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is always pleasing, and will ever be acceptable, Should labour to promote, far as they may,

and think of means to further, not of objections to discourage, fo benevolent an undertaking.

Were you to behold a poor harmless animal, fallen into distress, and suffering in misery, and were able to reach out your Hand, and to help it; there is, I am sure, fo much compassion in the human mind, that few could fuffer themfelves to pass by it unregarding. How much rather then should we reach out our hands to the relief of many of our fellow-creatures, many of the softer and more defenceless fex, fallen into the pit of extreme distress, without any hand to relieve, and with but few hearts to compassionatë : and if unrelieved, speedily to perish in the utmost misery, and to breathe out from polluted Bodies more polluted souls, into a world of utter and everlasting woel who then would not exert all their efforts to save fuch bodies, to snatch such fouls from horror unspeakable!

This, we are convinced, will be the amiable conduct and proceeding of those of the SAME SEX, for whom we now plead ; and who, we are satisfied, can never be inattentive to the welfare, never unaffected by the calamities, of their fellow-creatures. You who have happily persevered in the pleasing paths of virtue, can best tell the comforts arising from so


delightful a conduct, and may easily guess the miseries of a different state. You; who have known the fatal pleadings of passioni, can more easily pity them, whom those pleadings have leduced and destroyed. And you, who are poffeffed of all the sweetnesses and delicacies of the tender mind, and a happier state, can more easily guess the extreme'misery which must arise to a female heart, from the foulness and horror of promiscuous prostitution ; and will, on these ac

. counts, be the more ready to reach out your pitying hand, and save from distress beyond the reach of description, many of your own sex, for whom, 'till this happy opportunity, no redress was provided. And while many of


feel the soft yearnings of the mother for the child that was suckled at her breast; while many of you glow with the tender warmth of a sister's love, and the generous affection of a beloved friend and companion ; think, oh' think of those unhappy mothers, who late were weeping over the daughters dear to them as a right eye, and nearer than the Itrings that hold the heart; of those sisters, those friends, who were lamenting over their friends and their filters, lost, as it seemed, beyond all possibility of hope ; oh, think of the joy, which many of them now feel, many have lately felt, many, we trust, will hereafter feel, on the recovery of the child, of the friend, that was



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dead, that was loft ; And as you wilh to diffuse such blessedness, for your beloved offsprings fake, join in the good work, and do all you can, to wipe the tears from these aged and afflicted eyes ; and approve yourselves at once, compassionate to your fellow-creatures, and grateful to your Saviour and your God. .

Your concurrence, MY BRETHREN, in this beneficent design, may reasonably be expected to the utmost. For generosity alone would not suffer us to be wanting in any endeavours for the advantage of that sex, to which life owes fo much of its sweetness, and felicity: to which we are indebted for the greatest and choicest of earthly comforts from the cradle to the grave: from whose tender and virtuous endearments, this world, otherwise lonely and afflicting, gathers, what of sweetness and serenity is found in it.

Motives of honour too should certainly much influence many, and thofe more especially who have teen instrumental in the undoing; or means of leading any into the path of destructive fures: If such reflect at all, the bitter up.. braidings of conscience will soon convince them that they cannot exert themselves too much, or too much endeavour to repair the ruin they have wrought. For only, in the filent hour, when passion is hulhed, and reason will hear, fuppose the wretched unfortunate introduced to



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misery, to disease, to death, and now about to perish in extreme distress ; suppose you heard her thus expoftulating :

" See to what thy un“bridled passion, and seducing luft, hath brought s me ! Late gay in beauty, and elegant in “ charms, thy heart was captivated, and every « art was used to win, and to destroy me. Thou

didft prevail; and I was undone! and soon, “ unkind and cruel 1 thy passion fated, I was a“ bandoned, and left to all the extremity of woe! $. Now see the sad end of thy triumph! Oh look

upon me, and see what cause thou haft to

exult! Behold these wretched tatters, which * scarcely cover my diseased limbs : where are ss the remains of their former gracefulness? * See, my tongue cleaves to the roof of my “ mouth with hunger and with anguish. But, * worst of all, my soul is tormented with every « forrow : dire consciousness of my past misdoc Rings, torments and wracks my heart, Oh see “me, hopeless and abandoned ; look and repent, " and amend thy ways! See body and soul « in early youth consign'd, the one to a fe66 vere temporal.; the other, mercy, mercy “ sweet father ! the other to an eternal


Oh then, as you are men, and if ever you have been so unfortunate as to be the fatal causes of such sorrow, now by sincere repentance, labour to obtain the great Redeemer's F 3



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pardon; and by a ready asistance of this Charity, calculated for the relief of such deserted sufferers, endeavour to make the best amends you are able for your fault *.

To conclude ; As you are Christians, unite in the good design: for it is intended to promote that work, for which your compassionate Saviour, died, the Salvation of Sinners : and you cannot be Christians, if you follow nor your master's example.

As you are Parents, whenever you view the children of your bofom, the daughters like lovely flowers blooming around you ; consider how often that very beauty hath proved a fatal snare to its poffeffor : Oh consider how much seducers throng around, whose rank passions have no law, and whose barbarous lusts have no mercy: And while you are thereby moved to the more diligent implantation of every virtue in the minds of your own children let

generous sympathy touch your hearts ; and join to wipe the tear from the aged father's eye'; to prevent the hoary head from going down to the grave in sorrow, by liberally aiding this charity ; which so many fathers may have cause to bless, and which, I am pleased to be able to observe to

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* My meaning in this Passage, tho' fufficiently plain te the candid reader, will be justified even to those of a different Character, if they will take the trouble to refer to Luke xix. 8.


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