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Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1840, by

MARSH, CAPEN, LYON, AND WEBB, in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of Massachusetts.

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This Volume contains a selection from the orations and speeches delivered by the Author, on various public occasions, within the last sixteen years. Although most of them refer to the subject of Education, in some one of its numerous aspects, it cannot be expected of the collection to form a systematic whole, exhibiting the unity of a single treatise. As several of them were delivered on occasions of precisely the same character, there is a repetition of some of the ideas and illustrations, scarcely to be avoided, under the circumstances of the case.

The reader is requested to advert to the date of the original delivery of the different orations and speeches, which compose the Volume. They contain some references, which could not conveniently be altered, to things as they existed at the time, and which have since undergone change. The cases are such, however, it is believed, that no erroneous impression will be produced on the mind, by leaving the text as it originally stood. It will even sometimes be found, that the original statement affords the means of an instructive comparison with the present state of things, in matters pertaining to the progress of the country.

Of the addresses contained in this Volume, those delivered before 1836 are found in the general collec


tion of the Author's orations, published in that year. Those of subsequent date have never before been collected. The speech made at the School Convention, at Taunton, has never appeared in a separate form ; and the remarks at the School Convention, at Tisbury, are now for the first time published.

The addresses, which have before appeared, have been subjected to a careful revision, for this edition, especially with a view to their adaptation for youthful readers. Several of the marginal references and other explanations have been made for their information, by the intelligent and accurate Supervisor of the publication, Mr. Joseph W. INGRAHAM, to whom the Author feels himself under great obligations, for the care with which the Volume has been carried through the press. The Glossary, an important addition to the Work, will, it is believed, be found to contain a more than usual amount of valuable information.

The Volume is now respectfully dedicated to the rising generation of the country, with ardent wishes for their improvement, virtue, and happiness.


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Lectures, in Boston, November 14, 1831.



Speech at a Public Meeting held at St. Paul's Church, Bos-

ton, May 22, 1833, on behalf of Kenyon College.



An Address before the Phi Beta Kappa Society in Yale

College, New Haven, Connecticut, August 20, 1833.


Address delivered before the Literary Societies of Amherst

College, August 25, 1835.


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