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Sketch of progress, Section 1.
. Nantucket shoals, re-engraved.
. Current Chart Boston harbor.
. Sketch of Holmes' Hole, showing proposed beacon.

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Sketch of progress, Section 2. . Sketch of geographical positions, Point Judith to N. York, 4. & 4 New York to Capes of

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the Delaware.
. Sandy Hook changes.

. Beacon ranges.

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Sketch of progress, Section 4. . Hatteras ..

. Hatteras inlet.

. Gulf Stream soundings.

. Beaufort harbor.
. Progress of survey of Cape Fear river and vicinity.
. Fryingpan shoals.

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Sketch of progress, Section 5. . Sketch of progress, Savannah river. . Sketch of progress, north and south Edisto and St. Helena


. Savannah city.
. Savannah entrance.
. Bull's bay. -
. North Edisto.

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H, No. 8. Delta Mississippi.
H, No. 9. Pass Christian
H, No. 10. Mobile bay.

1. Sketch of progress, Section 9.
I, No. 2. Galveston bay.
I, No. 3. Aransas Pass.

J. Sketch of progress, Sections 10 and 11.

No. 2. Mare Island straits. J, No. 3. Point Conception. J, No. 4. Point Pinos. J, No. 5. Trinidad bay. J, No. 6. Entrance San Francisco. J, No. 7. San Diego. J, No. 8. Humboldt bay. J, No. 9. Sketch of progress San Francisco. J, No. 10. Sketch of progress San Diego. J, No. 11. Point Pinos view, incorporated into McArthur's chart. J, No. 12, 13, 14. McArthur's chart, 4th edition.

K. Mouth of the Columbia river, showing site of light-house,

scale 200.000 K, No. 2. Cape Hancock. K, No. 3. Mouth of the Columbia river, scale moda

X. Plate showing the electrotype apparatus.


Distribution of the parties of the Coast Survey upon the coast of the United States, during the surveying seasons, in the different

parts of the coast, from November, 1850, to November, 1851.

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Primary triangulation and A.D. Bache, superintendent; Lieut. Mount Pleasant, Maine, occupied for geodetic and

astronomical and mag | W. P. Trowbridge, corps of en astronomical observations; Ossipee Mt., Maine, netic observations. gineers, and assistant; Geo. W. for geodetic, and Cape Small Point, Maine, for Dean, sub-assistant.

astronomical observations. (See also Section

Magnetic observations - J. E. Hilgard, assistant . . Saco, Kennebunk, and Portland harbors.
Reconnaissance - . C. 0. Boutelle, assistant; Brevet Extension of primary stations beyond Penobscot.

Major Henry Prince, United (Part of season; see also Section V.)

States army.
Secondary triangulation - Captain T. J. Cram, United States Sub-section from Portsmouth, New Hampshire, to

topographical engineers, assist | Saco, Maine, completed and connected with

primary triangulation.
Secondary triangulation - C. O. Boutelle, assistant

Reconnaissance for secondary triangulation, Casco

bay, Maine, part of season.

Alex. W. Longfellow, assistant - 1 Newburyport harbor, Massachusetts.

. Henry L. Whiting, assistant; R. South and east shores of Cape Ann, Massachusetts,
M. Bache, aid. (Double party.) from Beverly Farms to Halibut Point. (See also

Section IV.) .

J. B. Gluck, assistant. (Double Chatham and vicinity, and Wellfleet, Cape Cod,

Massachusetts. (See also Section III.)
Lieutenant Commanding Charles Nantucket shoals; Bass Rip; Davis' Bank; Fish-

H. McBlair, United States navy, ing Rip; Muskeget channel, off Bond island; and
assistant; Lieut. Com'g Samuel Gay Head, Salem harbor, and its approaches.
Swartwout. (Doublo party.)

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Topography · · J. B. Glück, assistant

Verification work on Patapsco river and eastern

shore. (Part of season; see also Section I.) Topography - - | John Seib and S. A. Wainwright, Eastern (Chesapeake) shore of Maryland and sub-assistants. (Double party.) | | Virginia, from Sykes' island to Rose Mary; and

western shore, from Smith's Point L H. to

Wolf Trap station. (See also Section V.)
Topography . . | George D. Wise, assistant, and Outer shore of peninsula of eastern shore of
Mr. J. A. Denny.

Maryland and Virginia.
Topography - - J. M. Wampler, sub-assistant, and Same work during part of season. (See also Sec-
Mr. Wm. M. Johnson.

tions VIII and IX.)
- - | Brevet Major I. I. Stevens, corps | Inspection of work on Patapsco.

of engineers, assistant.
Hydrography · · Lieut. Commanding John J. Almy, Outer coast, from Lonesome Hill, Maryland, to
U. S. navy, assistant.

South Gargathy, Virginia; and Chesapeake bay.
Hydrography - - Lieut. Commanding B. F. Sands, Middle Ground entrance to Chesapeake bay.
U. S. navy, assistant.

(Part of season; see also Section VIII.)

Brevet Major Henry Prince, U. S. Reconnaissance of Pamplico and Core sounds, &c. army, assistant.

(Part of season; see also Section III.) Astronomical observat'ns | L. F. Pourtales, assistant - - | Connexion of Forbes' Point, near Elizabeth city,

and Seaton station, Washington, for difference

of longitude.
Secondary triangulation - | J.J. S. Hassler, assistant - - Currituck sound, nearly to the Virginia line.
Secondary triangulation - Charles P. Bolles, assistant, and Entrance to Cape Fear river, (N. C.) (See also
Mr. J. W. Gregorie.

Section V.)
Tertiary triangulation - A. S. Wadsworth, sub-assistant, From Cape Hatteras (N. C.) south to Ocracoko
and Mr. Charles Jardella.

inlet. Topography | H. L. Whiting, assistant - Beaufort Harbor (N. C.) and approaches, &c.

(Part of season; see also Section I.)

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