Islamic Identity and the Struggle for Justice

Գրքի շապիկի երեսը
Nimat Hafez Barazangi, M. Raquibuz Zaman, Omar Afzal
University Press of Florida, 1996 - 124 էջ

Islam today counts one billion people as adherents or believers. Its teachings produced a civilization that has flourished for fourteen centuries. Islamic identity exerts a potent force around the globe, though Muslims are often stigmatized by Westerners as a religious threat. Presenting the Islamic concept of justice, this book is an introduction to contemporary Islamic thought and practice, offering a catalyst for dialogue and understanding.

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Հեղինակի մասին (1996)

Nimat Hafez Barazangi is Visiting Fellow in the Women's Studies Program at Cornell University. M. Raquibuz Zaman is Charles Dana Professor of Finance and International Business and chair of that department at Ithaca College. Omar Afzal is the Southeast Asia assistant at Cornell University Libraries.

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