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ou, as in our ; th, as in thin; TII, as in this ; n, nearly like ng.

BANGALORE, bang'-ga-lorel, an important fortified t. of Hindostan, in Mysore. Lat. 12° 57' N. Lon., 77° 36' E. Pop. estimated at 60,000. (P. C.)

BANG'-KOK!, the present cap. of Siam, situated on both sides of the r. Meinam, about 30 m. from its mouth. Both banks of the river are lined with floating houses for the whole length of the town, amounting to 3 or 4 miles. Towards the river, these houses have covered platforms, where the various productions of China and of the country are exposed for sale; so that this portion of Bang-kok may be called a floating bazaar. The greatest number of the inhabitants are Chinese and their descendants. The houses, with few exceptions, are built of wood. Lat. about 13° 30' N., Lon. 100° 30' E. Pop. estimated at 90,000. (B.)

BANGOR, bang/-gor, a city in Caernarvonshire, Wales, near the N. entrance of Menai Strait, 9 m. N. E. of Caernarvon. Pop. 7,232.

BAN-GOR, a city of Me., cap. of the co. of Penobscot, on the W. bank of r. Penobscot, 30 m. in a straight line N. of Castine. It has a theological seminary, established in 1816. Pop. 14,432.

Bann, a r. of Ireland, which rises in the co. of Down, and flowing N. W. throngh Lough Neagh, enters the North Sea about 4 m. N. W. of Coleraine, after a course of near 80 m.

BAN-NOCK-BURN', a village of Scotland, in the co. of Stirling, 29 m. W. N. W. from Edinburgh, celebrated for a great victory gained by Robert Bruce over Edward II. of England, in 1314. Pop. 2,206.

BAN'-TAM, a t. of Java, in a prov. of the same name, on the N. E. coast of the island. Lat. 6° 2' S., Lon. 106° 9' E. It was formerly a great and populous city, but is now falling in ruins and almost deserted on account of the putrid miasmas which prevail here. (B.)

BANI-TRY, a t. of Ireland, in the co. of Cork, at the head of an extensive bay to which it gives its name. This bay contains three harbours, one near its entrance, secure and spacious, with water sufficiently deep for the largest ships. Pop. 4,275. (P. C.)

BAPAUME, bå-pomel, an ancient t. of France, in the dep. of Pas de Calais, 94 m. N. N. E. of Paris. Lat. 50° 6' N., Lon. 2° 52' E. Pop. in 1832, 3,071. (P. C.)

BAR-BAI-DỌs, or BARBADOES, the most eastern of the Caribbee islands, belonging to the English, who established a colony here in 1624. It is about 20 m. long and 10 m. broad. Area 166 sq.m. Entire pop. in 1830, 91,887. (P.C.) Bridgetown, the cap., is situated on Carlisle Bay, at the S. W. end of the island. Lat. 13° 5° N., Lon. 59° 40' W.-Inhab. BAR-BAI-DI-AN.

BAR-LE-Duc, bar'-leh-dük', a t. in the N. of France, the cap, of the dep. of Meuse, or the Ornain, (or'-nân',) a branch of the Marne, which is navigable to this place. It has various manufactures, but is particularly celebrated for its sweetmeats. Lat. 48° 47' N., Lon. 5° 10' E. Pop. 12,383. (B.)

BARU-BA-Ry, an extensive country, lying along the N. coast of Africa : bounded on the N. by the Mediterranean, E. by Egypt, S. by the Great Desert, and W. by the Atlantic. It embraces four great states or

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Fåte, får, fåll, fåt; mė, mét; pine or pine, pin; nů, nðt; õõ as in good ; divisions, viz., the empire of Morocco and the regencies of Algiers, Tunis, and Tripoli. BARBARY appears to have been derived from Berber, a name by which the Arabs designated the people of this region before the Saracen conquest. Some, however, derive it from barbarus (barbarian). A more particular description of this country will be found under the names of the respective states.

Barl-BỌUR, a co. in the N. part of Va., on the head waters of the Monongahela. Pop. 9,005.

BARBOUR, a co. in the E. part of Alabama, bordering on the Chattahoochee r. Pop. 23,632. Co. t. Clayton.

BARBUDA, bar-bool-dạ, one of the Caribbean islands, situated 27 m N. of Antigua. It is 15 m. long and 8m. broad, and as a castle in 17° 38' N. Lat., and 61° 51' W. Lon.

BARCELONA, bar-cél-d-nå, (Lat. Barlcino, Gr. Bapxuvwvo) a fortified city and port of Spain, the cap. of Catalonia, on the Medite ranean, in the midst of a delightful and highly cultivated country. It is well built, and contains eight colleges, besides several other scienti ic and literary institutions. Lat. 41° 21' N., Lon. 2° 10 E. Pop. 12),000. (B.) Adj. and inhab. Bar-CEL-0)-NI-AN.

BARCELONA, a 1. of S. America, in the republic of Venezuela, and cap. of a province of the same name. Lat. 10° 6' N, Lon. 64° 44' W. Pop. about 5,000. (B.)

BAREILLY, bar-ál-le, a t. of Delhi, Hindostan, and cap. of a district of the same name. Lat. 28° 23' N., Lon. 79° 16 E. Pop. above 66,000. (B.)

BARI-GAIN-TOWN', a small village and port of entry of N. J., in At. lantic co., about 4 m. from Great Egg Harbour.

Barr, bål-re, (Anc. Ba/rium,) an archiepiscopal t. of Naples, the cap. of a prov. of the same name, with a harbour on the Adriatic. Lat. 41° 8' N., Lon. 16° 55' E Pop. 19,000. (B.)


BARLETTA, bar-let/-tả, a t. of Naples, in the prov. of Bari, on the coast of the Adriatic, 112 m. E. N. E. of Naples. Lat. 41° 20 N., Lon. 16° 18' E. Pop. estimated at above 18,000. (B.)

BARNAUL, bar-noul, an important mining t. of Russia, in the government of Tomsk. Lat. 53° 20' N., Lon. 33° 26' E. Pop. about 8,000. (P. C.)

Barns'-ley, a t. of England, in the co. of York, 13 m. N. of Sheffield. Pop. of the chapelry, with an area of about 6 sq. m., 12,310.

BARN -STA-BLE, a co. of Mass., comprising the whole peninsula of Cape Cod, the Elizabeth and some other islands. Pop. 35,276.

BARNSTABLE, a port of entry, cap. of the above co., on a little bay to which it gives its name. Lat. 41° 42' N., Lon. 70° 19' W. Pop. of the township, 4,901.

Barn-STA-PLE, a seaport 1. of England, in North Devon, 34 m. N. W. of Exeter. Lat. 51° 5' N., Lon. 4° 4' W. Pop. 7,902. BARN-WELL, a dist. in the S. W. part of S. C., bordering on the Savau

Pop. 21,471. Seat of justice, Barnwell c. k.

nah r.

ou, as in our; th, as in thin ; Th, as in this; N; nearly like ́ng: BAROACH, bả-roch', a city of Hindostan, cap. of a dist. of same namo in the prov. of Guzerat, on the Nerbudda r., 25 m. from its mouth. Lat. 21° 46' N., Lon. 73° 14' E. Pop. in 1812, 32,716. (P. C.)

BA-RO-DẠ, a fortified city of Hindostan, cap. of a dist. of the same name, in the prov. of Guzerat. Lat. 22° 21' N., Lon. 73° 23' E. Pop. estimated at above 100,000. (B.)

BARRÈGES, bar'-raizhl, a village of France, in the dep. of the Upper Pyrenees, celebrated for its warm mineral springs. It is 4,259 feet above the level of the sea. Lat. 42° 53' N., Lon. 0° 4' E.

BARI-REN, a co. in the S. central part of Ky. Pop. 20,240. Co. t. Glasgow.

Barl-row, a r. in the S. E. of Ireland, which flows into St. George's Channel.

BAR/-Ry, a co. in the south-westerly part of Mich., a little N. of the Kalamazoo r. Pop. 5,072. Co. t. Hastings.

Barry, a co. near the S. W. extremity of Mo., bordering on Ark. Pop. 3,467.

BAR-THOL/-0-MEW, a co. in the S. central part of Ind. Pop. 12,428. Co. t Columbus.

BASEL, bảl-zel, (Fr. Bâle or Basle, bâl,) a canton in the N. of Switzerland, bordering on the Rhine. Area 185 sq.m. Pop. in 1826, 54,000. (B.)

Basel or BẦLE, the largest t. of Switzerland, cap. of a division of the above Canton, on the Rhine, by which it is divided into two parts. It has a university, which is by far the oldest in Switzerland, having been founded in 1460, and several other important literary institutions. Lat. 47° 34' N., Lon. 7° 35' E. Pop. including the suburbs, 22,204. (B.)

BASSANO, bảs-sål-no, a manufacturing and trading t. of Austrian Italy, in the prov. of Vicenza, on the E. bank of the Brenta, 24 m. N. by W. of Padua. Pop. 10,000. (B.)

BASSETERRE, båss'-tair!, the cap. of St. Christopher's, in the West Indies, situated on the S. side of the island. Lat. 17° 19' N., Lon, 62° 49' W.-Also, a t. on the W. side of Guadaloupe. Lat. 15° 59' N., Lon. 61° 45' W.

BASSORA, bảs-so-rå, or BASRA, a fortified city of Asiatic Turkey, situated on the right bank of the Shatt-el-Arab. Lat. 30° 25' N., Lon. 47° 35' E. Pop. estimated at about 60,000. (B.)

Bastia, bås-teel-å, the largest and most commercial t. of the island of Corsica, of which it was formerly the cap.; on the E. coast. Lat. 42° 41' N., Lon. 9° 26' E. Pop. about 10,000. (P. C.)

BA-TA-v!-Ạ. (See Int. XI.) A city and seaport of Java, on the N. coast. It is the cap. of all the Dutch possessions in the East Indies, and the first commercial t. of all Oceanica. (B.) Lat. 6° 12' S., Lon. 106° 53' E. Pop. in 1824, 53,861. (P. C.) Batavia, the cap. of Genesee co., N. Y., on the Albany and Buffalo

: railroad, 30 m. W.S. W. of Rochester. Pop. of the township, 4,461.

BATES, a co. in the W. part of Mo., bordering on the Indian Territory. Pop. 3,669. BATH, the chief city of Somersetshire, and one of the most beautiful

Fate, får påff; fát: me; mét; pine or pīne, pin; nd, not; öð as in good;

; ; towns in England, on the Avon, about 103 m. from London. It has long been celebrated for its hot mineral springs, which attract hither multitudes of strangers. This place appears to have been known to the Romans under the name of Aqua Calidæ, An interesting collection of Roman remains, found in this town and its vicinity, is deposited in the Bath Literary and Scientific Institution. Lat. 51° 22' 32' N., Lon. 2° 21' 30" W. Pop. 38,304.

Batu, a port of entry, in Lincoln co., Me., on the Kennebec, 16 m. from the sea. Pop. of the township, 8,020. Lat. 43° 54' N., Lon. 69° 47' W.

Batu, a co. in the central part of Va. Pop. 3,426. Co. t. Bath.

Bath, a co. in the N. E. part of Ky., bordering on the Licking r. Pop. 12,115. Co. t. Owingsville.

Baton Rouge (bat/-on roozh), East, a parish of La., on the left side of the Miss. Pop. 11,977. Seat of justice, Baton Rouge.

Baton Rouge, seat of justice of the above co., and cap. of the state of La., is on the Miss. r., about 90 m. W. N. W. of New Orleans. Pop. 4,000.

BATTAGLIA or LA BATTAGLIA, lå båt-tål-yả, a t. of Austrian Italy, 10 m. S. by W. of Padua, celebrated for its sulphurous baths. Permanent pop., 2,700. (B.)

BAUTZEN, bout/-sen, a t. of Saxony, situated on the Spree; cap of the circle of Upper Lusatia. Lat. 51° 12' N., Lon. 14° 25' E. Pop. about 12,000. (B.)

BA-VA'-RI-A (Ger. Baiern, bil-ern), a kingdom of Germany, consisting of two distinct portions. The one situated to the E. of the Rhine, constituting above seven-eighths of the whole kingdom, and commonly called the territory of the Danube and the Main, extends from 47° 18' to 50° 41' N. Lat., and from about go to 13° 46' E. Lon., and is bounded on the N. and N. W. by the principalities of Reuss and the states of Ducal Saxony, N. E. by the kingdom of Saxony, E. by Bohemia and Austria, S. by Tyrol and Vorarlberg, W. by Würtemberg, Baden, Hesse Darınstadt, and Hesse Cassel. The other portion of the Bavarian dominions, the territory of the Rhine, is situated on the W. bank of that river, and is completely disjoined from the preceding by the territories of Baden and Hesse Darmstadt. It extends from 48° 57' to 49° 50' N. Lat., and from 7° 6' to 8° 31' E. Lon. The total area of Bavaria is 29,493 sq. m. Pop. in 1833, 4,187,390. (P. C.) Munich is the capital.-Adj. and inhab. BA-VAI-RI-AN.

BAYAZID, bil-a-zeed, a t. of Armenia, at the base of Mount Ararat. Lat. 39° 28'N., Lon. 44° 13' E. Pop. estimated at above 15,000. (B.)

Bayeux, bå-yuh, a t. of France, in the dep. of Calvados, 17 m. W. by N. of Caen.' Lai. 49° 17' N., Lon. 0° 42 W. Pop. in 1832, 9,934. (P. C.)

BAYONNE, bå-yonn', a fortified and commercial t. of France, in the dep. of Lower Pyrenees and Landes, at the junction of the Adour and Nive, 2 or 3 m. above their entrance into the Bay of Biscay. The weapon called bayonet derived its name from this town, where it was first made. Lat. 43° 29' N., Lon. 1° 28' W. Pop. 14,000. (B.)

ou, as in our; th, as in thin; TH, as in this ; n, nearly like ng. Bayou, bil-oo, or more usually bil-o, a term confined chiefly to the state of Louisiana, signifying properly any stream which is derived from some other stream, or from a lake; in other words, any stream which is not fed by fountains. The word is supposed to be a corruption of the French boyaua derivation which is rendered more probable by the prevalent pronunciation, bil-o.

BÉARN, bà -ar, formerly a prov. of France, now forming a part of the dep. of Lower Pyrenees.

BEAUFORT, bul-furt, a co. in the E. part of N. C., intersected by the Pamlico r. Pop. 13,816. Co. t. Washington.

BEAUFORT, a dist. forming the S. extremity of S. C. Pop. 38,805. Seat of justice, Coosa watchie.

BEAUFORT, a port of entry; cap. of Carteret co., N. C., on the Atlantic coast, with a good harbour. Lat. about 34° 50' N., Lon. 76° 50'W.

BEAUFORT, a port of entry of S. C., in the dist. of Beaufort, on a small arm of the sea called Port Royal r.

BEAULEY, bol-le, a small r. of Scotland, in Inverness-shire, flowing into Murray Frith.–Also a village at the mouth of the above r.

BEAUMARIS, bo-md/-ris, a small t. of Wales; cap. of the co. of Anglesea, on a bay to which it gives its name, 3} m. from Bangor. Pop. 2,299.

BEAUNE, bone, a t. of France, in the dep. of Côte d'Or, famous for its wine. Lat. 47° 2' N., Lon. 4° 50' E. Pop. in 1832, 9,272. (P. C.)

BEAUVAIS, bo-val, (Anc. Bellov'acum, and Cæsarom'agus,) a t. of France; the cap. of the dep. of Oise, 41 m. N. by W. of Paris. Lat. 49° 26' N., Lon. 2° 5' E. Pop. above 13,000. (B.)

BEAVER, a co. in the W. of Pa., bordering on Ohio, and intersected by the Ohio r. Pop. 26,689. Co. t. Beaver.

BEC/-cles, a t. of England, in the co. of Suffolk, 98 m. N. E. of London. Pop. of the parish, 4,086.

Bed'-FORD, a t. of England; cap. of Bedfordshire, on the r. Ouse, 48 m. N. N. W. of London. Pop. of the borough, with an area of above 3 sq. m., 9,178.

Bedford, a co. in the S. part of Pa., bordering on Md. Pop. 23,052. Co. t. Bedford.

BEDFORD, a co. in the S. central part of Va., bordering on James r. Pop. 24,080. Co. t. Liberty.

BEDFORD, a co. in the S. central part of Tenn. Pop. 21,512. Co. t. Shelbyville.

Bed'-FORD-SHỊRE, an inland co. of England, N. N. W. of London, Pop. 107,936.

BEDOUIN, běd/-õõ-in, or BEDI-O-WEEN', (Arab. Bed/-å-weel.). The Bedouins are tribes of wandering Arabs, dispersed over Arabia, Egypt, and Barbary.

Beel-der, a t. of Hindostan; cap. of a prov. of the same name, now much decayed, and chiefly interesting for its magnifi rent ruins. Lat. 17° 55' N., Lon. 77° 34' E.

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