Army and Navy Chronicle, Объемы 8-9

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Benjamin Homans, 1839

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Стр. 364 - Resolved, That the Committee on Military Affairs be instructed to inquire into the expediency of providing by law for Snmuel G. Hopkins, late a captain in the Army of the United States, to settle his accounts with the Government upon the principles of equity.
Стр. 342 - Through tangled forests and through dangerous ways, Where beasts with man divided empire claim, And the brown Indian marks with murderous aim ; There, while above the giddy tempest flies, And all around distressful yells arise, The pensive exile, bending with his woe, To stop too fearful, and too faint to go, Casts a long look where England's glories shine, And bids his bosom sympathize with mine.
Стр. 3 - ... suggestions contained in that document. The rapid increase and wide expansion of our commerce, which is every day seeking new avenues of profitable adventure; the absolute necessity of a naval force for its protection precisely in the degree of its extension; a due regard to the national rights and honor; the recollection of its former exploits, and the anticipation of its future triumphs whenever opportunity presents itself, which we may rightfully indulge from the experience of the past - all...
Стр. 324 - Resolved, That the Committee of Ways and Means be instructed to inquire into the expediency of appropriating thirty thousand dollars, to enable Professor Morse to establish a line of telegraph between Washington and Baltimore.
Стр. 324 - That the Committee on Naval Affairs be instructed to inquire into the 'expediency of establishing a...
Стр. 332 - She is loaded with 467 butts of whale oil, is American built, manned wholly by American seamen, wears the rebel colors, and belongs to the island of Nantucket in Massachusetts. This is the first vessel which displayed the thirteen rebellious stripes of America in any British port. The vessel lies at Horsleydown, a little below the Tower, and is intended immediately to return to New England.
Стр. 307 - Champlain, in forty-five degrees of north latitude, passes along the Highlands which divide the rivers that empty themselves into the said river St. Lawrence from those which fall into the sea, and also along the north coast of the Bay des Chaleurs and the Coast of the Gulf of St.
Стр. 192 - ... miles east and west of its reported position; after which we again stood to the north, and ran over a vigia as laid down on the charts, but none such was found in existence. Our next examination was for...
Стр. 249 - We were forced to take to our arms in our own defence :" (For arms read legs, and it will be both truth and sense :) "Lord Percy, (says he,) I must say something of him in civility, And that is — I can never enough praise him for his great agility.
Стр. 356 - On receiving intelligence that Major Ferguson had advanced as high as Gilbert Town, in Rutherford County, and threatened to cross the mountains to the Western waters, Col. William Campbell with four hundred men from Washington County, Virginia; Col. Isaac Shelby, with two hundred and forty men from Sullivan County, North Carolina, and Lieutenant-Colonel John Sevier, with...

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