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other duly-authorised person shall of the ports of the Republic of deem expedient.

Paraguay on British vessels, than In the same manner shall be those payable in the same ports treated and considered such Para. by Paraguayan vessels; nor in the guayan citizens as should arrive ports of Her Britannic Majesty's at the ports of Great Britain with dominions on Paraguayan vessels, cargoes in Paraguayan or British than shall be payable in the same vessels.

ports by British vessels. Art. III. The two high con Art. VI. The same duties shall tracting parties hereby agree that be paid upon the importation and any favour, privilege, or immunity exportation of any article which is whatever, in matters of commerce or may be legally importable or or navigation, which either con- exportable into the dominions of tracting party has actually granted, Her Britannic Majesty, and into or may hereafter grant, to the those of Paraguay, whether such subjects or citizens of any other importation or exportation be State, shall extend, in identity of made in British or Paraguayan cases and circumstances, to the vessels. subjects or citizens of the other Art. VII. All vessels which, contracting party, gratuitously, if according to the laws of Great the concession in favour of that Britain, are to be deemed British other State shall have been gra- vessels, and all vessels which, actuitous, or in return for an equi- cording to the laws of Paraguay, valent compensation, if the con are to be deemed Paraguayan vescession shall have been conditional. sels, shall, for the purposes of

Art. IV. No other or higher this Treaty, be deemed British duties shall be imposed on the vessels and Paraguayan vessels reimportation or exportation of any spectively. article of the growth, produce, or Art. VIII. British subjects shall manufacture of the two contracting pay in the Republic of Paraguay States, than are or shall be pay- the same import and export duties able on the like article being the which are established, or may growth, produce, or manufacture hereafter be established, for Paraof any other foreign country. No guayan citizens. In the same manprohibition shall be imposed upon ner, the latter shall pay in the the importation or exportation of dominions of Her Britannic Maany article of the growth, produce, jesty the duties which are estaor manufacture of the territories blished, or may hereafter be estaof either of the two contracting blished, for British subjects. parties into the territories of the Art. IX. All merchants, comother, which shall not equally ex manders of ships, and others, the tend to the importation or expor subjects or citizens of each country tation of similar articles to the respectively, shall have full liberty, territories of any other nation. in all the territories of the other,

Art. V. No other or higher to manage their own affairs themduties or charges on account of selves, or to commit them to the tonnage, light or harbour dues, management of whomsoever they pilotage, salvage in case of damage please, as agent, broker, factor, or or shipwreck, or any other local interpreter; and they shall not be charges, shall be imposed in any obliged to employ any other per

sons than those employed by other manner whatsoever, as also natives, nor to pay to such persons with regard to the administration as they shall think fit to employ, of justice, the subjects and citizens any higher salary or remuneration of each contracting party shall than such as is paid, in like cases, enjoy, in the dominions or terriby natives.

tories of the other, the same priThe subjects of Her Britannic vileges, liberties, and rights, as Majesty in Paraguay, and the citi- native subjects or citizens; and zens of Paraguay in the dominions shall not be charged, in any of of Her Britannic Majesty, shall these respects, with any other or enjoy the same full liberty which higher imposts or duties than is now or may hereafter be en those which are or may be paid joyed by natives of each country by native subjects or citizens; subrespectively, to buy from and sell ject always to the local laws and to whom they like, all articles of regulations of such dominions or lawful commerce, and to fix the territories. prices thereof as they shall see In the event of any subject or good, without being affected by citizen of either of the two conany monopoly, contract, or exclu- tracting parties dying without will sive privilege of sale or purchase; or testament, in the dominions or subject, however, to the general territories of the other contracting ordinary contributions or imposts party, the Consul-General, Consul, established by law.

or Vice-Consul of the nation to The subjects and citizens of which the deceased may belong, either of the contracting parties, or in his absence the represenin the territories of the other, tative of such Consul-General, shall enjoy full and perfect pro- Consul, or Vice-Consul, shall, so tection for their persons and pro- far as the laws of each country will perty, and shall have free and permit, take charge of the proopen access to the courts of justice perty which the deceased may have for the prosecution and defence of left, for the benefit of his lawful their just rights. They shall en heirs and creditors, until an exejoy in this respect the same rights cutor or administrator be named and privileges as native subjects by the said Consul-General, Conor citizens ; and they shall be at sul, or Vice-Consul, or his repreliberty to employ, in all causes, sentative. the advocates, attorneys, or agents Art. XI. The subjects of Her of whatever description, whom

Britannic Majesty residing in the they may think proper.

Republic of Paraguay, and the Art. X. In whatever relates to citizens of the Republic of Parathe police of the ports, the lading guay residing in the dominions of and unlading of ships, the ware Her Britannic Majesty, shall be housing and safety of merchandize, exempted from all compulsory goods, and effects, the succession military service whatsoever, wheto personal estates by will or ther by sea or land, and from all otherwise, and the disposal of per- forced loans or military exaction sonal property of every sort and or requisitions; and they shall not denomination by sale, donation, be compelled to pay any charges, exchange, or testament, or in any requisitious, or taxes, other or

higher than those that are or have the privilege of remaining may be paid by native subjects or and continuing such trade or emcitizens.

ployment therein, without any Art. XII. It shall be free for manner of interruption, in full each of the two contracting parties enjoyment of their liberty and to appoint Consuls for the pro- property, as long as they behave tection of trade, to reside in the peaceably and commit no offence dominions and territories of the against the laws; and their goods other party; but before any Con- and effects, of whatever description sul shall act as such, he shall, in they may be, whether in their own the usual' form, be approved and custody or entrusted to individuals admitted by the Government to or to the State, shall not be liable which he is sent; and either of to seizure or sequestration, or to the contracting parties may except any other charges or demands than from the residence of Consuls those which may be made upon such particular places as either of the like effects or property bethem may judge fit to be ex. longing to native subjects or citicepted.

zens. If, however, they prefer to The diplomatic agents and Con- leave the country, they shall be suls of Her Britannic Majesty in allowed the time ihey may require the Republic of Paraguay shall to liquidate their accounts and disenjoy whatever privileges, exemp- pose of their property, and a safetions, and immunities are or may conduct shall be given them to be there granted to the diplomatic embark at the ports which they agents and Consuls of any other shall themselves select. Cousenation whatever; and in like man quently, in the case referred to of ner, the diplomatic agents and a rupture, the public funds of the Consuls of the Republic of Para- contracting States shall never be guay in the dominions of Her Bri- confiscated, sequestered, or detannic Majesty shall enjoy what- tained. ever privileges, exemptions, and Art. XIV. The subjects or citiimmunities are or may be there zens of either of the two contractgranted to agents of any other ing parties, residing in the domination whatever.

nions or territories of the other, Art. XIII. For the better secu shall enjoy, in regard to their rity of commerce between the houses, persons, and properties, subjects of Her Britannic Majesty the protection of the Government and the citizens of the Republic in as full and ample a manner as of Paraguay, it is agreed that if, native subjects or citizens. at any time, any interruption of In like manner the subjects or friendly intercourse, or any rup- citizens of each contracting party ture should unfortunately take shall enjoy, in the dominions or place between the two contracting territories of the other, full liberty parties, the subjects or citizens of of conscience, and shall not be either of the said contracting par- molested on account of their reties who may be established in ligious belief; and such of those the dominions or territories of the subjects or citizens as may die in other, in the exercise of any the territories of the other party, trade or special employment, shall shall be buried in the public ceme

and respect.

teries, or in places appointed for change of the ratifications; and if, the purpose, with suitable decorum a year before the expiration of that

term, neither the one

nor the The subjects of Her Britannic other contracting party should anMajesty residing within the terri- nounce, by an official declaration, tories of the Republic of Paraguay its intention of putting an end to shall be at liberty to exercise in the effect of the said Treaty, it private and in their own dwellings, shall continue for a year longer; or within the dwellings or offices of so that in this case it shall cease Her Britannic Majesty's Consuls to be binding at the expiration of or Vice-Consuls, their religious seven years, counted from the rites, services, and worship, and to above-mentioned day of the exassemble therein for that purpose change of the ratifications. without hindrance or molestation. The Paraguayan Government

Art. XV. The Government of shall be at liberty to address to Her the Republic of Paraguay, as a Britannic Majesty, or to her reconsequence of the national law presentative in the Republic, the for the freedom of the offspring of official declaration agreed upon in slaves, binds itself to prohibit, in this Article. the most efficacious manner, all Art. XVII. Provides for the the inhabitants of the Republic ratifications. from trading in African negroes, Done at Assumption, the capital in accordance with the philan- of the Republic of Paraguay, on thropic policy of Her Majesty the the fourth day of March, in the Queen of England, for the aboli- year of Our Lord, one thousand tion of the above-mentioned traffic eight hundred and fifty-three.

Art. XVI. The present Treaty (L.S.) Charles HuthaM. shall be in force during six years, (L.S.) FRANCISCO S. Lopez. counted from the day of the ex



(Signed at Honolulu, July 10, 1851.-- Ratifications exchanged at Honolulu,

May 6, 1852. The preamble recites the contract- all the dominions of Her Britannic ing parties.

Majesty and the Hawaiian Islands, Art. I. There shall be perpetual a reciprocal freedom of commerce. friendship between Her Majesty The subjects of each of the two the Queen of the United Kingdom contracting parties, respectively, of Great Britain and Ireland, her shall have liberty freely and seheirs and successors, and the King curely to come, with their ships of the Hawaiian Islands, his heirs and cargoes, to all places, ports, and successors, and between their and rivers in the territories of respective subjects.

the other, where trade with other Art. II. There shall be, between nations is permitted ; they may

remain and reside in any part of Her Britannic Majesty of any the said territories respectively, article the growth, produce, or and hire and occupy houses and manufacture of the Hawaiian warehouses; and may trade, by Islands, and no other or higher wholesale or retail, in all kinds duties shall be imposed on the of produce, manufactures, and importation into the Hawaiian merchandize of lawful commerce; Islands of any article the growth, enjoying the same exemptions and produce, or manufacture of Her privileges as native subjects, and Britannic Majesty's dominions, subject always to the same laws than are or shall be payable on and established customs as native the like article, being the growth, subjects.

produce, or manufacture of any In like manner the ships of war other foreign country. Nor shall of each contracting party, respec- any other or higher duties or tively, shall have liberty to enter charges be imposed in the terriinto all harbours, rivers, and places tories of either of the contracting within the territories of the other, parties on the exportation of any to which the ships of war of other article to the territories of the nations are or may be permitted other, than such as are or may be to come, to anchor there, and to payable on the exportation of the remain and refit; subject always like article to any other foreign to the laws and regulations of the country. No prohibition shall be two countries, respectively. imposed upon the importation of

The stipulations of this Article any article the growth, produce, do not apply to the coasting trade, or manufacture of the territories which each contracting party re

of either of the two contracting serves to itself, respectively, and parties into the territories of the shall regulate according to its own other, which shall not equally laws.

extend to the importation of the Art. III. The two contracting like articles being the growth, parties hereby agree that any fa- produce, or manufacture of any vour, privilege, or immunity what other country. Nor shall any proever in matters of commerce or hibition be imposed upon the exnavigation, which either contract portation of any article from the ing party has actually granted, or territories of either of the two may hereafter grant, to the subjects contracting parties to the territoor citizens of any other State, shall ries of the other, which shall not be extended to the subjects or equally extend to the exportation citizens of the other contracting of the like article to the territories party, gratuitously, if the conces of all other pations. sion in favour of that other State Art. V. No other or higher shall have been gratuitous, or in duties or charges on account of return for a compensation as nearly tonnage, light, or barbour dues, as possible of proportionate value pilotage, quarantine, salvage in and effect, to be adjusted by mu case of damage or shipwreck, or tual agreement, if the concession any other local charges, shall be shall have been conditional. imposed in any of the ports of

Art. IV. No other or higher the Hawaiian Islands, on British duties shall be imposed on the vessels, than those payable in the importation into the dominions of samé ports by Hawaiian vessels ;

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