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In the registration of exports, by packets, from the dock, there is no discrimination between leaf and stems. The combined shipments during the past year were 4,660 hhds., against 2,417 the previous season, and 2,202 in 1857–8.

1858-9. 1859-60. Exports from dock....

.hhds. 2,417 4,660 Deduct stems, (assumed).

700 1,200


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Used by manufacturers, etc....

22,920 19,858 In estimating the quantity of tobacco used by manufacturers, the amount of " loose " sold in this market, the greater portion of which is purchased by them, is to be taken into consideration.


We have the following proximate indication of the proportion of stocks at the present time, and corresponding period of '58 and '59 :

1958. 1859.

1860. Virginia, 1st October...

10,800 13,810 25,431 New York, 1st September.

11,595 12,412 14,913 Baltimore, 1st September..

20,939 20,641 25,311 New Orleans, 1st September,

28,418 23,369 26,486

In United States..
London and Liverpool, 1st September.
Continental ports, 1st September...



92,031 35,939 15,667

Total hhds......

98,997 115,805 143,537 Increase over 1859, 27,732 hhds.

We annex our annual statistics of the business in manufactured tobacco.

Receipts. The receipts at Richmond during the past four seasons from the factories of Lynchburg, Danville, etc., were as follows :1856-7. ...pkgs 125,604 | 1858-9.....


154,896 119,290 1859-60.

169,035 Exporls.--The exports, by steamers, during the past three seasons, were as follows:

To New York. Philadelphia. Baltimore. Total. 1857-8..

..pkgs 108,352 36,217 86,393 230,962 1858-9..

149,945 41,435 123,761 315,141 1859-60..

114,041 34,366 126,868 275,275 The exports from the dock last season were 60,820 pkgs.; in 1858-9, 59,858


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pkgs.; and in 1857–8, 49,493 pkgs. The business of the year just closed com. pares with that of the previous season, as follows:

1858-59. 1859-60. Total export from dock...

.pkgs. 59,858 60,820 by steamers.

315,141 275,275 Aggregate coastwise exports...

874,999 836,095 Receipts by railroads and canal..

154,896 159,035 Product of eity factories, exported...... 220,103 175,060

PRODUCTION AND CONSUMPTION OF COTTON. The circular of Mr. GRIBBLE, cotton factor, New Orleans, gives the following table exhibiting the general production and consumption for twenty years, divided into periods of four years, together with the annual average of those periods and the annual percentage of increase, both in supply and demand, from one period to the other. It will be seen that the ratio of increase during the past four years has considerably fallen off, both in production and consumption, but especially in the latter :-


United States......
Other countries...,

1857-60. 1863-56. 1849–52. 1845-48. 1811-44. 14,580,000 12,570,000 10,200,000 8,620,000 7,730,000 3,596,000 3,140,000 2,700,000 1,560,000 1,600,000

Aggregate....... 18,176,000 15,710,000 12,900,000 10,180,000 9,800,000 Annual average......

4,644,000 3,927,500 3,225,000 2,545,000 2,332,500 Annual percentage of increase in U.S. over previous 4 years.. 4


A0. percentage of increase from
all sources over prev’s 4 years 4


Great Britain....... 8,880,000 8,190,000 6,660,000 5,760,000 5,130,000
Continent of Europe... 5,320,000 4,880,000 4,110,000 2,870,000 2,450,000
United States.

2,710,000 2,530,000 2,010,000 1,770,000 1,240,000


Aggregate.... 16,910,000 15,600,000 12,780,000 10,400,000 8,820,000 Appual average.

4,227,500 3,900,000 3,195,000 2,600,000 2,200,000 An. percentage of increase in G. B. over previous 4 years..... 23

4 An. percentage of increase in Continent in previous 4 years 41

104 45 An. percentage of increase in U. S. over previous 4 years...... 2


31 104
An. percentage of increase in all



TEXAS COTTON. The annual statement of the receipts of cotton at the Texas Gulf ports for twelve years is as follows. It was made up by Messrs. B. B. Baker and E. S. Bolling, of Galveston :Bales. Bales.

Baies. 1849.. 68,827 | 1853 .... 85,790 | 1857...

80,802 1850. 31,405 | 1854. 110,325 | 1858....

145,286 1851 45,900 | 1855. 80,737 | 1859.....

192,062 1852 62,433 1856. 116,078 | 1860.....


Total crop.


Total value. 1859-60

May 31

October 30 4,669,770 $308,865,280 1858-59

May 25 November 7 3,851,481 231,196,701 1957-58

June 17 November 19 3,113,962 178,959,396 1856-57 June 24 October

2,939,519 188,570,143 1855-56

June 14 October 24 3,527,845 150,109,804 1854-55

June 24 November 14 2,817,339 121,786,383 1853-54

June 15 October 25 2,930,027 126,723,667 1852-53

June 17

November 27 3,262,882 150,862,612 1851-52

June 12 November 6 3,016,029 135,676,305 1950-51

June 22 November 17 2,355,257 133,263,738 18-19-50

June 7 November 26 2,096,706 117,649,947


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GUANO EXPORT FROM THE CHINCHA ISLANDS, The guano export from the Chincha Islands from from 1st of January to June, amounts to 80,594 tons, in 108 vessels :--Ships.

Ships. Tons. England.... 56 49,892 Spain....

1,033 United States. 64 22,667 Reunion..

761 France.... 11 6,512 Australia...


848 Mauritius.

2,412 Hayana

1,212 Total.....

108 80,694 Martinique..

1,758 The net export from Peru from 1st January, 1856, to 31st December, 1850, is valued at $49,621,295.


COMMERCE OF THE PORT OF BOSTON AND CHARLESTOWN. Annexed is a monthly statement of the value of imports and exports of goods, wares, and merchandise entered during the month of September, 1860 :

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In addition to the instructions contained in Articles 247 of General Regulations of February 1, 1857, regulating the entry and delivery of articles belong. ing to foreign ministers,” collectors are instructed that, whenever packages, cases, boxes, &c., may arrive at their ports addressed to any foreign minister or charge d'affaires accredited to the government of the United States, they will abstain from opening the same, or disturbing the contents, but are enjoined to take careful charge thereof, and will advise the Department of State upon the subject, and await ivstructions from this Department before entry and delivery of said articles.


TREATY WITH CHILE. BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA-A PROCLAMATION. Whereas a Convention providing for the reference to an arbiter of the questions relative to a sum of money, the proceeds of the cargo of the brig Macedopian, between the United States of America and the Republic of Chile, was concluded and signed by their respective plenipotentiaries at Santiago on the the tenth day of November, one thousand eight hundred and fifty-eight; which convention, being in the Eoglish and Spanish languages, (the English only being here copied,) is word for word as follows :



The Government of the United States of America and the Government of the Republic of Chile desiring to settle amicably the claim made by the former upon the latter for certain citizens of the United States of America who claim to be the rightsul owners of the silver in coin and in bars forcibly taken from the possession of Captain ELIPHALET Smith, a citizen of the United States of America, in the valley of Sitana, in the territory of the former Vice Royalty of Peru, in the year 1821, by order of Lord Cochrane, at the time Vice Admiral of the Chilean squadron, have agreed, the former to name Joux BIGLER, Eovoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary of the United States of America. and the latter Don GERONIMO URMENETA, Minister of State in the Department of the Interior and of Foreign Relations, in the name and in behalf of their respective governments, to examine said claim, and to agree upon terms of arrange. ment just and honorable to both governments.

The aforesaid plenipotentiaries, after having exchanged their full powers, and found them in due and good form, sincerely desiring to preserve intact and strengthen the friendly relations which happily exist between their respective governments, and to remove all cause of lifference which might weaken or change them, have agreed, in the name of the government which each represents, to submit to the arbitration of His Majesty the king of Belgium the pending question between them respecting the legality or illegality of the above referred to capture of silver in coin and in bars, made on the ninth day of May, 1821, by order of Lord COCHRANE, Vice Admiral of the Chilean squadron, in the valley of Sitana, in the territory of the former Vice Royalty of Peru, the proceeds of sales of merchandise imported into that country in the brig Macedonian, belonging to the merchant marine of the United States of America.

Therefore, the above-named ministers agree to name His Majesty the king of Belgium as arbiter, to decide with full powers and proceeding ex æquo et bono, on the following points :

1st. Is, or is not, the claim which the government of the United States of America makes upon that of Chile, on account of the capture of the silver mentioned in the preamble of the Convention, just in whole or in part?

2d. If it be just in whole or in part, what amount is the government of Chile to allow and pay to the government of the United States of America as indennity for the capture ?

3d. Is the government of Chile, in addition to the capital, to allow interest thereon, and, if so, at what rate, and from what date is interest to be paid ?

The contracting parties further agree that His Majesty the king of Belgium shall decide the foregoing questions upon the correspondence which has passed between the representatives of the two governments at Washington and at Santiago, and the documents and other proofs produced during the controversy on the subject of this capture, and upon a memorial or argument thereon to be presented by each.

Each party to furnish the arbiter with a copy of the correspondence and documents above referred to, or so much thereof as it desires to present, as well as with its said memorial, within one year at furthest from the date at which they may respectively be notified of the acceptance of the arbiter.

Éach party to furnish the other with a list of the papers to be presented by it to the arbiter three months in advance of such presentation.

And if either party fail to present a copy of such papers, or its memorial, to the arbiter within the year aforesaid, the arbiter may make his decision upon what shall have been submitted to him within that time.

The contracting parties further agree that the exception of prescription, raised in the course of the controversy, and which has been a subject of discussion between their respective governments, shall not be considered by the arbiter in his decision, since they agree to withdraw it and exclude it from the present question.

Each of the governments represented by the contracting parties is authorized to ask and obtain the acceptance of the arbiter, and both promise and bind themselves in the most solemn manner to acquiesce in and comply with his decision, nor at any time thereafter to raise any question directly or indirectly connected with the subject matter of this arbitration.

This convention to be ratified by the governments of the res tive contracting parties, and the ratifications to be exchanged within twelve months from this date, or sooner, if possible, in the city of Santiago.

In testimony whereof, the contracting parties have signed and sealed this agreement in duplicate, in the English and Spanish languages, in Santiago, the tenth day of the month of November, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty-eight. JOIN BIGLER,

[1.. 8.] Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary of the United States of America. GERONIMO UPMENETA,

(L. 8.]

Plenipotenciario ad hoc. And whereas the said convention has been duly ratified on both parts. and the respective ratifications of the same were exchanged at Santiago, on the 15th of October last, by John Bigler, Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary of the United States, and GERONIMO URMENETA, Minister of Foreign Relations to Chile, on the part of their respective governments :

Now, therefore, be it known that I, JAMES BUCHANAN, President of the United States of America, have caused the said convention to be made public, to the end that the same, and every clause and article thereof, may be observed and fulfilled with good faith by the United States and the citizens thereof. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the

United States to be affixed. Done at the city of Washington, [L. s.] the twenty second day of December, in the year of our Lord

one thousand eight hundred and fifty-nine, and of the Independence of the United States of America the eighty-fourth.

JAMES BUCIIANAN, By the President:

LEWIS Cass, Secretary of State.


Treasury DEPARTMENT, September 26, 1860. SIR :-I acknowledge the receipt of your report, under date of the 29th ultimo, on the appeal of Messrs. MULLER & Kruger from your decision assessing duty at the rate of 30 per cent under the classification in schedule B of the tariff of 1857, of " comfits, sweetmeats, or fruit preserved in sugar, brandy, or molasses," on citron imported by them. The appellants claim entry of the article in question at the rate of 24 per cent under schedule C. It is understood that the mer. chandise in this case is the rind or skin of the fruit known as " citron preserved in sugar, and if such be the fact, it falls, in the opiniou of the Department, within the classification in schedule B to wbich you referred it on the entry, and the duty of 30 per cent imposed by the law on articles enumerated in that schedule was rightfully exacted. I am, very respectfully,

HOWĚLL COBB, Secretary of the Treasury. AUGUSTUS Scuell, Esq., Collector, &c., New York.

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