily issuing from the continental press will, it is hoped, not only be a source of pure and elegant pleasure, but will tend to remove that selfish egotism too often apparent in those, who exclusively confine their attention to the productions of their own country.

The Portraits, in future, will be confined to characters, whose names will descend with honour to posterity; the aim of the present Proprietors being a general encouragement to great actions, by paying a just homage to extraordinary virtue, or transcendent genius.

The Frontispieces will also be more worthy of attention : they will not be confined to · Engravings of Buildings and Landscapes, which appear in a thousand shapes and places, but will frequently present to the public those higher works of Art, that not only immortalize the artist and the patron, but raise man higher in the scale of intellectual excellence. By these exertions, added to improvements in the literary department, the present Proprietors of the EUROPEAN MAGAZINE hope to be instrumental in disseminating more widely a refined and correct taste for the Fine Arts, and elegant Literature in general; well knowing that, the more the public mind is embued with genuine taste, the more it is susceptible of real happiness and the blessings of rational liberty.

dedicisse fideliter artes Emollet mores, nec sinit esse feros.


A Subscriber, who wishes the dates to be placed to the Marriages and Deaths, should calculate the space they would occupy; he would then see the impossibility of being obliged, without the sacrifice of more important matter.

A Letter from Gentleman near Pocklington is received.
We are sorry we cannot insert “ Sketches by Sea and Land."
The Note from W. T. W. shall be attended to.

Under consideration, A Fragment from Adolescens.-Lines, &c. from A Constant Reader. On the Advantages of Literary Correction. &c. &c.

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