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Opening pass- water, between the town of Beaufort and Pamlico sound, North Caroage between

lina, and for improving New river, twenty-five thousand dollars; Beaufort and Pamlico sound.

For continuing the improvement of Pamlico, or Tar river, below Tar river. Washington, North Carolina, five thousand dollars; Inland channel For continuing the improvements of the inland channel between St. between St. Mary's and St.

Mary's and St. John's, Florida, twenty-nine thousand dollars; John's.

For continuing the improvements at Dog river bar, and Choctaw pass, Dog river bar in Mobile harbor, fifty thousand dollars; and Choctaw

For continuing the improvement of the Cumberland river, in Kenpass.

Cumberland tucky and Tennessee, below Nashville, twenty thousand dollars; river.

For continuing the improvement of the Ohio river, between the falls Ohio river.

and Pittsburgh, fifty thousand dollars; Ohio and Mis. For continuing the improvement of the navigation of the Ohio and sissippi rivers. Mississippi rivers, from Louisville to New Orleans, seventy thousand

dollars; Mississippi and

For continuing the improvement of the Mississippi river, above the Missouri rivers. mouth of the Ohio, and of the Missouri river, twenty thousand dollars; Grand river. For continuing the removal of obstructions in Grand river, Ohio, ten

thousand dollars; Works at Buf. For continuing the works at Buffalo harbor, twenty thousand five falo harbor, &c. hundred dollars; and for erecting a mound or sea-wall along the penin

sula which separates Lake Erie from Buffalo creek, to prevent the influx

at the lake over said peninsula, forty-eight thousand dollars; Plymouth For continuing the preservation of Plymouth beach, two thousand beach.

four hundred dollars; Provincetown

For continuing the preservation of Provincetown harbor, four thouharbor. sand five hundred dollars ;

Rainsford isl. For continuing the preservation of Rainsford island, seven thousand and.

three hundred and fifty-three dollars; Fairweather

For continuing the sea-wall for the preservation of Fairweather island, island.

and repairing the breakwater near Black Rock harbor, Connecticut,

eleven thousand five hundred and fifty dollars; Harbor at the

For continuing the improvement of the harbor at the mouth of Bass mouth of Bass river, Massachusetts, ten thousand dollars; river.

For continuing the breakwater of Church's cove, town of Little Breakwater of Church's cove.

Compton, Rhode Island, eighteen thousand dollars; Little Egg har

For the protection and improvement of Little Egg harbor, ten thoubor.

sand dollars; Entrances of For improving the natural channels at the northern and southern enDismal Swamp trances of the Dismal Swamp canal, ten thousand dollars; canal. Savannah ri.

For the improvement of the navigation of Savannah river, Georgia,

fifteen thousand dollars; Arkansas ri

For the improvement of the Arkansas river, forty thousand dollars; Removal of

For removing the sand-bar occasioned by the wreck in the harbor of sand-bar in New New Bedford, the unexpended balance of an appropriation of ten thouBedford harbor. sand dollars, made July four, eighteen hundred and thirty-six, being 1836. ch. 363. seven thousand six hundred and ninety-one dollars and thirty-seven

cents. Deepening of Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the appropriation heretofore shoal in Appa

made of ten thousand dollars, for removing the mud shoal, called the lachicola harbor, &c. Bulkhead, in the harbor of Appalachicola, be, and the same is hereby,

transferred to the deepening of the straight channel in the same harbor.

Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That of the several sums appropri

ated by the first section of this act, which exceed twelve thousand dolDisposal of ap- lars each, one half thereof, if the public service require it, shall be paid propriations.

out during the year eighteen hundred and thirty-eight, to be applied to the objects as above specified, and the other half in like manner, in the year eighteen hundred and thirty-nine.

APPROVED, July 7, 1838.



Post roads.

STATUTE II. Chap. CLXXII.-An Act to establish certain post routes and to discontinue others. July 7, 1838.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the
United States of America in Congress assembled, That the following
be established as post roads :
Maine.-From Unity to Thorndike. From West Eddington to East

In Maine-es.

tablished. Eddington. From Gardiner, via Light's Corners and Searsmont, to Belfast. From Saco, by Goodwin's Mills, to Alfred. From Acton corners, via Milton Mills and Union village, to Middleton corner, New Hampshire. From Alfred to Newfield. From Eden to Bar Harbor. From Waterville, via Clinton, Troy, North Dixmont, and Hermon, to Bangor. From Dover, via Lower village, Atkinson, Wingate's corner •and Milo village, to Killmarnock. From Fish's Mills (in township number four, in the sixth range west from the east line of the State) to Mattawamkeag point. From Bangor, via South Levant, to Stetson. From Machias to Westley. From Lewiston falls, at Danville, by the river road, to Livermore falls. New Hampshire.-From Lancaster, via Whitefield and Carroll, to

In New Hamp

shire-estaWhite Mountain. From Colebrook, via Errol and Letter B, to Andover, blished. Maine. From North Haverhill, via Woodville, West Bath, Lyman, North Lyman, West Littleton, and Lower Waterford, to Pingreville. From Peterborough, via Jaffrey, Factory village and Rindge, to Winchendon. From Union village, via Brookfield, North Wolfsborough, and Water village, to Tuftonborough. From Exeter, via East Kingston, South Hampton and Newtown, to llaverhill, Massachusetts. From Concord, via Bow, East Dunbarton and Centre Goffstown, to Piscataquog village. From Bedford, via Goffstown, Hopkinton, Warner, and New London, to Hanover. From Eaton, via Freedom, North Parsonfield and Limerick, to Hollis, Maine. From Kingston, via Brentwood, Epping, Nottingham, Northwood, Pittsfield, Barnstead, and Gilmanton iron works, to Guilford. From Landaff, over Sugar hill, to Franconia. From the centre of Washington by East Washington, to the Upper village, in Hillsborough. From Pittsfield, by the store of George Nutter in Barnstead, over new Durham Bridge, by Middletown, Wakefield, Union village, Milton Mill, and Alton, to Alfred, in Maine. Vermont.-From Barton, via Irasburg, Coventry, and Troy, to Rich

In Vermontford.

established. From Finneyville, via Clarendon and Clarendon Springs, to West Rutland. From Jeffersonville, via Waterville and Belvidere, to Montgomery. From Wilmington to Greenfield, Massachusetts.

Massachusetts.-From Adamsville, Rhode Island, via Hick's bridge, In Massachuto Dartmouth. From Washington, via North Becket, to Middlefield.

blished. From Northborough, via Marlborough, Stow, Acton, and Chelmsford, to Lowell. From Norton, via Attleborough and Pawtucket, to Providence. From Barre, via Hardwick, to Ware. From Westfield, via Montgomery, Norwich bridge, and North Chester, to Worthington. From East Bridgewater, via John A. Conant's and J. W. Jenkins' stores, and East Abington, to South Weymouth. From Worcester, via Milbury, Sutton, West Sutton, and East Douglass, to Douglass. Connecticut.-From Hebron, via Exeter meeting-house and over

In Connecti. Goshen hill, to Bozrahville. From West Hartland, Connecticut, to Tolland, Massachusetts. From New Haven, via Fair Haven, North Branford, North Guilford, North Madison, North Killingsworth, Chester Hadlyme, and Salem, to Norwich. From the house of Robins Tracy, on the Colchester and Middletown turnpike, thence to the East Haddam and Colchester turnpike, by the store of H. and B. Palmer, and from thence through Mechanicsville, to East Haddam landing.

New York.-From Salubria, via West Catlin and Hornby, to Painted Post. From New Haven, via Port Ontario and Lindseyville, to Ellis- —established.



In New York

burg. From Colden, via Waterville corners, to Springville. From North Blenheim, via Gilboa and Prattsville, to Clovesville. From Granville four corners to Middle and West Granville. From Schenectady, via Rotterdam, the church in the centre of Princeton, and Mariasville, to Braman's corners. From Flushing to Manhassit. From Poughkeepsie, via Crum Elbow, Pleasant plains, Clinton hollow, Shultz's store, Clintonville, Milan, and Rock city, to Red hook. From Castile, via Portageville and Mixville, to Hume. From the store of Charles F. and J. C. Hammond and Company, Essex county, via Samuel Murdock's at Long point, to the old fort at Crown point; then across Lake Champlain, to Chimney point, in Addison, and through Addison and Panton, to Vergennes, Vermont. From Malden, via Wynkoopsville, to Irvingsville. From Attica, via Orangeville and Wethersfield springs, to Pike. I'rom Pine plains, via Gallatin, Ancram, and Coprke, to Hillsdale. From Angola, via Collins centre, to Springville. From Aurora, via Griffin's mills, to Springville. From Clay, via Phenix, to Fulton. From Somers, via Southeast and Patterson, to Pawlings. From Bouckville, via Pratt's hollow, Stockbridge and Bennett's corners, to Oneida castle. From Troy, via Pæstenkill, to Berlin. From Ellenville, via Greenfield, Southwick's settlement, Wakeman's settlement, and Miller's settlement, to Monticello. From Harpersfield centre, via North Harpersfield, to South Worcester. From Lexington to West kill. From East Hampton to Amogansett. From Clermont, via Elizaville and Jackson corners, to Montrose. From Norwich, in Chenango county, by Smyrna, Earlville, Poolville, East Hamilton, North Brookfield, and Sangerfield centre, to Waterville, in Oneida county. From Ephrata, via Pleasant valley, to Newkirk's mills, Fulton county. From Berne and Waldenville to Gallupville. From Mexico ville to Colosse. From Enfield to Newfield. From East Solon, via Truxton, Fabius, Pompey, and Jamesville, to Syracuse. From Darien centre, via Pembroke, to Alabama. From Lowville, Lewis county, New

York, via Daysanville, Bellfort, Indian river, Diana and Harrisville, to Discontinued. South Edwards, St. Lawrence county. Discontinue as follows : From

Ilyde Park to Stanfordville, and from Rhinebeck to Clintonville. From

Lodi (Persia post office) to Collins centre. In Vew Jersey New Jersey.--From Tom's river, via Dover furnace, New Egypt, -established.

Jacobstown, and Recklesstown, to Bordentown. From New Bruns

wick, by Millstone, to Flemington. From Hackettsville to Belvidere. In Pennsylva.

Pennsylvania.-'rom Hulingsburg, via Michael Traverse's, Ross nii-establish ed.

Corbett's mills, R. D. Lawson's mills, Orr's tavern, Kittaning, and George Ross's mills, to Leechburg. From Apollo, via McAllister's, Pitt's mills, Lower Crooked-creek, salt-works, and Kittaning, to Orsville. From Reading, via Mollstown, Hunter's forge, Klinesville, Michael Shaffer's and Featherolfsville. From Shelocta, via Warren and North Washington, to Pittsburg. Froin New Alexandria, via New Derry, to Johnstown. From Greensburg, via Murraysville, Logan's ferry, Alter's store, North Washington, McIlvaine's store, and Congruity meeting-house, to Greensburg. From Brownsville, via Greenfield and Columbia, to Monongahela city. From Cannonsburg, via Venice and Webster's, to Raccoon. From Stumptown, via Mount Zion, to Lebanon. From Mexico, through Tuscarora valley, to Waterford. From Mercer to Westley. From Newcastle, via Eastbrook, to Harlansburg. From Newcastle, by Pulaski, Sharon, and Clarksville, to West Greenville. From Shamokin, via Coal post office, to Fountain springs, Schuylkill county. From Montoursville to John Barber's mills, Plunket-creck township. From Caledonia, via the first fork of Bennett's branch of the Sinnemahoning-creek, to Coudersport. From Hazleton, via East Sugarloaf, to Wilkesbarre. From Cumberland, Maryland, via Wellersburg, to Berlin. From Bath to Klecknersviile. From Philadelphia, via Frankford, Fox Chase, IIuntington, Sorrel horse, Davisville, Springville, Richborough, Newtown, Dolington, and Taylorsville, to Pennington, New Jersey. From Shippensville, by Fitzer's mill, Lucinda Furnace, and John Walter's settlement, to Tionesta. From Polsley's mills, via Blacksville, to Waynesburg. From Forest Lake, by the Choconut-creek road, to Union, New York. From Leroy, via Granville and Leonard's hollow, to Springfield. From Sweden, via Ulysses, to Harrison valley. From Wrightsville, via Yoholi, Grahamville, and McCall's ferry, to Peach bottom. From Hart's cross roads, by Lines's mills, to Conneautville. From Blakely to Thompson, Susquehanna county. From Butler, via Prospect and Portersville, to Newcastle. From Mauch Chunk to Nesquehoning. From Mauch Chunk to Stroudsburg. From Honesdale, by Cherry-ridge, Purdy settlement, Paupock settlement, and East Sterling, to Labor's post office, Monroe county. From Unity, by Petersburg, Ohio, and Mount Jackson, Pennsylvania, to Newcastle. From Elkland, Tioga county, to Addison, New York. From Pittsburg, by Ellicott's store, Clinton, and Murdocksville, to Fair View. From Florence, in Washington county, Pennsylvania, via Commettsburg and Fair View, to Welshville, Columbiana county, Ohio. From Abington centre to Providence, in Luzerne. From Margaretta Furnace to Bangor Forge, in the county of York. From Le Roy Post Office, by Calvin W. Churchill's in Greenville, Nathaniel Albin's in Troy, to the Post Office in Troy, to the Post Office in Springfield, Bedford county. From Stevenville, in Pike, to the Post Office kept by William Warfield in Orwell, Bradford county.

Delaware.From Smyrna, in Kent county, to the village of Leipsic. In DelawareFrom Milford to Cambridge, in Maryland, passing through Williams- established. ville, Marshyhope bridge, Collin's cross roads, Lowe Hunting creek and Newmarket.

Maryland.- From Queenstown, via Centreville, Ruthsburg, Nine In Maryland Bridges, Greensborough, and Willow Grove, to Dover, Delaware. established. From Mann's post office, via mouth of Sidelinghill creek and Tunnell, to Oldtown. From Elkton to Warwick. From Princess Anne, via Todd's store, to S. Mister's, Somerset county. From Princess Anne, via Kingston, to Rehoboth.

Virginia.- From Chamblysburg to the Big Lick, Botetourt county. In Virginia, From Fincastle to Giles court-house.


From Mount Airy to Meadville. From Froadford to Marion. From Charlotte court-house, via Watkin's store, Wyliesburg, Jeffries's store, and Oakley, to Clarksville.

From Lowmans, via the forks of Hughs river, Preble's mills, and Creel's mills, to Parkersburg. From Belleville, via Muses' bottom, mouth of Sandy creek, and Ripley, to Point Pleasant. From Morgantown, via Dent's mills, and David Snider's, to Riversville. From Newbern, via High rock, to Cranberry Plains. From Floyd court-house to Cranberry Plains. From Winchester to Parkersburg, along the northwestern turnpike road. From German settlement, via Westernford, to Glady creek cross-roads. From Rye valley to Sinclair's bottom, Smyth county. From Jonesville to Turkey cove, Lee county. From Alexandria, via Winter-hill, to Drainsville. From Lockhart's tavern, Frederick county, to Wardensville, Hardy county. From Salem, North Carolina, via Madison, to Martinsville.' Froin Salem, Virginia, via Newcastle, to the Sweet Springs. From Gauley bridge, via Fayetteville, to Beckley. From Rye valley, Smyth county, to the mouth of Wilson creek, Grayson county. From Lebanon, Russell county, via Nashford Hanaker's store, to Richland, Tazewell county. From Patrick courthouse to Mount Airy, North Carolina. From Liberty, Bedford county, via Buchanan, to Pattonsburg. From Parkersburg to Belpre, Ohio. From Somerfield, Pennsylvania, to Brandonville, Virginia. From Grayson court-house to Grayson Sulphur springs. From Speedwell, via Cripple creek, to Austinville, Wythe county. From Timberville to Brock’s gap. Froin the northwestern turnpike, at or in the vicinity of

Vol. V.-3.5

James Curry's, to Booth's ferry, on Tygart-valley river. From Middleisland bridge, on the northwestern turnpike, to Lowan, Lewis county. From Bulltown, down the valley of the Little Kenawha, to Elizabethtown. From Drummondtown, Accomack county, by Locustville and Smithsville, on the seaside road of said county, to Pungoteague. From Hillsborough to Harper's Ferry. From Lovesville to Berlin, in the State of Maryland. From Clarksburg, via Ten-mile, to Shinston, in the county of Harrison. From Logan court-house to Red Sulphur Springs. From the Natural Bridge post office, in Rockbridge county, via Daggart's springs, to Clifton forge. From Brandonville, in Virgina, to Bryant's post office, in Fayette county, in the State of Pennsylvania. From Beckley's mills to Reuben Stut’s. From Covesville to Fobes's mill. From Blue Sulphur Springs, via Gwinn's springs, thence down Lick creek to New river, up same to the mouth of Greenbrier river,

to Palestine, thence to Lewisburg. In North Ca. North Carolina.–From Ford creek, via Fishdam, Hancock's store, rolina-established.

or Leather's cross-roads, to Chapel hill. From Weldon to Halifax; thence to or near Enfield, Waynesborough, and South Washington, to Wilmington ; thence to Charleston, South Carolina. From Lincolnton, via Hoylesville, Spring mills, and Erasmus, to Yorkville, South Carolina, and returning via Catawba creek. From Waynesborough, via Whitfield mills and Jericho, to Strabane. From Pickens court-house, South Carolina, through Macon and Haywood counties, and down the Tuskegee river, by John B. Love's and Scroop Euloe's to Sevierville, Tenn. From Falls post office to Catawba creek post office. From Statesville to Mount Airy, Surry county. From Middletown, Hyde county, to some point on the Chickamacomica banks, in said county. From Hillsdale to Madison, on Dan river. From Hillsborough, by Samuel N. Fate's store and Mount Willing, to Rock creek or Fogleman's post office. From either Fair Bluff or Porter Swamp's offices to either Leesville or Lumberton. From Shallotte, by Dred Boazman's to White Marsh office. From Norwood's store, via Rocky river springs and Jacob Eford's, to Mount Comfort. From Beatty, on Black river, via James Allen's to J. R. Corbett’s. From Carthage to Greensborough. From Newcastle, by Brier creek, Mulberry gap, Laurel spring, and John Williams's, in Ashe county, North Carolina, to the mouth of Wilson creek, Virginia. From Pleasant garden, by Turkey cove, through Yancy county, North Carolina, to Elizabethtown, Ten.

From Washington to Portsmouth and Ocracoke. From Fayetteville, up the Cape Fear river, on the west side, to McNiel's ferry, Blalock's store, Raleigh, Johnson's store, and Draughn's store, to Fayetteville. From Raleigh to Gray Sill's. From Hillsborough to Boxborough. From Gaston, via Henderson, to Raleigh. From Henderson to Williamsborough. From Pittsborough to Chapel hill. From

Seagle's store, via Peter Warlick's store, to Mull grove. In South Ca- South Carolina.-From Damascus to Mooresborough, North Caro

lina. From Athens, Georgia, to Lauren's court-house. From Stantonsville to Pendleton. From Sumterville, by Plowden's mills, and Brewington, to Jacksonville, South Carolina. From Younguesville, via Hazlewood, Pedensville, and Torbert's, to Chester court-house. From Marion court-house, by Allen's bridge (on Little Pedee,) Harleesville, and Clio, to Bennettsville. From King's tree, by Murray's and Lenud's ferries on the Santee river, to Georgetown. From Lynch's creek post office to Conwayborough. From Mount Willing to Lexington court-house. From Picken's court-house, Mullen's fort, Aquilla, Georgia; thence by Clearmont, Bachelor's Retreat, and Pendleton, to Pickens court-house. From Union court-house, via Hancockville, to Limestone springs in Spartanburg district. From Charleston to Walterborough, by the way of the South Carolina railroad and George's station. From Pinckney.



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