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connoisseur that his French cook is the English Opposition—a third of said to have resigned in despair, as the nobility and a large portion of not being able to draw the attention the people-attacked the Ministry of his master by his choicest efforts. throngh their general, denying his

The Duke is supposed to have success and misrepresenting his viewed religious matters very much policy; and while combatting an en militaire. But for many years overwhelming enemy abroad, he he set an example to his peers by had to contend against the fierce inattention beyond a mere routine. vectives of his detractors at home. When in town, he constantly at- Afterwards, when neither his contended the Chapel Royal in St. summate military genius nor his James' Palace, or at Whitehall; at immense successes could longer be Strathfieldsaye, he appeared punc- denied—when he had returned to tually in the family pew of the England and received the rewards parish church, and, at Walmer, bis Sovereign and his country unawas never absent from the humble nimously bestowed – his political church of the hamlet.

life was intimately connected with Such are a few of the personal persons and parties who had, whatcharacteristics of one of the greatest ever their wisdom and patriotism, men England has produced—such, become hateful to a large part-to at least, as he appeared in the eyes a numerical majority-of the peoof his countrymen in the later years ple; and as the leaders of that of his life. For if the ancient say- party were removed in the course ing be true, “ that no man should of nature, and Wellington's emibe called happy till his death," the nence necessarily placed bim foreDuke of Wellington is a remark- most, he was considered the imable illustration of the wisdom of personation of a policy oppressive postponing our judgment to the alike to the interests of the counend; for no man affords a more try and to the liberties of Europe. eminent instance of the compen- Again, as time brought about its sations with which Fortune so fre- changes, and he sacrificed the reaquently balances her largest favours. son and prejudices of his life to The most successful general of his carry measures which, in his judgage, the brilliant actions with which ment, had become necessary to the he inaugurated the Peninsular War safety of the Empire, he encounwere neutralised by the incapacity tered the indignant hostility of the of his successors; the first cam- political friends of his past-men paign in which the Imperial arms of great worth, of his own rank had been avowedly worsted - in and House — and he alienated his which he had compelled the sur- friends without conciliating one render of a French Marshal and all opponent. To sum up in one his army, and had liberated a king. word, for twenty years after he dom—was decried by his country- had delivered Europe it was his men, and he was made to undergo evil fortune to be almost invariably the indignity of an inquiry. While unpopular. The clearness of his he was for years, by a wisely- perception justified to him the considered defensive warfare check- course he was taking, and the firming the torrent of invasion, and ness of his mind rendered him watching the moment when he unhesitating in pursuing it; but it should convert defence into victory, could never be other than a source

of disquiet, even to his strong cha- him, at an age protracted even racter, to be conscious that that beyond that extreme limit, with course was viewed with dislike and health of body and clearness of distrust by his countrymen. It mind; and his decease, free from was reserved for the Duke of sickness and suffering, appeared to Wellington to outlive these clouds his countrymen an exemption from upon his character and fame — to the ills to which humanity is suboutlive even the circumstances jected. which caused them; and when at By his marriage with the Hon. length these evil times had passed Catherine Pakenham, the Duke of away, and the real life of the man Wellington has left two sons to became visible to his fellow-men, inherit his name and dignities. The no day passed in which it was not elder, Arthur Richard, now Duke discovered that he had further of Wellington, born in 1807, marclaims upon the gratitude, love, ried in 1839 the Lady Elizabeth and veneration of mankind. It Hay, fourth daughter of the Marseems, indeed, as though Provi- quess of Tweeddale, but has no dence, which had conducted him issue. The younger, Charles, born through a life of so many successes, in 1808, married in 1844, Augusta chequered by so many trials, had Sophia Anne, only child of the reserved some of its special bless- Right Hon. Henry Manvers Pierreings for its close-the regard of pont, brother of Earl Manvers, and his Sovereign, the devotion of his has several children. friends, and the love of his coun The Duke of Wellington has trymen :--and though the Psalmist left a will, drawn by himself in declares the period appointed to 1818, immediately after Cantillon's humanity, and that “ though a man attempt to assassinate him. be so strong that he reach to four An account of his Public Funeral score years yet is his strength but has been given in the ANNUAL labour and sorrow," had blessed Register for 1852.

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P A T E N T S.

From January 1st to December 31st, 1853. It is frequently difficult to make an abstract of the lengthy descriptions given by the patentees of their inventions, sufficiently short for the purposes of this list and yet sufficiently accurate to indicate exactly the nature of the invention. It is hoped, however, that sufficient is given to afford to an inquirer the means of making more accurate researches in the official records.

A BADIE, parasols, July 29

Arrowsmith, shaping metals, July 12 Abate, printing on metals, Jan. 12 Arrowsmith, pumping machine, July 8 Abraham, percussion caps, June 28 Arrowsmith, spinning, Dec. 19 Adams, ball cartridges, Jan. 8

Asbury, railway carriages, April 9 Adams, railways, May 17

Asbury, dowles used in joinery, Sept. 21 Adamson, flushing apparatus, Sept. 21 Ash, stopping bottles, May 4 Adolph, ventilators, Jan. 12

Ashewhurst, pianofortes, Nov. 14 A dor, plastic materials, July 26

Ashpitel, fire-plugs and valves, Feb. 23 Adorno, cigars and cigarettes, Feb. 7 Aspdin, cement, Mar. 9 A gden, cotton-spinning, May 17

Aspinall, cane juice, Mar. 23 Aitchison, furnaces, Jan. 21

Astley, floating vessels, Mar. 30 Allan, propellers, Mar. 16

Aston, coating wood, Oct. 20 Allan, motive-power, Mar. 16

Atkinson, spinning flax, Mar. 9 Allchin, steam engines, June 8

Austen, mould candles, Sept. 15 Allen, telegraph protectors, Aug. 2 Austen, raising sunk vessels, Dec. 19 Allen, galvanic batteries, Aug. 2

Austin, ornamenting glass, Feb. 19
Allen, cleansing bottles, Oct. 14

Austin, reaping machine, Dec. 28 .
Allen, communicating intelligence, Oct. 27 Auguste, lace, Oct. 26
Allman, brushes, Dec. 31

Avins, bricks, July 28
Allport, buttons, Mar. 30

Ayckbourn, coating materials, June 21 Ambler, combing wool, Nov. 30

Ayckbourn, water-proof fabrics, Dec. 19 Amory, furnaces, Nov. 3

Aymard, treatment of fatty matters, Sept.29 Amos, centrifugal pumps, Feb. 19

Babb, hats, caps, and bonnets, Nov. 23 Anderson, ventilating, April 9

Babb, hats, caps, and bonnets, Nov. 25 Anderson, saponaceous compounds, June 28 Babonean, asphalte, May 10 Anderson, motive-power, Aug. 5

Baddeley,circular-motion apparatus, May31 Anderson, locomotive engines, Oct. 1 Baddeley, metal pipes, June 3 Andraud, railway, Dec. 24

Baddeley, label damper, Aug. 5
Andrew, window fasteners, Mar. 30 Baggs, extracting metals, Mar. 2
Appel, anastatic printing, Feb. 19.

Bailey, watches and clocks, Mar. 30
Applegath, embossing paper, Dec. 5 Baillie, fluids, Jan. 14
Applegath, letter-press printing, Dec. 9 Baily, fowl-medicine, Dec. 28
Apsey, ship building, &c., Mar. 30 Bainbridge, fishing-bait, Jan. 17
Archer, railway signals, July 15

Baines, railways, Nov. 3
Archibald, lighting and heating, Mar. 16 Baker, bricks, Sept. 8
Archibald, extracting oils, Mar. 6

Baker, revolving shutters, Nov. 19 Arding, thrashing machines, Sept. 21 Ball, looped fabrics, April 27 Armitage, dies, April 30

Balmforth, steam boilers, Mar. 16 Arney, enamelling pictures, April 13 Balmforth, steam hammers, Aug. 19 Arnold, hot baths, April 9

Banfield, extracting saccharine, Feb. 26 Arnold, book-binding, July 29

Banfield, preserving plants, Oct. 27 Arnough, towing, Dec. 5

Banfield, cutting roots, Oct. 27

Banks, lubricators, Dec. 12
Banwens, fatty matters, Jan. 13
Barclay, rotatory-engines, Aug. 9
Barker, sawing wood, Jan. 12
Barker, fastenings, Jan. 12
Barker, band joining, Mar. 23
Barker, turning machinery, Dec. 12
Barlow, cask stands, March 28
Barlow, cotton cylinders, March 30
Barlow, sulphuric acid, April 27
Barlow, twisting cotton, Nov. 28
Barnes, water plugs, Jan. 27
Barraclough, carpets, Dec. 9
Barrans, steam-engine boilers, Jan. 12
Barrans, steam boilers, Sept. 15
Barrett, treatment of stone, Oct. 29
Barrington, life boats, Sept. 1
Barse, soda water, April 9
Barse, lubricating axles, July 5
Barsham, railway communicating, Ang. 5
Barsham, drying bricks, Nov. 3
Barsham, charing peat, Nov. 8
Barsham, bricks, tiles, and blocks, Nov. 18
Barter, cutting roots, May 4
Bartlett, needles, Dec. 23
Barton, life boat bath, April 16
Bate, fire escape, Nov. 23
Bateman, carding wool, July 23
Bates, hosiery, Jan. 17
Bates, motive-power, Feb. 23
Bauer, steam-digging, Dec. 28
Baxter, steam valves, Aug. 5.
Baxter, ship-building, Dec. 12
Bayless, preventing smoke, Sept. 29
Beadon, propelling ships, March 2
Beale, steam engine, &c., March 19
Beales, tire-resisting cement, March 5
Beart, moulding of bricks, Jan. 12
Beatson, propelling ships, June 8
Beatson, propelling ships, July 23
Beattie, generating steam, April 2
Beaumont, woven fabrics, July 15
Beaumont, dwelling houses, July 26
Beaumont, buildings, Oct. 27
Beaumont, bricks and tiles, Nov. 28
Beauvain, wool machine, July 26
Behrens, generating steam, Nov. 9
Behrens, zinc, Nov. 9
Bell, treating iron and sulphur, Jan. 17
Bell, railway chairs, April 23
Bell, glass manufacture, June 28
Bell, valves, Aug. 19
Bell, liquid cement, Nov. 11
Bell, sulphuric acid, Nov. 23
Belleville, motive-power, May 4
Bellford, sewing machines, March 12
Bellford, steam boilers, March 12
Bellford, smo irons, March 16
Bellford, sewing cloth, March 16
Bellford, cocks or taps, March 23
Bellford, soda water, &c., March 28

Bellford, fire arms, April 6
Bellford, drying furnaces, May 20
Bellford, metal wind instruments, May 31
Bellford, printing music, July 15
Bellford, stoppering bottles, June 16
Bellford, power looms, June 21
Bellford, furnaces, June 21
Bellford, cleansing ores, June 21
Bellford, "battering” or “wadding," July 15
Bellford, life boats, Aug. 2
Bellford, bituminous makers, Aug. 8
Bellford, cutting crops, Aug. 27
Bellford, washing quartz or ore, Sept. 8
Bellford, saccharine matters, Nov. 2
Bellford, sawing machines, Nov. 2
Bellford, rotary engines, Nov. 19
Bellford, navigable vessels, Nov. 21
Bellford, treating flax, Nov. 23
Bellford, stove or kiln, Dec. 17
Bellford, magneto-electric machine, Dec. 28
Bellford, steam boilers, Dec. 28
Bellford, tunnelling, Dec. 30

iron structures, June 21
Bellhouse, steam boilers, Oct. 20
Bender, fire for smokers, April 16
Bennett, rovings of wool, Mar. 9
Bentall, harrows, April 27
Bentall, measuring power, July 15
Bentley, fire arms, June 3
Bentley, locks and keys, Sept. 8
Berard, hydraulic constructions, March 30
Berdam, amalgamating metals, Dec. 12
Bernard, ornamental leather, April 16
Bernard, glass, April 23
Bernard, advertising, May 17
Bernard, boots, shoes, and clogs, Sept. 29
Bernard, coating metals, Oct. 20
Bernard, extracting fluids, Nov. 11
Bernard, mechanical movements, Nov. 14
Berriedale, weaving, May 4
Berry, metal machinery, April 2
Berry, roasting coffee, June 28
Berry, machine printers, Oct. 20
Bertalacci, pneumatic penholder, April 13
Bertram, paper, July 5
Bessemer, cleansed sugar, May 4
Bessemer, crystallized sugar, May 4
Bessemer, saccharine fluids, May 4
Bessemer, saccharine solutions, May 4
Bessemer, waterproof fabrics, Aug. 19
Bessemer, sugar refining, Sept. 21
Bessemer, saccharine products, Sept. 21
Bessemer, refining sugar, Sept. 21
Bethell, steam-engines, April 20
Bethell, ores, April 23
Bethell, flax manufacture, Oct. 6
Betjemann, chairs, Nov. 9
Betteley, anchors, July 15
Betts, metallic capsules, Dec. 19
Biddell, culling vegetables, Sept. 8
Biddles, fabric machinery, April 20

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Bielefeld, portable buildings, Jan. 25 Bramwell, steam machinery, April 13
Bielefeld, billiard tables, &c., March 19 Bramwell, steam engines, May 31
Billing, metals, March 30, April 1

Brand, fire arms, Nov. 16
Billings, roofing buildings, Nov. 3

Breese, papier maché, July 26 Billows, gas burners, April 30

Breffit, glass-house pots, Dec. 9 Billyeald, looped fabrics, March 9

Bresson, propellers, Jan. 8 Einks, dryers and drying oils, Dec. 9 Brett, electric telegraph, Aug. 27 Biram, ventilating mines, Nov. 25 Brett, photography, Nov. 28 Birch, drains, May 7

Briggs, piled fabrics, Oct. 6 Bird, webs of saddles, Jan. 12

Brinsmead, reaping machines, April 9
Bird, vehicles, Aug. 9

Brinsmead, thrashing machine, April 9
Birkett, treating soap-suds, Aug. 2 Brisco, preparing flax, Nov. 28
Bissell, cramps, March 23

Brisco, heckling flax, Nov. 30
Bitten, steam-boiler gage, Sept. 29

Bristow, consuming smoke, Sept. 29 Blackwell, harness band, Sept. 8

Brockbank, pianofortes, Jan. 3 Blackwell, sadlery, Sept. 8

Brock bank, pianofortes, Sept. 29 Blades, cleansing sewers, June 16

Brodie, sailing vessels, April 9
Blair, waddings, March 30

Brodie, black lead, Nov. 23
Blair, supplying water in boilers, March 9 Brookes, looped fabrics, June 13
Blair, printing fabrics, lamp black, April 9 Brookes, treating fabrics, Dec. 9
Blair, steam boiler supplying, April 20 Brookes, boxes, Dec. 9
Blair, propelling vessels, Oct. 14 -

Brooman, tackle blocks, Jan. 24
Blair, railway breaks, Oct. 27

Brooman, vices, Feb. 16
Blair, cutting lapped cloths, Dec. 16 Brooman, diving bells, March 23
Blake, railway wheels, Oct. 12

Brooman, musical instruments, April 9
Blatin, buckles, Dec. 20

Brooman, fire arms, April 23 Bleackley, bleaching, March 2

Brooman, sugar manufacture, May 11 Blinkhorn, glass furnaces, May 17 Brooman, steam valves, May 20 Bloomer, anchors, Jan. 29

Brooman, safety valves, May 31 Boake, railway signal posts, Sept. 8 Brooman, saw mills, May 31 Boardman, looms, Jan. 29

Brooman, distilling apparatus, &c., June 7 Boggett ting by gas, July 5

Brooman, evaporating apparatus, June 10
Boggett, dioptric refractors, Dec. 9

Brooman, cables, July 28
Bohringer, soda and potash, June 17 Brooman, sail-hanks, Aug. 2
Boilesir, preserving vegetable subs., Apr.16 Brooman, paper, Aug. 23
Boilesve, desiccating apparatus, May 31 Brooman, pipes and tubes, Sept. 1
Bollivant, spoons and ladles, July 12 Brooman, measuring machine, Sept. 8
Bolton, gases explosion, April 27

Brooman, reaping machine, Sept. 8
Bonney, raising a pile, Nov. 14

Brooman, producing designs, Sept. 8 Boond, Jacquard looms, Dec. 29

Brooman, pulverizing gums, Sept. 29 Booth, chromate of potash, March 5 Brooman, inhaling tubes, Oct. 6 Booth, platting machine, March 16 Brooman, impressions, Oct. 20 Bothams, steam engines, Aug. 2

Brooman, coating threads, Oct. 27 Bousquet, manure, Sept. 15

Brooman, impressions, Oct. 27 Boutigny, distillation, May 4

Brooman, fuel, Oct. 27 Bouch, signals, Sept. 21

Brooman, hats, Nov, 3 Boura, sadlery and harness, Nov. 5 Brooman, anvils, Nov. 9 Bower, gas, Feb. 16

Brooman, fire arms, Nov. 23 Bower, pile-driving engines, Aug. 2 Brooman, pulp for paper, Dec. 9 Bower, carriage wheels, Aug. 3

Brough, plastic substances, June 28 Bowron, glass, May 17

Brown, ventilators, Jan. 22 Boyd, weaving, Nov. 14

Brown, navigation, Feb. 16 Boyd, chlorine, Oct. 20

Brown, furniture, Feb. 26 Boydell, bedsteads, April 27

Brown, navigating, March 9
Boyle, centripetal flange, Sept. 21

Brown, treating bituminous subs., Mar. 16
Brackenbury, muriate of soda, June 28 Brown, distilling apparatus, March 23
Bradbury, taking impressions, June 28 Brown, block sheaves, March 23
Braden, coffee-roasting apparatus, May 31 Brown, metallic bedsteads, April 16
Bradley, bricks and tiles, Dec. 5

Brown, improved furniture, March 30
Brady, knapsacks, Nov. 3

Brown, barometers, April 20 Brae, releasing cords, &c., May 27

Brown, smoke consumers, &c., June 8

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