Caravan - The Story of Middle East

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Read Books Ltd, 23 մրտ, 2011 թ. - 408 էջ
No man could hope to draw together the various fields from which the materials of this book are derived if he were a scholar in any one of them. No one could feel less scholarly than I do. This becomes particularly evident when the subject of Arabic transliteration arises, as it always does in forewords to books on the Middle East. I have before me the handiwork of Hitti, Gibb, and Calverley, three men whose erudition and integrity are of the highest order, and yet I cannot find complete agreement among them.1

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CONTENTS Foreword List of Maps and Illustrations 1 The Picture and Its Pieces
Land Wind and Water
The Peoples Ancient and Marginal
The Semites
The Iranians
The Prophet and the
The Five Pillars of Islam
Strength in Diversity
The Village
The Camp in the Desert
Greener Pastures
Town and City
Shahs and Sultans
The Land of Insolence
The Ship and the Caravan
A Lesson in Austerity

More Peoples the Turks and Mongols
Differences Inherited and Acquired

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