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ville, by Goudysville, to Hancockville. Discontinue as follows :

Discontinued. From Walter's ford to Mullen's ford. So much of route number two thousand two hundred and fifty-five as extends from Leesville to Mount Willing. From Lexington Court House to Doctor W. W. Guger's store, in Edgefield District. Georgia. - From Camack, via Double-wells, Crawford, Irville, Green, In Georgia

established. and Baldwin's store, to Greensborough. From Danielsville, via Maryville, Winn's mills, or Amandaville, and Pierman's, to Montevideo. From Gainsville to Clarksville. From Cherokee court-house, Alabama, via Chatooga, Oldtown, Hopkinsville, Beavers, and Pleasant Green, to Island town. From Treadway's post office, via Beavers, to Almon's, in Broomtown valley. From Campbelltown, via Huntsville, Parlier's cross-roads, (on the High-tower river,) to Cassville. From Elberton to Carnesville. From Macon, Bibb county, Georgia, via Pine-level, Fort Valley, Bartlett, and Macon court-house, to Americus. From Sparta, via Powellton, to Double-wells. From McDonough, via Chamber's store and Hancock's, to Sandtown. From Lombardy, via Sweet-water iron works, Willis Howard's, and James Stone's, to Louisville. From Forsyth, via Van Buren and Herrington's store, to Fayetteville. From Decatur, De Kalb county, by Pace's ferry, on the Cattahoochie, to Marietta, Cobb county, Georgia. From Brunswick, via Benjamin Lile's and Wayne court-house, to Holmesville. From Macon, Georgia, by Lumpkin, in Stewart county, to Irwinton, Alabama. From Lafayette, in Walker, Georgia, to Rossville, in the same county. Froin Athens, in Georgia, via Monroe, Walton county, Lawrenceville, Gwinnett county, Canton, Cherokee county, Cassville, in Cass county, Rome, in Floyd county, to Somerville, Morgan county, Alabama, and Hume to Decatur, in said State. From Columbus, Georgia, via Fort Mitchell, Florence, Georgia, and to intersect the steamboat mail line Bainbridge, Georgia, for Appalachicola and St. Joseph's in Florida.

Florida.-From Tallahassee, via Alligator, to Jacksonville. From In Florida Monticello, Jefferson county, through Hamilton county, to the Gads established. den Spring, Suwannee river. From Langsbury, Camden county, Georgia, via Burnt-fort ferry, to Haddock's, Florida. From Tallahassee, via Iola, to St. Joseph. From Haddock's to Jefferson, Georgia. From Monticello, via the Mineral springs, to Jacksonville.

Kentucky.From Jeffersontown to Harrodsburg, by Chaplin and In Kentucky Taylorsville. From Shelbyville to Harrisonville. From Piketon, by the established. mouth of Pond creek, to Logan court-house, Virginia. From Springfield, Tennessee, by Keysburg and Trenton, to Hopkinsville. From Graysville to Nashville, Tennessee. From Columbia, via Alexander Walker's and Joseph Nelson's, jr., to Edmonton. From Somerset to Jamestown. From Newcastle to Wallaceville, Henry county. From Greenville, by the mouth of Muddy river, to Morgantown. From Waidsboro to Paducah. From Stephensport to Boonsport. From Princeton, by Cold Springs and Montezuma, to Providence. From Princeton, by Millville and Ferry corner, to Canton. From Williamstown to Warsaw. From Flag spring, by Motier and Locust grove, on the Ohio river, to Augusta. From Burkesville to Livingston, Tennessee. From Poplar flat, Lewis county, to Mount Carmel, Fleming county. From Little Sandy Saline, Greenup county, by Charles N. Lewis's, to Blanisville, Lawrence county. From West Liberty, by Joseph Adkin's, to Little Sandy Saline. From Greensburg to Edmonton. From Bowling Green, by the lock and dam on Big Barren first below Bowling Green, by the lock and dam on Green river next below the mouth of Barren river, by Morgantown, and by the lock and dam near the mouth of Muddy river, to Hartford. From Chaplin, by Hobb's-mill and Paoli, to Maxville. From Witcher's cross-roads, by the houses of Isaac Pipkin and Reuben Roark and Grey Cook, to Tompkinsville. From Henderson to Carlow. From Monroe, Hart County, by Salt-works, on Little Barren river, to Ed.

In Tennessee -established.

monton. From Lawrenceburg, by the way of Van Buren, to Taylorsville. From Chaplain to Harrodsburg. From Monticello, via Albany, to Burksville. From Glasgow, Kentucky, to Hartsville, Tennessee.

Tennessee.-From Lynchburg, by W. W. Gill's store, Elijah Flack's and Petersburg, to Cornersville. From Eaton, by Forked Deer Turnpike and Ripley, to Fulton. From Paris, by Caledonia, Fleming's, Christmasville and Shady Grove, to South Gibson. From Pikeville, by James L. Loyd's, Thomas's cross-roads, Wheeler Hansou’s, Kirkland's, Hilliard's, and Shelton's, to Oatt's landing. From Purdy, by Rosson's bridge and Metamora, to Ripley. From Savannah, by Cedar hill and Hawkins's ferry, to Carrollsville. From Sevierville to Sweden furnace. From Gallatin, by Cross-plains, Keasburg and Allinsville, to Elkton. From Masts, by Shady, crossing the Stone mountain at Bakers' gap, thence by Elijah Dougherty's, in Johnson county; thence to Roane's creek, and up the same to Taylorsville, Ashe county, North Carolina, to Taylorsville, Tennessee. From Lagrange to Tuscumbia, Alabama. From Sulphur springs, by Horseby's ferry, to Decatur. From Mount Pleasant, via Napier and Catron's iron-works, Lawrence county, via Buckner and Dixon's store, to Waynesborough. From Somerville, by Brown's store, Starky Hare's, Littlejohn's, Germantown and Titus bridge, to Hernando, Mississippi. From Carrollsville to Lexington. From Liberty, by Short mountain, to Manchester. From Cox's creek, Knox county, to Mount Bethel, Roane county. From Perryville, by Cub-creek springs, to Lexington. From Ball-play, Monroe county, to Austin Glenn's on Cane creek, same county. From Red bridge, Hawkins county, to Allen's station, same county. From Kingsport, along the Stanly-valley road, to Rogersville. From Maryville, by Montvale springs, Cheoee, Valley river, and Blairsville, to Dahlonega, Georgia. From Knoxville, by Louisville, Unitia, Morgantown, Eve's mills, Rockville and Midway, to Athens. From Kellysville, via Lourass old ferry, Nickajack, across Raccoon mountain, to Squirreltown, in Georgia. From Dallas to Spring place. From Kingston to Oliver's house, in Anderson county. From Ross landing to Cleveland. From Gallatin, by Lagado Academy, to Murfreesborough. From Perryville, by New Madrid to Waverly. From Kingston, Tennessee, via Ten-mile stand, Decatur, Kincannon's ferry, Ross's landing, and Turkeytown, to Jacksonville. From Standing-rock post-office, Stuart county, via Lagrange and Fairchance furnace, to Waverley, Humphrey county. From Charlotte, via Point Mason, on Tennessee river, to Paris, Ten

From Elizabethton, up Stony creek, through Shady, to Abingdon, Virginia. From Dresden, via Hunter and Pound's store, Winton, and Ridley Jones's, to Dyersburg. From McMinnville to Jasper. From De Kalb court-house, via Short mountain, to Manchester. From Millersburg, in Rutherford county, via White's store, to Shelbyville. From Nashville down the south side of Cumberland river by William Shelton's to the mouth of Syracuse creek, thence to crossing at Gibb’s ferry, by Braxton Lee's, Wilson Crockett's and the Sulphur springs, to Nashville, From Sevierville, Tennessee, via Smoky mountain, Shoal creek store, Scott's creek post-office, to Pendleton, South Carolina.

Ohio.-From Greenville, via Fort Recovery, Grantville, Montezuma, St. Mary's and Guilford, to Van Wert. From Russelville, through Arnheim, to Sardinia, in Brown county. From Georgetown, in Brown county, through Freesburg and New Boston, to Felicity, in Clermont county. From Williamsburg, through Bethel, via Sharpsburg, to Felicity, in Clermont county. Froin West Union, in Adam's county, to Hillsborough, in Highland county. From Greenville, via Montezuma, Celina, Mercer, and Van Wert, to Defiance. From Van Wert, via Judge Cochran's, to Kalida. From Wapaukonetta, via Hartford and Judge Cochran's, Putnam county, to Franconia. From Kenton, via Lima, Shawnee, Amanda, and Guilford, to Mercer. From Troy to Covington. From Sidney,


In Ohio-established.

via Harden, to Houston. From Defiance, via Brunnersburg, Washington centre, St. Joseph, and Denmark, in Ohio, and Perseverance, Steubenville, Little prairie, and Pretty prairie, to Lima, Indiana. From Perrysburg, via Waterville, Benton, Gilead, and Ottawa, to Lima, Ohio. From Maumee city, via Swanville, Granville, Turkeyfoot prairie, and Eatonsburg, to Lafayette, (on the Little St. Josephs) Williams county. From Melmore, via Attica, to New Haven. From Tiffin to Fort Findley. From Norwalk, via centre of Bronson, to Truxville. From Lower Sandusky to Montgomery cross-roads, Wood county. From Tiflin, via Rome, to Risden, Seneca county. From Nashport, via Perryton and Fallsbury, to Martinsburg, Knox county. From Zanesville, via Samuel Beaver's, George Smyth's, and John G. Pigman's, to Coshocton. From Senecaville, via Johnson's Mills, Bye's Mills, Cambridge, Mackey's and Adamsville, to Dresden. From Eaton, via Castine, to Greenville. From Cadiz, via Leesburg and Sandyville, to Bethlehem. From Sinking Spring, Highland county, via Jasper and Piketon, to Jackson court-house. From Witten's post office, via Graysville, Van Buren, Carlisle, and Pereopolis, to Cumberland. From Sunfish, down the Ohio river, via Witten's post office, to Woodfield. From Wheelersburg, via Charles Kelly's Mills, Pine Grove Etna Furnace, Patriot, Ridgeway's, Vinton, and Wilkesville, to Smithfield. From Pennsville, via Chesterfield, to Bartlett. From Wilkesville, via Rutland, Chester, Buffington's island, and the Great Bend, in Meigs county, to Ripley, Virginia. From Wilmington, via Oakland, Howeysburg, Franklin, and Winchester, to Eaton. From Wilmington, via Burlington, to Xenia. From Painesville, in Geauga county, along the north ridge road, to Ashtabula, by North Perry, Arcole, and Geneva. From Zanesfield to Downingsville, Logan county. From Franklin, Portage county, via Streetsborough, Aurora, Bainbridge, Russell, Chester, Kirkland, and Mentor, to Richmond city, Geauga county. From Akron, via Copley centre, Sharon centre, and Montville, to Medina. From Burnett's corners, via Chagrine Falls and Bainbridge, to Auburn. From Coshocton, via Roscoe, Warsaw, Mohican, and Rochester, to Danville. From Millersburg, via Nashville, to Loudonville, Richland county. From Chesterville, via Woodbury and McClure's cross-roads, to Shelby, Richland county. From Leavitt to Waynesburg. From Croxton to McCaig's. From West Jefferson, via West Canaan, Darby Creek, Alvin Randall's, in Union county, and Bellepont, to Delaware. From Lower Salem, Washington county, via Moses T. Spencer's, on Duck creek, and Bethel, to Woodfield. From Copley, by Western Star, to Clinton. From Windham, by Garretsville, to Hiram. From McConnellsville to Francis, Treblecock's, thence to Peter Keith's, thence to Olive post office. From Reynoldsburg, via Pickerington and West Carrollton, to Lancaster. From Bellefontaine, in Logan county, to Wapaukonetta, in Allen county, by the way of Lewistown, in Logan county, and St. Johns, in Allen county. From Bellefontaine, in Logan county, to St. Mary's, in Mercer county, by the way of the crossings at Plum's on the Great Miami and St. John's, and Wapaukonetta, in Allen county. From Springfield, in Clark county, to New Carlisle, in the same county, by the way of Clarksburg and Northampton. From Springfield, in Clark county, to Chillicothe, by the way of South Charleston, Grassy Point, Bloomingsburg, and Frankfort. From Hartford, in Trumbull county, to Greenville, in Mercer county, Pennsylvania, through the village of Orangeville. From Unionville to Ellensburg, in Geauga county. From Southington, through the centre of Farmington, to Mesopotamia in Trumbull county. From Deerfield, in Portage county, Ohio, to Edinburg in the same county. From Leavitt, by Dallas, to Waynesburg. From Ravenna, in Portage county, Ohio, to Twinsburg, in the same county, through Streetsborough. From Lafayette, on the Little St. Joseph's,


In Indianaestablished.

Williams county, Ohio, to Fort Wayne, Indiana. From New Lisbon,
through Salem, to Benton. From Osnaburg, in Stark county, to New
Cumberland, in Tuscaroras county. From Xenia, in Green county, to
Dayton, in Montgomery county, on the direct route.

Indiana.—From Monticello, via White Post, to Winamac, in Pulaski county, Indiana. From Fort Wayne, via Whitley court-house and Warsaw, to Plymouth. From Goshen to Middlebury, in Elkhart county. From Rockville, by Annapolis, West Union Westport, and Johnson's mills, to Covington. From Huntersville, by Concord, and Point Pleasant, to Attica. From Greensburg, by Hartsville and Newbern, to Columbus. From Columbus, by Mount Sidney, to Flatrock post office. From Danville, by North Salem, Carrollton, and Ladoga, to Crawfordsville. From Shelbyville, by Black-hawk, to Edinburg. From Livonia to Hardinsburg, (on the great western mail route from Louisville to St. Louis.) From Lexington, by Albion, to Slateford. From Leesville, by Baile's mills and Nashville, to Morgantown. From Spencer, by New Brunswick and Lebanon, to Merom. From Bedford, by elder John Short's (on Indian creek,) Bloomfield, and Scaffold prairie, to Bowling green. From Bedford, by Spice Valley, to Mount Pleasant. From Westfield, by Farmington, to Strawtown. From Fairfax, by Marysville and Springville, to Frasier's store. From Bedford, by Frasier's store and Hammersly's mills, to Mount Pleasant. From Vincennes, by James Stewart's and Ramsey's store, (at the rapids of the Wabash,) to Mount Carmel. From Springville, by Point Commerce and Rawley's mills, to Terre Haute. From Vincennes, by Petersburg, to Boonville. From Edwardsport, by Stafford's Bridge, to Fairplay. From Defiance, Ohio, along the Bellefontaine State road, to Mongoquining. From Muncietown, by Granville, Mount Pellicer, and Murray, to Huntington. From Marion, by Wabashtown and Laketon, to Warsaw. From Fort Wayne, by Cedarville, Auburn, and Angola, to Branch court-house, Michigan. From Fort Wayne, by Orange and Vienna, to Denmark. From Centreville, by Philometh, to Brownville. From Centrevillc, by Greensfork, Bloomingsport, Winchester, Spartanburg, Republican and Whitewater, to Richmond. From Logansport to Sparta, in Noble county, Indiana. From Logansport, via Winamot, in Pulaski county, and Sherwood's ferry on the Kankakee and Valparaiso, to City West, in Porter county, Indiana. From Green Castle, na, via New Maysville, North Salem and Jamestown, to Lebanon, Boone county, Indiana. From Merom, in Sullivan county, via Lehi, to Rawling's mill, in the county of Clay, Indiana. From Fredonia, by Princeton, Indiana, to Mount Carmel, Illinois. From Logansport,Indiana, by Leesburg, Milford, Goshen, and Middlebury, to White Pigeon.

Illinois.-From Coles court-house, by Independence and New Albany, to Urbana. From Hillsborough to Shelbyville. From Montgomery, by Middleport, to Levi Thompson's on Spring creek. From Maysville, by Louisville and Ewington, to Shelbyville. From Marshal to Charleston. From Paris, by Urbana, to Montgomery. From Montgomery, by Parish's grove, to Williamsport, Indiana. From Danville to Williamsport, Indiana.

From Equality, by Carmi and Williams's ferry, to Mount Vernon, Indiana. From Williams's ferry to New Haven. From Savannah, by Cherry grove and Crane's grove, to the mouth of the Pekatonica. From Milon to St. Charles, Missouri. From Black Partridge, by Lacon, to Hennepin. From Iroquois, by Plato and Pontiac, to Hennepin. From Pontiac, by Josephine and Holland's grove, to Tremont. From Hennepin, by Princeton, the seat of justice of Henry county, and the seat of justice of Mercer county, to New Boston. From Bloomington, by Hudson, Josephine, Black Partridge, Lacon, Wyoming, and the seat of justice of Henry county, to Stephenson. From Warsaw, Hancock county, to Augusta. From Dixon's ferry, by Harrisburg, Round grove, Whiteside county, and Union grove,

In Illinoisestablished.

to Fulton city, on the Mississippi river. From Henderson, by Berlin, and Richland grove, Mercer county, to Stephenson. From Grafton to St. Charles, Missouri. From Grafton, by the house of J. M. Hurd, Jerseyville and Delaware, to Carlinville. From Urbana, by Clinton and Waynesville, to Havana, (on the Illinois river.) From Decatur, by Salt creek, (near the mouth of the lake fork of said creek,) to Tremont. From Danville, by Pontiac, to Ottawa. From Fort Madison, Wisconsin Territory, by Appanooe, La Houpe, Ellisville, Farmington, and Harkness, to Peoria. From Chicago, by Brush hill, Napierville, Little Rock, Pawpaw grove, and Inlet, to Dixon's ferry. From Ewington, by Salem and Martin's ferry, to Greenville. From Jonesborough, by the way of Whitaker's landing, mouth of the Muddy, and Breeseville, to Liberty. From Geneva, in Kane county, by Charleston, Elgin, McClure's grove, McHenry, Foxville, and Rochester, to Prairie village, in Wisconsin Territory. From Stephenson, in Rock Island county, up Rock river to Rockford, in Winnebago county. From Knoxville, by Lafayette, Oceola, Providence, and Windsor to Enterprise, near the termination of the Illinois and Michigan canal, on the Illinois river. From Canton, in Fulton county, by Cuba and Travis, to Macomb, in McDonough county. From Peoria, by Oceola, Thermopylæ, to Savannah, in Jo Daviess county. From Madison, the permanent seat of justice of the Wisconsin Territory, by St. George's rapids on Rock river in said Territory, and from thence down on the eastern side of said river, to Dixonville, in Ogle county. From Juliet, in Will county, by Du Page, Napierville, Geneva, Sycamore, Gatt's Mills, Sayer's Mills, Winnebago, Trask's Ferry on the Peekatonokee, Rock Grove, and Hamilton's Diggings, to Mineral Point, in Wisconsin Territory. From Lasalle, in Lasalle county, by Grand Detour, on Rock river, Freeport, and Brewster's Ferry, on the Peekatonokee, to Mineral Point, in the Wisconsin Territory. From Aurora, in Kane county, by Cottonville and Kingston, to Rockford in Winnebago county. From Macomb, in McDonough county, by Muddy Lane post office, La Harpe, Hartford and Appanooce, to Fort Madison in Iowa Territory. From Ottawa, in Lasalle county, by Dayton, Lorain, Rockville, Bristol and Hartford, to Geneva in Kane county. From St. Mary's, in Hancock county, by Hill's grove, to Macomb, in McDonough county. From Lafayette, in the state of Indiana, thence down along the Vermilion of the Illinois river to Lasalle, in Lasalle county, Illinois. From Lafayette post office, in Greene county, by Oceola and Waverley, to Springfield in Sangamon county. From Jonesborough, in Union county, by Willard's and Smith's Ferries on the Mississippi river, to Jackson, in the state of Missouri. From Liberty, in Jackson county, down along the bottom of the Mississippi river, by Breeseville, and Willard's ferry, to Clear Creek Landing, in Alexander county. From Iroquois, in Iroquois county, by Lorain, on the Kankakee river, Thornton and Portland, to Chicago. From Griggsville, in Pike county, by Worcester, to Kinderhook, in the same county. From McClure's Grove, in Kane county, by Denney's Ferry, on Fox river, Crystal Lake, Walkups in the Virginia settlement, passing the head of Geneva Lake, and Conlogi’s settlement, to Janesville, on Rock river, in the Wisconsin Territory. From Springfield, in Sangamon county, by Athens and New Market, to Havana, on the Illinois river. From Dixonville in Ogle county to Savannah on the Mississippi river, in Jo Daviess county. From Pittsfield in Pike county, by Worcester and Payson, to Quincy, in Adams county From Mendozia, in Morgan county, by Versailles post office, Mount Sterling, Clayton, Houston, and Chili post office, to Warsaw, in Hancock county.

From Peoria, by Wyoming, Oceola, the Narrows of Green river, Thermopylæ, on Rock 'river, to Savannah in Jo Daviess county. From Lewistown, in Fulton county, by Cuba, Ellisville, and

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