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Էջ 30 - England, that loved and esteemed his own country : 'twas in reply to some of the company that were reviling our climate, and extolling those of Italy and Spain, or at least of France : he said, he thought that was the best climate, where he could be abroad in the air with pleasure, or at least without trouble and inconvenience, the most days of the year, and the most hours of the day ; and this he thought he could be in England, more than in any country he knew of in Europe.
Էջ 658 - ... often causes death. In the early years of the colony, want of good houses, the great fatigues and dangers of the settlers, their irregular mode of living, and the hardships and discouragements they met with, greatly helped the other causes of sickness, which prevailed to an alarming extent, and were attended with great mortality. But we look back to those times as to a season of trial long past, and nearly forgotten.
Էջ 495 - And be it enacted, that the Superintendence, Direction, and Control of the whole Civil and Military Government of all the said Territories and Revenues in India shall be and is "hereby vested in a GovernorGeneral and Counsellors, to be styled " The GovernorGeneral of India in Council.
Էջ 75 - Giant's Causeway, and composed of the broken ends of pillars once continuous to the top of the cliff. The colonnade is now for some distance upright and very grand, till the visitor reaches...
Էջ 660 - Such great favours, in so short a time, and mixed with. so few trials, are to be ascribed to nothing but his special blessing. This we acknowledge. We only want the gratitude which such signal favours call for. Nor are we willing to close this paper without adding a heartfelt testimonial of the deep obligations we owe to our American patrons and best earthly benefactors, whose wisdom pointed us to this home of our nation, and whose active and persevering benevolence enabled us to reach it.
Էջ 659 - Cotton, coffee, indigo and the sugar-cane, are all the spontaneous growth of our forests; and may be cultivated, at pleasure, to any extent, by such as are disposed. The same may be said of rice, indian corn, guinea corn, millet, and too many species of fruits and vegetables to be enumerated.
Էջ 53 - Besides almost every metallic article which can be considered as curious, useful or ornamental, cut crystal is produced to a large extent, while certain, branches of the cotton trade connected with hardware, as the making of the cloth for umbrellas, braces, girths, &>c., have also fixed themselves here, in order to facilitate the preparation of those articles.
Էջ 658 - Away with all the false notions that are circulating about the barrenness of this country: they are the observations of such ignorant or designing men, as would injure both it and you. A more fertile soil, and a more productive country, so far as it is cultivated, there is not, we believe, on the face of the earth. Its hills and its plains are covered with a verdure which never fades; the productions of nature keep on in their growth...
Էջ 659 - ... or vices. But from these evils we confide in Him, to whom we are indebted for all our blessings, to preserve us. It is the topic of our weekly and daily thanksgiving to Almighty God, both in public and in private, and He knows with what sincerity, that we were ever conducted, by his Providence, to this shore.
Էջ 51 - The ground on which it stands is a perfect level, and, from whatever side it is approached, its crowd of spires, towers, manufactories, and warehouses, appears mingling with the smoke that hangs over it. The older part of the town clusters round the collegiate church, an elegant and spacious structure of the time of Henry VII., or extends in the ancient street called Deansgate. The busiest commercial street is Market street, and the most elegant is Mosley street. The town contains most of the usual...

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