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Goodrich's British Eloquence.
Gladstone's Juventis Mundi.
Collins' Ancient Classics for English Readers, 10 vols.
Hood's Prose Works, 3 vols.
Æsop's Fables.
Hudson's Shakespeare's Life and Character, 2 vols.
Hopkins' Outline Study of Man.
Knight's Popular History of England, 8 vols.
Hayden's Dictionary of Dates.
Stephens' Liberty and Equality.
Smith’s English Institutions.
Martin's Statesman's Year Book, 1874.
Atlas of Ingham County,
There have been ordered besides the above:
English Journal of Chemical Society, 8 vols.
Berkeley's Principles of Knowledge.
Ueberweg's History of Pilosophy, 2 vols.
Modern British Essayists, 3 vols.
Miss Austen's Pride and Prejudice.
Thackeray's Vanity Fair.
Swift's Gulliver's Travels.
Cervante's Don Quixote.
Hallam's Works, 10 vols.
Appleton's American Cyclopedia, 16 vols.
Johnson's Cyclopedia, 3 vols.

The periodicals subscribed for by the college and received the past year are the following:

The American Agriculturist.
The American Journal of Science.
The American Chemist.
The American Naturalist.
The American Bee Journal.
The Atlantic.
The Canadian Entomologist.
The Country Gentleman.
The Gardener's Chronicle.
The Chemical News.
The North American Review.
The Edinburgh Review.
Tbe Westminster Review.
The International Review.
The London Quarterly.
The British Quarterly.
Blackwood's Magazine.
The Detroit Daily Tribune.

The following periodicals have been furnished free of charge by the donors pamed: From PUBLISHERS:

The Prairie Farmer.
The Michigan Farmer.

The Western Farmer.
The Western Rural.
The Indiana Farmer.
The New England Farmer.
The Rural New Yorker.
The Grand Traverse Herald.
The Traverse Bay Eagle.
The Sturgis Journal.
The Michigan Argus.
The Grand Haren Herald.
The Grand Rapids Times.
The Saturday Evening Post.
The Ingham County News.
The Lansing Republican.
Tne Lansing Journal.
The Battle Creek Journal.
The Monroe Commercial.
The Wolverine Citizen.
The Romeo Observer.
The Midland Independent.
The Boston Journal of Chemistry,
The Christian at Work.
The Detroit Review of Medicine.
The Michigan Teacher.
The American Missionary.
The New York Witness.
Essex Institute Bulletin.
Moon's Bee World.
The Bee-keeper's Magazine.
The Advent Review.
The Health Reformer.

The Advocate of Peace.

The Patent Office Gazette.
From the UNITARIAN ASSOCIATION of Boston, Mass.:

The Religious Magazine.

The Christian Register. From W. S. GEORGE, Lansing:

The Manufacturer and Builder. From W. C. CALVERT, Jackson:

The People's Champion.

The New York Evening Post.
The Springfield Republican.

The School.
From PROF. W. J. BEAL:

Hearth and Home.
From Pror. Geo. T. FAIRCHILD, Librarian:

Harper's Weekly.
The College Courant.
The Nation.

The Literary World.
The Advance.
The Oberlin News.

The following list includes the periodicals already ordered for 1875, as mentioned above :

The Country Gentleman.
The Nation.
The American Chemist.
The American Journal of Science.
The American Naturalist.
The Atlantic Monthly.
The International Review.
The North American Review.
The Edinburgh Review.
The Westminster Review.
The London Quarterly.
The British Quarterly.
Harper's Magazine.
Blackwood's Magazine.
The American Agriculturist.
There remain yet to be ordered as directed by the faculty:
The Gardeners' Chronicle.
The Chemical News.
The Nation.
New England Journal of Education.
The Detroit Daily Tribune is also to be continued and the files preserved.

Some valuable additions to the library have come by favor of various donors as follows: From U.S. TREASURY DEPARTMENT :

Finance Report, 1873; U.S. Coast Survey, 1870. From DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE, U.S:

Report, 1872 ; Monthly Report, 1874. From the SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION: Contributions to Knowledge, Vol. XIX; Miscellaneous Collections, Vols. X.,

XI., XII.; Reports, 1871, 1872. From REAR ADMIRAL B. F. SANDS:

Meteorological Observations, U. S. N. From the SECRETARY OF STATE, Michigan : Statistics of Michigan, 1870; Laws of Michigan, 1873, vols. 2 and 3; Joint

Documents, 1872, vols. 1, 2, and 3; Abstract of Reports of Sheriffs, 1873; Report of State Board of Health, 1873; Report of Board of Agriculture,

1872; Public and Local Acts, 1874. From STATE LIBRARIAN: State Geological Survey, vol. 1; Statutes at Large, U. S. 1872–3; Michigan

Law Reports, Post, 3; Catalogue of State Library, 1873.

Report, 1873.

Report, 1872.

Geological Survey, vols. 1 and 2, and Atlas.


Sundry foreign pamphlets.

Report, 1873, two copies.
From W. S. GEORGE, Lansing:

The Manufacturer and Builder, 1871, 1872, and 1873, all bound. From the PEABODY ACADEMY OF SCIENCE, of Salem, Mass:

Sixth Report of Trustees, 1873. From PROF. E. W. HILGARD, the author, pamphlets as follows: Geology and Agriculture of Mississippi, 1858; Geology and Agriculture of

Mississippi, 1860; Geology of the Delta of the Mississippi ; Progressive
Agriculture; Organization of Departments of Agriculture and Mechanic
Arts, Miss. Uni.; Fertility of Soils; Soil Analyses and their Utility; Silt

Analysis of Soils.
From STATE GEOLOGIST of Illinois:

Geological Report of Illinois, vol. 5.
From Geo. P. ROWELL & Co., New York.

Newspaper Directory, 1873. From F. A. HORTON, Agent:

Tuttle’s History of Michigan.
From G. W. PUTNAM, Agent:

Worcester's Quarto Dictionary.
From E. A. BOARDMAN, Augusta, Maine:

Agriculture of Maine, 1870, 1871, 1872, 1873.
From F. BENTON, Coldwater:

The Farmer's Book, Dickerson. From SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTIST TRACT SOCIETY: Autobiography of Joseph Bates; The United States in Prophecy; Religious

Amendment to United States Constitution ; Life Incidents, White; His

tory of the Sabbath. From E. W. BOSWELL, Secretary :

Transactions Massachusetts Horticultural Society, 1873. From JACKSON FIRE CLAY COMPANY:

Hints on Drainage. From Prof. M. MILES:

Observations on the Genus Unio, Vol. XIII. From Prof. R. C. KEDZIE : Report of State Board of Health, 1873; Transactions of State Medical Soci

ety, 1874; Shadows from the Walls of Death. From Prof. W. J. BEAL: Hans Breitman's “In Church," etc.; Transactions Mass. Hort. Soc., 1873;

Catalogue of Library of Mass. Hort. Soc.; Schedule of Prizes Mass. Hort.

Soc., 1873.

Catalogues of books, of seeds, of cattle, and of implements.
From several COLLEGES, by exchange:

Catalogues of the current year.

Through the Secretary of the college the Library has received copies of agricultural reports of those States with which he has been able to effect an exchange.

The furniture added bas been only a cover for the central table, and four photographs of college grounds and buildings, framed and hung. The alumni of the college have deposited in the library an oil painting representing, in a group, the class of 1861, the first graduates.

Considerable work has been accomplished in assorting the accumulated stock of newspapers and pamphlets, but more still remains to be done. There is also needed a thorough revision of the catalogue of the library. A catalogue of authors it may be advisable to undertake in the coming spring, if other duties of the librarian will allow his giving it sufficient oversight. A full catalogue of subjects is desirable, and should be begun as soon as proper help can be secured to prepare it.

The necessities of the library in the way of enlargement, I need not dwell upon. They are especially apparent in standard literature and general history, but many of the special sciences are lacking in notable works of reference. The professors have been able to add efficiency to what we have by supplementing it with their private collections. Some additional shelving is needed, especially for newspaper files; and pamphlet cases would very much facilitate the use of a valuable part of the library now almost entirely overlooked.

The library now contains about three thousand five hundred volumes, aside from newspaper files, of which about four hundred have been added during the year past." Its total value can be estimated only, and that somewhat roughly, since many of the books are not quoted in the market, though almost above value where they are. A low estimate of the several classes of works brings the whole to about seven thousand dollars. Respectfully submitted.

GEO. T. FAIRCHILD, Librarian.

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