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80. S. G. Clay, East Saginaw,

Bill of self and Geo. Laidley, services and expenses posting and dis

tributing State fair posters...

81. Hodges House, Pontiac,

Hotel bill of officers and members of the executive committee....

82. C. W. Greene, Farmington,

Expenses as delegate to Provincial Fair, Toronto....

83. Charles Rarrick, Rives Junction,

Services as special policeman.........

84., O. S. Gulley, Detroit,

Printing 12,000 children's tickets, numbered..
Printing 60,000 admission tickets, numbered..
Printing 20,000 grand stand tickets..

Less 5 per cent off with boxing.....

85. Detroit Paper Co.,

11 reams No. 2 book for premium list..

Express and freight, and cover paper for 10,000 lists..

Binding 10,000 112 page premium list.....

750 sheets demy ruled for Pomological and State Fair committee

and register..

86. Kipp & Fowler, St. Johns,

Making and painting 6 galvanized iron ticket boxes...

6 padlocks and express charges...

87. Richmond & Backus, Detroit, Stationery in 1869.

[blocks in formation]

88. E. B. Smith & Co., Detroit,

Binding five membership certificate books, pomological society, one pom-
ological register, and 126 entry books..

90. Reed & Hills, Detroit,

89. Harvey & Coleman, East Saginaw,


91. Hopson & Bergman, Detroit,

Glass for aquaria..........

Three aquarium frames....

92. F. & P. M. Railway, East Saginaw,

For labor, grading, and putting in a side track to machinery hall.........................

36 25


15 00

36 00

180 00


93. S. M. McFarlan, East Saginaw,


94. Saginaw Courier Company, East Saginaw,

Printing 20,000 four-page circulars for State Fair, folding and

[blocks in formation]

To entertaining executive committee, amounting to 378 days, at
$2.50 per day..

[blocks in formation]

For one-half the proceeds of grand stand ticket sales in consid

eration of its doubling the capacity for grand stand room..... -$1,025 75 For rent of booths under new grand stand, collected..........

500 00 1,525 75

[blocks in formation]

Expense for printing 1,000 notice of meeting, rolls, etc......

113. John P. Allison, East Saginaw,

Paid for cartage of sawdust, offal, carpenter work..

[blocks in formation]

Total of orders and checks drawn and appropriations made... Balance in treasury subject to order..........

[blocks in formation]


Bills for previous years..

Executive committee of cash paid expenses..

Northern Michigan Agricultural and Mechanical Society..


$289 16

2,394 85

321 53

189 04

Traveling expenses of Secretary, freight, drayage, telegraphing, and


State Pomological Society, and Pomological department printing..

Printing and stationery for officers, Executive committee, etc...
State Fair premium list, less Pomological department...
Clerk hire at fair and current expenses.-

242 12

1,500 00

110 00

482 76

636 07

Music for fair....

Ticket boxes and tickets and membership certificates expense..

450 00

140 55

102 72

[blocks in formation]

Entry registers, sheets, tags, committee books, and premium cards..
Military printing..

100 10

[blocks in formation]

Bill for assistant marshals, police, watchmen, and gate-keepers.
Obtaining a supply of water...
Saw-dust for buildings....

$1,073 20 154 37 77.00

[blocks in formation]

Amount on hand, subject to order at commencement of year..
Total receipts for year...


$16,122 77

$13,898 53

31,716 54

$45,615 07

[blocks in formation]

In the above schedule of expenditures occur several large bills of an unusual character, to which I beg briefly to refer.


At the winter meeting for 1873, Col. George S. Wormer and myself were appointed a committee to select a suitable design, and cause it to be engraved. After much correspondence and comparison of designs one was selected, drawn by a young and promising artist of Detroit, Mr. George Mason, which seemed to combine a series of sketches characteristic of the great leading industries of Michigan in such a manner as to meet the warmest commendation of members of the society, and of artists generally. It was contemplated having the same engraved on steel, of which it was well worthy, but finally decided that a fine. lithograph engraving, at less than one-fourth the cost of one on steel, would as well subserve the intention for which a diploma is awarded. Propositions for the work were received from Boston, New York, Chicago, and other points, and the contract awarded to Calvert Lithograph Co., of Detroit, for first class work at $500. The engraving, copyrighted, and the stone are the property of the society. The total cost of this work was, for the design, $150, and for engraving, etc., $500-$650.


The appropriation of $1,000 00 exclusive of the $1,500 00 appropriation for premiums and expenses for 1874, is not an ordinary or current expenditure of this society. The premium list printing, for 10,000 copies, and the forage bills, amounting in the aggregate to $1,621 00, are new this year.


The expense of preparing the buildings and grounds for the fair, and obtaining supply of water, aggregate $2,980 00.

These extraordinary expenses above enumerated constitute more than onethird the entire expenses for the year, or $6,257 00. The sum total of the expenditures under these several heads it is estimated will not excel $2,000 00 for 1875. The buildings, waiting rooms, railroad switches, water connections, grand stands, etc., are complete. The advertising for the fair of 1875, if there is no change in location, was done to a very large extent, per force of circum

stances, the past season. I can foresee no necessity for its repetition. All the entry sheets, entry registers, entry tags, committee books, and in fact all the paraphernalia of the Secretary's office, except perhaps current stationery, are in stock and paid for, sufficient for the current year.

From a careful analysis of the expenditures for 1874 in all the departments, I entertain no doubt that by prudent and economical management, the ordinary business expenses for 1875, with no change of location, will not exceed $9,000 00.

I herewith submit the able report of the committee on local notices of the fair of 1874:


To Hon. Chas. Kipp, President of the Michigan State Agricultural Society:

DEAR SIR-Your committee to whom was referred the notices of the State fair of 1874, entered for competition in K, Class 57, respectfully report that they find twenty-four entries in said class for the $100 offered by the society. The instruction to your committee was to keep mainly in view the effect of the respective articles or notices in attracting public attention and inducing persons to attend the fair, judging the notices by their tendency in this direction, and to give favorable mention to such newspapers as, although unsuccessful in obtaining an award, had yet done good service to the society in the respective notices.

The Big Rapids Magnet furnishes its readers with a five column article, in bold, readable type, with an appropriate heading. It is exceedingly well written, with a freshness and vigor of style and a concentration of purpose well calculated to not only attract the reader, but secure a thorough reading of the whole article, which is replete with information concerning the fair. Although there are several longer articles in competition, there are none better calculated to effect the purpose sought by the society in offering the premiums. The Evart Review devotes to the fair a little over four columns of leaded matter, in a clear, well printed, handsome type, well set off with displayed headings. The article is well written, original, descriptive and concise. It could be read through without weariness, and is not so formidable in length as to repel the ordinary reader, while it gives all the information required by visitors to the fair.

The Michigan Farmer publishes four columns, including an interesting letter from W. H. Sotham, the whole written from personal observation. It is also in bold, leaded type, and in that fresh, vigorous style which secures attention and prevents weariness to the reader.

Your committee, after a careful comparison with all the other articles, have concluded to recommend that the premiums be awarded as follows: For the best local notice, the Big Rapids Magnet... For second best local notice, the Evart Review..

For third best local notice, the Michigan Farmer.

Total award...

$50 00

30 00

20 00

$100 00

The longest and most elaborate article was published in the Saginaw Daily Courier, being nearly five columns and a half, mostly solid matter. It is exceedingly well written, its length, spreading over two pages, being the only objection to it as a "local notice."

The Chesaning Times writes an able historical introduction, and then in

troduces the article from the Saginaw Courier, which it prints in small type, leaded. It is an exceedingly liberal notice, and well worthy of commendation. The Detroit Tribune publishes a column and a half of well-condensed business information regarding the fair, well calculated to create an interest and induce persons to visit the grounds.

The Lansing State Republican publishes about two columns of information, well digested and arranged, forming a valuable advertisement of the fair.

The Allegan Journal publishes a column and a half of original matter on the fair, giving historical sketches of the State Pomological Society and the State Agricultural Society, and some facts in regard to the Saginaw Valley calculated to attract visitors.

The Holly Register furnishes a column and a half of very readable material on East Saginaw, the benefit of State fairs, State and county fairs, etc.

The Jackson Patriot furnishes also an original essay, well calculated to produce a favorable impression, and to incite emulation among the farmers of Jackson county, also the business men of Jackson city.

The Jackson Citizen also gave a first-rate article of nearly a column and at half, containing much information well condensed.

The Charlotte Leader publishes six columns, mostly compiled from the pamphlet of the society. It is a very liberal " notice," and the accompanying remarks are well calculated to promote the interests of the society.

The Spring Lake Independent furnishes a very readable essay of a column, well leaded and attractive, urging attendance, and showing the advantages to be derived from the fair.

The Bellevue Gazette presents a similar article in length and effectiveness. The Hubbardston Advertiser, the Eaton Rapids Saturday Journal, the Lake County Star, the Port Huron Saturday Morning Journal, each give elaborate and well written articles of from a half column to a column and a half in length, while the Williamston Enterprise, the Fenton Gazette, the Charlotte Republican, the Fenton Independent, and the Tekonsha Reporter each give one or two paragraphs of well condensed and valuable information to visitors.

The publishers of all the papers named deserve the thanks of the society for the liberal and spirited manner in which they have entered the list of competitors in this novel but interesting class, and for the effective service they have thereby aided in bringing before the public the memorable State Fair of 1874, at East Saginaw.

All of which is respectfully submitted.

Grand Haven, Mich., September 23, 1874.




To Hon. Chas. Kipp, President of the State Agricultural Society:

DEAR SIR-Your committee on special or local notices of the fair of 1874 respectfully report that since their report was forwarded to you, an additional entry has been received through Hon. Wm. M. Ferry, with a request that the committee report thereon. It is that of the Daily Republican, published at East Saginaw. Also a file of said paper, showing numerous notices of the fair, and one of August the sixth of two columns and a half in length. This latter

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