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Zealand, Newcontinued.

I. Bills-continued.

2. Loan : Bill to authorize a loan from the Consolidaied Fund to the New Zealand Company; (435.)

- - - III. 25 3. Loan Act Amendment: Bill to amend an Act of the present Session for authorizing a loan froin the Con

solidated Fund to the New Zealand Company; (624.) - - - III. 31

II. Accounts and Papers:

1. Despatches and Correspondence : Copies of correspondence between Her Majesty's Secretary of State and the New

Zealand Company, relative to a loan from the public in aid of the company's

funds ; (271.) - - - - - - - - - XXX. 435 Extracts of despatches from the Governor of New Zealand, enclosing or having reference to reports and awards made by Mr. Spain, Commissioner of Land Claims, upon the titles to land of the New Zealand Company, with the documents and plans relating thereto; (203.) - - - - - XXX. i Papers relative to the affairs of New Zealand ; correspondence with Lieutenant

Governor Grey, 1845-1846 ; [712.] - - - - - - XXX. 333 Further papers relative to the affairs of New Zealand ; despatches from LieutenantGovernor Grey; (448.) (690.) - -

- XXX. 375. 397 Copies or extracts of further correspondence between Lord Stanley and Governor Fitzroy, and Lieutenant-Governor Grey, relative to New Zealand ; (337.)

XXX. 151 2. Halswell, Mr: Copies or extracts of correspondence between the Colonial Office and Mr. Hals

well, relating to the discharge of his duties wbilst Proiector of Aborigines in New Zealand ; (722.) - .

• - XXX. 421 3. Representative Government: Copies of all applications from the colonists of New Zealand, made to the Colonial

Office for representative government, together with copies of answers thereto; (in 400.) - - - - - - - - - - - XXIX. 1

4. Imports and Exports : Quantities of principal articles imported therefrom, 1844 ; [in 757.) XLVII. 84 Quantities of principal articles exported thereto, 1844 ; [in 757.] XLVII. 96 Quantities of declared value of British and Irish produce and manufactures exported thereto, in 1844; [in 757.) - - - - - XLVII. 102

see also Chapman, H. S. Miscellaneous Services, V.

Zinc :

Quantity of zinc and zinc ore exported and imported 1845, and the duly paid thereon ; (in 3.96.) -

- - XLIV. 127

Zinc and Calamine:

Quantities of foreign, imported and exported to and from each country, 1843 and 1844 ; [in 757.]

- - - - - XLVII. 77 Zinc or Spelter :

Quantities of British zinc or spelter exported, distinguishing ihe countries, from 1842 10 1844; [in 757.]

- - XLVII. 78

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SESS. 1846.


tagious Diort of Londcotland); ckment; Chesme

1.-BILLS, PUBLIC:- Four VOLUMES. VOLUME I.-(1.)—Administration of Justice; Administration of Criminal Justice; Adverse

Claims (Ireland); Arms (Ireland); Arrest on Mesne Process; Art Unions ; Saint Asaph, and Bangor, and Manchester Dioceses; Assessed Taxes; Western Australia ; Waste Lands (Australia); Bankruptcy and Insolvency; Baths and Washhouses; Baths and Washhouses (Ireland); Battersea Park; Bequest for Pious and Charitable Uses; Books and Engravings ; British Possessions; Buildings; Burial Service; Cemeteries; Charitable Trusts; Chelsea Bridge and Embankment; Cheshire Returning Officer; Churches; Citations (Scotland); Clerks of Crown, &c. (Ireland); Coal Whippers (Port of London); Common Pleas; Commons Inclosure ; Contagious Diseases Prevention ; Constabulary (Ireland); Copyhold Commission ; Corn Importation ; Coroners (Ireland); Corresponding Societies and Lecture Rooms; County Rates; County Works Preseniments (Ireland); Crown Charters (Scotland); Customs

Duties ; Customs. II.-(2.)— Death by Accidents Compensation; Deodands Abolition; Drainage ;

Drainage, &c. (Ireland); Eccesiastical Patronage ; Ejected Tenants (Ireland); Ejectments, &c. (Ireland); Election Notices (Ireland); County Electious; Episcopal Revenues and Dioceses; Exchequer Court (Ireland); Exclusive Privilege of Trading Abolition (Ireland); Exclusive Privilege of Trading Abolition (Scotland); Explosive Substances; Factories ; Lace Factories; Fever (Ireland); Fisheries (Ireland); Fishery Piers and Harbours (Ireland); Friendly Societies; Lord Gough's Annuity; Grand Jury Cess Bonds (Ireland); Viscount Hardinge's Annuity ; Highways; Highway Rates; House of Commons' Officers; Income Tax Deduction; Insolvent Debtors Act Amendment; Insolvent Debtors (India); Joint Stock Banks (Scotland and Ireland) Judgment Creditors; Landlord and Tenant (Ireland); Lands and Companies Clauses Consolidation; Taxation of Costs (Coni pensations for Land) Ireland ; Leases (Ireland); Leasehold Tenures (Ireland); Loan Societies; Lunatic Asylums, and Pauper Lunatics ; Lunatic Asylums (Ireland); District Lunatic Asylums (Ireland); Mandamus (Ireland);

Marriages (Ireland); Medical Practitioners. III.—(3.)-Naval and military Departments; Naval Medical Supplemental Fund

Society; Navy Civil Departments; New Zealand Government; New Zealand Loan; New Zealand Loan Act Amendment ; Newcastle-uponTyne and Carlisle Branch Railway ; Newfoundland Ordnance Survey ; Out Pensioners' Services, Chelsea and Greenwich ; Out Pensioners Payment (Greenwich and Chelsea); Parliamentary Electors and Freemen; Patent Commissions; Pawnbrokers; Places of Worship, &c. Sites (Scotland); Polling Places (Ireland); Poor Removal; Settlement of the Poor; Destitute Poor (Ireland); Poor Employment (Ireland); Ports, Harbours, &c.; Print Works; Prisons (Ireland); Private Bills; Protection of Life (Ireland); Public Works (Ireland); Public Works Commissioners (Ireland); Public Works and Fisheries; Public Works, Fisheries, &c.; Railways Companies; Railway Companies Dissolution ; Railway Commissioners; Railway, &c. Deposits ; Gauge of Railways; Rateable Property (Ireland); Rating of Tenements; Real Property Conveyance; Real Property Management (Ireland); Registration of Births, &c. (Ireland); Religious Opinions ;

Roman Catholic Relief; Ropemakers.
IV.-(4.)—Sale of Encumbered Estates (Ireland); Salmon Fisheries; Service of

Heirs (Scotland); Shannon Navigation (Ireland); Sites for Dwelling's ;
Small Debis; Smoke Prohibition; South Sea Company; Spirit
Licenses and Duties; Spitalfields New Street; Steam Navigation ;
Stock in Trade; Sugar Duties ; Sunday Trading ; Superintendent of
Convicts; Tenants for Life (Ireland); Tenants of Corporate Bodies
(Ireland); Tithe Amendment; Turnpike Acts Continuance; Turnpike
Roads (Ireland); Turnpike Roads (Scotland); Waste Lands (Ireland);
Wreck and Salvage.

Sugar Diverse Treland)Lets Continua



V.- PART 1. (1. PART 1.)- Andover Union.
V.- PART 11. (1. Part 11.)- Andover Union.
VI.- Part 1. (2. PART 1.)—Burdens on Land.
VI.-- Part II. (2. PART 11.)—Burdens on Land,
VII.- (3.)- District Asylums (Metropolis).
VIII. (4.)–Elections ; Cheltenham Petition : Votes of Electors.

IX.- Part 1. (5. Part 1.)-Game Laws.
IX.- PART 11, (5. Part 11.)–Game Laws.

X.- (6.)— Legal Education; Metropolitan Sewage Manure.
XI.- Part 1. (7. Part 1.)— Poor Relief and Medical Charities (Ireland).

X1.- PART II. (7. PART JI.)- Poor Relief and Medical Charities (Ireland).
XII.- (8.)- Private Bills ; Standing Orders Revision; Dublin Wide Streets ; Glas-

gow Terminus and Harbour ; Glasgow and Belfast Union Railway;

Larne, Belfast and Ballymena Railway.
XIII.- (9.)- Railway Bills ; Railways; Railway Labourers.
XIV.-(10.)-Railway Acts Enactments.
XV.-(11.)-Expiring Laws; Halifax and Boston Mails; Militia Estimates;

Ordnance Survey (Ireland); Printing ; Public Houses (Scotland)
New Houses of Parliament; Westminster Bridge and New Palace.

XVI. (1.)— Railway Gauge.
XVII. - (2.)-Metropolitan Railway Termini.
XVIII.- PART 1. (3. PART 1.)— Tidal Harbours.
XVIII.- PART II. (3. PART 11.) Tidal Harbours.
XIX.- (4.)— Poor Law; Registrar-General.
XX.- (5.) Prisons; Factories,
XXI.- (6.)- Prisons.
XXII.-- (7.)- Ireland.
XXIII. (8.)—Scotland.
XXIV.- (9.)— Miscellaneous.

XXV.- (1.)-Finance.
XXVI.- (2.)- Estimates.
XXVII.- (3.)-Colonies.
XXVIII.- (4.)—Colonies: West Indies and Mauritius.
XXIX.- (5.)–Colonies : Cape of Good Hope; New South Wales ; South Australia,

and Van Diemen's Land.
XXX.— (6.)—New Zealand; West India Colonies.
XXXI.- (7.)-East India.
XXXII.- 18.)–Church ; Education.
XXXIII.- (9.)—House; Law; Lunacy; Medical.
XXXIV.-(10.)-Crime ; Convicts; Gaols; Police.
XXXV.-(11.)-Crime (Ireland).
XXXVII.-(13.)—Scarcity in Ireland.
XXXIX.-(15,)-Railway Department.

XL.--(16.)-- Local Taxation,
XLI.- PART 1. (17. PART 11.)- Indexes.

XLI.- PART 11. (17. PART 11.)—Indexes.
XLIV.-(20.)–Trade; Corn.
XLV.-(21.)- Post Office ; Shipping.
XLVI.—(22.)– Harbour Dues.
XLVII.—(23.)–Revenue, Population and Commerce.
XLVIII.--(24.)-Commercial Tariffs.
XLIX.- PART 1. (25. PART 1.)-Commercial Tariffs (United States).
XLIX.- PART II. (25. PART 11.)-Commercial Tariffs (United States).

L.- (26.)-Slave Trade.
LI.- (27.)-Slave Trade.
LII.- (28.)—State Papers and Index.



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