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my sister-in-law a piece of news. new arrangements about some of Anton Gregorievitch is exiled." the work to - morrow," said the

“Hyperborea ?” gasped the three Princess. “ I fear that we cannot ladies at once.

carry on all Count and Countess “No, merely exiled from the Wratisloff's classes, but we will do empire. I suppose this will make what we can to-day. I will do my a good deal of difference to you?”

best to take the Count's navvy “If God means His work to go Bible-class this evening. The police on, He will supply the labourers,” will have prevented him from said the Princess.

making any arrangement for it. “But it will make no change in Then there is the Countess's Bibleyour plans ?”

reading at the house of blind "I think not. Why should it ?” Dmitri Nicolaievitch. We must The Princess was on good terms think of some one for that.” with her brother-in-law, although “I will try, if you like, Marthey differed in their religious raine," said Nadia, timidly. “If I views. Some years before, when find I am too nervous, blind Dmitri her own family, fearing that she will read, I know, and at any rate would bestow all her property in I can tell the people what has hapcharity, had applied that it should pened to Anton Gregorievitch.” be placed under legal guardianship, Very well, my child.

The he had been appointed her trustee, carriage shall take you on after and had dealt out her money to leaving me at the Mission-room, her ever since honestly, if with a and I will call for you afterwards.” good deal of mockery, and she was


of this arrangegrateful to him for continuing to ment, Nadia found herself that supply her with a perennial stream evening a member of the little of cash which she might give away, gathering of poor people who met whereas if left to her own guardian- to hear the Bible read and exship she would have deprived her- plained by Countess Wratisloff, self in a single year of all power to and of whom the host was the give.

only one that could read. None “Oh, nothing,” he answered, of them had heard what had belightly. “I am afraid that this fallen the Count and Countess, and will not be the last of the banish- several burst into loud lamentaments, that is all. But we all tions when Nadia told her story. know that ladies will have their But above the tumult the voice of way, though empires fall. I only blind Dmitri was heard. wish you good people would keep “Let us lay before God the case out of the way of the Holy Synod. of our father, who is taken from us, You ought to know that we are brothers, and of the work which he determined to drive out all our must leave undone.” most industrious subjects because They knelt down, and Dmitri they are Jews, and exile all our prayed long and earnestly. Before best because they are heretics. We he had ended his prayer, the cottage mean to be orthodox if we can't be door opened. The blind man heard either prosperous or pious. Adieu, the sound, but took no notice,

thinking that one of the members He was gone, and the three of the class had come in late ; but ladies gathered round the table to Nadia, looking up involuntarily, discuss the situation.

saw the glint of uniform-buttons in “We shall be obliged to make the lamplight. She recognised the

my sister.”


state of affairs immediately. M. with which he had concluded ; and Tourquemadischeff had sent a body with these on her lips she lay of police to break up the meeting down without undressing on the That they remained silent so long rough bench and fell asleep. was due to the unconsciousness “Nadia, my dear child !” were of the blind man, who continued the words that awakened her in his prayer without perceiving their the morning. Forgive me. I presence. The moment he had thought it would be the navvies' finished, an officer stepped forward class which they would raiu, and and arrested Nadia in the Em- I never dreamt of their arresting peror's name. Others were taking you. My child, I have been drivthe names and addresses of those ing about all night from policepresent, and searching the cottage station to police station, and from for forbidden books, one carrying Minister to Minister, first to find off the huge volumes of the Bible you and then to release you. I in Moon's type which Princess went first to Vladimir AlexanSoudaroff had provided for Dmitri, drovitch, and he accompanied me This done, her captors ordered everywhere. He said that it would Nadia to accompany them; and never do to send you to Hyperborea, she obeyed as though in a dream, for we should have King Carlino while the poor people pressed round invading Scythia with an Angloher weeping, and trying to kiss her Thracian army to release you. Of hands or the hem of her dress. course that was only his jest; but Outside the cottage a covered sledge we left no stone unturned. I was waiting, which she was desired threatened to force my way into to enter, two of the officials follow- the Emperor's presence, and lay ing. After a drive lasting for some the matter before him ; I threattime the sledge stopped, and she ened to put it into the hands of was conducted into a small stuffy the British Embassy - although I office, in which two officers were really don't know whether you are sitting writing. They looked up a British subject or not; I threatwith some surprise on seeing her, ened to stir up English public but proceeded to ask her name, opinion through the Evangelical age, abode, religious views, and Alliance. At last I obtained the what she was doing in Dmitri's order for your release, and for house. They made no attempt to myself—this." entrap her into any admissions, for Nadia took the paper. It was a this was evidently a strictly pre- permission to Pauline Vassilievna liminary inquiry ; but when it was Soudarova to travel outside the over she found herself relegated to Scythian dominions, until the Em a bare stone cell for the night. peror should revoke the leave thus This fact brought home to her the granted. reality of her position. The way “Oh, Marraine ! ” cried Nadia, she was treading led to Caucasia, sadly, "and this is on my account. to Hyperborea, to separation from Exile!” friends, to association with the “Oh no, dear child. This is vilest criminals, the stigma of a merely permissive, you see. Now, felon. But she put the thought what shall we do? Shall we acfrom her resolutely, and tried to cept the permission, and place Dr dwell on the remembrance of Schmidt and Marie Karlovna in Dmitri's prayer.

“I will trust charge of the work, leaving the and not be afraid,” were the words house as it is, and directing opera


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tions by letter? Or shall we dis- visited the Holy Land years ago, regard it, and wait until we but I should like to see Malta and arrested, and conducted to the fron- Asia Minor and the Ægean. It tier by the police, while the insti- would be most interesting; and, tutions are all closed, and our poor from the Bosphorus, one might people sent to Caucasia ? I want visit the Black Sea, and your opinion.”

perhaps meet some old friends. “I don't like beating a retreat, I have a strong conviction that Marraine," said Nadia, frankly, “but we are not driven out of Scythia if we can ensure the continuance of in this way for nothing." the work better by going, perhaps “Yes, Marraine," said Nadia, sewe ought to go."

dately, as the Princess ended in “ That was just what I thought," some confusion ; but, in her heart, said the Princess. “Now, my child, she knew that her godmother was I have a scheme. I wish to follow anxious to see whether there was the footsteps of St Pau).”

not a possibility of bringing her “A pilgrimage, Marraine ? " asked and Caerleon together again. Her Nadia.

heart leaped at the thought, but “Not quite.

A friend of mine calmer considerations succeeded. has a yacht, which is lying at Was it likely that Caerleon would Cadiz, and which he is anxious try his fortune again after two reto let for the winter. I have fusals? It was scarcely probable.

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At Bellaviste preparations were of the question. The first steps now being made a second time for had been taken towards putting the King's coronation. The chapel the new liquor laws into operation; of St Peter had risen from its ashes and, although there had been a good in the courtyard of the palace, and deal of discontent in the capital, in the decoration of the interior was most places the people had grumbled almost complete; while the regalia and submitted. Most important of had also been renovated, and was all, the Roumi Government had at ready for service, though somewhat length given way before the represhorn of its original splendour. All sentations of Pannonia, and had the circumstances seemed to com- agreed to recognise Caerleon's elecbine to enable the event to be cele- tion, safe-guarding the Grand Sig. brated under the happiest auspices. nior's suzerain rights by stipulating Cyril had been duly presented to that he should nominate a special the Legislative Assembly as Caer- commissioner to attend the coronaleon's heir, and the announcement tion and invest the new ruler. was received with acclamation. An “We are getting on swimmingly,” income was voted him from the said Cyril, dropping into the Prepublic funds, and the title of prince, mier's office one afternoon, three already conferred on him by the or four days before the date fixed people in their talk, granted him for the ceremony, “One almost by a royal proclamation. Even M. wishes things wouldn't all go quite Drakovics was content that the suc- so smoothly. It makes one think cession should be secured in this of chucking one's watch into the way, now that he was convinced river, or making some other sacrithat the King's marrying was out fice to avert misfortune, like the

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ancients, you know. I believe my other had helped her to deceive brain would give way under the him, but they made common cause pressure if it went on much longer. against her. When Caerleon is safely crowned “You would not think, looking and off my hands I shall breathe at Prince Otto Georg,” said M. freely."

Drakovics, “that at the time of the “I have reason to believe,” said Franco-Prussian war his name was M. Drakovics, “that the pro- in every one's mouth, would you? Scythian party intend to try to He was a dashing young cavalry strike some blow during the corona- officer-very young—and I rememtion itself. All the indications seem ber distinctly the incident which to point to that, although we cannot brought him into special notice. succeed in discovering what means Our friend General Sertchaieff was, they intend to use. They will I believe, at the German headscarcely try to burn the chapel quarters at the time, and it was he again, but they may use dynamite, who suggested, from his recollection or make a last attempt at a con- of the matter, that the crown should stitutional protest, or try to get be offered to Prince Otto Georg up a coup d'état."

when we were first seeking a king. “And these three things we must The Prince was carrying despatches provide against by rigorously ex- - for Moltke, I think -- and was cluding strangers from the ceremony, taken prisoner by a small body of associating the Carlino regiment French cavalry. He managed to deswith the city troops as guards, and troy the despatches, but he had been dispersing any attempt at a public made acquainted with the contents. meeting,” said Cyril. “Well, we His captors were too far from their have three days left for making headquarters to take him there that preparations. I'm glad I just night, so they halted in a stable,

a looked in. I thought you would put their prisoner in the empty very likely have something to say to loft, took away the ladder, and me.

sat down round a fire underneath. “What is the King doing ?” They must have got hold of some asked M. Drakovics.

wine—at any rate, they went to “Holding his review for the sleep one by one, and the fire benefit of Prince Otto Georg, with burned low. Prince Otto Georg General Sertchaieff in attendance, watched his opportunity, and let of course. When one has a foreign himself drop. He fell among the prince to entertain, and a little embers of the fire, and burnt his army doing nothing, one may as hands badly, but he crept past the well trot out one to amuse the Frenchmen to the spot where their other. By the bye, I believe my horses were tied, unfastened them crumpled rose-leaf is that we can't all, and led them across the grass. get away from the Schwarzwald- He mounted one, driving the rest Molzaus. One meets them all over before him for a short distance, and Europe, and the meeting is neither then turned them loose, and rode unexpected nor a pleasure.” for his life, reaching his point safely It may be noted, as sadly char- and delivering his message.”

, acteristic of the littleness of human “You are quite right in saying nature, that neither Caerleon nor that no one would imagine it from Cyril could find a good word to looking at him now,” said Cyril, as say of the Princess of Dardania. M. Drakovics rose to escort him to One had been deceived by her, the the door. “By the bye, you have

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rather a good view of the river but the courteous gentleman who here. What steamer is that, flying rode beside the taciturn King was Pannonian colours ?”

overflowing with contentment and “A Scythian trader, I fancy,” good-humour. Prince Otto Georg returned the Premier. “A good of Schwarzwald-Molzau was a gay many of them hoist the Pannonian young man of forty-five or so, a flag while they are here. It pre- younger son of the reigning Grandvents unpleasantness, and we don't Duke, and said by his detractors to ask too many questions. This par- live on the reputation he had gained ticular ship has just unloaded her in the Franco-Prussian war, and on cargo, and leaves to-morrow." anticipations of a guerre de revanche.

"Brought wheat, I suppose ?" This was unkind, although it is

“No, machinery for use in the undeniable that he was now much arsenal. Sertchaieff has had two better known in Paris or at Monte clerks on the wharf checking all Carlo than on the parade-ground or the cases as they were unloaded. the manæuvre-field; but there was When everything is in working some truth in it, for he was one of order we shall be far more inde- the men who are content to vegependent of other nations than we tate indefinitely unless aroused by are. This is another piece of good some great stimulus. He had come news for your Highness.”

to Bellaviste to represent his father “Yes, I think that on the whole at Caerleon's coronation, ostensibly Caerleon has about as pleasant a as a kind of amende honorable for berth as he could wish,” responded Princess Ottilie's conduct; but as Cyril as he went out.

he was the brother of the Empress It is generally recognised that of Pannonia, it was generally beour good fortune is much more lieved that political considerations clearly visible to others than to were not wholly unconnected with ourselves, and the fact that Caerleon his visit. It was not, however, of himself was totally unconvinced of politics that he was speaking as he the advantages of his position need rode up the street at the side of his not, therefore, excite any astonish- host. ment. If Cyril had broached in “You have the makings of a fine his presence his theory of the army here,” he said; "but you advisability of making some sacri- want drill, drill, organisation, orfice to fortune in order to avert ganisation. Your men are too much the perils arising from unbroken inclined to be independent, to act prosperity, Caerleon would have individually or in small bodies, reminded him bitterly that his without definite orders. Here we separation from Nadia effectually are in Europe—we do not, as in prevented him, at any rate, from semi-savage warfare, need scouts, growing intoxicated with success. men of initiative. The ideal EuroHis face was gloomy enough now, pean army is absolutely a machine, as he rode up to the palace with without any thought or volition exhis royal guest after the review, cept what is communicated to it by General Sertchaieff and a group of its head. If the different portions officers following them at some little of that army once begin to try and distance. It was a wretched wintry think for themselves, whether in afternoon, and only a German prince seeking cover or in making an adwould have appreciated the com- vance, all is lost. Their only conpliment paid him in holding a cern is to obey orders, and their review in his honour on such a day; commander's is to obtain the vic

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