Departments of State, Justice, and Commerce Appropriation Bill, 1954: Hearings, Eighty-third Congress, First Session on H.R. 4974

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Էջ 406 - Such plan shall specify in terms of general location and type of development, the projects considered l>y the Administrator to be necessary to provide a system of public airports adequate to anticipate and meet the needs of civil aeronautics...
Էջ 291 - Be it enacted . . . That the Supreme Court of the United States shall have the power to prescribe, by general rules, for the district courts of the United States and for the courts of the District of Columbia, the forms of process, writs, pleadings, and motions, and the practice and procedure in civil actions at law.
Էջ 407 - One-third in the ratio which the area of each State bears to the total area of all the States; one-third in the ratio which the population of each State bears to the total population of all the States...
Էջ 826 - The Administrator is hereby authorized and directed to prepare, and revise annually, a national plan for the development of public airports in the United States, including the Territory of Alaska, the Territory of Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.
Էջ 616 - Commission is hereby authorized and directed, under such rules and regulations as it may prescribe, to establish and maintain the United States Maritime Service as a voluntary organization for the training of citizens of the United States to serve as licensed and unlicensed personnel on American merchant vessels.
Էջ 404 - Administrator shall also consider the views and recommendations of the War and Navy Departments to the end that the airport development included in such plan may be as useful for national defense as is feasible...
Էջ 561 - ... (c) owned and operated under the United States flag by citizens of the United States insofar as may be practicable, and (d) composed of the best-equipped, safest, and most suitable types of vessels, constructed in the United States and manned with a trained and efficient citizen personnel. It is hereby declared to be the policy of the United States to foster the development and encourage the maintenance of such a merchant marine.
Էջ 409 - No project shall be approved by the Administrator with respect to any airport unless a public agency holds good title, satisfactory to the Administrator, to the landing area of such airport or the site therefor, or gives assurance satisfactory to the Administrator that such title will be acquired.
Էջ 290 - That there shall be at the seat of government an executive department to be known as the Department of Commerce and Labor, and a Secretary of Commerce and Labor, who shall be the head thereof...
Էջ 406 - ... shall, to the extent feasible, consult, and give consideration to the views and recommendations of, the Civil Aeronautics Board...

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