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Mr. Bright's Advocacy of Irish Questions.—Disturbed Condition of Ireland in

1866.- The Coercion Bill.-Mr. Bright on the Irish People. He appeals to

Mr. Gladstone and Mr. Disraeli to settle the Irish Question.-Renewal of

the Coercion Act.—Mr. Bright on Mr. Roebuck.–Visit of the former to

Ireland.-Letter from Mr. John B. Dillon and The O'Donoghue.-Mr.

Bright's Speech at Dublin.--Arguments for Disestablishment and Land

Reform.-Eloquent Peroration.—The Ballot and the Electoral System.-

Scheme for the sale of Land in Ireland.-Mr. Bright at Birmingham.- Irish

Reforms.–Irish Debate in the House of Commons.—Mr. Maguire's Motion.

-Speech of Mr. Bright. He examines the Government Policy.-His own

Plan for a Farmer Proprietary.-Religious Equality in Ireland a Necessity.

-Outline of a Scheme for Disestablishment.--Important Declaration by

Mr. Gladstone.-Mr. Maguire withdraws his Motion.-Mr. Gladstone intro.

duces his Irish Church Resolutions.-Prolonged Debate.- Powerful Speech

by Mr. Bright in support of the Resolutions.-Mr. Gladstone's Motion carried

by a large majority.- Ministers advise a Dissolution. Their Conduct is

severely condemned.-Meeting in St. James's Hall against Disestablishment.

-The Irish Church Resolutions carried in the House of Commons. Mr.

Bright sternly rebukes Mr. Disraeli.—The Irish Church Suspensory Bill

introduced.-It passes the Commons, but is rejected by the Lords.-Mr.

Bright advocates Disestablishment at Liverpool.-Justice to Ireland.-He

visits Ireland in 1868.-Speech at Limerick.-The General Election.-Great

Liberal Majority.-Mr. Gladstone becomes Premier ..


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