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On Manufacturers' HallL. S. Scranton, Grand Rapids.
On Implements and their Trials–E. W. Rising, Richfield.
On Fruits—Wm. Adair, Detroit.
On Police–J. A. Walter, Kalamazoo.
Chief MarshalC. W. Green, Farmington.
The committee then adjourned sine die.


The Secretary of the Barry County Agricultural Society, J. M. Nevins, states that the Annual Exhibition of the Society was held on the 6th, 7th and 8th of October. The 7th was very rainy, and crowded the examinations and most of the business of the show into the 8th, or last day, much reducing the pecuniary receipts. The number of members was 300, and the number of entries 425. The premiums offered amounted to nearly $500, and those awarded to $219 50.

The following is the financial exhibit for the fiscal year ending Dec. 20, 1868:

RECEIPTS. 1867. Dec. 20. To amount cash on hand,

$294 40 1868. June 23. To receipts for lease of grounds,...

18 00 Aug. 27.

24 00 Oct. 20. “ donation of A. Ryerson, (premium)... 5 50 6,7,8. receipts for membership,---

300 00
gate fees and rents,-

145 05
" lumber sold,-

1 37 Nov. 2. amount voted by county, (anticipated) 100 00


$888 32


$24 50

EPPENDITURES. 1867. Dec. 31. By paid premiums to date --

1868. June

express charges on State Reports, Sept. &Oct. By paid cost of new hall,----Oct. 8.

fitting grounds, and expense

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4 07 669 34

of Fair,

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for printing,

premiums to date,-----
“ loss in mutilated currency,--

building committee ----
“ Secretary's services,

96 62 56 00 206 88

71 15 00 25 00

$1,098 12

Indebtedness of Society,

$209 80

Officers for 1869.-J. C. Bray, President; J. M. Nevins, Secretary; D. G. Robinson, Treasurer; T. Altoft, C. B. Benham, J. C. Hanna, Gilbert Striker, Wm. P. Bristol, Directors.


The Secretary of the Bay County Agricultural Society, W. H. Fennell, states that this Society has, in a good degree, recovered from the depressed condition in which it was placed at the beginning of the year 1868, when it had only $24 in its treasury. The liberality of Jas. J. McCormick has placed the Association on a firm footing for the next five years,—the rental of buildings and grounds to be $50 a year. The main building, as fine as any similar one in any county in the State, is in the form of a cross, 75x89 feet, on high and dry ground, very conveniently located on the line of the street railway.

The Annual Exhibition of the Society was held on the 6th to 9th of October, and the weather being very rainy, it was not, financially, a success. The total receipts from all sources were $624. Disbursements, including rent, printing, &c., $474. Premiums (not all paid) will consume the balance. The number of members of the Society is 309; the total number of entries was 502. For the premium on cultivated farms of 40 acres, John Obermiller made the only entry. He has a good farm, well cultivated, properly stocked, and a good orchard and buildings.

In cattle of distinct breeds, Hon. James Birney exhibited a fine herd of Devons. Some good milch cows and working oxen were shown. Some very good horses, both of the class adapted to light carriages and those suited to heavier work, were exhibited. Our lands are not as yet adapted to sheep-keeping, and only two sheep were exbibited. The vegetable department was well filled, and that of fruits was highly creditable—the specimens of apples, pears, and peaches, being very fine. The soil and climate are evidently favorable to fruits, and the Saginaw Valley furnishes an excellent market for all kinds. Some good samples of grain were shown, but the competition was light. The ladies' department was well filled with excellent specimens of such articles as are usually exhibited on such occasions.

Farming in this section has hitherto been much neglected, but people are awakening to the fact that good farming pays. There is always a good market here for all produce, at remunerative prices. By the latest statistical returns, the population of our county is 15,100.


The Secretary of the Berrien County Agricultural Society, J. B. Fitzgerald, states: “During the year, the Society has been re-organized and incorporated under the provisions of the general statute of the State. The sale of the old Exhibition Ground, and the purchase of a new one, too late in the season for suitable preparation, led to an arrangement for holding the Annual Exhibition on the grounds of the Park Association, at the village of Buchanan, by which arrangement that Association received all the proceeds, and paid all the premiums awarded, and other expenses incurred; so that the financial results are not fully within my knowledge, but I am told that they were entirely satisfactory to those interested. The most commendable zeal and enterprise were manifested by the Park Association and people of Buchanan to make the exhibition successful, but a severe storm, which prevailed during the first two days, prevented any unusual display.

“In revising the Premium List, several changes were made. The premiums upon horses, cattle, hogs, sheep, and fruit, were considerably increased; many unimportant articles were omitted from the several classes, and the beneficial results of these changes were plainly apparent.

“The new Exhibition Ground contains twenty-five acres, and is most eligibly situated within the city of Niles. It is already substantially fenced, has a superior half-mile track, spacious amphitheatre, and a floral hall. Other buildings are designed to be built, combining convenience and architectural taste. It is intended that the next annual exhibition shall be a decided success, and the Society be placed in the way of permanent prosperity and usefulness.”

Officers for 1869.-William Bort, President; Charles Clark, Vice-President; J. B. Fitzgerald, Secretary; John D. Ross, Treasurer; with a Board of ten Directors.


The Ffiteenth Annual Exhibition of the Branch County Agricultural Society was held on the Society's grounds, in Coldwater, September 23d to 25th. Notwithstanding the unfavorableness of the weather, the exhibition appears to have been a very good one. It appears from the list of premiums awarded, that Ayrshire and "polled or hornless " cattle have been introduced into the county, but of what particular breed the hornless cattle are, is not stated.

Officers for 1869.-James Clizbe, President; Jonathan H. Culver, and twelve others, Vice-Presidents; Lucius Phetteplace, Secretary; George W. Vanakin, Treasurer; with a Board of six Directors.


This Association, embracing the counties of Ingham, Eaton, Livingston, Shiawassee, and Clinton, is steadily gaining in strength and influence. Its Third Annual Exhibition was held on the Society's grounds, in Lansing, on the last day of September and first two days of October. Notwithstanding the misfortune of unfavorable weather, which had been experienced at both previous exhibitions, the general display was very respectable, and, on the whole, encouraging in reference to the future. The entire receipts of the Society for the year were $6,176 21, and the disbursements were $6,031 27. The Society is still considerably in debt on the purchase of its grounds, which, however, are very valuable.

Officers for 1869.—A. N. Hart, President; N. B. Jones, Secretary; F. M. Cowles, Treasurer; with an Executive Board, consisting of one member from each of the five counties embraced in the Society.


The Secretary of the Eaton County Agricultural Society, T. D. Green, of Charlotte, states that at the last Annual Exhibition of the Society, held at Charlotte on the 30th of September and 1st, 2d, and 3d days of October, the weather was rainy for

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