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PROMOTIONS. discovery ship, has been promoted to 15. Robert Handyside, esq., to be one the rank of Captain for services per of the Lords of Justiciary in Scotland. formed in search of Sir John Franklin, 16. James Craufurd, esq., to be Soliand for the discovery of the certainty citor-General for Scotland. of a North-West Passage. Comm. In James Hannen, esq., to be agent glefield also is promoted to the rank of on the part of Great Britain in the Captain.

Mixed Commission established under Comms. Nicholas Le Febvre, W. the convention, Feb. 8, 1853, between Edmonstone, Lord William Compton, Her Majesty and the United States of and Henry R. Foote, to be Captains. America, for the settlement of out

Lieuts. A. J. Burton, H. Croft, H. standing claims. Temple, A. C. Gordon, and F. J. Dig. 18. The Earl of Seafield elected a gins, to be Commanders.

Representative Peer of Scotland. 24. Adm. Sir William Hall Gage to 22. The Hon. George S. Stafford Jerbe Rear-Admiral of the United King- ningham (now Secretary of Embassy at dom.

Paris) to be Envoy Extraordinary and 21. Rear-Adm. Sir J. A. Gordon, Minister Plenipotentiary to the King of K.C.B., to be Vice-Admiral of the Red, Sweden and Norway. with seniority of 8th January 1848. 25. Knighted, Capt. Stephen Bartlett

Appointments.--1. Lieut. H. B. Han Lakeman, late Commander of Lake key to be Flag-Lieutenant at Ports, man's Waterkloof Rangers. mouth.

26. William Lonsdale, esq., to be 20. Capt. W. Crispin, additional to Colonial Treasurer for the colony of the Victoria and Albert yacht.

Victoria. Capt. Hastings R. Yelverton (1843) Henry Cadogan Rothery, esq., to the Arrogant, 47, screw; Capt. Fre. M.A. (Registrar of the High Court of mantle to the Juno, 26.

Admiralty), to be Registrar of Her 22. Lieut. the Hon. Fitzgerald A. Majesty in Ecclesiastical and Maritime Foley to be First Lieutenant of the Causes, vice Swabey, resigned. Victoria and Albert, yacht.

28. David Mure, esq., advocate, to be 27. Comm. John B. Cragg to the Sheriff of Perthshire, vice James CrauDevonport ordinary ; Comm. Matthew furd, esq., Her Majesty's Solicitor-GeneS. Nolloth to the Frolic, 16.

ral for Scotland.

29. The Right Hon. Sir John Romilly,

Master of the Rolls, the Right Hon. Sir ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS. John Jervis, Chief Justice of the Com

mon Pleas, the Right Hon. Sir Edward Right Rev. W. Tyrrell, D.D. (Bishop Ryan, Charles Hay Cameron, esq., John of Newcastle, Australia), to the Arch. M'Pherson M-Leod, esq., John Abrabishopric of Sydney, New South Wales. ham Francis Hawkins, esq., Thomas

Rev. J. Armstrong, to the Bishopric Flower Ellis, esq., and Robert Lowe, of Graham's Town.

esq., to be Commissioners in England, Rev. J. D. Collis, Honorary Canon of to examine and consider the reform of Worcester.

the Judicial Establishment, Judicial Rev. R. Symes, Canonry Tells Procedure, and Laws of India. Cathedral.

30. The Hon. Henry George Howard T. E. C. Leslie, esq., Professorship of (now Secretary of Legation at Vienna) Political Economy and Jurisprudence, to be Secretary of Embassy at Paris. Queen's College, Belfast.


4. 18th Foot, brevet Lieut-Col. J. Grattan, C.B., to be Lieut.-Col.; brevet

Major C. A. Edwards to be Major.GAZETTE PROMOTIONS.

45th Foot, Capt. H. J. Shaw to be

Major. 2. Frederick Glennie, esq., to be il. 39th Foot, Major W. Munro to Consul at Mexico.

be Lieut.-Col. ; Capt. W. C. Wolfe to 15. William Thomas Napier Champ, be Major. esq., to be Colonial Secretary for Van 15. Corps of Royal Engineers, brevet Dieman's Land.

Major B. S. Stehelin to be Lieut-.Col.


12. To be Rear-Admiral on the re-
served half-pay list, Capt. Percy Grace.
-To be Rear-Admiral of the Blue,

GAZETTE PROMOTIONS. Capt. Henry Dundas ; to be Rear-Admiral of the White, Sir James Stirling;

6. Rear-Adm. Sir William Edward to be Rear-Admiral of the Red, Sir Parry, knt., to be Lieut.-Governor of Watkin Owen Pell.

Greenwich Hospital.

7. Hercules James Robertson, esq., ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS.

advocate, to be one of the Lords of Ses

sion in Scotland. Right Rev. W. Higgin, D.D., to the 8. Robert Campbell, esq. (now ConBishopric of Derry and Raphoe. sul at Dunkirk), to be Consul at Rhodes

Rev. H. Griffin, D.D., Bishopric of and the other Turkish Islands in the Limerick.

Archipelago.-Niven Kerr, esq. (now Rev. R. W. Barnes, Canonry in the Consul at Rhodes), to be Consul at Cathedral Church of Exeter.

Dunkirk. Rev. J. Drummond, Honorary Ca 9. Major-Gen. Henry Godwin, C.B., nonry in Peterborough Cathedral. Brig.-Gen. Scudamore Winde Steel,

Rev. T. Fell, jun., Honorary Canonry C.B., of the Madras Army, and Comin Peterborough Cathedral.

modore George Robert Lambert, R.N., Rev. F. H. Freeth, Honorary Canonry to be Knights Commanders of the in Collegiate Church of Cumbrae. Bath; and Lieut.-Col. Edward Alan

Rev. E. H. Gifford, Honorary Canonry Holdich, 80th Foot, Capt. John Walter in Worcester Cathedral.

Tarleton, R.N., and Capt. Charles Fred. Ven. Rev. S. Hood (Dean of Argyll Shadwell, R.N., to be Companions of and the Isles), Honorary Canonry in the said Order; Lieut.-Col. James Colley Collegiate Church of Cumbrae.

Tudor, Bengal Fusiliers, Lieut.-Col. Rev. E. Huxtable, Canonry in Wells Hugh Fraser, Bengal Engincers, and Cathedral.

Capt. Henry Blosse Lynch, of the InRev. J. P. Keigwin, Honorary Ca- dian Navy, to be extra Companions of nonry in Collegiate Church of Cum- the same. brae.

Lieut.-Col. Archibald Bogle, of Rev. G. C. White, Honorary Canonry the Bengal Establishment, Civil Comin Collegiate Church of Cumbrae. missioner in the Tenasserim and Mar

Rev. H. M. Mapleton, Honorary Ca- taban Provinces, knighted by patent. nonry in Collegiate Church of Cum 13. Niven Moore, esq., now Consul brae.

at Beyrout, to be Consul-General in Rev. H. H. Westmore, Minor Canonry Syria. in Manchester Cathedral.

22. Robert Macfarlane, esq., advocate, Rev. T. Protheroe, Chaplain in Ordi- to be Sheriff of the shire of Renfrew. nary to the Queen.

23. The Hon. Henry Elliot, now Se

cretary of Legation at the Hague, to be COLLEGIATE AND SCHOLASTIC APPOINT

Secretary of Legation at Vienna.

24. John Bowring, esq., now Consul MENTS.

at Canton, to be Plenipotentiary and Rev. A. Pott, Principal of the Dio. Chief Superintendent of British Trade cesan Theological College, Oxford. in China.

T. C. Geldart, LL.D., Master of 27. Joseph Burnley Hume, esq., bar. Trinity Hall, to be Vice-Chancellor of rister-at-law, John Simon, esq., and John the University of Cambridge, 1853-4. Frederic Bateman, esq., to be Commis

Right Hon. the Earl of Eglinton and sioners for inquiring into the causes Winton, K.T., to be Lord Rector of the which have led to and aggravated the University of Glasgow.

late outbreak of Cholera at Newcastle

upon Tyne, Gateshead, and Tynemouth. MEMBER RETURNED TO SERVE IN PAR- Grove, and Mr. Montague Smith, to be

Mr. Temple, Mr. Edward James, Mr. LIAMENT.

Queen's Counsel. Salisbury.—Major-Gen. Edward Pery John J. Dyer, esq., to be Chief Clerk Buckley.

of the Admiralty.

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Major E. S. T. Swyny to be Lieut.

Colonel; Capt. Patrick Lindesay to be 2. 53rd Foot, Capt. John M'Neill Major.--Staff, Lieut.-Col. A. C. V. Pole, Walter to be Major.

from 63rd Foot, to be Inspecting Field 7. Royal Engineers, Lieut.-Gen. Sir Officer of a Recruiting District, rice Charles W. Pasley, K.C.B., to be Co- Lieut.-Col. J. Stoyte, who exchanges. lonel-Commandant.

30. 4th Foot, Lieut.-Gen. Sir John 9. 20th Foot, Major-Gen. Ilenry God- Bell, K.C.B., from 95th Regt., to be win, C.B., to be Colonel.-Brevet, Col. Colonel.--20th Foot, Major-Gen. NaSir John Cheape, K.C.B., of the Hon. thaniel Thorn, C.B., to be Colonel.East India Company's Service, to be an 95th Foot, Major-Gen. Sir Francis Honorary Aide de Camp to Her Ma- Cockburn to be Colonel.—11th Light jesty:—'To be Lieut.Colonels in the Dragoons, brevet Major William WilArmy : Majors Francis Wigston, 18th mer to be Major.--20th Foot, Capt. F. Foot, A. C. Errington, 51st Foot, C. A. C. Evelegh to be Major.-34th Foot, Edwards, 18th Foot, and A. T. Rice, Lieut.-Col. C. F. Maxwell, from 82nd 51st Foot.—To be Majors in the Army: Foot, to be Lieut.-Colonel.-68th Foot, Capt. A. N. Campbell, 18th Foot, and Major Henry Smyth to be Lieut.-CoCapt. W. T. Bruce, 18th Foot.—To be lonel; Capt. H. G. Wynne to be Major. Lieut.-Colonels in the Army in the —82nd Foot, Lieut.-Col. Nicholas R. East Indies : Majors Joseph Turton, Brown, from 34th Foot, to be LieutBengal Art., John Welchman, 10th Colonel.—87th Foot, Capt. Alexander Bengal N. I., William Hill, 1st Madras Murray to be Major.-Ceylon Rifle Fusiliers, J. G. Neill, Ist Madras Fusi. Regiment, Major Lord Mark Kerr, liers, J. C. Boulderson, 35th Madras from 20th Foot, to be Lieut.-Colonel. N. Inf., Hugh Fraser, Bengal Eng., G. C. Armstrong, 47th Bengal N. Inf.,

NAVY PROMOTIONS. Henry Cotton, 67th Bengal N. Inf., and C. S. Reid, Bengal Art.- To be Majors 5. Capt. the Hon. Montagu Stopford in the Army in the East Indies : Cap- to be Rear-Admiral of the Blne.-- Re tains W. A. J. Mayhew, Sth Bengal Ñ. tired Capt. William Hotham, K.H., to Inf., S. G. C. Renaud, ist Madras Fusi- be retired Rear-Admiral on the terms liers, Grant Allan, 3rd Madras N. Inf., proposed ist of September, 1846. A. R. Dallas, Ist Madras N. Inf., W. F. Appointments. -- 5. Rear-Adm. ArNuthall, 18th Bengal N. Inf., and Albert thur Fanshawe, C.B., Superintendent Fytche, 70th Bengal N. Inf.

of Portsmouth Dockyard, to succeed 13. Coldstream Foot Guards, Lieut. Sir George Seymour, K.C.B., in the and Capt. William Mark Wood to be Command-in-Chief in the West Indies. Captain and Lieut.-Colonel, vice Paget. -Rear-Adm. William Fanshawe Mar.

-48th Foot, Lieut.-Col. Henry McMa tin to succeed Rear-Adm. Fanshawe as nus, Inspecting Field Officer of the Superintendent of Portsmouth DockMilitia in the Ionian Islands, to be yard. Lieut.-Colonel, vice brevet Col. Hon. A, 19. Capt. R. L. Warren to the Cressy, Dalzell, who exchanges; Major Ben. 80, screw-steamship. jamin Riky to be Lieut.-Colonel, vice 21. Comm. John W. Domville to the McManus; Capt. Andrew Green to be Cressy. Major.

22. Capt. Thomas S. Brock, addi16. Major-Gen. the Hon. Sir George tional to the Britannia, 120. Cathcart, K.C.B. (now serving as a 28. Capt. John Shepherd (1840) to Lieut.-General at the Cape of Good the Fisgard, flag-ship, for service as Hope), to be Adjutant-General to the Commodore Superintendent of WoolForces, vice Lieut.-Gen. Sir George wich Dockyard. ---Capt. George Ramsay Brown, K.C.B., resigned.-- 27th Foot, to the Euryalus, 50, screw steam-frigate. Lieut.-Col. Edward St. Maur, from 51st -- Capt. Sir Fred. W. E. Nicolson, bart., Foot, to be Lieut.-Colonel.-30th Foot, to the Pique, 40.-Capt. A. P. Ryder Major W. F. Hoey to be Lieut-Colonel ; to the Dauntless, 24, screw steam-friCapt. J. B. Patullo to be Major.--46th gate.--Capt. Charles Graham, C.B., to Foot, Capt. David Fyffe to be Major. be Naval Aide-de-camp to the Queen.

23. 60th Foot, Major C. H. Spence To be Captains : George A. Bedford, to be Lieut.-Colonel ; Capt. the Hon. James N. Strange, James Stoddart, and H. L. Powys to be Major.–63rd Foot, George A. Seymour.


PROMOTIONS. To be Commanders: Frederick H.

COLLEGIATE AND SCHOLASTIC APPOINTStevens, George P. Mends, Charles H. May, Fred. A. B. Craufurd, and Francis H. Shortt.

G. W. Dasant, M.A., Professorship of To be Captains on the Reserved List : English Literature and Modern HlisR. Hay; W. C. Browne, Felix Edwin, tory, King's College, London. J. L. Parkin, S. C. Umfreville, H. D. Rev. A. McCaul, D.D., Professorship Twysden, T. P. Dobree, T. Baldock, of Ecclesiastical History, King's Coland H. M. Ellicombe.

lege, London. To be Commanders on the Reserved Hon. and Rev. L. Neville, MasterList: W. P. Newenham, A. J. Clifford, ship of St. Mary Magdalene College, Thomas Strover, John Bowden, William Cambridge. Luce, Henry Lawless, John Parsons, G.

Rev. C. A. Swainson, Principal of the Raymond, and Peter Barnes.

Theological College, Chichester.


Civil PREFERMENT. Rev. W. Atkinson, Honorary Canonry

6. Capt. Sir Charles Hotham, R.N., in the Cathedral Church of Durham. K.C.B., to be Lieut.-Governor of the

Rev. W. F. Kaye, Honorary Canonry colony of Victoria. in the Cathedral Church of Lincoln.

Rev. W. Procter, Honorary Canonry MEMBERS RETURNED TO SERVE IN PAR. in the Cathedral Church of Durham.

LIAMENT. Rev. W. Sherrard, Prebend and Rectory of Inniskenny, dio. Cork.

Clonmel.-John O'Connell, esq. Rev. W. C. Williamson, Chancellor Warwickshire (S.).—Evelyn Philip ship of the Cathedral Church of Cloyne. Shirley, esq.



the expe

THE BRIDGEWATER CASE. was not necessary to enter into IN THE HOUSE OF LORDS.

the question whether the condi

tions were contrary to public policy August 19, 1853.

or otherwise. EGERTON, Appellant; BROWNLOW

An appeal against this decision AND OTHERS, Respondents.

was brought to the House of Lords,

the court of last appeal; that auThe leading facts of this very gust tribunal, constituted, as to remarkable case, which arose out its operative part, of those lawof the extraordinary provisions of yers and jurisprudents who have the will of the last Earl of Bridge- achieved, by the wisdom of a wellwater, and involved the diversion proven legal life, those dignities of estates valued at 70,0001. per which place them among the heannum from the sons of the last reditary legislators and councillors possessor and the natural heir of of the realm ; and whose judicial the testator, have been sufficiently decisions, based ирор set forth in the “Law CASES " of rience of the bar and the bench, the volume of the ANNUAL REGIS- are sanctioned by those hereditary TER for the year 1851.

peers, whose position places them, It is there recorded that the as a body, above all temptations to cause was argued with great ability unjust judgment. before the present Lord Chancellor, The result of the appeal to this then one of the Vice-Chancellors, tribunal upon the present occasion who, in giving judgment, stated was most remarkable. Upon orthat the only questions were, first, dinary appeals, whatever may be whether the conditions of the will the result, the decision, however by which Lord Alford and his unexpected, is seldom in direct heirs would become vested of the conflict with those of the ordinary estates in fee were conditions

pre tribunals. In the Bridgewater cedent or subsequent; and, se Case, the House of Lords took an condly, whether the conditions entirely independent view of the were or were not impossible, or case, and gave a decision not only contrary to public policy: and his directly reversing that of a most Lordship was clearly of opinion able and conscientious Judge, but that the conditions were conditions in utter conflict with the opinions precedent, and not having been of the ancient and constitutional complied with, that the estates assessors of their Lordships' House, passed over to the next substituted the Judges of the land. heir of entail; and his Lordship The case having been most carethought that, in consequence, it fully argued before the House of

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