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The Bishop of Liege has published a message to both Houses. This paper pastoral letter, in which he entitles Bo- exhibits a striking view of the political naparte the return of their prayers; and commercial Itate of that country, another Cyrus; the hero of Europe to particularly, as far as relates to the celrettore the ruins of Jerusalem; and the son of Louisiana to France, which meaSolomon of the aye."

sure is evidently viewed with alarm hy An Ukase has lately passed in Rusia, the American Government. The Preby the express desire of the Emperor, fident speaks of it as effecting a matehy which the Nobility of that Empire rial change in the aspect of their foreign are fully empowered to carry on Whiole. relations; and it is expected to become fale and Maritime Commerce, without the subject of very serious discussions. forfeiting thereby their titles, or rights. It is satisfactory to know that a perfect

A letter from Conftantinople, dated understanding prevails between Amethe 24th of December, fays, “ Sidky rica and Great Britain ; as the message Effendi, who has left us with a par- speaks in high terms of the spirit of ticular commillion for London, is said juftice by which our Ministers have

to be the bearer of different infignia of been actúated, in the abolition of the · the Order of the Moon, of Medals, &c. duties, and countervailing duties per

to be given to the Officers who distin- mitted by the Treaty of 1794. guished themselves in the campaign of A mail from Jamaica has brought Egypt.

advices relative to St. Domingo; but Dejiruetion of a Fleet of Pirates.--A they only relate to the transactions letter from Bombay itates, that on the previous to the death of Leclerc :- 29th of July, the Swift was ordered to they itate, that he difarmed the whole proceed to the relief of an out-port, of the fixth regiment of men of colour called Ainoorang, near Amboyna, which for cowardice, and attempting to join was infelted by the Magindanao pirates, the Brigands, and with their wives and who had a fleet of forty large proas, families, had them conveyed on board and hzd landed 1200 men, with twelve an old transport, which was scuttled pieces of brass ordnance. On the ift and funk. The whole harbour was of August, in the afternoon, the Swift foon covered with dead bodies; the came up with the pirates, and opened poisonous itench arising from their a cannonade upon them, which conti. putrid state, and the heat of the weanued till half past nine. The Swift ther, occafioned a dreadful mortality was surrounded with islands, and apon both afloat and on fhore. In one French a dangerous l'eef: the, however, cap. frigate lying in the harbour, out of 270 tured two: one the paired over, and men, 200 died in fix weeks. Every cut in two ; leventeen others were ran day boats full of dead bodies were seen alhore; and about fix hundred of the drawing towards the fore; the letter enemy are supposed to have perished fays, the French Officers publickly de. during the conflict. The Company's clare the affair of the conquest of St. frisimients upon the Celebes, as well Domingo is similar to the butiuess of as granaries completely stored, have Quiberon with the Emigrants, in 1795. thus been protected by the dispersion A letter from Cape Francois, of the of these pirates, who had overrun the 29th of November states, that about whole of the Sangir iflunds; reduced three weeks before, the Brigands were the capital T iroon to ashes, and carried nearly in possession of the town, but

200 female captives, besides an engagement had subscquently taken malo sa many of whom perished by the place, which terminated to the advananack; one only of the former wils tage of the French troops. No less faved by the Swift, and only one of the than 2,000 of the Blacks were taken pirates from the wreck of the proa, prisoners, who, after being tied hands which had been run down. Each of and legs together, were thrown into the enemy's sellels carried from sixty the sea at a small distance from the tucighey me, one lixor eight-pounder town. Another letter, dated about the hra's gan forward, besides many smaller with of November, speaks of a scene one's, with mutkets, lances, sie much more atrocious : on one day no

less than 6,000 Blacks were first bayonAMERICA.

eted, and then thrown overboard withAmerican papers to the 17th Dec. out ceremony. A garrison, consisting State, that Congress assembled on the of goo Blacks, are represented to have 15th, when the President fent a long been carried off by poison, administered


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by the agents of the French General. which arrived at New York on the 7th Some letters mention, that the French January, from Billeterre, reports that employed particular veilels, called the Government forces the American flifiers, into which multitudes of the vessels to take from the island all their Blacks are thrown indiscriminately, and convicts. He was detained two days, deitroyed by means of burning brim. and they put three on board his veilci Itone. It is to be hoped, that these --they informed him that tey would reports will prove exaggerations. send off some in all the American

By the Ainerican papers to the 12th vessels, till they got rid of them.Jan. it appears that the Americans Captain S. further adds, that the Blacks expect to be deprived of the navigation were nearly subdued ; that ten days of the Misillippi, as soon as the French before he failed, the Black General, hall have taken poífellion of Loui- Palermo, was surprised in his camp by fana.

a company of Huilars, and put to From official accounts, it appears that flight, fixteen Blacks were killed, and the finances of the United States are nine taken prisoners. Their whole now richer by the sum of 8,085,517 force did not amount to more than dollars, than they were eighteen months fixty or seventy ; that the frigates that fince.

were at New York, with the Negrues, A dispute lately took place in Ame- had returned, and that they had been rica between Mr. Rutledge, of South- landed on one of the Saints, where Carolina, and a Mr. Ellery, of Rhode they were undergoing their last exami. Iland, on public affairs. Mr. R. chal

It is supposed they will be lenged Mr: E. who declined; but Mr. hanged or burned. R. having met him at an inn, beat him Three hundred houses, comprising with a cane, pulled him by the nole, nearly a quarter of the town of Portia &c. A motion has been made by Mr. mouth, in America, were destroyed by Gray, in the House of Representatives, fire on the morning of the 26th of that any person who fights a duel thají December. The lo's is estimated at be rendered incapable of holding any upwards

upwards of 500,000 dollars, and almost public itation in the United States. every English goods Merchant has been

Captain Spear, of the Baltimore, burnt out.



for his money.

Army. A PLAN, formed by the Duke order on the nearest collector of taxes

of York for the benefft of Oficers in the Army has lately been Jan. 26. This evening w. Colpromulgated. Its object is, that on quhoun, Esq.of Eliton Lodge,near BedTelling a commitsion, the Officer whose ford, put an end to his exiitence in the property it is shall send in his resigna- Portland Coffee house, by cutting his tion to the Commander in Chief, who throat almost from ear to ear, and will offer it, at the regulation-price, to wounding himself in the belly, and both the oldest Officer of next inferior rank his arins He was in a room by himto the person retiring. Should he not felf, and the horrid spectacle was dishave it in his power to purchase, it will covered by the waiter. then be offered to the relt downwards; 30. An immense crowd of persons and want of means can never be a de- allembled on the Serpentine River for triment to any Officer but at that im- the amusement of skaiting; when an mediate time, as the same offer will accident happened, which was nearly be made on every subsequent occa- attended with serious consequences : fion.

the ice giving way, two ladies, two It is in contemplation to make the gentlemen, and a young girl funk ftipend of Half-pay Oficers payable pohite the house' eltablished by the without expence, in their own districts. Humane Society, and were with disiBy the regulation intended, a Half-pay culty extricated, without further injury Oncer will have but to tranfinit 'his than ubat arofe from the fright. They certificate, properly attested, to the proved to be Mr. and Mrs Sinplon, of War Vifice, and he will receive an New Bridge-street, Blackfriars, a Mr.


parent health:

and Mrs. Graham, and Miss Drink, of men who have perihed. The Ame,

rican Conful, his wife and child, were Mr. Nalder has been elected Under with difficulty faved at Bridlington City Marthal, in the room of Mr. Can- Quay, and were brought on ihore ner, deceased,

nearly naked in an open boat. FEB. 1. This evening a fire broke 9. Captain Chilcot, of the Navy, out in the timber-yard of Meffrs. Hall was found dead at his lodgings in and Laxton, Tottenham Court Road; Bath: he had arrived there from which consumed their workshop, and á Windsor the preceding evening, in apJarge ftock of deals adjoining:

A few evenings ago, a horrid murder A woman named Gwillim, died last was committed in Greenwich Hospital, week at Leigh, in Worcesterthire, by one pensioner upon another. The aged 110, and who, at the day of her perpetrator had been guilty of a breach death, law and heard as well as at any of duty in the College; for which, on period of her life. the charge of a fellow-pensioner, he was The following lingular circumstance deprived of two months pocket-money, was recorded as a fact in the Bath and reprimanded. Exasperated at this Herald :- Last week a porter took a circumstance, he went at midnight into heavy fack to the door of a lady at the deceased's apartment, and with a Clifton, demanded half a crown for poker, beat out his brains at a single the carriage, and delivered a letter ta blow. The murderer then examined the servant, requesting it might be imthe next room, where an old pensioner mediately given to the lady ; but on lay, intending he should share a similar the servant returning, the messenger iate if he appeared awake, left he might had decamped, and left the lack behind have heard what had passed. The man him. On examining its contents, to had heard the blow; but pretending their great astonishment, they found to be asleep, the murderer left him upwards of 400 guineas! It appears, and retired to his own cabin :--the that during the late rebellion in Ireman got up, alarmed the guard, and land, the manfion of the lady had secured him. The Coroner's Jury re- been plundered to a very considerable turned a verdict of Wilful Murder, amount, and by the letter it appeared

3. Early in the morning a fire broke that this was part of the spoil, which out at the house and offices of Mr. Ha- fome punetilios of conscience bad milton, printer, in Falcon court, Fleet- caused to be restored to the owner ; itreet; by which the whole of the pre- the letter also contained a promise that mises were destroyed, and several ad- measures should be taken to regain as joining houses much damaged. The much as possible of the remaining proproperty consumed is estimated at

perty, and which should as faithfully 11,000l. and an insurance was effected be restored." to the amount of 3000l. only. No Lord St. Vincent was presented latt lives were lost, This unfortunate week with a fnuff-box, . having the confiagration arose from the carelessness picture of the Prince of Brazil, richly of an apprentice boy.

fet with diamonds, on the cover, as a Effiets of the late Storms.–The Pier mark of his esteem for his Lordship's at Scarborough has been materially in- services, during the time he comjured; and the waves were at times so manded the British Fleet in the Meviolent, as to carry away the immense diterranean, and on the coast of Pora stories of which it is composed.

tugal. Such a quantity of scz weed was Badini, a foreigner, who for some thrown on the thore at Burnitun, the time past has regularly defended all estate of Sir F. Boynton, that there the measures of the French Governwas os,ocolo:d of this maiuc. There ment in a Sunday Newspaper (and were daily to be seen from 50 to 70 which Paper was the only one suffered carts und waggons carrying it into the to te circulated in France) Iras been country; and it is ima: in d there will sent out of this country under the be a quantity sufficient io manure the Alien Ak. estate for two years. The benefit to Aboo Talib Khan, who was lately the tenants is eitimated at 12001. in this city, in December last palled

Along 11° whole of the East Riding through Conftantinople, on his way to cat of Yorkhire, are to be seen India. He has presented to the Turkish wieks of veltels, and the dead bodies Government the manuscript of a fa. mous Arabian Dictionary translated vending them to the young ladies. into Persian.-See a Portrait and Me- Mr. Garrow conducted the prosecumoir of bim in our XLth Vol. p. 163. tion; and a person named Gray, whose


14. The Guildhall Sessions opened evidence the prisoner's Countel inefbefore the Lord Mayor, Recorder, fectually attempted to discredit, proved and Aldermen; when Ann Brown was the offence, and the Jury found him indicted for twenty-three allaults on Guilty. Ann Harris, a child of 11 years old, A woman named Aiken (whose hurher apprentice to pin-head making. band is now suffering the sentence of The prosecution was brought on by the law for felling 'obivene prịnts) was the overseers of Billiopsgate parish; convi&ted of the like offence. There but in consequence of the coroner's are two other indictments against her. verdict, the prisoner had been acquit. 21. This morning were executed, ted of the capital part of the offence. on the top of the New Prison, in It appeared that the prisoner had re- the Borough, the following Traitors : peatedly given the deceased child four. Edward Marcus Despard, Thomas Broughteen strokes at a time with a cane; ton, Jobn Francis, Arthur Graham, John that she used to knock her head againit M'Namara, John Wood, and James Sedga leaden weight, and that, though her wick brattan. (See Page 135.) health was impaired, an Newman, Tyndal, and Lander, who continually stood by her, and her were recommended to mercy by their mistress expected her to produce fix Jurors, have been respited during pleaounces of manufactured pins in an sure, hour, in default of which, pins were By order of his Majesty, the cutting run into her arms and body till the out of the heart of the malefactor, blood flowed from the wounds. At quartering, &c. was dispensed with.-one time two steel files were broken by They were drawn on hurdles, hanged, beating her over the head ; and at and their heads cut off.-(Some Parti. another, the prisoner placed her on the culars in our next.) hob of the grate, with a log of wood Last week, the gamekeeper to G. suspended from her feet, and her arm Shiffner, Esq. of Comb-place, near extended up the chimney, holding a Lewes, discovered in the river, a small brick-bat for two hours. The pri- distance above Barcomb-mill, jammed foner was sentenced to three years between a willow stump and the shore, imprisonment in Newgate. Her hur. a dead pike, of an extraordinary lize. band, who had been indicted with her, It measured in length, from eye to lately died in prison.

fork, four feet, was one foot thick T. Robinson, a printer's apprentice, across the back, and weighed, in its was convicted of biting the faces of two waited state, 40lbs. Its confined situa. girls whom he met in the street and tion is attributed to the rapidity of the pretended to kils. The prisoner made current, during the late food, when it no defence, and was sentenced to a is supposed this enormous fish fought a year's imprisonment in Newgate. lodgement, from which it could not

15. A lad, of Cattor, Lincolnshire, extricate itself, and consequently was who had been witness to the execution itarved to death. of Pidgeon, at Peterborough, was ex. A few days since, the body of Mr. plaining to his younger brother the J. E. Carpenter, 1chool. maiter, manner in which the culprit made his Cheddingly, Suflex, was found lifeless exit ; and, to make his representation on the highway. He is supposed to the more striking, he fastened a rope have died through fatigue and the inover a beam in the barn, got on a lad- elemency of the weather. der, and placed a noose round his neck; Accidents by Fire.--Miss Warren, of when his foot nipped, and before the Falmouth, fome mornings fince, reachfamily could be alarmed he was dead. ing for something on the chimney.

Court of King's Beneh, Saturday, Feb. piece, her clothes caught fire, wliei, 19.–One Bertazzi, an Italian, was pro- having ineffectually endeavoured to fecuted by the Society for the Suppref- extinguith the flames, the ran into the fion of Vice, on two several indict. itreet with intent to leap into the sea, ments, for having published a book which is clo'e to her house. About and prints of an immoral tendency, man seting her danger, run and wrapped and having gone to different female a large sea coat round her, and preserved boarding Schools, for the purpose of her life,

A melaucholy



MARRIAGES-MONTHLY OBITUARY. A melancholy accident occurred a few from the Brewers to the House of Com. days fince, at the house of Mr. Holmes, mons is stated to be, to obtain an Act of Scalford, near Leicetter. The house to prevent private families from brewing having been repaired, a chafing-dith, their own beer ; or, what is tantamount, with ignated charcoal, was put into the that every private houfe thall be laid open female servants' room, with a strict in- to the vilits of the Exciteman, who is junction to remove it to an adjoining to gauge the barrels and ascertain the room on going to bed, and to leave their strength of their contents ! door open ; instead of which, they kept Yellow Fever,-A Gentleman lately it in their room, and shut the door. In returned from Martinique communicates the morning they were found in a Itate of a simple remedy which he has known to fuffocation, and one of them expired in have given relief and cure to many per. the course of the day.

fons amicted with Yellow Fever, and Last week the infant son of Mr. Ayl, which might be efficacious to persons merton, near Cromer, in Norfolk, while, suffering any kind of eruptive fever in standing by the fire, pulled a kettle of this country.-On the first fymptoms of boiling water over his face and neck, by sickness, take a small tumbler full of which he was so dreadfully scalded that water, strongly impregnated with camg. he expired on the following day.

mile and magnesia, adding a table spoon. A child was burnt to death at Froom ful of Citron Narbonne honey; repeat last week, in consequence of playing with this three or four times a day, and it a lighted stick.

will effectually carry off the disorder. A fine girl, two years of age, at Wid. The fame ingredients, prepared as a dietcomb, near Bath, some days fince playing drink, bave Turprising effects on weak, with the fire in the absence of her mo. debilitated conftitutions, even when inca. ther, was burnt to death. The brother pable of taking either food or exercise. of the little sufferer, a year older, nar- New Method of purifying corrupt Water. rowly escaped the same fáte.

-To a puncheon of foul water and half London Bridge is to be taken down, an ounce of alum previously dissolved in and a new and most magnificent one is to a pint of warm water, which will render be erected. The centre arch of the new the former, in forty-eight hours, as clear bridge is to be 64 feet above the surface as that of the finelt spring. of the water; so that it will admit White-wafb.-A few handfuls of seasnips of almost any burden under full falt, mixed with about one cwt. of lime, ແil.

to be used in white-wash, will make it The object of the Petitions presented adhere to the wall and deftroy insects.


Jafor Samouch, you make a worthy viliers, daughter on the of Yers of Freshwater House.

ley. Dr. Price, chaplain to the Prince of

Lord Kenyon to Miss Hanmer, daughWales, to Miss Pepys, of Upper Char

ter of Sir Thomas Hanmer. lotte-ftreet, Captain Howard Elphinstone, of the

Augustus Shutz, esq. to Miss Lindsay, royal engineeers, to Miss Warburton. daughter of Sir David Lindsay.

Captain George Hope, of the royal Mr. Henry Blaich, of Oxford-street, to navy, to Lady Jemima Johnstone, daugh- Mits Martha White, of Lambeth. ter of the Earl of Hopetoun.


JANUARY 17, 1803.

13. Edward Greathed, esq. of Uuders IN N Spa fields, aged 73, Mr. William House, Doriet shire.

Cole, upwards of fitty years coopere 22. At Trinity College, Cambridge, plate printer to the Banki

Edinund Parry, eiq, in his Igth year.


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