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A. J. Cook, Prof. Zoology and Entomology, State Agricultural College, Lansing.

Frank Hodgeman, Civil Engineer, Kalamazoo.
C. A. Jewell, Farmer, Medina.
E. M. Preston, Druggist, Nevada, Cal.

1864. W. W. Daniells, Prof. Chemistry and Agriculture, State University of Wisconsin, Madison.

L. J. Gibson, Teacher, South Saginaw.
W. A. Hardy, Farmer, Meridian (died in 1869).
S. M. Millard, Lawyer, Chicago, Ill.
L. Vanderbilt, Farmer, Decorah, Iowa.

G. W. Harrison, Druggist, Lansing.
C. H. Watson, Lawyer, Milwaukee, Wis.

L. A. Hurlbut, Lawyer, Saginaw City.
H. H. Jenison, Farmer, Eagle.
A. 0. Prutzman, Machinist, Three Rivers.
Daniel Strange, Farmer, Oneida.
W. W. Tracy, Fruit Culturist, Old Mission.

G. F. Beasley, Lawyer, Lapeer.
F. S. Burton, Editor, Midland.
F. P. Davis, Civil Engineer, Verniontville.
A. G. Gulley, Nurseryman, Rochester, N. Y.
D. A. Harrison, Druggist, Williamston.
W. D. Place, Farmer, Ionia.
F. S. Sleeper, Farmer, Galesburg.
John Swift, Farmer, Wayne.
S. M. Tracy, Nurseryman, Kirkwood, Mo.
W. A. Wells, Teacher, Brady.

1869. C. E. Bessey, Prof. Botany and Horticulture, State Agricultural Collego of Iowa, Ames.

E. H. Bradner, Agent, Redford.
G. W. Eaton, Farmer, Greeley, Col.
H. E. Gibson, Clerk, Grand Ledge.
R. Haigh, Jr., Sec'y pro tem. State Board of Agriculture, Lansing.
Gay Johnson, Carpenter, Iowa City, Iowa.
Lyman Mason, Civil Engineer, Owosso.
James Satterlee, Farmer, Greenville.
J. S. Strange, Farmer, Oneida.
P.J. Wilkins, Nurseryman, St. Charles, Mo.

G. A. Farr, Lawyer, Coopersville.
W. E. Fraser, Physician, Chicago, Ill.
0. W. Garfield, Nurseryman, Grand Rapide.

D. K. Gunn, Fruit Culturist, South Haven (died in 1871).
C. L. Jackson, Druggist, Detroit.

W. K. Kedzie, Prof. Chemistry, State Agricultural College of Kansas, Manhattan.

Roswell Lillie, Lawyer, Coopersville.
A. H. Phinney, Assist. Chemist, Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y.
H. G. Reynolds, Fruit Culturist, Old Mission.
W. W. Reynolds, Farmer, Cassopolis.
C. D. Sprague, Farmer, Greenville.
C. S. Williams, Clerk, Detroit.

E. B. Fairfield, Republic Mine, Marquette.
P. H. Felker, Foreman Gardens, State Agricultural College, Lansing.
B. D. Halsted, Student of Botany, Lansing.
H. P. Halsted, Farmer, Hot Springs, Col.
R. F. Kedzie, Student of Chemistry, Lansing.
J.J. Kerr, R. R. Agent, Eagle.
G. D. Moore, Farmer, Medina.
J. W. Porter, General Agent, Michigan Atlas, Detroit.
F. A. Sessions, Clerk, Ionia.
E. M. Shelton, Farmer, Owosso.
R. M. Slocum, Teacher, Lyons.

D. P. Strange, Assistant Prof. Chemistry, State University of Minnesota, St. Anthony

A. E. Calkins, Student of Medicine, Meridian.
J, T. Fraser, Student of Veterinary Surgery, New York City, N. Y.
M. S. Lowder, Farmer, Plainfield, Ind.
C. E. Miller, Student of Comparative Anatomy, Ashley.
A. C. Williamson, Farmer, Amanda, Ohio.


21 Fruit-growers, etc.,

7 Engineers, etc.,

4 Druggists,

4 Mechanics,

2 Business Agents, etc.,

ng * Professors and Teachers,

12 Students of Special Science,

5 Lawyers,

6 Clergyman,

1 Physician,

1 Editor,

1 Killed in battle,

2 Total,

73 The above includes only graduates from the four years' course. A list of students who have spent from one to three years at the College would, it is believed, show a very large proportion of farmers and mechanics.

. Most of these are connected with Agricultural Colleges, and several bave charge of farms or gardens.


The following list of periodicals given to the library in 1872, was not published in the report for 1872 : From PUBLISHERS:

The Prairie Farmer.
The Western Rural.
The Western Farmer.
The New England Farmer.
La semaine Agricole.
Tbe Rural New Yorker.
The Grand Traverse Herald.
The Traverse Bay Eagle.
The Sturgis Journal.

The Michigan Argus.
: Tbe Grand Haven Herald.

The Grand Rapids Times.
The Ingham County News.
The Lansing Republican.
The Lansing Journal.
The Monroe Commercial.
The Flint Globe.
The Wolverine Citizen.
The Adrian Weekly Times.
The Boston Journal of Chemistry.
The Christian at Work.
The American Missionary.
The Detroit Review of Medicine.

The Patent Office Gazette.

Old and New.
The Religious Magazine.

The Christian Régister.

The Nation.
The Detroit Daily Tribune.
The Weekly Scotsman.
The Springfield Republican.
The Independent.
The Advance.
The Lorain Co. News (Ohio).
The College Courant.


The donations of books and periodicals to the library will be given below, in the report of the Librarian. Other gifts to the College are as follows: From FRED. SHUBEL, Lansing:

An Indian Hatchet, found in Lansing.
From PROF. Beal:

An Indian Arrow-point.
From J. H. CREIGHTEN of Delaware, Ohio :

A sample of cast iron label for plants.
Eighty-eight packages of Garden and Field Seeds (Horticultural Depart-

ment.) From Geo. A. Royce, student in the College:

Fossil Coral coated with crystals, found in the drift of this locality. From W. K. KEDZIE, Assistant Chemist: Specimen of Tin Ore, from the recently discovered tin mines of Lake So

perior. From Mr. R. W. SURBY, Pine Lake:

A Gull. From Dr. R. C. KEDZIE: Oak tree (Quercus alba) entwined by a vine of shrubby Bitter-Sweet (Ce

lastrus Scanden). From Mr. O. F. GREEN, of Missouri :

Specimen of Lead Ore, (Galena) from New Gordon Mine. From the Kew GARDEN, of England: List of Seeds, comprising about two hundred varieties of tree seeds, and

seventy of grass seeds. Invoice of Seeds (of Trees and Shrubs mostly) from the ROYAL GARDENS,

KEW, ENGLAND: Cytisus laburnum atropurpureus; Cytisus laburnum quercifolium; Santolina chamocy parissus; Cratægus oxyacantha quercifolia; Rubus Balfourianas; Morus nigra; Picea pinsapo; Acer pseudo platanus aurea; Pyras hybrida; Pyrus communis præccx; Rosa rubiginosa ; Rosa cariifolia ; Cerasus lustitanica; Alnus obcordata; Pinus pinea; Genista radiata; Tilia plalyphylla pendula ; Crategus oxycantha; Buxus sempervireus latifolia; Alnus macrophylla; Crataegus oxycantha pendula; Spiraea salicifolia; Cerasus padus rubra ; Erica stricta ; Rubus tiliæfolia; Ligustrum vulgare; Helianthemum croceum; Berberis vulgaris asperma; Rosa arvensis; Tillia europæa alba pendula; Rubus strigosus; Crategus oxycantha incisa; Rumpais frangula; Pyrus ancupariu pendula; Crategus oxycantha fol. variegata ; Tilia alba; Carpinus betulus; Acer pseudo pluti

nus; Cytisus laburnum involuta; Cystus luurifolius; Myrtus communis; Philadelphus coronarius; Rubus rudis; Pyrus Michauxii; Pyrus aucuparia; Fraxinus excelsior pendula; Ruibus thamnifolius; Erica tetralix mackaiana ; Rubus laciniatus; Acer psendo plantanus, var.; Rubus suberectus; Alnus glutinosa ; Rosa rubiginosa major; Aralia spinosa; Cytisus albus monstrosa ; Cytisns albus; Pyrus aucuparia pendula; Cotoneaster tomentosa; Erica ragans; Viburnum lantana; Buxus sempervirens prostrata; Cratæ Aronia; Euonymus europea; Tilia europea; Cornus sanguinea; Amelanchier vulgaris; Acer pseudo platanus variegata; Calluna vulgaris; Cytisus laburpum pendula ; Tylia platyphylla; Rosa cinnamomea; Pyrus aucuparia pendula variegata; Hypericum androsomum; Sambucus nigra virescens; Helianthemum serphyllifolium; Ruscus aculeatus; Pyrus fructo rubra; Pyrns sata rejifolia; Pinus excelsa ; Acer Platanoides; Crataegus orientalis sanguinea; Philadelphus tomentosus; Cratægus oxycantha flava; Orategus oxycantha flexuosa ; Cratægus oxycantha ; Crategus oxycantha fusca; Skimmia Japonica; Pyrus ancuparia Hodginsii; Spiræa carpinifolia ; Cedrus Deodera ; Colotea arborescens; Gentista aphylla; Rhampus infectorious; Taxus baccata; Cotoneaster granatensis; Clematis vitalba; Buxus sempervirens; Crategus oxycantha monogyna; Cytisus labnrnum autumnalis; Pinus Pinaster; Hedera helis; Spartium janceum; Euonymus europeus variegatis ; Taxus DaTastonii; Hypericum hircinum; Prunus maritima; Crataegus oxycantha obtusta ; Prunus sp—; Acer pseudo platanus purpurea; Betala alba; Betula alba pendula; Euonymns europæns coccinea; Alnus intermedia; Cratægus oxycantha stricta; Ribes glutinasum; Betula alba urticifolia; Fraxinus excelsior; Gypsocallis vagans purpurea ; Cratægus oxycantha oxycanthoides; Caratægus oxycantha Oliveriana; Spiræa salicifolia rosea; Genista virgata; Rubus tindleianus; Cratægus moroceana; Sambueus nigra ; Cytisus alpinus fragrans; Dabæcia polifolia; Sparlium scoparium; Rubus lencostachys; Spiræa indica; Cytisus albus incarnatus; Betula alba pendula; Tilia rubra; Picea Khutram morinda; Cotoneaster bacellarius floribunda; Thuja Biota orientalis; Piscea Nordmaniana; Spiræa Nobleana; Taxus baccata fastiginata ; Crategus Azarolus ; Rosa Canina; Ruta gravealeds variegata ; Rubus diversifolia ; Crategus oxycantha glomerata; Cratægus tanacetifolia orientalis; Rubnis Thyrsoideus; Spiræa vacciniifolia; Berberis vulgaris; Vitis heterophylla humulifolia; Cupressus torulosa; Genista athenenis; Andrasemum officinate; Colutea arborescens cruenta; Ulex europea; Cotoneaster bacillaris obtusa; Euonymus europæa latifolia; Santolina viridis; Crategus oxycantha veg. ince; Cotoneaster bacillaris; Cotoneaster Simmondsii; Pyrus fastigiata; Cotoneaster buxifolia; Cratægus tenacitifolia; Picea Webbiana; Cupres80s Thyoides; Crataegus tenacitifolia celseana; Owluna vulgaris flore albo; Vibarnum opulus; Cotoneaster frigida ; Cytisus laburnum ; Hypercum calycinum; Solunum psendo capsicum; Gypsocallis vagans; Syringa vallettitiana; Cryptomera joponica Labbii; Cytisus capitatus ; Cotoneaster occuminata; Cryptomera joponica; Cotoneaster laxiflora; Ailanthus glanduiosa ; Berberis vulgaris purpurea; Pyrus spectabilis; Abies Smithiana; Taxus baccata adpessa; Thuja joponica; Erica multiflora ; Spirea callosa; Rubus Borreri; Hypericum ascryan; Rubus cordifolius; llex aquifolium albo marginatum; Ilex argefolium; Ilex Hodginsii; Iler aqaifolium auro murginatum.

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