Paris Universal Exposition MDCCCLXXVIII.: The Catalogue of the United States Collective Exhibition of Education

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Printed at the Chiswick Press, 1878 - 123 էջ

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Common terms and phrases

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Էջ 45 - Washington, a department of education, for the purpose of collecting such statistics and facts as shall show the condition and progress of education in the several States and Territories, and of diffusing such information respecting the organization and management of schools and school systems, and methods of teaching, as shall aid the people of the United States in the establishment and maintenance of efficient school systems, and otherwise promote the cause of education throughout the country.
Էջ 44 - Truly America has a great future before her ; great in toil, in care, and in responsibility ; great in true glory if she be guided in wisdom and righteousness ; great in shame if she fail.
Էջ 27 - XXIV. Sectarian instruction is not given in the public schools. Religious, particularly sectarian, training is accomplished mainly in families and by the several denominations in their Sunday-schools or in special classes that recite their catechisms at stated intervals during the week. It is quite a common practice to open or close the public schools with Bible-reading and prayer. Singing of religious hymns by the entire school is still more common.
Էջ 19 - States in all degrees of formation, and their institutions present earlier phases of realization of the distinctive type than are presented in the mature growth of the system as it exists in the thickly-settled and older States. Thus States are to be found with little or no provision for education, but they are rudimentary forms of the American State, and are adopting, as rapidly as immigration enables them to do so, the type of educational institutions already defined as the result of the American...
Էջ 20 - It is obliged to train the pupil into habits of prompt obedience to his teachers and the practice of self-control in its various forms, in order that he may be prepared for a life wherein there is little police-restraint on the part of the constituted authorities.
Էջ 44 - ... the one condition of success, your sole safeguard, is the moral worth and intellectual clearness of the individual citizen. Education cannot give these, but it may cherish them and bring them to the front in whatever station of society they are to be found; and the universities ought to be, and may be, the fortresses of the higher life of the nation.
Էջ 46 - Warren]. 3. Facts of vital statistics in the United States with tables and diagrams; [by JM Toner].
Էջ 22 - Military precision is required in the maneuvering of classes. Great stress is laid upon ( 1 ) punctuality, (2) regularity, (3) attention, and (4) silence, as habits necessary through life for successful combination with one's fellow-men in an industrial and commercial civilization.
Էջ 42 - System of management and furniture of these establishments. Appliances for adult and professional instruction. Appliances for the elementary teaching of music, singing, foreign languages, bookkeeping, political economy, practical agriculture and horticulture, technology, and drawing. Appliances adapted to the instruction of the blind and of deaf mutes. Works of pupils of both sexes. Libraries and publications. CLASS 7.— ORGANIZATION AND APPLIANCES FOR SECONDARY INSTRUCTION.
Էջ 116 - Plans and models of day nurseries (crtaftw), orphan asylums, infant schools, and kindergarten ; system of management and furniture of such establishments ; appliances for instruction suitable for the physical, moral, and intellectual training of the child previous to its entering school. Plans and models of scholastic establishments for town and country; management and furniture for these establishments.

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