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be always "friendly to France. The mangled. In one of his hands was a Pirit Consul will take into due con- large lock of hair grasped, with a part lideration whatever plans thall be com- of the skin to it, supposed to belong to municated to him from the Deputies, one of the villains. This was taken to whether individually or collectively. the Municipality, who embargoed all "After this letter was read, Citizen the veslels between Calais and BouBarthelemy Signified that the First logne. The diligences were examined, Consul was ready to recive a Deputa- and every one obliged to take off, his tion of five of the Deputies.

hat ; but the moniters were not dir. The interview between the five Hele covered. A person arrived in England vetic Deputies and the Firft Conful about a week ago, to communicate the latted nearly two hours. Bonaparte act to the English Police. The Mayor told the Deputies, that the descendants a powerful nan ; he was very of William Tell ought neither to know much cut; and by the hair which he llie restraint of chains, nor the pay- appears to have torn from one of their ment of taxes. He added, that Swit- heads, it is evident he made resistance. zerland ought to be independent with He bore an excellent character, and respect to her internal affairs, but not was much esteemed. in her relation to France. He added, The brother-in-law of the First Con. with peculiar emphasis, that the Swiss ful, General Leclerc, died at St. Do. must enter into no treaty with Eng- mingo on the 2d November, after an land.

illness of ten days ; and his embalmed General Andreofli, who served with remains have arrived in France with Bonaparte in Egypt, has writien an Madame Leclerc. It appears that the interesting. Treatite concerning the affairs of that quarter have been dreadNatron Lakes. In this he has introful; but that after the death of Leclerc duced accounts of the several Convents they had assumed a more favourable in Egypt, described the poverty of their complexion. General Rochambeau Monks, and their continued warfare had been appointed the fucceffor of with the Arabs.

Leclerc, who, previous to his deceale, The portrait of the First Consul on had made every neceiliary arrangement horseback, painted by David, has been for the civil and military government given to the soldiers of the Invalides. of the inland. The cannon of their hotel were to be In conlequence of the representafired on the 19th at noon, as a rejoic- tions of the Batavian Executive to the ing for the receipt of su valuable a pre- Chief Consul, General Montrichard, sent.

who commands the French troops in Horrid Circumstance.--At a small vil. Holland, has been directed not to place lage between Marquise and Boulogne, any garrison in the Hague, but to fix in France, a written paper, with three his head-quarters at Breda. fignatures, was carried to the house of Letters from Genoa, of Dec. 15, the Mayor, appointing a meeting upon mention the ludden demolition of more business, in the evening, at a fixed than two-thirds of the village of Villaplace. A neighbour observed three guardia, near Oneglia, by a convulsion men at the door, and the Mayor to go of the earth, which took place in the out, leaving at home his wife, daugh. following manner :-The village was ter, niece, and a maid servant. Early compoled of about eighty dwelling, the next morning, a nephew of the houles and 400 inhabitants. It stood Mayor's calling, found the door open, on the slope of a hill, in high cultiva. and upon entering, first beheld 'the tion, and abounding in springs. On maid murdered in the passage; the the evening of the 22d of November, mother and daughter dead in one two apertures were convulsively made room, and the niece a corpse in an. in the ground near the village church. other. As soon as he could recover It rained all that night. At day-break, himself, he, with the allittance of a on the 23d, an enormous mass burit neighbour, searched the house, when down from the summit of the hill, it appeared nothing had been taken brought before it all the surface earth, away. The written paper was found, and tell upon the houses. The roof of containing the three lignatures, which the church was first demolished, then induced the nephew and the neighbour fifty-seven of the houses met the same to proceed to the stated place, when overthrow. In the night of the 23d, they discovered the Mayor, miserabiy the ruins were renoved to the distance of 200 paces from their former fitu- my in Egypt is confirmed : a part were ations. On the morning of the 24th made prisoners, another cut in pieces, the remaining houses were seen itand- and the few that escaped the enemy, ing within a precipitous accumulation owed their safety to the garrison of of earth, which extending entirely Cairo, which made a sortie. The amround them, presented a perpendicular munition and provisions have fallen front, and role so fathoms. Vineyards, into the hands of the Beys, who sufgardens, olive-trees, were all carried in pended their pursuit only at the foli. one mass into the next river. The citation of the English. The Reis channel of the river was filled up, and Effendi has had two conferences this the stream above converted into a lake. week with the English Ambaslador ; it An opposite rock, on the territory of is generally believed they related to the Bestagno, at last arrested the motion of evacuation of Egypt by the English the mass.

troops. The English behave there A dreadful storm occurred at Gib. very well-do not meddle in the affairs raltar, on the morning of the 20th ult. of Government, and observe the stricte There were at one time five vellels on eft neutrality.- Sebastiani, after having Thore at the Old Mole; one Turkish qualified himself at Cairo, as Minister fhip funk in the bay; one stranded at Plenipotentiary for the whole Levant, Algefiras; and several vessels of dif- is gone to Suez. ferent nations were seen firing signals The French Minister at Constantinoof distress. The Cynthia was driven ple has in ned the Porte, that Coout of the Bay, and the Phænix Portu- lonel Sebastiani, whole arrival in guese frigate is supposed to have been Egypt we have already noticed, is loft upon the Pearl Rock.-The Royal appointed by the First Consul 10 infpe&t Battery took fire by lightning, and all the ports of the Levant, and report continued burning for 24 hours, and the state' in wbich they are to bis Governa all attempts to extinguish it were use.

ment. less. Its situation was nearly 1400 feet VIENNA, Dec. 31.-We have received above the level of the sea.

the melancholy intelligence, that Private accounts from Constantino. Count Berthold, and two servants, ple itate, that Lord Elgin had proposed travelling from this city to Munich, an alliance between Turkey, Russia, were attacked and murdered by 14 and Great Britain ; the object of robbers in a wood near Hohenlinden. which was to guard against any future The robbers carried off the bodies. invalion of Egypt, and to prevent the A fire broke out on the 15th, at the Porte giving permission to any Foreign house of Count Potoki, at Vienna, and Power to march its troops through that the Count was so severely hurt in encountry. The writer however remarks deavouring to save himself, that he died that French influence seemed to pre- the next day. dominate in that quarter.

Some valuable veins of gold and fil. CONSTANTINOPLE, Nov. 25.- The ver having been Jately discovered in Porte has published the luit the districts of Bukourna and Czner. which it received from Egypt. The newitz, the Emperor of Germany has Beys having conceived the project of ordered the working of them, and breaking the line of the Ottoman army, nominated the celebrated Mineralogilt, in order to form a junction with the M. Urban, as the Director. English troops at Alexandria, attempted The Governor-General of Istria, iwice to execute their designs; but the Dalmatia, and Albania, has lately dirPacha of Cairo, who had been in. covered some very beautiful Grecian formed of their intention, took such statues, in good preservation, which measures that they were each time have been sent to Vienna. repulsed. England has refused, as we The Arcliduke Charles bas tranfa are affured, to render the least asistance mitted to General Moreau fome handto the revolted Beys; but the demands, fome presents, accompanied with high at the same time, that the Porte should expressions of elteem. Amongst other accede to the alliance which the pro- things, he has sent him a large quanpoles, and wbich, she says, has only for tity of pheasants and other game, for its object to guarantee Lgypt from any the purpole or itocking his newly purfurther invalion.

chated estate of Grotbois. CONSTANTINOPLE, Dec. 8.--The A Bouquet of Diamonds lately news of the defeat of the Oiloman 25- Pretented by the Archduke Charles


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The money

to the Empress, is 'valued at 30,000 The Jesuits in Germany have lately ducats.

obtained the consent of the Emperor The Court of Vienna bas granted a of Russia for the election of a sum of 80,000 forins for the relief of General, and they have chosen Father the subjects of Lower Austria who Gruber, of Polosk, late founder of a suffered during the

school of the Order at Petersburgh. The Hereditary Prince of Orange Admiral Counc Mordwinof, the has adopted the iitle of the reigning Ruflian Minister of war, has religned Prince of Fulda, Corvey, &c. in those his situation. acts which he has lately published, The Einperor of Russia has settled a

The treasure of the Cathedral of pension of 75,000 rubles on the King of Liege, which was fecretly deposited at Sardinia. Hamburgh, has been discovered, and We lately stated, that the Emperor placed at the disposition of the French Alexander had ordered payment to Republic. Its value is about half a the British merchants for their loss by million.

the Rullian embargo. A body of Danish troops, on the has been remitted. 13th, very unexpectedly took poffeffion The Emperor Alexander has lately of the indemnities alligned to the free done an act of justice and generosity city of Lubec.

to a part of the Poles, the companions FRANKFORT, Dec. 30.–The Jews of Kosciusko. A number of the Subalpresented a petition to the Senate five tern Officers and soldiers, having been days ago, claiming the rights of Equal- taken prisoners by the Ruffians, afterity and Citizenship; but their demand wards escaped captivity by enlisting in was not only rejected, but they were the Russian service. An Imperial fined 30,000 crowns for having made it. Order, of the it of December lalt,

GOTHENBURG, Dec 23.- The fire permits all who enlisted in those cirwhich broke out here on the 20th init. cumstances “ to leave the army at their with irrelittible fury, was not entirely pleasure." They are, by the fame Orgot under till ten last night. All the der, allowed to continue in the service, buildings between the great South- if luich shall be their choice. haven-itreet, and East and Welt-haven- The Emperor of Russia has just pubîtreets, and Wall-Street, together with liter a wise and equitable Ukase. It the Gymnasium and School, have be- ordains, that the hereditary property come a prey to the flames, which have of persons of all classes in the Empire destroyed the belt built quarters of the found guilty of any capital offence, city. The magnificent Cathedral, the shall be exempted from confiscation. Episcopal Palace, the Post house, and By a previous Ukase this privilege was the Town Printing office, are ali laid granted only in favour of the Nobia in alhea.




two failors, in the Rope-walk, Bristol,

who robbed him of three thillings. WHITEHALL, DEC. 21, 1802.

The man entreated that they would

grant the dignities of Baron and vis- three young children at home, and not count of the United Kingdom of Great a bit of bread to give thein. One of Britain and Ireland to the Right Ho the sailors putting his hand into his nourable Henry Dundas, and the heirs pocket, said, “Well, here's a shilling male of his body lawfully begotten, for you ;" and they parted. The poor by the names, Itiles, and titles of Baron man, on reaching his house, was agreeof Dunira, in the county of Perth, and ably furprised to find, that, instead of a Viscount Melville, of Melville, in the filling, the thief had given him a gui-, county of Edinburgh.

28. A man of the name of Mat. 25. Ac night, as a poor man was re, thews, who has for the last twe.aty turning from work, he was stopped by years of his life resided in a cave or



run up

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hermitage, on the borders of Syden- the Gibraltar, of 84 guns, which fhip ham Common, and who, from his re- failed from Gibraltar for Malta, in cluse life, was called The Man of the company with the Superb, Dragon, Woods," was this morning found near and Triumph ; soon after failing the his hermitage murdered. He had leve- crew mutinjed, and took polleision of Tal severe contulions in his head, and the ship, and then the was his jaw bone broken in two places. under the iterns of the other thips, the

29. The Lord Mayor held a Ward- crews cheering; but this signal not mote at Salters Hall, for the choice having the delired effect, the crews of of an Alderman for Walbrook Ward, the other thips retaining their loyalty in the room of Alderman Caulell, de- and discipline, the mutineers became ceased.--The Lord Mayor delivered a panic-truck, and were then easily lubvery impreslive speech on the humane, dued by the Officers, who belaved very benevolent, and virtuous, character of g.allantly. The ring leaders were im. Mr. Cadell. On the regulir forms be. mediately secured, and three of them ing gone through, 111. Winter pro. executed. pored T. Rowcroft, Esq. as a tit person Jan. 1. Sixteen vessels loaded with to fill the office of Alderman : on : (prats arrived at Billingsgate, a greater thew of hands, Mr. Rowcroft liad the quantity than was ever before reinem, whole Hall in his favour ; and no bered there. The price in conteopposition appearing, he was declared quence fell from eight Thillings to one duly elected.

thilling per buthel. 3o. As one of the labourer's em- 2. At half past one o'clock in the ployed in the laboratory at Apotheca- morning, a fhocking fire broke out in a ries Hall was charging with oil of vi. house in Frederick-itreet, Portsea, in. triol a glass retort, by fome inatten. habited by Mr. Mayne and Mr. Newtion it was thrown over the man's face; berry, shipwrights. The family, it in consequence of which he was imme. feems, went to bed at ten o'clock, and diately blinded, and his forehead and mult inevitably have perished, had it cheeks vesicated. Fortunately for the not been for the inceliant mewing and fufferer, æther was instantly applied, noile of a cat, which disturbed their and a constant stream of air kept up rest, and timely warned them of their by means of a pair of bellows, which in danger. The whole of the furnitue the course of half an hour, by its asto- was destroyed ; but what we have nishing production of cold, relieved mostly to lament is, a girl about four him entirely of pain, and by a conti- years of age was burnt to death. Her nued application of it one hour and uncle had made his way down stairs, a half longer, the bladders were com- as far as the street-door; when, on bepletely reduced, leaving the face only ing asked after the child by its father, fwelled, with a sensation of stiffness on he immediately returned, and had the ikin. The whole quantity used was actually placed the child on a table from a pint and a half to a quart.

whilit be turned himself to open the This is a second instance of the won- garret window to escape; but, dreadderful efficacy of Æther. It also has til to relate, when he again looked been found highly beneficial in burns round, the child had fallen from the and scalds.

table and through the Haming Huor. A few days ago a fire broke out at a He then etfected his escape by leaping farm near Brinkley, Cambridge, occu- from the window into the street. pied by the Rev. Mr. Lane. The Wm. Mefienger, a chimney sweeper, Aames raged with such violence, that of Thame, in Oxfordihire,' has been in a short time nearly the whole pre- fully connitted for trial, on the Comises were destroyed, together with roner's Inquest, charging him with several Itacks of corr. The damage is tie wiltui murder of Mary Williams, estimated at upwards of scool. only his apprentice boy, by beating, and 30ool, of which was insured.

otherwise ill treating him, to as to cause The London General Bill of Mor. his death. The boy was under nine tality for the year 1802, includes years of age. 19,918 Christenings, of which 10,564 6. Rict at Aberdeen.--At Edinburgh, were Males, and 9,354 Females ; and the Court of Justiciary met to proceed 19,379 Deaths, of whom 9,889 were in the trial of Lieutenant-Colonel Males, and 9,490 Females.

George Mackenzie, Captain J. B. A muriny lately broke out on board Macdonogh, Enlign George Lanigan,



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Serjeant Andrew Mackay, and Serjeant

mother going to its relief, caught fire ; Alexander Sutherland, all of the late the husband, endeavouring to tave them, regiment of the Rofs and Cromarty was him'elf toon in a blaze, which Rangers, accused at the instance of reached to the bed curtains.-tive of the Daniel Rors, and three other private family were conveyed 10 St. Bartholo. prosecutors, with concurience of his mew's Hospital, where one died; the Majesty's Advocate, being guilty of others are in a very precarious state. murder of certain perfons, nained in the This evening, as Mr. Chapınan, of indi&tment, on the 4th of July lait, in the

Lishman tarm, near Charing, was restreets of the town of Aberdeen. On turning on horleback, he was thrown, Monday the Jury returned their verdiet and his foot banging in the stirrup, he at two o'clock; all in one voice, finding was dragged to a contiderable distance, by Lieutenant Colonel M.K-nzie and Cap

which he was io mockingly lacerated, tain Macdonogh, Not Guilty - Serjeants

that he died within an hour. This Mackay and Sutherland, linel Not proven.

accident, har pened within a mile of Mr. 9. This morning a fire was disco- C.'s houle ; and it is fingular that his pered in ore of the tiables of the George brother-in-law met his death in nearly Inn, in Christchurchi, which was extin. a similar manner, and by the fanie guilhed by the activity of the men

horle. belonging to the Hurle Artillery, and During the severe gale of this evening, the inhabitants; but not till the itable fatal accident happened to the Comwas confuined, and eight of the herles pany's thip Hindoitan, Captain Baliton, belonging to the Artillery burnt to off Margate. She was outward bound death.

to Madras and China. Near four At the adjourned Quarter Sesions at o'clock, the parted with her anchors, Ipswich lait week, a farmer, worth nearly drove on shore off the Culvers, and 3cool. nas indicted for stealing a pair of thortly after went to pieces. Hier copgirl's hoes, belonging to a hawker, and per has been entirely torn off, and no honourably acquitted. He was then part of the cargo can be frved. One tried for an allault in aiming a blow at

Gentleman, of ihe name of Ciarke, a the hawker on being charged with the Cadet tor Madras, with fixieen of the theft; when the jury gave one penny

ciew, have perished. M. of tie Offidamages- The prolecutor was

cers of the Hindottan have a rived in wards committed to take his trial for town.-- The cargo was estimated at perjury.,

70,00ol. She had a valt quantity of A lad, named Gregg, has been com

private silver bullion on board. This mitted to Lincoln gaol, for killing a

would have been the fourth voyage of fellow.carpenter, by forcing a screw

the tip, and the first of her Captain. driver into his head :--The Coroners' She was of 1248 tons burthen. The Jury found him guilty of that species of female pallengers were all on fhore at mandaughter which, by the nit James, Deal, waiting the arrival of the ihip at ch. 8. is deprived of the benefit of the that place. The complement of men on clergy

board the Hindoftan was 132. In the evening, durirg a high one of the largeit thips, the had on board wind, some premises racing Paddington 30 guns, Church, occupied by Mr. Blotield, an 12. In the evening, at seven o'clock, Attorney, were nearly demolished. They the Coroner's inquent lat at the watchconfifted of a small room and a kitchen houle, Queen's head-alley, Newgateof wood, having a chimney carried to a freet, on the body of a black man, found great height; the chimney was thrown dead under the gateway of Bull-headon the roof or the upper room, in which court, Newgate-itreet; heir verdiet was Mrs. B. and five of her children, were

—“ Died by the inclemency of the brting ; and brought the whole of the weather." A hair dreller, of Gutie. tiles and rubbish into the room, and lane, Cheaplicie, was conitable of the enveloped them in the ruins. By the night. About three o'clock a watchman aliitance of some pallengers, the tamily found the deceased pear Mitrt-court, were extricated without much injury. Cheapride, and lupposing him dying, luft

1. This morning a dreadful accident him in care of the constable at the watchhappened to a family in Red-lion-Itreet.- houte. By the warmth of the fire, he A pot of infasomable liquid being on

so tar recovered, as to lay he was perih. the fire, it builed over, the flames com- ing with cold, and had no money; a municated to the clothes of a child; jis gentleman pieleat gave him a Thiiling i VOL. XLIII.. JAN 1803.






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