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tianity, and have embraced it with faith, confidence, and happiness, because it does not rely for support on the sword of the executioner; because it does not place the scaffolds of the Inquisition beside the Cross of Him who came, not to destroy men, but to save them. I have noticed that the violences charged at the outset on some of its members, proceeded from a remnant of human prejudices, from a habit of dominion and of two-fold power, of which those men were not immediately able to divest themselves. But at the present day this Church is mild and charitable: it stands in no need of the Rack to sustain it; it does not desire to be upheld by such means. Its great precept is the precept of the Saviour, “ Thou shalt love the Lord thy God, with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment; and the second is like unto it; thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets,” !

I recognise in this Communion the true Church of Jesus Christ—that Primitive Church to which a return was effected by the Gospel, at the epocha of the Reformation.— I bless God for having opened my eyes to his divine light. My children shall one day bless me for having pursued the conduct of an honest man, whose part it is to embrace the Truth from the moment that he perceives it, without suffering himself to be disturbed by the threats and calumnies of those who shun the light, because their deeds are evil. If the course which I have taken were again to be decided upon, in vain would the preparations of torture and of the scaffold be set in array to stop me. Truth is my motto; the approbation of God and of my conscience is my law. Multitudes are prevented from imitating me, by their indifference respecting truth

(1) St. Math. xxii. v. 37, 38, 39, and 40.

and religion, and by their greater fear of being censured in this world than of being condemned in the next.

These, Sir, are the motives by which I was influenced.—1 believe you to possess a firm and upright mind, and am sure that you will bestow upon me your approbation. Accept, Sir, the sentiments with which I am

Your very humble
And most devoted servant,


** Since the first part of this Appendix was committed to press, the Translator of the above Letter has received, from a Friend in Switzerland, the following information relative to its Author :

“ M. Mollard-Lefevre is a native of Lyon. His family has long been connected with the silk-manufactory of that city; and he himself carries on the same branch of business, which has enabled him to give a very respectable maintenance to his children. He brings them up in those principles of probity and honour which have always been his own characteristics, and which have acquired for him the general esteem of his fellowcitizens.

“With the name of Mollard-Lefevre, that of Alpinosa has no connection whatever: the latter is the family name of a young Piedmontese, who is also a recent convert to Protestantism, and who has lately resided at Lausanne. These conversions to the Reformed Faith, and consequent abjurations of the Roman Catholic religion, are now become events of such frequent occurrence, in France, that many hundreds of them are reckoned to have taken place within a few years, in the single province of the Lyonnois.”


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VOL. I. 9 22 dele not.

31 28 for Photinus read Pothinus,
42 18 for wrapt read rapt.
72 21 for range read ranges.
78 4 for La-Sainte read Le Saint.
92 11 for have read has.
94 21 for are read is.
122 25 after Corippi insert Johannidos.

26 for Massi read Musei.
154 24 for each read the.
252 26 for gid us read give.
337 10 for Jingin read Changins.
338 29 for to read of.

363 5 dele without.
Vol. II. 532 7 for decocations read decorations.

534 16 for begun read began.
553 15 for fill read fills.
661 4 for bethrothed read betrothed.
684 7 for ordonnace read ordonnance.
716 16 for Coleridge read Wordsworth.
724 14 for left read right.
740 14 for difficultias read difficultas.

22 for immensly read immensely.
804 11 for Hall read Halls.


The following may be had of the Publishers of this work, and

all other Booksellers.


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Chapel, the Palaces, and other Buildings connected with the See and Church,
with Lists of the Chancellors, Vicars General, Officials, Commissaries,
Chief Justices of the Isle of Ely, &c.—Also Notes, Architectural, Biogra-
phical, Historical, and Explanatory.

By the late WILLIAM STEVENSON, Esq. F. S. A.
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The Second EDITION; Enlarged with an Appendix containing an
INDEX VILLARIS of the county of SUFFOLK, of the NORFOLK and
WICH REMEMBRANCEŘ and VADE-MECUM; which contains a
Statistical Description of the County and City. A Chronological Retro.
spect of the most remarkable Events which have happened in Norfolk and
Norwich from 1701 to 1821 inclusive, comprehending the principal memor-
able Public Occurrences within that period. With numerons Local Lists and
Tables.-Also, an INDEX VILLARIS, with the Population and number of
Houses in every parish in Norfolk, as taken by authority in 1821 ; and a
Summary of the Baptisms, Burials, and Marriages therein, from 1801 to
1820 inclusive.

By J. MATCHETT, of Lakenham.
... The Compiler of this Manual of Local Reference, gratified with the
assurance that his NORFOLK Index Villaris has been found highly useful to
the Clergy and to the Solicitors of that county, has arranged an Inder
Villaris of SUFFOLK on a similar plan; and also added a List of t'ose Pa-
rishes in Cambridgeshire which belong to the See of Norwich.-These (with
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Rectories, Vicarages, and Perpetual Curacies, (with the Population, &c.
of each Parish) in the DIOCESE OF NORWICH.

Price 5s.6d, in extra boards, or 7s. bound (with a Map of Norfolk.)

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