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ou, as in our; th, us in thin ; TH, as in this; n, nearly like ng. Rhine, 16 m. N. by W. from Speyer. A small canal connects it with the Rhine. Pop. 5,000. (B.)

FRANK/-FORT (Ger. Frankfurt, frånkl-foort) ON THE Main, a celebrated city of Germany, the cap of a small republic of the same name, and of the whole Gerrnanic confederation, is situated about 270 m. W.S. W. from Berlin, and 50 m. E. by S. from Coblentz. It stands on the right bank of the r. Main, across which there is a bridge, connecting it with Sachsenhausen (såk/-sen-houl-zen), one of its suburbs. Among the more remarkable edifices of Frankfort, may be mentioned the ancient cathedral, where the German emperors were formerly crowned; and the Rømer (now usually written Römer), in which is contained the Wahlzimmer (wåål/-tsim-mer), or Hall of Election, where the electors were wont to assemble for the purpose of electing the emperors of Germany: next to the Wahlzimmer, is the Kaisersaal (kil-zer-såål"), or Imperial Hall, in which the emperor, after his election, held his public dinner. Frankfort possesses a medical institute, founded in 1763, by the liberality of Dr. Senkenberg, to which is attached a botanic garden; the Senkenberg Society of Naturalists, with an extensive museum, is united to the above institution : a philosophical society: Stædel's Institute of the Fine Arts, which contains a choice collection of paintings: a public library, of 60,000 vols., &c. The ter ritory of the republic of Frankfort contains an area of about 91 sq. m. The entire population is estimated at about 60,000 (B.); that of the town 51,000, if we include the suburb of Sachsenhausen, with its 5,000 inhabitants. Lat. 50° 7' 30" N., Lon. 8° 36' E.

FRANKFORT or FRANKFURT ON THE Oder, a walled t. of Prussia, cap. of a circle of the same name, about 48 m. S. E. of Berlin. It possesses a gymnasium, and several other institutions for education. Lat. 52° 22' N., Lon. 14° 33' E. Pop. 22,000. (B.)

FRANKFORT, the cap. of the state of Kentucky, and the seat of justice of Franklin co., is situated on the Kentucky r., 64 m., in a direct line, S. by W. from Cincinnati. The railroad which connects Lexington with the Ohio, at Louisville, passes by Frankfort. Lat. 38° 14' N., Lon. 64° 40' W. Pop. about 4,000.

Franklin, a co. in the W. N. W. part of Me., bordering on Canada. Pop. 20,027. Co. t. Farmington.

Franklin, a co. in the N.W. part of Vt., bordering on L. Champlain and Canada. Pop. 28,586. Co. t. St. Albans.

FRANKLIN, a co. in the N. W. part of Mass., intersected by the Connecticut r., and bordering on Vt. and N. H. Pop. 30,867. Co. t. Greenfield.

Franklin, a co. in the N. E. part of N. Y., bordering on Canada. Pop. 25,102. Co. t. Malone.

Franklin, a co. in the S. part of Pa., S. W. of Harrisburg, and bordering on Md. Pop. 39,904. Co. t. Chambersburg.

FRANKLIN, a co. in the S. part of Va., on the head waters of the Staunton r. Pop. 17,430. Co. t. Rocky Mount.

Fate, får, fåll, fåt; mė, mėt; plne or pine, pin; nó, nột; öö as in good;

FRANKLIN, a co. in the N. N. E. part of N. C., intersected by the Tarr. Pop. 11,713. Co. t. Louisburg.

FRANKLIN, a co. in the N. E. part of Ga., on the head waters of the Savannah.' Pop. 11,513. Co. t. Carnesville.

FRANKLIN, a co. in Florida, at the mouth of the Appalachicola. Pop. 1,561. Co. t. Appalachicola.

FRANKLIN, a co. in the N. W. part of Ala., bordering on the state of Mississippi and the Tennessee r. Pop. 19,610. Co. t. Russellville.

FRANKLIN, a co. in the S. W. extremity of Miss. Pop. 5,904. Co. seat, Meadville.

FRANKLIN, a port of entry of La., cap. of St. Mary's parish, on the W. side of Bayou Teche.

FRANKLIN, a co. in the N.W. part of Ark., intersected by the Arkansas r. Pop. 3,929.

FRANKLIN, a co. in the S. part of Tenn., bordering on Ala. Pop. 13,768. Co. t. Winchester.

FRANKLIN, a co. in the N. part of Ky., intersected by the Kentucky r. Pop. 12,462. Co. t. Frankfort.

FRANKLIN, a co. in the S. central part of Ohio, intersected by the Scioto r. Pop. 42,910. Co. t. Columbus.

FRANKLIN, a co. in the S. E. part of Ind., bordering on Ohio. Pop. 17,968. Co. t. Brookville.

FRANKLIN, a co. in the S. part of Ill., about equidistant from the Mississippi and Wabash rivers. Pop. 5,681. Co. t. Frankfort.

FRANKLIN, a co. in the E. part of Mo., S. of, and bordering on the Missouri r.

Pop. 11,021. Co. t. Union. Frascati, frås-kål-te, (Anc. Tusculum,) a small but delightfully situated t. of Italy, in the Papal State, 12 m. S. E. of Rome. It is much resorted to in the hot season by the nobility of the capital. Permanent pop. about 4,300. (M.)

FRAUENBURG, froul-en-bõõrg'; a small t. of Prussia, remarkable as containing the tomb of Copernicus, who died here in 1543. Lat. 54° 21' N., Lon. 19° 41' E. Pop. 2,000. (B.)

FRAUSTADT, froul-stått, a manufacturing t. of Prussia, in the grandduchy of Posen, 46 m. S. S. W. of Posen. Pop. 5,800. (B.)

FRED'-ER-ICK, a co. in the N. part of Md., bordering on Pá. and the r. Potomac. Pop. 40,987.

FREDERICK, formerly FreDERICKTOWN, a city of Md., the seat of justice of the above co., iš 43 m., in a straight line, N. N. W. of Washington. It is a pleasant and regularly built town; its commercial prosperity will doubtless be considerably promoted by the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, which passes near it, and with which it is connected. Lat. 39° 24' N., Lon. 77° 18' W. Pop. about 6,028.

FREDERICK, á co. in the N. E. part of Va., a little to the left of the Shenandoah r. Pop. 15,975. Co. t. Winchester.

FRED/-ER-ICKS - BURG, the cap. of Spottsylvania co., Va., situated on the Rappahannock, about 50 m., in a straight line, N. of Richmond,

ou, as in our ; th, as in thin; TH, as in this; n, nearly like ng. with which it is connected by a railroad. Lat. 38° 34' N., Lon. 77° 38 W. Pop. 4,062.

Fred/-ER-IC-TỌN, the cap. of New Brunswick, situated on the r. St. John, at the head of sloop navigation. It is the seat of the College of New Brunswick. Lat. 46° 3' N., Lon. 66° 45' W. Pop. about 3,000. (P. C.)

FREIBERG, fril-biro, a walled t. of Germany, cap. of the Saxon circle of Erzgebirge, or Ore-mountains, and the centre of administration for the Saxon mines. It is situated near the east branch of the r. Mulde (mõõll-deh), about 1,200 ft. above the level of the sea. Freiberg has a mining academy of considerable celebrity, with a museum, which takes its name from the illustrious Werner, by whom it was founded, and a most valuable collection of models relative to the art of mining. Lat. 50° 55' N., Lon. 13° 19' E. Pop. 12,000. (B.) In 1540 it is said to have amounted to 40,000. (P. C.)

Fræll-Burg or fril-boorg, an archiepiscopal t. of Germany, in the grandduchy of Baden, cap. of the circle of the Upper Rhine, and the seat of a celebrated university, is situated about 100 m. S. W. of Carlsruhe. One of the most remarkable objects in this town is the Münster, or Cathedral, probably the most beautiful and perfect specimen of Gothic architecture in Germany. Freiburg contains a great number of literary and scientific institutions, and several charitable establishments. Lat. 48° N., Lon. 7° 53' E. Pop. 15,000. (B.)

FREISING, fril-zing, or FREISINGEN, fril-zing-en, a t. of Bavaria, about 20 m. N. N. E. of Munich, chiefly remarkable on account of its school for the blind, and other institutions for education. Lat. 48° 24' N., Lon. 11° 45' E. Pop. 3,200. (B.)

FREISTADT, fril-stått, a t. of Upper Austria, important on account of its position on the railroad which connects Gmund with Budweis, in Bohemia. Lat. 48° 29' N., Lon. 14° 22' E. Pop. 2,000. (B.)

FRÉJUS, frå -zhüce', (Anc. Forum Julii,) a t. of France, in the dep. of Var, situated on the coast of the Mediterranean, near the mouth of the r. Argens (ar'-zhản'). In the time of Augustus it was a large and handsome city, and was then the ordinary station of the Roman fleet in Gaul. There are some remains of the ancient ramparts, which appear to have enclosed a site five or six times as large as that occupied by the present town. Two of the Roman gates still remain, besides many other ruins. The name, Fréjus, is a corruption of Forum Julii; in the dictionary of Expilly, published in the middle of the last century, it is spelled Frejuls. Lat. 43° 26' N., Lon. 6° 44' E. Present pop. about 2,500. In the time of the first Roman emperor it amounted to 100,000. (B.)

FRENCH Broad River, one of the sources of the Tressee, rises in N. C., and, passing into Tenn., unites with the Holston, a few miles above Knoxville.

FREYBURG, fril-LÕÕRG, in French FRIBOURG, fre'-booR), a canton in

Fåte, får, fåll, fåt; mė, mét; plne or pine, pin; no, nôt; öð as in good; the N.W. part of Switzerland, bordering on the L. of Neufchâtel. The area is computed at 588 sq. m. Pop. in 1834, 89,192. (P.C.)

Freyburg or FRIBOURG, the cap. of the above, situated on the Sarine (så'-reen'), or Saane (såål-neh), a tributary of the Aar, about 17 m. S. W. of Bern. A part of the town is built upon a steep declivity of rock, where the roofs of several houses serve as a pavement for the street above. There is an iron suspension bridge over the Sarine, 885 ft. in length, and 170 ft. above the level of the river. It was erected in 1834, and is one of the finest in the world. Among the scientific and literary institutions of Freyburg, the Lyceum with a professorship of common and civil law; the Gymnasium; the College of the Jesuits; the Public Library; and the Cabinet of Natural History; may be mentioned. Lat. 46° 48' N., Lon. 7° 9' E. Pop. in 1834, 8,535. (P. C.)


FRIEDLAND, freed/-lạnd or freet/-lånt, a small t. in the N. extremity of Bohemia, from which the celebrated Wallenstein took the title of duke. Lat. 50° 57' N., Lon. 15° 8' E.—Also, a town of E. Prussia, on the Alle, remarkable for a victory gained by Bonaparte over the Russians and Prussians, in 1807, which led to the peace of Tilsit. Lat! 54° 26' N., Lon. 21° 1' E.

FRIENDLY or TONGA (tong!-a) ISLANDS, a group in the Pacific, situ. ted between 18° and 23° S. Lat., and 173° and 176° W. Lon. The inhabitants belong to the Malayan race. They are represented as an industrious, ingenious, and brave, but treacherous people. Their number is estimated at 200,000. (P. C.) The name of these islands was bestowed by Cook, because the inhabitants received him in so friendly a manner, though it is now known that they intended to kill him, and seize his vessels.

FRIESLAND, freez/-land, or VRIESLAND, or FRIESIA, freel-zhe-a, a prov: occupying the N. N. W. extremity of Holland. It is sometimes called, though not by Hollanders, West Friesland, in order to distinguish it from East Friesland, in Hanover. The area of Friesland is about 1,030

The pop. is estimated at 221,000. (P. C.) Leeuwarden is the chief town.-Adj. FRIESIC, freel-zik, and FRIESIAN or Frisian, freel. zhe-ạn; inhab. FRỊES/-LAND-ER, and Frisian* or FRIESIAN.

FRIESLAND, East, or Aurich, oul-rik, a principality in the N. W. part of Hanover. Emden is the chief town.

Frio, freel-o, a cape on the S. E. coast of Brazil. Lat. 22° 54' S. Lon. 41° 36' W.

sq. m.

* Frisian properly relates to the nation who formerly inhabited this and the neighbouring regions, and who are mentioned by Tacitus under the name of Frisii. They appear to have been a tribe of Germans. Those of their descend ants who are settled among the small islands on the western coast of Sleswick, preserve not only the name of Frisians, but many vestiges of their customs and dress. The Friesic language, which is quite distinct from the Dutch, in many points bears a striking resemblance to the English.


ou, as in our ; th, as in thin ; TH, as in this; N, nearly like ng. FRISCHE Haff, frishl-eh håff, i. e. “fresh bay;" or FrischIE SEE (Bay), “fresh sea,” an arm of the Baltic, lying between 54° 14' and 54° 43' N. Lat., and 19° 10' and 20° 30' E. Lon. Its length is near 60 m.; its greatest breadth is about 13 m. A number of rivers fall into this Haff, among which are two arms of the Vistula. It is connected with the sea by a strait called the Gatt, only about 12 ft. deep, and 3,000 ft. wide, and is separated from the Baltic by a strip of land called the Frische Nehrung (nd/-rõõng). Its name appears to have been given to it on account of the freshness of its waters--the necessary consequence of its receiving so many considerable streams, while the passage by which it communicates with the Baltic is so limited that it is impossible for the salt waters of that sea to be mingled with the con. tents of the Frische Haff to any considerable extent.

Friuli, fre-ool-le,* (It. pron. freel-00-le,) the most eastern prov. of Northern Italy, forrning a part of the Venetian territory. Friuli appears to be derived from the ancient Forum Julii, a Roman colony said to have been founded here by Julius Cæsar.

Frome or FromE SELWOOD, a t. of England, in Somersetshire, on the r. Frome, a branch of the Avon, 93 m. W. by S. from London. Pop. of the parish, with an area of 10 sq. m., 11,849.

FUERTAVENTURA, fwêr'-tå-ven-tool-rå, one of the Canary Islands, intersected by the parallel of 28° 30' N. Lat., and by the 14th meridian of W. Lon. It is about 60 m. long, and contains an area of 79 sq. leagues. Pop. 13,885. (P. C.)

Fulda, foõll-då, a t. of Germany, in Hesse Cassel, cap. of a prov. of the same name, on the little r. Fulda, a branch of the Weser. It has a lyceum, and several other establishments for education. Lat. 50° 34' N., Lon. 9° 44' E. Pop. about 9,000. (B.)

Fulton, fõoll-ton, a co. in the E. or E. central part of N. Y., N. W. of Albany. Pop. 20,171. Co. t. Johnstown.

Fulton, a co. in the N. part of Ind., a little N. of the Wabash r. Pop. 5,982. Co. t. Rochester.

Fulton, a co. in the N. W..part of III., bordering on Illinois r. Pop. 22,508. Co. t. Lewistown.

FUNCHAL, foon-shåll, the cap. of the i. of Madeira, is pleasantly situated on the S. coast, and defended by several forts. Lat. 32° 37' N., Lon. 16° 56' W. Pop. estimated at 20,000. (B.) Its commerce is exLensive, but unfortunately it has no harbour, and its road is unsafe in winter.

Fun-Dy, Bay of, situated between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, is about m. long; its greatest breadth is above 50 m. It is remarkable for the height to which its tide rises, which sometimes amounts to 70 ft.

FO'NEX (Dan. Fyen, fül-en), a fertile i. in the Baltic, belonging to

" a sea

Of glory streams along the Alpine height

Of blue FRIULI's mountains."-Childe Harold. Canto IV.

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