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So he felt the Master's presence drawing

closer all the while : Though the Master's face was hidden, yet he

knew it wore a smile.

Once he bent above a comrade fainting in the

mid-day heat, Sheltered him with woven palm-leaves, gave

him water, cool and sweet.

Then it seemed, for one swift moment, secret

radiance filled the place; Underneath the green palm-branches flashed

one look of Jesus' face.

Once again, a raftsman, slipping, plunged be

neath the stream and sank; Swiftly Felix leaped to rescue - caught him,

drew him toward the bank

Battling with the cruel river, using all his

strength to save Did he dream? or was there One beside him

walking on the wave ?

Now at last the work was ended; grove de

serted, quarry stilled, Felix journeyed to the city that his hands had

helped to build.

In the darkness of the temple, at the closing

hour of day, Once again he sought the altar, once again he

knelt to pray:

“Hear me, O Thou hidden Master; Thou hast

sent a word to me; It is written-Thy commandment. I have

kept it. Look and see.

" Thou hast bid me leave the visions of the

solitary life ; Bear my part in human labour; take my share

in human strife.

“ I have done Thy bidding, Master ; raised the

rock and felled the tree; Swung the axe and plied the hammer, working

every day for Thee.

“ Once it seemed I saw Thy presence through

the bending palm-leaves gleam; Once upon the flowing water - Nay, I know not

't was a dream !

“ This I know: Thou hast been near me : more

than this I dare not ask. Though I see Thee not, I love Thee. Let me

do Thy humblest task!”

Through the dimness of the temple slowly

dawned a mystic light; There the Master stood in glory, manifest to

mortal sight:

Hands that bore the mark of labour, brow that

bore the print of care ; Hands of power, divinely tender; brow of light,

divinely fair.

“Hearken, good and faithful servant, true dis

ciple, loyal friend! Thou hast followed Me and found Me; I will

keep thee to the end.

Well I know thy toil and trouble. Often

weary, fainting, worn, I have lived the life of labour, heavy burdens I

have borne.

“Never in a prince's palace have I slept on

golden bed, Never in a hermit's cavern have I eaten un

earned bread.

“Born within a lowly stable, where the cattle

round Me stood, Trained a carpenter in Nazareth, I have toiled,

and found it good.

“They who tread the path of labour follow

where My feet have trod; They who work without complaining do the

holy will of God.

" Where the many toil together, there am I

among My own; Where the tired workman sleepeth, there am I

with him alone.

"I, the peace that passeth knowledge, dwell

amid the daily strife ; 1, the bread of heaven, am broken in the sacra

ment of life.

"Every task, however simple, sets the soul that

does it free; Every deed of love and mercy, done to man, is

done to Me.

Thou hast learned the peaceful secret; thou

hast come to Me for rest; With thy burden, in thy labour, thou art Felix,

doubly blest.

" Nevermore thou needest seek Me; I am with

thee everywhere; Raise the stone, and thou shalt find Me ; cleave

the wood, and I am there."

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