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Houlston and Sons, 1872 - 472 էջ

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Էջ 320 - It seems to me a national benefit, and to every man or woman who reads it a personal kindness. The last two people I heard speak of it were women ; neither knew the other, or the author, and both said by way of criticism,
Էջ 361 - in this epistle; but he adds immediately, " I have got hold of the two first numbers of' The Hoggarty Diamond,' and read them with extreme delight. What is there better ?' he asks, defiantly : ' What is there better in Fielding or Goldsmith ? The man is a true genius ; and, with quiet and comfort, might produce
Էջ 385 - December; it is your birthday! But last year we did not drink it;—no, no ! My lord was cold, and my Harry was like to die ; and my brain was in a fever ; and we had no wine. But now—now you are come again, bringing your sheaves with you, my dear.' She burst into a wild flood of weeping
Էջ 359 - beautiful that homely realm of day-dreams, because there, in the embrace of that old cane-bottomed chair, Fanny one morning sat enthroned so bewitchingly,— " It was but a moment she sat in this place, She'da scarf on her neck. and a smile on her face ; A smile on her face. and a rose in her hair. And she
Էջ 384 - words, should now come home to us as so fitted for himself! Not that we believe that such praise is wasted,—even on the spirit of him who has gone,— ' Comes the blind Fury with abhorred shears, And slits the thin spun life ! " But not the praise,
Էջ 386 - she spoke ; she laughed and sobbed on the young man's heart, crying out wildly,—' bringing your sheaves with you,—your sheaves with you !' " But if ' Esmond' be, as a whole, our best English novel, Colonel Newcome is the finest single character in English fiction. That it has been surpassed by Cervantes, in ' Don Quixote,' we may, perhaps, allow, though
Էջ 326 - not alone ; A fair young form was nestled near me, A dear, dear face looked fondly up And sweetly spoke and smiled to cheer me,— There's no one now to share my cup.
Էջ 369 - knocker, you are knocked at!—oh undressed flunkey, sunning your lazy calves as you lean against the iron railings, you are paid!—by snobs!'' And thereupon awfully selecting this same "tremendous thought," as he terms it, for immediate illustration, " Look," he exclaims "at this grand house in the middle of the square. The Earl of
Էջ 359 - In tattered old slippers that toast at the bars, And a ragged old jacket, perfumed with cigars ; Away from the world, with its toils and its cares, I've a snug little kingdom up four pair of stairs.
Էջ 370 - peeping through the blind of his study at him now. Go thy way, Loughcorrib, thou art a Snob, a heartless pretender, a hypocrite of hospitality, a rogue who passes forged notes upon society." Yet, directly afterwards, the darkened face of the cynic dimples over with fun, as he depicts with- harmless

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