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Blessed be thy name, thou everlasting and almighty Father, for thy gracious protection and preservation of me this day!

Lord, thy mercies are not to be numbered : under a sense of them, and of my own manifold unworthiness, I am ashamed to lift up my face unto thee : but thou desirest not the death of a finner: thou didft send thy dear fon into the world, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life ; Lord, I believe, help thou mine unbelief : Lord, I re

I pent, I grieve, I lament for my mildoings; have mercy upon me, for thy great goodness ; for Jesus Christ's fake, pity, pardon, and blot out ali mine offences.

Graciously vouchsafe unto me thy fatherly affistance, and the comfort of thy blessed Spirit, that I may be preserved henceforth from all the defilements of iniquity: may serve thee with a pure heart and quiet mind, and bring forth fruits meet for repentance,

To thee, Lord, do Į humbly dedicate myself, my soul, and my body; strengthen my good resolutions, and preserve me from all the allurements of the world, the flesh, and the devil.

Accept my most unfeigned thanks, for all thy mercies vouchlafed to me, but especially for the bountiful provision made for my spiritual and temporal wants, in this house of refuge : Oh may thy bleffing descend on the heads of all its

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inhabitants ; may we be wise to know our own good, and to return the kindness of our benefactors in unceasing praise and thanksgiving ; bless them, o God, with thy choicest blessings : kindly remember all my friends and relations, and be merciful to all mine enemies : grant me thy full forgiveness, as truly, O Lord, as I forgive all those who have in any respect injured me.

Trusting on thy Providence, I lay me down to sleep: let my bed ever remind me of that hour when I shall lie down in death, to awaken no more in this world, under an awful sense of which may I live in constant preparation for that great event; which, if it should happen this night (as every moment of our frail life is uncertain,) O Lord most holy, O God most mighty, O holy and most merciful Father, for Jesus Christ's sake, have mercy upon me ; pardon all that is paft ; deliver me not into the bitter pains of eternal death ;

but take me under thy divine protection, and into thy kingdom of glory. Hear me, O Lord, for thy mercy is great, and thou · haft promised to receive the petitions of those who ask in thy dear Son's name ; relying on whofe all-fufficient merits, I conclude my imperfect prayers, in the words which he himself taught us.

Our Father, &c.

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A Family A Family Prayer for the Evening:

(From Archbishop WAKE).

To be read by one of the Superiors in cach Ward.

Emember not, Lord our offences, nor the

offences of our forefathers ; neither take thou vengeance of our sins; spare us good Lord, spare thy people, whom thoù haft redeemed with thy most precious blood, and be not angry with us for ever.

Answer. Spare us, good Lord.

O God, we confess, with shame and confusion of face, that we are not worthy of the least regard from thee, whom we have fo much offended, and whose patience and long suffering we have so often and grievously abused.

O Lord ! we have sinned, we have done wickedly, we have broken thy holy Commandments, by thought, word, and deed, by doing those things which thou haft forbidden, and leaving undone the things which thou hast commanded. And to make ourselves altogether finful, we have gone on in a continued course of fin and rebellion against thee; and have persisted in it, notwithstanding all the motions of thy holy Spirit, and the checks of our consciences to the contrary. Yea, this very day, we have not ceased


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to add new fins to all our former guilt* And now, O God, what shall we say, or how shall we open our mouths, seeing we have done these things ? O. LORD, to us belong shame and confusion of face, because we have rebelled against

but with thee there is mercy, therefore shall thou be feared. Have mercy upon us, O God, after thy great goodness, according to the multicude of thy mercies, do away cur offences wash us thoroughly from our wickedness, and cleanse us from our fins; and grant us grace so truly to repent of, and turn from our evil doings, that our iniquities may not be our ruin. Give us a deep sense of our sins past, and a hearty forrow and contrition for them. And fo endue us with the grace of thy holy Spirit, that for what remains of our lives, we may walk more circum{pectly before theę, redeeming the time, because 'the days are evil.

To this end, purify our fouls from all corrupt desires and affections ; mortify all our carnal lufts and appetites ; make us as constant and zealous to deny, as we have been heretofore ready to gratify and indulge them. Raise up a spirit of piety and devotion, of love and charity, of humility and self-denial within us; and grant that these, and all other Christian graces and virtues,

, may increase and abound in us; remove from

* Here let a short stop be made, for every one to call to mind, wherein fhe bas ofended the day before.

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us all envy, hatred, and malice, and whatsoever else is contrary to our duty towards thee, or towards our neighbour ; and so establish us in thy fear, that it may never depart from our minds ; but be a constant security to us against all those temptations which either the devil, the world, or our own felh, shall hereafter minister unto us, to draw us into sin, or to hinder us in our duty.

· More particularly, we pray thee to pity and pardon whatsoever we have done amiss this day : O let us not lie down to rest under thy displea: sure ! But grant us that forgiveness of our fins now, which we may never have any future op,

: portunity to ask of thee.

[Accept our most sincere thanks and praises for all thy mercies from time to time vouchsafed unto us, but especially for thy particular providence in the fingular blessings afforded us in this House; make us duly sensible of them, duly thankful for them; and grant us grace so to improve this precious season of mercy, that we may obtain thy favour, and recover our lost happi. ness; and be pleased to shed the riches of thy love, on the heads of all those who are any ways concerned in the management, government, or fupport of this charitable design ; return their kindness fourfold into their bosoms, and bless their benevolent endeavours to the welfare of their own, and of every soul who shall partake of their tender and liberal bounty.]


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