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Appearance of the Season.Beauty of Spring. A Party in the Fields.
“The Voice of Spring.”—Village-green.-Evening Scene.- Village de-
scribed.-Beauty of Cottages.-Landscape.-Green Lane.-Wild Flowers.

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Beauty of August-Spenser's description.-Picture of Harvesting.-- Ruth
and Naomi. — Ruth, the Reapers, and Boaz.—Harvest-home.-Herrick's
Hock Cart—Stevenson's description.-Remarks on Gleaning.- Privileges
of the Poor. - Old Customs. — China-Aster.—Hollyhock.- Amaranth ;
Milton, Moore. — Flowers.—August, origin of its name.- Decline of
Summer. Appearance of Scenery.- Folding of Flocks. - Willows, and
Water.—The Skylark.-Departure of Martlets.—The Ladybird.—Old Song.
- Appearance of the Sky.- Moles.-Blue Butterfly.-Lapwings.- Linnets.

-Harvest-mouse.—Love of the Athenians for Grasshoppers. — Falling-

stars.--Figures of Clouds.—Beauty of Solitude.—Trees.-Fallow.deer.-

Copse.- Description of a Glen.—Beautiful Scenery.— Fountain.-Water-

fall.–Sound of Waters.-Leigh Hunt's description of August.-Wind by

the Sea-shore.-Night-scene by Byron.

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Appearance of the Season.-Desolate Gardens.-Fox-hunting.–Scent.
-Quaint description of Autumn.-Drake's Autumnal Evenings.—Poetry ;
Southey.-Plenty.-Poachers.-Snaring Game.—Jack Woodcock's Defence
on Poaching.–Poetry ; Sir Walter Scott's Poacher.— The Stag.-Tiger and
Stag.-" Lady of the Lake.”—Poem.—Royal Stag-hunt.-Deer-stalkers.
-Fallow-deer.- New Forest Borderers. --Anecdote.-Fatal Mistake.-
Forests.—Pliny.-Man originally inhabited Forests. Ancient Britons.-
Julius Cæsar.-Old British Town.-Progress of Civilisation.—Mirror of
the Months, -Trees. - - Autumnal Landscape. — Evergreens. – Village
Church. - Old Birds' Nests. — Felling Wood.—Threshing.–Birds.-
Farmers.—Sheep.-Rains.-Winter Flowers.—Poetry,



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