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Fulfilling treaty For fulfilling treaty with the Winnebagoes, viz: stipulations. To enable them to comply with their present engagements,

Expenses of and to cover the expenses of exploring and selecting their exploring, &c., their new home. new home, per fourth article of treaty of thirteenth October,

eighteen hundred and forty-six, forty thousand dollars; Expenses after For expenses of removal, same article and treaty, twenty removal. thousand dollars ;

Expenses of For expenses of subsisting them for one year after removal, subsisting. same article and treaty, twenty thousand dollars;

Breaking up For breaking up and fencing land, same article and trealand.

ty, ten thousand dollars ; Manual labor For establishing manual labor schools, same article and schools.

treaty, ten thousand dollars ; Mills.

For erection of mills, same article and treaty, five thousand

dollars ; Interest. For interest on eighty-five thousand [dollars, ] at five per

centum, same article and treaty, four thousand two hundred and fifty dollars.

Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the following sums, hereinafter mentioned, be, and the same are hereby, appropriated for the service of the current fiscal year, viz:

For fulfilling treaty stipulations with various Indian tribes, and for other purposes, viz:


Payment in mo. For payment in money, to enable said Indians to arrange ney.

their affairs and pay their just debts, to pay for their improvements, to purchase wagons, horses, and other means of transportation to their new homes, and to pay individuals for the loss of property, stipulated in the fifth article of the treaty of fifth June, eighteen hundred and forty-six, fifty thousand

dollars; Removal & sub. For removal and subsistence of said Indians, stipulated in sistence. the sixth article of said treaty, sixty thousand dollars.


Indemnity. For indemnity to the treaty party for losses and expenses

incurred in consequence of the treaty of eighteen hundred and thirty-five, stipulated in the sixth article of the treaty of sixth August, eighteen hundred and forty-six, one hundred

and fifteen thousand dollars ; Printing press. For payment to the Cherokee nation for a printing press,

materials, and other property destroyed, stipulated in the

eighth article of said treaty, two thousand dollars; Arms.

For indemnity to those whose arms were taken from them, previous to their removal west, same article of said treaty, five thousand dollars ;

For payment of this sum, being in lieu of all claims of the Claims. Cherokee nation, as a nation, prior to the treaty of eighteen hundred and thirty-five, same article of said treaty, twenty thousand dollars.

For expenses of removal of Choctaws from the State of Expenses of reMississippi, and for their subsistence for twelve months moval. thereafter, in addition to former appropriations, seventy-four thousand seven hundred and fifty-one dollars.

For payment of interest, in lieu of investment, on seventy- Interest. five thousand dollars, at five per centum per annum, to the Seneca Indians of New York, from the first of July, eighteen hundred and forty-six, to thirtieth June, eighteen hundred and forty-seven, stipulated in the act of June twentyseventh, eighteen hundred and forty-six, three thousand seyen hundred and fifty dollars.

For interest on the amounts awarded Choctaw claimants, Choctaw claimunder the fourteenth article of the treaty of Dancing Rabbit ants. creek, of the twenty-seventh September, eighteen hundred and thirty, for lands on which they resided, but which it is now impossible to give them, and in lieu of the scrip that has been awarded under the act of twenty-third August, eighteen hundred and forty-two, not deliverable east, by the third section of the said law, per act of third of March, eighteen hundred and forty-five, for the year eighteen hundred and forty-seven, forty-three thousand six hundred dollars.

To make good the interest on investments in State stocks Interest on in and bonds for various Indian tribes, not yet paid by the ves

State stocks and States, to be reimbursed out of the interest when collected, bonds. nineteen thousand five hundred and thirty-four dollars and nine cents.

To make good the interest on investments in State stocks and bonds for the Chickasaw tribe of Indians, not yet paid by the States, to be reimbursed out of the interest when collected, fourteen thousand nine hundred and sixty-three dollars and twenty-six cents.

For the reappropriation of this sum (carried to the surplus Reappropriafund) stipulated to be paid to the Chippewas, Ottowas, and tion in considePottawatomies, in consideration of a change of boundary oftason or cuanse the country ceded to said tribes at the treaty of Chicago, concluded on the twenty-sixth and twenty-seventh days of September, eighteen hundred and thirty-three, per supplementary article to said treaty, ten thousand dollars.

For the reappropriation of this sum (carried to the surplus Reappropriafund) to meet payments to certain Cherokee Indians for im- tion forimprove

ments abandonprovements abandoned, under the treaty of sixth May, eigh-ed. teen hundred and twenty-eight, three hundred and forty-three dollars and sixty cents.

Approved, March 1, 1847.

tments in

CHAP. 32.-AN ACT to establish a land office in the northern part of

Michigan, and to provide for the sale of mineral lands in the State of

[Sec. 1.] Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That all that portion of the public lands in the State of Michigan lying north of the boundaries of the Saginaw and Grand river land distriets in said State, commonly called the northern peninsula of the State of Michigan, with the islands in lakes Superior, Huron, and Michigan, and in Green Bay, the straits of Michiilimackinac, and the river St. Niary's,

within the jurisdiction of said State, be, and the same are Lake Superior hereby, included in a land district, to be called the Lake Suland district. perior land district, and for the sale of the lands in said dis

trict there shall be a land office established at such point

therein as the President of the United States may select. Sec'y of Trea Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the Secretary of sury shall cause the Treasury shall cause a geological examination and sur, amination and vey of the lands embraced in said district to be made and survey. reported to the Commissioner of the General Land Office.

And the President is hereby authorized to cause such of said

lands as may contain copper, lead; or other valuable ores, Six months’ no- to be exposed to sale, giving six months' notice of the times tice previous to and places of sales in such newspapers of general circulasale by the Pre- tion in the several States as he may deem expedient, with a

brief description of the lands to be offered; showing the number and localities of the mines known, the probability of discovering others, the quality of the ores, the facilities of working the mines, and the means and expense of transporting their products to the principal markets in the United States. And all the lands embraced in said district, not reported as aforesaid, shall be sold in the same manner as other lands under the laws now in force for the sale of the public lands, excepting and reserving from such sales section sixteen in each township for the use of schools, and such reservations as the President shall deem necessary for

public uses. All persons in Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That all those persons actual occupan- who are in possession, by actual occupancy, of any portion cy by lease from Sec'ry of War,

of the district described in the first section of this act, unmay purchase der authority of a lease from the Secretary of War, for the to the extent of, lease.

purpose of mining thereon, and who have fully complied with all the conditions and stipulations of said lease, may enter and purchase the same at any time during the continuance of such lease, to the extent of such lease, and no less, by paying to the United States therefor at the rate of two dollars and fifty cents per acre: Provided, That said entry and purchase shall be made to include the original survey

of such lease, as near as may be conforming to the lines of the



public surveys of sections and subdivisions thereof. And Persons in acall those persons who are in possession, by actual occupancy, for mining purof any of said lands, for mining purposes, under authority poses may pur. of a written permit from the Secretary of War, and who have chase as those visible landmarks and muniments as boundaries thereon, and holding under who have, in all other respects, complied with the conditions and stipulations contained in such permit, may enter and purchase the same, to the extent of the tract selected by them and reported to the Secretary of War, as required by said permit, and no less, in the same manner as those who hold uncler leases, and at the same price: Provided, such entry Entry and pur. and purchase be made before the day said lands shall be offer-chave

made before day ed for sale by order of the President. And all those persons of sale. who shall be in possession, by actual occupancy, of a mine or mines actually discovered before the passage of this act, and who shall pay the same per centum of rents as those who hold under leases, as aforesaid, shall be permitted to enter and purchase one section of land, and not less, to include such mine or mines discovered and occupied as aforesaid, by tiem, by paying to the United States the same price, and at the same time, as required of those who hold under permits aforesaid, and all rents accruing from such lessees or occupants shall be paid and delivered to such officers of the Government as the Secretary of the Treasury shall direct: Provided, That prior to any such purchase being made under Proof of possesthe provisions of this section, proof of possession and occu-sion and occupancy, as aforesaid, of the mine or mines claimed, shall be pancy. made to the register and receiver of the land district, together with the evidence of the payment of all rents due the United States, agreeably to such rules as may be prescribed by the Secretary of the Treasury for that purpose, which register and receiver shall each be entitled to receive one dollar for, his services therein: Provided, That an appeal from the decision of the register and receiver to the Secretary of the Treasury may be had under such regulations as the said Secretary may prescribe. And if two or more persons are in possession of the same section, the first occupant shall be entitled to a preference, unless the same can be so divided by legal subdivisions as to give to each the discovery claimed by him.

SEC. 4. And be it further enacted, That the said mineral Mineral lands lands shall be offered for sale in quarter sections, and no bid offered for sale shall be received at a less rate than five dollars per acre ; tions.

in quarter sec. and if such lands shall not be sold at public sale at such price, they shall thereafter be entered at private sale at that price: Provided, That no legal division or subdivision of any of No legal divi. said lands upon which there may be an outstanding lease or sions or subilileases from the Secretary of War unexpired or undetermin- ing leases to be ed, and which is actually occupied for mining purposes, and sold.


the occupants of which have complied with all the requisites of such lease or leases, and continue to perform the same, shall be sold until after the determination of such lease or leases by efllux of time; voluntary surrender, or other legal extinguishment thereof, except in such cases as are provided for in the third section of this act, and the lessees respectively shall be entitled to the privileges secured by said section upon the voluntary surrender of the lease or leases held by

them. Secretary of Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That the management the Treasury to and control of the mineral lands shall be transferred from the have control & management of

War Department, and placed under the jurisdiction and conmineral trol of the Treasury Department; and all books, maps, palands,

pers, instruments, and other property, procured to be used and employed in the management, survey, exploring, or conducting of said mineral lands by the War Department, shall be delivered over and made subject to the disposition of the

Secretary of the Treasury. President to au Sec. 6. And be it further enacted, That the President, by

com- and with the advice and consent of the Senate, so soon as a the sales, and sufficient number of townships are surveyed, and returns appoint register thereof made to the General Land Office, to authorize the And receiver.

commencement of the sales in said district, shall appoint one register and one receiver for the land office in said district, who shall reside at the place designated by the President for the land office, receive such compensation, give security, and discharge all duties pertaining to such office as are prescribed by law.

Approved, March 1, 1847.


CHAP. 33.-AN ACT to amend the act entitled “ An act to reduce the

rates of postage, to limit the use and correct the abuse of the franking privilege, and for the prevention of frauds on the revenues of the Post Office Departınent,” passed third of March, eighteen hundred and forty: five.

(Sec. 1.] Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Rep.

gresentatives of the United States of America in Congress asRates of com- sembled, That in lieu of commissions allowed deputy post. mission, masters by the fourteenth section of the act of the third of

March, eighteen hundred and twenty-five, the Postmaster General may allow, on the proceeds of their respectire offices, a commission not exceeding the following rates on the amount received in any one year, or a due proportion thereof for less than a year: On a sum not exceeding one hundred dollars, forty per cent.; on a sum over the first hundred and not exceeding four hundred dollars, thirty-three and one-third per cent, ; on a sum over and above the first

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