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The General Election of 1868.--Mr. Bright's Address to his Constituents. His

Speech in the Town Hall.-Contrast between Toryism and Liberalism.-

Mr. Bright on the Minority Clause.-Address to the Gun-makers.--The

enormous Public Expenditure.—Policy and Opinions of the Tory Candidates.

- National Education.-Scene at the Birmingham Nomination.-Result of

the Poll.-Great Liberal Triumph. Liberal Victory throughout the Country.

-Resignation of Mr. Disraeli.—Mr. Gladstone becomes Prime Minister.-

He offers a Seat in the Cabinet to Mr. Bright.-It is ultimately accepted.-

The Gladstone Ministry.-Mr. Bright's Re-election. Address to his Con-

stituents.-Remarks on his Acceptance of Office.-President of the Board of

Trade.-Mr. Bright on Nova Scotia and the Confederation Scheme.-On

Marriage with a Deceased Wife's Sister -Sir T. Chambers's Bill of 1869.-

Banquet at the Trinity House.-Speech by Mr. Bright.-Amnesty to the

Fenian Prisoners in 1870.—Mr. Bright's Second Illness. He resigns Office.-

The Press on the Resignation.-Mr. Bright condemns Home Rule.-Con-

gratulatory Address from the Workmen of London.—Mr. Bright on Repub-

licanism.-Presentation from the Potteries.-Review of Public Questions.-

Reconstruction of Mr. Gladstone's Cabinet.-Mr. Bright accepts Office as

Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster.-Great Meeting at Birmingham.-

Stirring Scene.-Important Speech by Mr. Bright.-Free Land.—The waning

Popularity of the Government.--Mr. Gladstone's Manifesto to the Electors

of Greenwich.-Dissolution of Parliament.-The Election for Birmingham,-

The old Members returned.-Speech by Mr. Bright.-Results of the General

Election.-Mr. Disraeli accedes to Office as Premier

. 342

Mr. Bright's Addresses in the Provinces.—Mr. Jacob Bright's Return for Man-

chester.--Political Retrospect by Mr. Bright.-Speech at Birmingham on

Education and Government Aid.-Mr. Bright receives the Freedom of the

City of Edinburgh.-His Address on that occasion.- Elected Honorary

Member of the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce.-Important Speech in

the Corn Exchange.-Mr. Bright at Birmingham in January, 1875.-The

Government and the Church.—The Efforts to suppress Ritualism.—The

Public Worship Bill.–Tribute to Mr. Gladstone.-Mr. Bright on the Liberal

Defeat of 1874.-On Political Questions in the year 1875.—The direct Repre-

sentation of Labour.–The Gothenburg System of Public-house Manage-

ment.-Social Progress.-Mr. Gladstone and Mr. Bright at Birmingham.-

A Stirring Week.-Mr. Bright on Household Suffrage for the Counties.-

Speech at Bradford on Free Trade.- Opening of the New Town Hall at

Manchester.-Mr. Bright on the Cotton Trade and Indian Administration.

-Address at Rochdale on Science and Art.-On Liberal and Conservative

Legislation.-On the Work of Sunday Schools.-Letter on Protection in

America.-Correspondence on Public Questions.-Great Speech at Birming.

ham on Foreign Affairs.—The Eastern Question.--Egypt.—The War in

Afghanistan.—The Government strongly condemned.-Mr. Bright on Pro-

tectionism in England. On the Depression in Trade.-Canadian Policy.-

Waning Popularity of the Beaconsfield Administration.-Conservative

Demonstration at Manchester in October, 1879.-Great Counter-Demonstra-

tion by the Liberals.-Animated Speech by Mr. Bright.-Scathing Denun-

ciation of the Government.--Mr. Bright on Education.-The Progress of the

United States.-Death of Mrs. Bright . . . . . 426

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Mr. Bright on the Pacification of Ireland.-Speech at Birmingham.-Scheme for

the Reform of the Irish Land Laws. -Mr. Bright on the Rise of Noncon-

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