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Fig. 5.-Walnut Table with expanding leaves. Swiss, 17th century.

Fig. 6.--Oak Gate-legged Table. English, 17th century.

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about 1790.

Fig. 7.—Writing Table. French, end of Louis XV. period.

Fig. 8.- Painted Satin-wood Tables, in the style of Sheraton, Riesener marquetry, ormolu mounts and Sèvres plaques.

The above are in the Victoria and Albert Museum, except Fig. 8, which were in the Bethnal Green Exhibition, 1892.

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1. Commode of Pine. With mar

quetry of brass, ebony, tortoiseshell, mother-of-pearl, ivory, and green-stained bone. “Boulle" work with designs in the style of Pérain. French,

late period of Louis XIV. 2. Commode. With panels of

Japanese lacquer and ormolu mountings, in the style of Caffieri. French, Louis XV. period.

of King and Tulip Woods. With ormolu mount

ings. Louis XV. period. 4. Escritoire à Toilette. For

merly belonging to Marie Antoinette. Of tulip and sycamore woods inlaid with other coloured woods, ormolu mounts. Louis XV. period.

3. Table

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