The Logic of Epistemology and the Epistemology of Logic: Selected Essays

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Somewhat like Henkin's nonstandard interpretation of higher-order logics, while the right semantics [or logical modalities is an analogue to the standard of type theory in Henkin's sense. interpretation Another possibility would be to follow W.V. Quine's advice to give up logi cal modalities as being beyond repair. Or we could also try to develop a logic of conceptual possibility, restricting the range of our "possible worlds" to those compatible with the transcendental presuppositions of our own conceptual sys tem. This looks in fact like one of the most interesting possible theories I have dreamt of developing but undoubtedly never will. Its kinship with Kant's way of thinking should be obvious. Besides putting the entire enterprise of possible-worlds semantics into a perspective, we can also see that the actual history of possible-worlds seman tics is more complicated than it might first appear to be. For the standard in terpretation of modal logics has reared its beautiful head repeatedly in the writings of Stig Kanger, Richard Montague the pre-Montague-semantics theorist, and Nino Cocchiarella.

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Is Alethic Modal Logic Possible?
Reasoning About Knowledge in Philosophy The Paradigm of Epistemic Logic
Are There Nonexistent Objects? Why Not? But Where Are They?
On Sense Reference and the Objects of Knowledge
Impossible Possible Worlds Vindicated
Towards a General Theory of Individuation and Identification
On the Proper Treatment of Quantifiers in Montague Semantics
The Cartesian cogito Epistemic Logic and Neuroscience Some Surprising Interrelations
How Can Language Be Sexist?
On Denoting What?
Degrees and Dimensions of Intentionality
Situations Possible Worlds and Attitudes
Questioning as a Philosophical Method
Index of Subjects
Index of Names
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Jaakko Hintikka is the author or co-author of thirty volumes and of some 300 scholarly articles in mathematical and philosophical logic, epistemology, language theory, philosophy of science, history of ideas and history of philosophy, including Aristotle, Descartes, Leibniz, Kant, Peirce, The Bloomsbury Group, Husserl and Wittgenstein. He has also been active in international scholarly organizations, most recently as the First Vice-President of FISP, Vice-President of IIP and Co-Chair of the American Organizing Committee of the Twentieth World Congress of Philosophy. He has been Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal Synthese and the Managing Editor of Synthese Library since 1965.

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