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TREATY relative to the SUCCESSION to the CROWN OF

(Signed at London, November 20, 1852.—[Ratifications exchanged at

London, February 1, 1853.)] In the name of the Host Holy and Indivisible Trinity. HER Majesty the Queen of the His Majesty the King of BaUnited Kingdom of Great Britain varia, the Sieur Augustus Baron and Ireland, the Prince President de Cetto, His Chamberlain, Comof the French Republic, and His mander of the Order of Merit of Majesty the Emperor of all the the Crown of Bavaria, and of the Russias, being desirous to con Order of Merit of St. Michael, solidate the order of succession to Grand Cross of the Royal Order the throne of Greece, which is of the Redeemer of Greece, Enroy placed under their common gua- Extraordinary and Minister Plenirantee; and acknowledging the potentiary of His Majesty the necessity, for this purpose, of King of Bavaria to Her Britannic placing the stipulations of Article Majesty; VIII. of the Convention of the The Prince President of the 7th of May, 1832, in harmony French Republic, the Sieur Alerwith the condition established by ander Colonna Count Walewski, Article 40 of the Hellenic Con- Commander of the National Order stitution; have resolved to con of the Legion of Honour, Grand clude a Treaty to that effect, in Cross of the Order of St. Januaconjunction with His Majesty the rius of the Two Sicilies, Grand King of Bavaria as a signing party Cross of the Order of Danebrog of to the Convention of 1832, and Denmark, Grand Cross of the with His Hellenic Majesty as a Order of Merit of St. Joseph of party directly interested in a trans- Tuscany, Ambassador of the action intended to secure the French Republic to Her Brifuture tranquillity of Greece. tannic Majesty ;

Their Majesties the King of His Majesty the King of Bavaria and the King of Greece Greece, the Sieur Spyridion Trihaving responded to that invita- coupi, a Senator of the Kingdom tion, the High Contracting Parties of Greece, Grand Cross of the have named as their Plenipoten- Royal Order of the Redeemer, of tiaries, that is to say:

that of St. Michael of Bavaria, Her Majesty the Queen of the and of the American Order of United Kingdom of Great Britain Isabella the Catholic of Spain, and Ireland, the Right Honourable Grand Officer of the Legion of James Howard Earl of Malmes. Honour of France, Envoy Extrabury, Viscount Fitzharris, Baron ordinary and Minister PlenipoMalmesbury, a Peer of the United tentiary of His Hellenic Majesty Kingdom, a Member of Her Bri- to Her Britannic Majesty; tannic Majesty's Most Honour And His Majesty the Emperor able Privy Council, and Her of all the Russias, the Sieur Philip Britannic Majesty's Principal Se- Baron de Brunnow, Knight of the cretary of State for Foreigu Orders of St. Alexander Newski Affairs ;

in diamonds, of the White Eagle,

of St. Anne of the first class, of of Greece must profess the reliSt. Stanislaus of the first class, of gion of the Orthodox Eastern St. Wladimir of the third class, Church.” having the Medal for the Cam Art. II. In conformity with the paign of Turkey, and the mark of third decree of the Hellenic Asdistinction for thirty years' ser- sembly, Her Majesty Queen vice, Grand Cross of the Order of Amelia, during her widowhood, is the Redeemer of Greece, Com- of right entitled to the Regency mander of that of the Crown of in the event of the minority or of Bavaria, and Knight of several the absence of the successor to the other foreign Orders, His Privy Throne, according to the condiCouncillor, Envoy Extraordinary tions of Article 40 of the Constiand Minister Plenipotentiary to tution. Her Britannic Majesty ;

Art. III. The present Treaty Who, after having communi. shall be ratified, and the ratificacated to each other their full tions shall be exchanged at London powers, found in good and due in the period of six weeks, or form, have agreed upon and signed sooner if possible. the following Articles :

In witness whereof, the respecArt. I. The Princes of the tive Plenipotentiaries have signed House of Bavaria entitled, under the same, and have aflised thereto the Convention of 1832, and under the seal of their arms. the Hellenic Constitution, to suc Done at London, the twentieth ceed to the Crown of Greece in day of November, in the year of the event of King Otho dying our Lord one thousand eight hunwithout direct and legitimate pos- dred and fifty-two. terity, cannot ascend the Throne (L.S.) MALMESBURY. of Greece unless they conform to


A. DE CETTO. Article 40 of the Hellenic Consti

(L.S.) A. WALEWSKI. tution, which is as follows:

(L.S.) S. TRICOUPI. “Every successor to the Crown


DECLARATIONS exchanged between the Governments of GREAT

BRITAIN and of the ROMAN STATES, for securing National Treatment to the Vessels and Commerce of the one Country in the other.

(Signed at Florence and Rome, November 17, 1853.) The Undersigned, Her Britannic on national vessels, nor on goods Majesty's Chargé d'Affaires at the imported or exported in British Court of Tuscany, having received vessels than are payable on the from His Eminence the Cardinal like goods imported or exported in Antonelli, Secretary of State of national vessels, has received the His Holiness Pope Pius IX., the commands of Her Majesty to deassurance that no other or higher clare: duties or charges are levied in the 1. That no duties of tonnage, ports of the Papal States on harbour, lighthouse, pilotage, quaBritish vessels than are payable rantine, or other similar or cor


responding duties, of whatever ports any article legally importnature or under whatever deno- able, and to export from British mination, levied in the name or ports any article legally exportfor the profit of the Government, able, on payment of the public functionaries, corporations, duties, and with a right to the or establishments of whatever kind, same bounties and drawbacks, as shall be imposed in British ports are or may be payable or allowable upon Papal vessels, from whatever in respect of the same articles if port or place arriving, which shall imported or exported in national not be equally imposed in the like vessels. cases on national vessels; and that 4. That all vessels which acno duty, charge, restriction, or pro- cording to the laws of the Papal hibition shall be imposed upon, States are to be deemed Papal nor any drawback, bounty, exemp- vessels shall, for the purposes of tion, or allowance withheld from, this Declaration, be deemed Papal goods imported into or exported vessels. from British ports in Papal ves 5. That the foregoing stipulasels, which shall not be equally tions shall not apply to the coastimposed upon or withheld from ing trade, which is reserved exsuch goods, when so imported or clusively to national vessels. exported in national vessels. 6. That if any ship of war or

2. That no other or higher merchant vessel of the Papal duties shall be imposed on the States shall be wrecked on the importation into the dominions of coasts of the British dominions, Her Britannic Majesty of any such ship or vessel, or any parts article the growth, produce, or thereof, and all furniture and apmanufacture of the Papal States, purtenances belonging thereuuto, than are or shall be payable on and all goods and merchandise the like article being the growth, which shall be saved therefrom, produce, or manufacture of

any or the produce thereof if sold, other foreign country. That no shall be faithfully restored to the other or higher duties or charges owners, upon being claimed by shall be imposed in the British them or by their duly authorised dominions on the exportation of agents.

If there are any article to the Papal States, owners or agents on the spot, then than such as are or may be pay- the said ships or parts of ships, able on the exportation of the like furniture, appurtenances, goods, article to any other foreign coun and merchandise, or the proceeds try; and that no prohibition shall thereof if sold, as well as all papers be imposed upon the importation found on board such wrecked ships of any article the growth, produce, or vessels, shall be delivered to or manufacture of the Papal States the Papal Consul or Vice-Consul into the British dominions, nor in whose district the wreck may upon the exportation of any article have taken place, upon being from the British dominions to the claimed by him; and such Consul, Papal States, unless such prohibi- Vice-Consul, owners, or agents, tion shall extend to all other shall pay only the expenses innations.

curred in the preservation of the 3. That Papal vessels shall be property, together with the salvage at liberty to import into British or other expenses which would

no such

have been payable in the like case claration, and shall remain in force of a wreck of a national vessel. for seven years, and further until The charge for such salvage and the expiration of twelve months other expenses shall be made and after notice shall have been given settled immediately, subject to by the British Government, or by such right of appeal on the part the Papal Government, for terof the person paying the same, as minating such reciprocal arrangemay exist in the British domi- ment. nions. The goods and merchan In witness whereof the Underdise saved from the wreck shall signed has signed the present Denot be subject to duties unless claration, destined to be exchanged cleared for consumption, in which against a similar Declaration on case they shall be liable to the the part of His Eminence the same duties as if they had been Cardinal Secretary of State, and imported in a British ship. has affixed thereto the seal of his

7. That the foregoing concessions are granted on condition of Done at Florence, the sevena perfect and entire reciprocity in teenth day of November, one favour of British vessels in the thousand eight hundred and fiftyports of the Papal States. They three. shall come into operation from and (L.S.) P. CAMPBELL SCARLETT. after the date of the present De- (L.S.) G. CARD. ANTONELLI.


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