Annual Report of the Commissioner of the General Land Office to the Secretary of the Interior

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Էջ 204 - Any party applying for patent as trustee must disclose fully the nature of the trust and the name of the cestui que trust,' and such trustee, as well as the beneficiaries, must furnish satisfactory proof of citizenship; and the names of beneficiaries, as well as that of the trustee, must be inserted in the final certificate of entry.
Էջ 204 - Where such person or association, they and their grantors, have held and worked their claims for a period equal to the time prescribed by the statute of limitations for mining claims of the State or Territory where the same may be situated, evidence of such possession and working of the claims for such period shall be sufficient to establish a right to a patent thereto under this chapter, in the absence of any adverse claim...
Էջ 309 - ... if any of said roads are not completed within ten years, no further sale shall be made and the lands unsold shall revert to the United States.
Էջ 204 - Where an adverse claim has been filed, but no suit commenced against the applicant for patent within the statutory period, a certificate to that effect by the clerk of the State court having jurisdiction in the case, and also by the clerk of the circuit court of the United States for the district in which the claim is situated, will be required.
Էջ 201 - ... the quality and composition of the soil, the kind and amount of timber and other vegetation, the locus and size of streams, and such other matters as may appear upon the surface of the claim.
Էջ 203 - An act to promote the development of the mining resources of the United States," approved May tenth, eighteen hundred and seventytwo.
Էջ 49 - ... at Beatrice, Nebraska, that they intend to occupy the land for authority to purchase which they make application, and who shall within three months from the date of such application make a permanent settlement upon the same, in tracts not exceeding one hundred and sixty acres to each purchaser...
Էջ 204 - Where an adverse claim has been filed and suit thereon commenced within the statutory period and final judgment rendered determining the right of possession, it will not be sufficient to file with the register a certificate of the clerk of the court setting forth the facts as to such judgment, but the successful party must, before he is allowed to make entry, file a certified copy of the judgment...
Էջ 204 - No, entry will be allowed until the register has satisfied himself, by careful examination, that proper proofs have been filed upon the points indicated in the law and official regulations. Transfers made subsequent to the filing of the application for patent will not be considered, but entry will be allowed and...
Էջ 28 - All exemplifications of patents, or papers on file or of record in the General Land Office, which may be required by parties interested, shall be furnished by the Commissioner upon the payment by such parties at the rate of fifteen cents per hundred words, and two dollars for copies of township plats or diagrams, with an additional sum of one dollar...

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