Be Ready! Jesus Is Coming

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AuthorHouse, 2003 - 148 էջ
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In this book, Be Ready! Jesus is Coming!, author Ronald Ross Drum go tells of a man named Ross, a man who lived for church on Sunday. Yet even with the help of the bishop's sermons, Ross's friend Lewis could not grasp the need to be saved.

In telling the story of Ross, the author also provides much explanation of Christian doctrine. Scriptural foundations for many Christian beliefs and practices are clearly presented. The author makes a compelling case and conveys a strong sense of urgency in which the reader is swept along. The author's sense of religious dedication and concern for the reader's spiritual welfare are very evident.

Ross's friend Lewis, in delaying his baptism, finds out the hard way that it is possible to be too late. His horrifying post-Rapture experience is a compelling testament to the importance of being saved.

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