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it only furnishes additional evi. or by the insinuating eloquence, dence of the freedom with which of its advocates, a wide currency each evangelist as, in the highest among the less learned circles of degree, a reliable historian wrote his the religious world, a plain, un. account. It was perfectly natural varnished, yet calm and scriptural that John should supplement his refutation of it was desired. The predecessors. Mr. Grenville here want is largely met in this pub. presents to us the results of lication. In this edition, addi. lengthened and pains-taking tional chapters are furnished on study. We should conclude that “the Rapture Theory,” and on he has well weighed the state- “ Prophecy and the Present ments of both friendly and anta. Time.” In the latter is shown gonist critics; and he has brought how remarkably several lines of his findings within a definite and prophetic intimation concentrate appreciable compass. It is not to upon our own days-as the period be supposed that all his adjust. when Antichrist and the False ments will be universally received. Prophet are to be fatally stricken, His views on the composition of if not destroyed; yet the author the “Sermon on the Mount” will guards against the assumption that Dot be accepted by those who this crisis must of necessity be“ the think that Matthew bas given us end of all things.” The treatise the report of a connected address. also keeps constantly before the The notes contain, in a condensed reader the practical bearing of the form, a large amount of critical controversy with the millenarian. material of very considerable If the world is not to be converted value, though occasionally his by the Word and Spirit of God reasons may not be convincing. under this dispensation, but by a We do not agree with him in his personal appearance of the Lord, representation, either of the time the church is under a serious of the year, or of the time of the misapprehension. If Jesus Christ day, when our Saviour held His is not yet upon the throne of converse with the Samaritan David, exalted until His enemies woman. His note relative to become His footstool, and if He the day on which the Saviour has not the power by which all celebrated His last Passover, and nations shall be subdued, then that on which the crucifixion faith and preaching are vain. So coeurred, is worthy of a careful that this is not a dispute merely study. The student of the evan. about "times and seasons," and gelists will find much to interest “things hard to be understood.” him in the fifty pages of which We know that good men hold Mr. Grenville's Synopsis consists. millenarian opinions, and that

they continue actively to work for Short Arguments about the Mil. Christ, believing that so they ought lennium. By the Rev. B. C. to be found doing when He comes. Young. London: Elliot Slock. But what must be the effect upon Pp. 256. Second Thousand. This the church generally of the peris the second edition of a small, suasion that the most the Gospel but very useful and reliable book, will ever do, will be to “call out which has already received favour. an elect people,” and that it never able notice in this Magazine. As can convert a nation or the world ? the pre-millenarian theory has Will such an expectation sustain obtained, by the bold plainness, and extend Christian Missions,





or send the Gospel to every complishment in the Period of the creature? We need not say that Millennium. By John Mills, Minthese views chiefly held ister of the Gospel, Author of among those who do not believe Sacred Symbology" and" Thoughts in the general redemption of on the Apocalypse.” London: Elmankind. While accepting the liot Stock.—The writer of this book broad principles of interpreta

of three hundred and forty pages tion observed in this little work, elaborates the theory that the we are not to be regarded as scriptural “promise" of approving every exposition here heavens, and a new earth,” is fulpresented to us. We are not filled in the establishment of certain, for instance, that in Matt. Christianity upon displaced xxiv. there is no reference to the Judaism, and in the effective and end of time, as well as to the end universal regeneration of mankind of the Jewish economy. A few to be accomplished by its infla. exceptionable views, however, do In this way

he thinks that not prevent our most cordial he refutes those who imagine that recommendation of the book for our globe, physically renewed, will its comprehensive, sober, and con. be the inheritance of the saints ; densed refutation of the errors it and also those who imagine that encounters.

mankind are only to be converted

by the personal coming of our Memorials of Charles March, Lord. In order to this it would be Commander, R.N. By his Nephew, necessary to show that Isaiah (chap. Septimus March, B.A. James lxv.)and Peter(Second Epistle, chap. Nisbet and Co. 1867.-Tbis is a iii.) meant by new heavens and volume of two hundred and thirty- a new earth” only the coming and six pages, intended to commemo- pervasive power of a new dispensarate one of those Christian heroes, tion of grace. But in this he fails, who, from time to time, have being compelled in p. 108 to admit adorned the annals of the British that St. Peter evidently refers to the navy, and who by their bright heavenly state, as well as to the milexamples have proved the possi. lennial glory. So that his reasonbility of serving God while sery. ing, while it may present some face ing their country on the ocean. to the millenarian, is discomfited The volume is very well got up; before those who expect this globe and the memoir, which is agreeably to be the scene of the future heawritten, does credit to the author,

We wonder that one who is, we believe, a respected favourably disposed to the arguIndependent Minister at South. ment of analogy as this author, ampton. A striking portrait of should not be willing to admit Captain March is prefixed to the that both the prophet and the volume, which will form a suit- apostle look forward to the final able companion to that which consummation; but the prophet contains the memoir of Hedley employs this grand expectation Vicars.

to symbolize the spiritual trans

formations of Messiah's reign. The New Creation : a View of the Does not St. Paul's expression, (2 Divine Predictions of New Heavens Cor. v. 17,) “a new creation,” and a New Earth, as having a Pro. Ktíous, involve a similar allusion ? gressive Fulfilment in the Christian The disappearance of the Jewish Dispensation, and a complete Ac system was the passing away of



the old heavens; the obscuring of forms of life, and the transitions a former light, and the gradual from periods of terrible desolation extension of Christianity may be to those of comparative quietness viewed as the creation of a new and enjoyment which geological earth: but this does not exhaust phenomena exhibit, are all a kind the words of St. Peter, as the title of “unconscious prophecy” of the page of this book would indicate; moral processes by which the and therefore is not opposed to "new earth ” shall be produced. the opinion of those who conjec. Perhaps some general illustration ture that this globe, purified and of the Divine procedure in the sublimated by the last fire, may be spiritual world may be drawn our future heaven. Of the inde. from the wonderful discoveries pendent probability of this theory supplied by the long hidden we say nothing at present. Inci. archives of the rocks, as we have dentally, the book supplies some learned from such works as Dr. antidote to millenarian notions; Harris's “Pre-Adamite Earth ;" but it is vitiated by the fallacy but our author pursues the matter just named: and the unhappy into details which savour of the verbiage in which the author de. "correspondences" of Swedenborg. lights,-five hundred words being Among the ignes fatui which flicker generally used where fifty would over the border bogs of science and express a clearer and more forcible theology, none are more delusive meaning, -with the frequent repeti. than the suppositions of analogy tion of certain phrases, will confine and symbolism. The correlative most readers to his first pages. A principles of nature and revelagreat part of the book is occupied tion need patient study, and future with the idea that the "new crea investigation may show us many tion” of the moral world is con. instructive resemblances in the ducted in exact harmony with the different sections of the work of progress of the material creation; God; but scientific accuracy and and that acquaintance with geo- philosophic clearness will

will be logical and astronomical science needed to make the evidence forciwill help us to understand the ble. The only authorities in geospiritual progress of mankind. He logy quoted by Mr. Mills are thinks that the slow deposition of M'Causland and Hitchcock; wbile the superficial strata upon moun- the faults of style much lessen the tain masses of primary rock, the value of some propositions with advancing developments in the which we cordially agree.

GLANCE AT PUBLIC OCCURRENCES. If the French Emperor ever effect that Italy should not be seriously hoped to realize his pro. allowed, under any circumstances, ject of an European Conference on to possess itself of Rome. As that the Roman Question, he must is the very point in dispute, there bave abandoned the expectation is nothing left of sufficient mo. when he permitted his two Minis- ment to submit to a Congress of ters, the Marqnis de Moustier and European diplomatists. At preM. Rouher, to make declarations sent, then, the Papacy is protected in the French Chambers, to the by the military power of France, to the great joy of the clerical in ruins for the problematical party, but to the chagrin of the accomplishment of a desperate more intelligent and liberal por- object. In every Protestant Lord tion of the French people. Italy, and Commoner, Guy Fawkes rea nation of twenty-five millions, cognised a real foe of the Church treated ke a child that has been which he wished to serve; but crying for some coveted bauble, is what had the quiet inhabitants of rudely informed that its “national Corporation-street done, that, withprogramme”-one solemnly voted out a warning or chance for esby its constitutional representa- cape, their houses should be hurled tives, the dream of the patriotic down upon their heads, maiming statesman Cavour—must not be them for life, or killing them on carried out. The continued occu- the spot ! The disregard for the pation of the Papal territories by lives of the little children, playing, French troops is sure to intensify unconscious of their danger, near the anti-Gallican feelings of the the deadly barrel ; and for the Italian people, and may eventually wives of honest artisans, preparing involve the two countries, if not their husbands' meals, is almost the whole of Europe, in war. One equalled by the unreasoning exgood, however, may possibly re. pectation of the desperadoes of sult from the indefinite postpone. rescuing a prisoner, while immiment of-what lately appeared nently risking his life. The whole so imminentthe destruction of affair presents a picture of crime, as the Pope's temporal power; and senseless as diabolical. It should that is, that Italy may be led to not be forgotten that this murquarrel with his spiritual preten. derous deed was preceded by os. sions. Hitherto the subjects of tentatious displays of sympathy on Victor Emmanuel have been op- behalf of the three men executed posed to Pius IX. in his character at Manchester. The funeral proas sovereign of Rome. What they cessions which took place in Lonhave yet to learn is to oppose his don and elsewhere, doubtless ecclesiastical claims, and to reject exerted a mischievous influence the elaborate system of religious upon the excitable and ignorant error of which he is the head. agents of Fenianism. That the Italy has her Garibaldi: she needs rescue of Kelly and Deasy was a Luther. Will the policy of Na- not a crime against common and poleon unintentionally help to statute law, but an act of honour. produce him

able war; that killing Sergeant

Brett was not murder, but a mere The Fenian attack upon the pri- political homicide; that Allen, son van in Manchester has been Larkin, and Gould, were not ascompletely thrown into the shade sassins, but heroes and martyrs, for by the attempt to rescue “Head. whose souls masses are to be piously centre” Burke, by igniting a barrel celebrated in Roman Catholic cha. of some explosivesubstance close to pels: if these be the views extenthe wall of the Clerkenwell House sively entertained, then it can be of Detention. Never, perhaps, in no wonder that the Clerkenwell the history of atrocious crime, was outrage should have taken place. there such a reckless disregard of It will be thought by many that the lives of the innocent and un- the bold way in which sympathy offending, as was shown by the has been shown for the executed miscreants who laid half a street Fenians,-or, more properly, disloy

alty to the crown and the constitu- away, and that all things are tion of the country,-by this mar. become new.” shalling of mock funerals, has not been interfered with too early by the The Ritualists continue to la. Gorernment. One thing, at least, bour hard to bring England down the movement, while it lasted, has to the condition of Ireland and brought out,—the alarmingly ex. Spain. They are not to be suffer. tensive sympathy with Fenianism ed, however, to un. Protestantizo that exists amongst the Roman the country without a struggle. Catholic populations of England The Evangelical clergy and laity and Ireland. It is deplorable that of the Established Church are disaffection shonld be so wide. girding themselves for the fight. spread; but since it exists, it is At a most important meeting, held better that the Government and at Willis's Rooms, they solemnly people of this country should know re-asserted the anti-sacerdotal it, and prepare accordingly. It will doctrines and anti-Papal protests help to dispel not a few illusions of the Church of England. In on the various methods proposed order to bring to a legal test the for the pacification of Irish Ro. doctrinal teaching, as well as the manists. No doubt there are ceremonial observances, of the Na. many Roman Catholics whose tional Church, they have resolved fealty to the throne is unimpeach. to raise a fund of £50,000. Mean. able; but so long as that throne is while the battle in the law courts filled by a Protestant, according has begun, in the case of Martin to the requirements of the consti- versus Mackonachie. When Sir tution, so long will the tendency R. Phillimore was the leading of that political religion which counsel for the Ritualists in this teaches that a primary allegiance case, he used all his legal dexter. is due to a foreign potentate be ity to divert the court from the unfriendly to thorough loyalty. main issue, by raising objections A few priests, it is said, have on technicalities, and thus causing refused to say masses for the delay. Since then he has been Manchester murderers; and the promoted to the bench as Dean of Bishop of Beverley issued an ad- Arches, and is now actually sitting dress to the Roman Catholics of in judgment on the very cause in Leeds, dissuading them from a which he was the leading advocate procession which the authorities for the defence. He attempted, it bad prohibited. He addresses

He addresses is true, to delegate his power to them as, “My dear children in two surrogates; but his previous Jesus Christ. Would that, in colleagues in the case have ob. Paul's sense of the phrase, they tained a mandamus from the court were “in Christ Jesus!” Then, of Queen's Bench, compelling him instead of whisky-drinking and to act as judge himself. After fighting, making additional work hearing Dr. Archibald Stephens, for the police, giving trouble to whose remarkably able speech for the magistrates, and constituting the prosecution extended over four a large proportion of the prisoners days, the Court of Arches, with that occupy Armley jail, they the delay characteristic of ecclesi. would, as new creatures in astical litigation, has adjourned Christ Jesus,"

give evidence the further hearing of the case that "old things are passed to the 13th of January. If the

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