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able objects must surely move compassion in every

humane breast. We are sensible of the honour done us by your Royal Highness's presence ; and especially by that condescending, yet princely, behaviour, which cannot fail to engage all hearts. Nor could We expect less from the Son of a PRINCESS, whose amiable conduct hath justly rendered her the univerfal object of British esteem ; From the BROTHER of a PRINCE, whose shining example and distinguished humanity give him a place in every Eng. lishman's affection: and of whom we might say the highest things, without the least suspicion of flattery, as we hope the greatest things, without the least

apprehension of disappointment.

We flatter ourselves, that your Highness's kind representation of the happy state of so many of our gracious Sovereign's people, restored from the most consummate diftress, from idleness, vice, and early ruin, to industry, virtue, and life, will diffuse a pleasure through your


Royal Family, but especially through our beloved Monarch's breast; anxious as He is, we know, for the preservation of his

peo. ple ; and will gain his approbation to fa benevolent a design. A design, allow me, Sir, with pleasure to remark, conducted by Gentlemen, perfectly convinced of the happiness of the present glorious establishment; and honoured, peculiarly, by the Presidency of one, whose valuable and excellent qualities, so well known to your Royal Highness, it would be impertinent in me to mention. As on every other account we think ourselves" happy in Lord HERTFORD's attachment ; so particularly, for that he was pleased to introduce

your Royal Highness amongft us.

EDWARD is a renown’d and a favourité name in British story; no less fam'd for martial than for munificent virtue : that your Royal Highness may, under the constant guidance of Heaven, nobly unite, in yourself, both these characters, and advance into action, amidst the concurrence of every favourable circumstance; and that under the continued protection of your il


lustrious House, our land may long enjoy its present great felicities, is the sincere with and most ardent prayer of,

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HÉ reasonableness of its precepts, and T.

the great agreement of its Doctrine to the necessities of mankind, are clear evidences of the Truth of Christianity, and satisfactory proofs that it comes from the Father of Wisdom, and the God of all Mercy. "Let every religion, which pretends to divine revelation, be examined in this view; the Heathen, or Mahometan, or whatever other opposite persuasion ; and they will be found wanting ; offensive to the best reason, and inadequate to the most pressing exigen. cy of human nature; That I mean, of pardon and reconciliation with an offended Deity ; of forgiveness and peace to the wounded consci

ence ;

ence ;
of assured grace and favour to the

and favour to the repent. ing and returning Sinner.

This was a discovery, a glorious and heavenly manifestation reserved for, and truly worthy of that Son of God, and Saviour of the world, who came to seek and to save that which was loft; who came to raise the Penitent from the gloom of despair to the light of enlivening hope; who. came to rescue Sinners from the bondage of sin at once, to set them free from the anguish of a wounded conscience, and to direct their feet under the guidance of gratitude and grace, into the happy paths of Obedience and Virtue.

We will brieffy, consider the Christian Religion, in reference to its great design ; and then Thew, how much comfort may be deriv'd from hence, to YOU especially, who have fought the shelter of this hospitable dwelling; which, like Heaven, opens its friendly doors for the reception of afflicteď and returning Penitencé : and which, of consequence, well deserves that regard and protection, which it finds, and, we trust, will continue to find, from the most virtuous and the most noble : from souls most enlarged by religion, from hearts most tenderly influenc'd by humanity.

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I. With an eye then to this good undertaking, let us consider the great and leading principle in


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